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Enter the best caption for this pic in the comments by midnight Sunday and you’ll receive a box of CapArms .223 55 gr. Target+Match ammunition. Free! Just exercise your brain and at least one of your fingers. Or whatever appendage you have available. Such a deal! Go!


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  1. Believe it or not, the rifle on top is actually lighter than the one on the bottom.

  2. On the bottom we have an example of a Short Barreled Rifle and above a standard sized rifle. It should be obvious why the bottom should be banned as they are too easy to conceal and use for nefarious purposes.

  3. Your results may vary. . .

    This ends the argument over the best caliber. . .

    The ARMY later opted for the carbine version. . .

    This thing shoots tanks, and can hold 5 tanks per magazine. . .

    • The stripper-clips double as C-17 loading ramps. . .

      . . . felt recoil is only marginally increased. . .

  4. You see Billy, that .30 cal death machine might give the Krauts a case of the willies, but it doesn’t fill their pants with brown surrender sauce like my M1 Goliath .50 cal does.

  5. Don’t just use a gun that gets the job done when everything goes right, use a gun that gets the job done even when things go wrong.

  6. No wonder Pedersen didn’t show up, he looked at the size of that thing and figured the Army would be insane to adopt that kinda old world thinking and going FULL power.

  7. Dammit private pile, what is your major malfunction, this is the SMALL ARMS familiarization course

  8. On the bottom we can see a typical M1 Garand chambered in 30-06, this is the standard rifle for the US forces. At the top we can see Captain America’s special M1 Garand chambered in 20mm, this is the standard rifle for destroying anything in its path.

    • The prototype for a scaled up Garand made specifically for Chuck Norris. He later sold it after discovering he still delivered more foot-pounds to the target with a mean look.

  9. In that really high pitched voice that Barney Fife would use to explain things to Gomer…”That would be your basic field weapon, the large caliber, air-cooled, model BFG or as we dogfaces call it…the Big F’ing Gun.”.

  10. Doing away with “one size fits all, the Army adopts “The bigger the man, the bigger his gun.”

    Umm. I mean “the gun.” Not, you know…

  11. Size Matters! (cue Joe Nichols) But I think somebody already said that.

    Caddo Arms gun shop used to have one of those on the wall. The owner said it was an army training tool, and I believe him (what else could it be?).

  12. In my state they don’t allow NFA S.B.R. rifles so screw that tax stamp. it’s on the California approved list.

  13. Soldier (with the big rifle) walk’s in to a bar ask’s a woman what she think’s of his gun.
    She responds … Meah.

  14. Little-known fact: Magnum Research submitted one of their first prototypes as a contender to the M1 Garand. The initial impression was positive, but things quickly went south when the top brass saw the gold-plated leopard-print model.

  15. “..and so that’s the difference between .30-06 and 30.06. I would take out junior’s hearing with the first shot if I could just reach the trigger on this thing.”

  16. “And the entire staff of Chipotle took cover in the kitchen as the giant and his little friend intimidated the customers with their weapons”

  17. Drafted into the Lilliput Army, Sgt. Lemuel Gulliver was tasked to provide heavy arms support against the invading Giants.

  18. “The average American service member has grown expeditally in recent years, the first man is holding a standard issue M1 garand, the soldier under him is firing a miniature .22lr training rifle”

  19. “Director Coulson,

    S.H.I.E.L.D plans for every contingency, but R & D has doubts that Banner will use the rifle as intended if he goes Code Green. Past experience suggests it would achieve ‘blunt trauma instrument’ status in rather short order. Perhaps we can talk Stark into adding it to a War Machine suit?

    S.H.I.E.L.D Tech”

  20. Private Higgins below shows his shooting form with the M1 Garand while Corporal McGinnis of higher rank was issued the M1 Grand. The Corporal was generous with his time and gave this reporter some valued lessons on some terminology such as “front heavy” and “length of pull”.

  21. You can scale a Garand to any size you want… it still won’t become an M-14 until you add a detachable box magazine.

  22. Rare photo of the CIA’s 1960’s secret rap video development program (for the purposes of ensuring that no one would take teens seriously, what with the baggy pants, and the underwear hanging out). The test video was never shot, but the working title, “You take the tall foo, and I’ll take the short foo, and I’ll cap my foo before you.”, is referenced in some documents released to Capitol Records, per their FOIA request.

  23. Well at least it has good sight radius. Just a thought here, maybe we can use actual train rails for mounting accessories.

  24. Sorry, Corporal, the only one we have that comes close to fitting you is the one we had made for Sgt. Goliath…

  25. *ping* “Medic! Private Bob got hit with the en bloc.”
    This is how the military’s supersizeing program got cancelled.

  26. Welcome to Texas!

    – or –

    The guy from Texas is really starting to grate on my nerves.

    – or –

    Honey! I shrank the soldier

    – or –

    This week the MSR (Modern Sporting Rifle) was retired. It is being replaced by the NSMIR (Not So Modern Industrial Rifle). In a separate story, the armed forces have changed the requirements for new recruits to a new minimum of being 6’3″ tall, or inordinately long-armed applicants.

  27. I told the wife to drop it off at the gunsmith and she dropped it off at her plastic surgeon Dr. Jim Smith. They never listen…

  28. Private: But Sarge, I want a big one.
    Sarge: If the Army wanted you to have a big one, you would have been issued a big one.

  29. The US took an entirely different tact in designing their anti tank rifle as opposed to the path the Soviets chose.


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