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After spending some more trigger time with my new GLOCK 43, I noticed that one of the magazines was catching when I tried to insert it. Giving the magazine a nice hard tap was to no avail – I had to take it out and re-insert. I also noticed that the plastic at the front of the magazine was starting to mushroom a little bit around the edge. Shortly thereafter, the other magazine started hanging, too. A little investigation with a flashlight revealed . . .

that if the magazines weren’t inserted dead center, they would sometimes get caught up on the magazine catch. If the magazine was pressed a little bit to the left side on insertion, it would stop faster than a freight train full of logic hitting Shannon Watts’ Twitter account.

Yeah, that’s clearly not optimal, since under pressure of time and stress, insertion of the magazine isn’t always going to be textbook perfect.

I took out my trusty Dremel and lightly smoothed out the lip of both magazines where the plastic was starting to mushroom and…in what might be a first for the unskilled application of a Dremel to a GLOCK, it actually made things better.

For a few days, anyway. I noticed one of the mags hanging again this morning. A little bit of wiggling and it went in, although I noticed that I could get it to hang a little bit if I pushed it too much to the left. (The other magazine works A-OK.)

Fully aware that misapplication of Dremels has ruined more otherwise good guns than alcohol, gambling, and bad relationships have ruined otherwise good men, I dispatched an e-mail and a telephone message to GLOCK customer support and am eagerly awaiting their response.

There have been a few posts by GLOCKers experiencing similar issues on various internet fora, as well as on the blog SNAFU. One poster at The High Road indicated that a visit to GLOCK at Smyrna resulted in a fix and a free magazine to boot.

The early adopters always get to be the last line of beta-testing, but it isn’t clear if this is truly a widespread problem. Yet. Have you had any problems with your GLOCK 43?

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  1. ” it would stop faster than a freight train full of logic hitting Shannon Watts’ Twitter account.”

    My chuckle for the day.

  2. I’ve had similar problems with my G43 and both magazines

    I’ve also noticed that the right side of the frame, near the trigger bar bump, is starting to bow out a bit. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t concern me.

  3. What about that legendary Glock reliability? Sternly remind your gun of that and the try reinserting the mag.

    • Then there’s the “Glock Perfection” thing…But seriously, are these made in Smyrna? I guess for his part Gaston could shrug his shoulders and make some remark about American workers. Which would not be a good thing.

      • Here’s a quote from High Road blog:


        Took the 43 down to Smyrna today. Magazines were beveled around affected area. Inside of magazine catch was also beveled. Everything works fine now. They threw in an extra magazine with a flat base plate for my trouble.

        I spoke with an engineer who said they knew of the problem beforehand and requested time to address but higher ups insisted it was fine.

        I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come for Glock.”


        The engineers knew about this?

        • R51, part deux almost. I am really starting to wonder if some of these companies just DGAF about their products as much anymore now that they have become so successful, knowing that their new models will be bought regardless.

          • this started with the Glock 36 single stack magazine and I was wondering if the 42 is the same way in 380 ACP? Now the Glock 43 is showing the same signs of problem that’s the Glock 36 did you figure that Glock would make an improvement, however I guess the cheap fix that would cost like most people said under 10 cents to make it right isn’t an option for their bottom line!

        • That’s how life is unfortunately. As an engineer, we always want more time to improve the problems and potential problems no matter how minor. But the people dealing with the money always win, and things get left behind and unfinished. I am sure that was the problem with the R51. I bet the lowest level engineers had a list of things to do still when the program manager had production start.

      • Ship it, we’ll fix it in the field.

        Strategy of a company trying to steal some market share. Sometimes it works depending on the product and the customer.

        Not sure it is a smart way to go for guns because switching costs are not very high.

        I fail to understand why Glock covers their mags in plastic. Doesn’t it just make them thicker? I don’t know of another manufacturer that does that. I have no Glock brand Glocks and would really like to know why this Glockism exists.

        • before Highway Patrol in Florida wanted and all still a magazine all stainless steel mag Glock filled it and they had issues with the mags falling free from the gun and loading problems

  4. The problem is the reversible mag catch. It has a squared plastic corner that easily blocks the mag when inserted at a slight angle.

    • If I understand your explanation – The bottom of the catch becomes the top of the catch if you change it over for left-handed use, so it needs to be squared off to work properly in both configurations.

      If that’s the case, and you don’t intend to reverse the button, you should be able to remove it, round off the bottom and put it back in?

      • yeah I’m a Glock armorer at our shop the Gunsmith, I asked that question exactly when my 36 went down right after they first came out I bought one so this was before the 41 the 42 and the 43 and told them of the problem they were having and they told me not to modify the mag button just to send the whole gun back in and they’d fix it and all they did was take an exacto blade and shave off the piece of plastic off my magazine that was catching on it and shaved it far enough down so that it wouldn’t interfere again, however it looked just like Shit.

        • Yeah, I might do that myself if Glock doesn’t get back to me with a permanent fix soon. I didn’t mind Dremeling the magazines as soon as I got back from the range just bc the mushrooming of the lip was obvious.

        • Damn gun is made of plastic, why don’t they just include a second release to be exchanged if you want it reversed? Would that possibly cost 5 cents?

    • thanks Mike…

      Fix the source of the problem and the problem will go away. Why are you guys still messing with the symptoms…?

  5. I did notice a couple of customers have issues with magazine insertion on our display 43, but I chalked it up to the usual lack of firearms skills of the majority of our customer. Thanks for the heads up Johannes. Interestingly for all the pre-issue fever about the 43, we haven’t sold that many.

  6. I accidentally got a friend’s 92f mag mixed in with my 226 mags. The dimensions are identical but the notch is in a different spot. It took quite some time to realize there was a problem, because other than not locking in it was still perfectly reliable.

    • Do you mean it actually *worked* without being locked in? How the dickens does that work, I’d think the first time the action cycled it would push the mag right out!

  7. I had issues with my G42 and sent it back (frame was bowed apparently) so they sent me a new gun + free mag. It happens when working with plastics.

  8. it’s a common problem with the single stack magazines from Glock. my Glock 36 in 45 ACP did the exact same thing so bad in fact it stopped me from being able to Tactical you reload airing a competition IDPA. I sent the gun back to Glock they simply took an exacto blade and trimmed off the upper forward tip of the magazine exposing the stainless steel body and did it on all four of my magazines, needless to say I sold the gun after that poor design on the magazines. you can feel the rough sharp edge that it hooks on when you shove your finger up into the magwell, almost cut yourself on it. this is caused by the mag release pushing the magazine over to one side until it locks into place pushing the top edge front of the magazine into that sharp area I was talking about before I was hoping that they had figured out how to fix this with the 36 I guess not! I guess I’ll stick with my KAHR CM9. that’s very disappointing I was just looking at purchasing one of those guns from our shop. Glock well aware of their magazine issue, after discussing it for a while with a tech at Glock he more or less asked me what I wanted to do with the gun send it back for a refund or exchange it for a different model with a double stack magazine to eliminate this problem because this in fat is a self defense handgun that you need to be able to depend on any time any where no matter what the conditions. I call BS on Glock part.

  9. I have a huge problem with ‘my’ Glock 43. Namely that I don’t, you know, own it.

  10. Didn’t they have this exact same issue with the G42 mags and fix it already? Why didn’t they test the G43 mags more before release if there are clearly design flaws?

  11. I’m surprised that Glock released the gun with this problem. I’m sure it showed up in their beta testing and trials. Glock gets a premium for their guns because of their reputation and something like this does not help. I had to send my little Taurus back for adjustment but it’s a $200 gun but you don’t expect it on a $500 gun.

  12. another safety feature for the ‘perfect’ GLOCK? the magazine hang is a genius ND safety device. can’t shoot unintentionally because the holder must actually try to fire the weapon, then re-insert the mag before the gun will actually discharge. gives one plenty of time to determine if there is a target, and what is behind it.

  13. yes it happens on all single stack Glock magazines read my previous comment and I explained why it happens and what Glock did about it.

  14. I have this same problem with my new Glock 43. I’m eager to hear what Glock tells you and how they plan on fixing this.

    I always tell myself not to pay to be a beta tester, but then I see the new hotness and can’t help myself. The next thing I know I’m home with a new tool and a hole in my credit card.

    • Arsh,
      Not sure if you know or not…evidently not, they recalled every XDS made in the first sixty days…EVERY manufacturer will have problems…get over it!

      • First off I said XD not XDs. Second I’ll be quiet when an XD finally negligently discharges and is reported on this website, but so far the only thing I ever read about every week around here is a glock shooting.

  15. Welp. Now’s the time to engineer a proper mag release and make some bucks. Anyone got the resources? I’ll chip in my brains for a modest percentage. 🙂

  16. I’ve put so far 168 rounds through my Glock 43 and haven’t had this issue yet. However, if it happens, I’ll report back. Thanks for the heads up! 🙂

  17. Magpul seems to be able to make plastic mags work just fine, but maybe Glock hasn’t? I didn’t even know they made plastic mags for Glocks.

  18. Yeah I don’t think he or she’s ever done the math about hi cap mags. If reloading with a Glock takes only a second of time due to spring-loaded magazines, and I fire a shot every two seconds, with a Glock 43 (6 rnd mag) I could pump out 90 shots in a minute (assuming I felt like carrying 15 magazines). With a Glock 19 I could pump out 105 rounds a minute (assuming I felt like carrying 7 magazines). The ability of a shooter to pump out rounds with any gun whatsoever is limited only by their ability to carry magazines, not the capacity of the magazines themselves, for mag replacements are very easy and fast (usually).

    • Isn’t that why CA imagineered the “bullet button”? To slow down mag replacements? Watch what you ask for!

    • the whole small cap mag thing is reflective of the ignorance of the sponsors of such. they reason that since they cannot figure out how to quickly change magazines, no one else can either. that is why they think there would be so much time between running dry, and a reload. they are estimating a 1-5min window where the gunman would have no ammunition in their gun, allowing a whole crowd of people to mob the gunman and subdue him. these are people for whom 30sec is an eternity. when faced with the fact that from 5ft or more, someone charging the gunman would be faced with a full pistol pointed directly at their nose. they also think that because they don’t know how to rapidly (or at all) change magazines, there will be lotsa incidents where the mag will malfunction and render the gun permanently inoperative. my old drill sergeant used to scream, “what is the lethal radius of stupid?”.

  19. I have a Glock 43 and experienced the same problem. The issue is that the magazine is getting hung up on the mag catch. Since I’m right handed and don’t plan on ever switching the mag catch to the other side, I took it out and rounded off the bottom edge so that it doesn’t hit the magazine anymore. Problem solved. Works great now.

  20. I haven’t had any issues with the magazines on my 43 yet, my father has noticed resistance in his though. I ram the magazines home fairly hard through habit, and having checked my magazines after reading this I see some wear in the front. I’ve only put about 300 rounds through it in the last couple weeks, 6 rounds at a time is about 25 insertions and removals per magazine without any trouble so far.

  21. The magazine release is catching the mag. I would not modify the mags. Here’s a YouTube video showing the fix.

    • I realize that in paying a large price for a Glock, that everything should be perfect out of the box. But before i even discovered this forum, all i do when inserting a magazine is slightly depress the release with my thumb and there is no clash between mag and catch. Goes in smooth as silk. I find no need to take out the release for trimming. I’m not sure if I’m missing a point or not? Comments please.

      • Obviously, you have never done an “emergency reload” (that is what I was trained for). All you can think about is: “get the empty out, and a new one in…”
        Having to think about pressing the mag release “a little” probably means the difference between getting reloaded and getting shot.

        • I understand your point, Paul. All I do is practice at the range and carry the 43 for self defense. I installed a 2 round extension to the magazine. So if I can’t take care of a bad guy or 2 with my 9 shots I may as well not have a gun. I don’t do war games or take the little 43 to the battlefield. I have a boat anchor CZ 75 to take to the really bad part of town. Lol. I appreciate your comment though.

  22. Wasn’t it just a couple of weeks ago that the Glock fanboys were putting up a hew & cry about the Magpul Glock mag recall? Saying how that only proved that only the factory Glock mags were trustworthy, and ignoring the fact that Glock has had a multitude of magazine issues down through the years, of which this is but the latest.

  23. The slide on my gun does not consistent lock back after the last round. So far it is having about a 60% failure rate.
    Anyone else seeing this?

    • I had the same issue this weekend when I tested one out. My support hand thumb was the issue, riding the slide release. I dont have this issue with bigger glocks.

  24. With the push they have been getting to compete with XDs Kahr’s they want the purchaser to be a guinea pig like other companies. The only 3 guns I have been one of the first in line for are the Sig 250, Fn 5.7. & Rugers pistol caliber. rifle in. 40. The Ruger is the only I regret purchasing the firing pin disintegrated appeared to be made out of leftover Hipoint metal. After the 3rd 1 I sold it back to Ruger for credit towards a mini-14. I have vowed never purchase another weapon for at least 2 years after production starts, unless it’s a limited collection. or the like.

  25. my 43 is giving me this problem as well. This is my first glock and its not a very good sign of “perfection”

  26. And this is why you NEVER buy version 1 of anything and I mean anything.

    Guns, Cars, Apple devices…..never buy V1.

    • This was definitely my takeaway as well, iteration is a good thing, gotta work out those bugs.

  27. 225 rounds through mine, no issues so far. My first Glock purchase as well, so it was some surprise as to how crappy the trigger feel is…other than that, I love the size and weight of it.

  28. Is there something they don’t understand about people are using these to protect lives? Cheaper to pay off a wrongful death suit or 3 than fix it properly.

    Personally unless you prepaid let them keep it. Even under warranty still $50-100 to ship for repair so they gave you a free mag your still out the money. Maybe give you a G19 at cost. Otherwise fix it before it hits the door and I had to pay $300 for armorers class to be officially allowed to use a Dremel to fix the thin, know of an agency that ordered 50 for issue as back-ups. Know where an entire weekend will be going

  29. Wow, 20 some years late to the party and STILL don’t get it right. Meanwhile my XDS 3.3 and 4.0 go bang every time with 7, 8, and 9 rounders. Oh, and a light rail, interchangeable backstraps, fiber optic sight from the factory. The 43 is strictly Kool-Aid drinker material. I actually owned a 42, but sold it for the much better Kahr 380. And I am not sh*tting on Glock, I have owned multiple 17s, 19s, a 23, a 27, a 29SF, and a 20SF.

    • Glock. Is doing what Colt has done Sat on it’s laurels. When they tried to develop new products; think all American 2000 they forgot how. When in real world non kool-aid drinkers buy a Kel-Tec for a. 380, and everyone I know that preordered the 42 sold them after a mag or 2 & went back to kel-Tec or a 5shot S&W. Plus how many agencies are using the. 45 GAP?
      Gaston needs the military to go to a G17-19 badly. Only problem is SIG is making a better weapon along with Walther. Long term is unknown. But based on record of other weapons 229-226-228, &P99
      Will meet the military specs.

  30. Yes! I noticed this problem on my G43 within the first 200 rounds. (will have to take it to the shop now that I know it’s not just mine w the issue)

    My G42 has been flawless though. I have 4 or 5 mags for it. No problems.

    Side note. With stock triggers on both the G43 and my Kahr PM9.. I can shoot the Kahr with noticeably better accuracy. But maybe I’m just more used to it.

  31. Maybe it’s just me, but after 500 or so rounds through my 43, I really haven’t had a big issue. I intentionally slammed magazines in from standing and prone shooting positions…and while at times there has been a bit of resistance, nothing has “stopped” the magazine from being inserted. That being said, if I attempt to insert the magazine with a slightly right of center motion (I’m a right handed shooter, so off to the opposite side of the mag well from the release button) the magazine will catch ever so briefly and move on…and no the magazine lips aren’t damaged or chewed up. This hasn’t happened while fast reloading. Again, maybe I’m not really “fast”, but it’s not a huge issue for me “yet”..and I am shooting the 43 as well as my 26 which I reload at about the same speed. Just my observation. The only magazines I have are the two that came with as I can’t find more to purchase yet.

  32. My G43 has the same exact problem and the more it catches the more it damages the edge on the mags. Went back to shop and they called Glock on 5/18/15. Glock stated they will be sending out a replacement magazine release. Ill update when the new release is installed, hopefully within a week.

  33. After reading the above, I examined my magazines, and noticed that the lip on the right side of the mag with the round facing forward was slightly worn. After examining the magazine well I noted that the magazine catch had sharp edged on both the top and bottom of the magazine catch. The magazine catch protrudes, because of the spring action on the right side. It is apparent that the sharp lower edge is where the magazine is being damaged when inserted. I removed a very small amount of the lower edge, leaving more than a sufficient amount to hold the magazine in place, but allowing the magazine to slide in without catching no matter how much cross force was applied. This appears to have cured the magazine damage problem. Mind you, it was a very small amount of material removed, but enough to remove the sharp edge that appears to be the culprit.

  34. Had the same problem. Called glock yesterday, they asked if I was right handed or left handed and said they would be mailing me a replacement magazine release. The guys said it will be pretty easy to swap out. I hope that helps

  35. I just got my 43 and put 100 rounds down range yesterday. The mags catch about 1/2 of the time. So I called Glock today and they said I must have gotten a mag release button that was out of tolerance. They’re shipping me a new button right away. I’m in manufacturing and I get it, and I respect that they’re addressing it. Now all we need is a decent extended mag 🙂

  36. Both mine and my wife’s G43 had the mag hang up issue. Here how I fixed both:

    Put the mags in so that they purposely get hung up. Over and over again. Probably a couple dozen times.

    Inspect them close up. You’ll see the plastic has a tiny dent or burr at the top where it’s hitting the mag catch in the gun.

    Take a sharp pocket knife and shave off that burr, and a little extra, at an angle so that the edge of the mag has a nice gradual edge where the hang up was occurring.

    Test them out and smile.

  37. had this same issue with one of my mags. I just trimmed off the offending plastic with my smf and all seems well now. It is pretty disappointing that they knew about this before releasing the gun since its such a simple fix.

  38. It is a simple fix. Why is everybody whining about it so much? They try and make it so it is ambi friendly and they get dumped on! if they made the mag release so it could only be used by a righty then they would get dumped on too. Grow up people! it literally takes about 3 minutes to take care of it. Take the mag release out scrape off about a mm or 2 and put it back in. DONE! I am not a glock “fanboy” by any means. But every MFG has their issue! Just google any gun that you own and look at the negative comments!

  39. I shot my G43 for the first time yesterday. Had the problem described here, on one mag everytime, the other mag about half of the time. I could see that the top right side of the magazine feed lip was being deformed by the magazine catch (I think once the plastic was deformed the problem was repetitive). If I pushed the mag release catch a little, then the magazine would feed. After I got home I ground down the damaged portion of the mags, and removed the mag catch from the gun. I then proceeded to do what the YouTube video showed (I wish I had seen that first), and now both mags feed fine. I called Glock in Ga this morning, told them about the problem, and they said “send the magazines back to us”. When I told the tech that I thought the problem was with the magazine release, he said I had to send the gun back to them.

    BTW guys, no comments about “shoulda bought a ______”. Those DON’T help.

  40. Hmmm. Thanks JP, Dirk, David, and others. Per Retired LEO advice, I’ve been waiting on purpose for the first bugs to show up on the G43, and a bit disturbed to hear they are repeating previous known similar problems on other single stack mags, with this cheesy fix. Makes you wonder what else is wrong that is more of a problem- the bowed frame is unsettling, to say the least.

    That kind of poor design/manufacture QA and testing is NOT good for GLOCKS reputation- and my main reason for buying the brick-like plastic gun with weird grip angle,

    which is supposed to be 100% reliability and hardiness under tough conditions.

    I will look forward to more- in meantime I *MAY* rethink this and go back to the Kahr line…

    Sadly, after you get done paying for the premium for a PPT on a new or slightly used Glock (or any new and improved firearm) that doesnt get added to the CA Approved Handgun Roster: (ie non-LEOs cannot get one), the Kahr is going to be cheaper, anyway.

    And of course, that common-sense argument to abolish the deliberately gun-grabbing Roster, has to be litigated, undoubtedly to SCOTUS, so it will be another 5 years minumum to wait for a new Glock.

  41. I bought the 43, took it to the range the following day, and then shipped it straight back to Glock. Not only did I have the issue of the magazine catching when inserting it, but the gun was a jam-o-matic. I couldn’t get through a magazine without at least one nasty stove pipe or double feed.

    Glock said they replaced the magazines and have shipped it back. Supposed to receive it next week. I’m expecting nothing but trouble with this thing. I don’t believe it is possible that BOTH magazines were defective to the point that they caused such malfunctions. The tech on the phone claimed the gun was otherwise fine.
    I’m honestly expecting that it will be shipped back to Glock after this weeks range session.
    They will get one more opportunity to fix it (I know it won’t be fixed when I get it this time). After that, I’ll be holding a “used Glock 43” sale in attempt to recoup some of my losses.

    I’m equally pissed at the lazy technicians as I am with the poor quality of the gun.

    • Dannyif you are the original purchaser take a copy of the receipt and send it back with the gun and get your money back if you’re not satisfied and they’ve tried to fix it for you already in it it it doesn’t work still, send it back and get your full refund. I think they even pay for your background check but don’t quote me on that.

      • Thanks .. Didn’t even consider that. I’m a longtime gun owner and I’m not used to dealing with this type of nonsense. I took pics of the malfunctions while at the range but they had no interest in seeing them.
        If I receive 2 magazines that appear to be altered as opposed to fixing the gun, I will be asking for a refund.

        • Danny, I’m glad I could help I’m a Glock dealer here in Florida and an armor. And I’ve had to send customers guns back for some repair work that didn’t get done right and I noticed it being a Gunsmith when the gun returned, and inform my customers of the problem still and they’ve chosen to get their money back and buy something else and I’ve instructed them to ship the gun back or I personally will ship the gun back free of charge and get their money back for him they have to give you all your money back remember you bought Glock perfection not almost perfect. glad to help.

  42. I’m a Glock Armorer for my department. One of my Lieutenants has two Glock 43’s, one works perfectly the other was experiencing the hanging up issue with the magazines. If you radius or put a slight bevel on the bottom edge of the magazine catch it will solve the problem. The squared edge of the magazine catch contacts the squared edge of the magazine and won’t allow it to pass, unless the magazine is inserted perfectly straight. I didn’t like the idea of altering the magazine and it doesn’t take much of a bevel to fix the issue. I did the radius edge with a serrated sheep’s foot blade. Seems to have fixed the problem.

  43. Was thinking about purchasing the 43 for self defense. But after reading about this problem Not sure if I want one now. Last thing a person needs in a self defense senerio is a problem like this. Next thing you know your dead. Does anyone know if GLOCK has fixed this issue yet? I noticed that all these comments are from May-Sept, 2015. IF they have fixed this issue I really like the fit and feel of the 43 in my hand. I have small hands. But I don’t want to purchase the 43 if it STILL is having this issue. Anyone know if it’s been fixed?

    • I just picked mine up, today, and have tried to cause the issue with no luck. I have noticed that my magazines seem to have an extra bevel on them from the factory, but I haven’t seen any from last year to be able to confirm.

      To conclude, I could not force either of my magazines to hang up upon insertion, even with scraping them up either side of the well. I can feel them contact the catch, but they have not stopped.

  44. My G43 had an issue with trigger resetting. This is first Glock I’ve ever had that has had an issue. Fired 97 rounds and on last 3 rounds left in box of ammo, the trigger would not reset. Using Federal 115 ball ammo. Took inside to LGS and they sent it off to Glock. I’m currently waiting on it’s return. I really do like the way this pistol handles, and how easily it goes into a wallet holster.

  45. G26, new 2/2016, a couple thousands rounds through it, practice and 2 carry courses, 8 dbl-stack 10rd mags. No problem until the last 2 range sessions, jamming at the extended mag catch.
    Solution one: carefully file a bevel on the front thin edge just below the bullet follower, on the 8 mags.
    Results: Still jamming on 2 of 4 tested in a range session.
    Next, examine the extended mag catch and all 8 mags, looking in 2 places: A. Front thin edge of the mag at the top;
    B. The right angle curve as shown in the Youtube video above; didn’t think about that suspect.
    The jamming occurs when the mag is angled towards the back of the grip on insertion. No jamming if care is taken to insert the mag centered with the grip mag receptacle. Not a nice condition for a carry weapon depending on it for your life.

  46. I have only had this issue on my G43. Currently what I have done is clean up the lip on all my magazines. This includes a slight bevel in the metal insert at the front lip. Then remove the magazine release and bevel the underside or down side to allow a magazine to insert smoothly even if twisted when inserting. This does eliminate the ability to reverse the magazine release for left handed use though. So far this has cleared the issue but I only have cycled magazines in and out about 40 times since the modifications.
    This is clearly a design or manufacturing flaw.
    Just FYI. My background is fabrication, reverse engineering, and a background in mechanical and materials engineering. Also, I own many glock handguns and I am a fan of glock engineering until now.
    I’ll be sending them an email.

  47. It’s 7/13/2021 and Im having this exact same issue with my brand new Glock 48 and all of the included magazines. Im not happy with Glock right now and I’m seriously thinking of selling it and giving my money to Sig and other gun manufacturers from now on.

    I like the looks of their 365XL. Yes I might spend a little more for the Sig but they’re more innovative and for the money you get more right out of the box.

    Glock is on their “5th generation” of Glock Perfection and for the price they’re charging they’re still producing pistols with shit sights, horrible triggers, warped frames and low round capacity pistols that are fortunately fixed by “other companies”.

    The fact that Glock does not fix their issues and instead allows $millions of dollars to go to other companies is nothing but pure laziness.It’s pretty damn sad how many more companies are doing it better and cheaper than Glock. I guess I expected too much from them.
    Oh well you live and you learn. My 2 cents.

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