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A email blast from Lenco Armored Vehicles:

“The many pictures and film footage of the Manhunt for the Boston Marathon Bombers clearly demonstrated the Police Mission to Protect & Serve. While law enforcement conducted the most intensive manhunt in US history, they were filmed and photographed for the word to see, and they made the nation proud. To have residents cheering, shaking hands and thanking police was heart-warming and well-deserved.”

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  1. Yes, THANK YOU!!! Thank you for making us “shelter in place” in our homes, so everyone can see what a TOTAL POLICE STATE looks like!

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for showing good, law-abiding citizens what it’s like to have STORM TROOPERS make LEAVE OUR HOMES AT GUNPOINT. HANDS ON HEADS, with GUNS POINTED AT US!!!

    Thank you, indeed, MOFOS. Now we at least know you’re coming again, and we now know enough to SHOOT YOU BEFORE YOU SAY A WORD, FASCISTS.

  2. My first thought after seeing the first few images was. . . So this is what Belfast, Northern Ireland must have looked like.

    • Yep. Jack- booted thugs pointing firearms at citizens that were obviously not 19 yo Muslims. Pi$$ on them. I’ll take my chances with bomber boy and my SCAR before I let 200 kitted up, amped up, camo’ed up LEOs on my property.

  3. Lenco Armored Vehicles –
    Now equipped with Level 15 Bodies armor. 15 Armored men attached to the exterior of the vehicle will stop most projectiles up to and including .30-06 AP.
    Outfitted with Taxpayer supplied Fully Automatic Rifles, no extra charge.
    New Kevlar lined tires will stop most handgun calibers, easily runs over unsuspecting law abiding citizens, and most dogs.
    Fuel Economy – 5GPM
    Purchase Now and receive a free after action cleaning, blood removal not included.
    Lenco – Rolling through a neighborhood near you!

    • Yeah I don’t think they understand the armored-vehicle concept. Unless they’re expecting shots from within the vehicle.

  4. They trashed the US Constitution. Police State; is this what we want to leave for our children and grandchildren? We look like the Weimar Republic with each passing day. Drones, Patriot Act, National Defense Authorization Act 0f 2012, Homeland Security, gun control… How does this end?

    Reichstag fire?

    Kristallnacht anyone?

  5. NO, it does not make me proud. This was totally unnecessary, and I suspect a trial run for country wide martial law… “Never let a crisis go to waste.” I just hope the “crisis” wasn’t a false flag op. The nasty feeling in my gut says it was…

  6. Makes me sad. Complete BS from Lenco. These guys are travelling in packs of 20. Why was the MIT officer alone and ambushed? Driver of the hijacked SUV was also in danger as were people in and around the subseqent shoot out.

  7. Turning the police into the military scares the hell out of me … The framers of our constitution knew that a standing army within the population is disastrous to freedom.

  8. Proud? No. Suspicious, yes. It looked like a rehearsal. The question is, rehearsal for what?

  9. Proud? No, not close to it.

    Angry? ..No, that’s a little too far in the other direction.

    Nervous. Yeah. That sounds right. This makes me nervous.

  10. Proud? Pleased, anyway. I’m pleased America can well-arm her First Responders.

    I was not pleased with some Boston behavior, which is an outlier. Americans should condemn the treatment of citizens yanked from their homes at gunpoint w/o warrant. Capt. Nick at GA agrees. He’s a former Sr. Commander for a Regional SWAT.

    It is not “us v. Them.” We ARE ‘them.’ They are us. Sir Robert Peal, and all that.

  11. Makes me crazy. Especially when talking to people who say “well the police asked people if they could search their homes” because 5 armored goons pointing guns at you are going to take no for an answer. Then hell, maybe if they actually caught the guy with their goosesteppin tactics but they couldn’t even do that. Must’ve been too tuckered out after storming thru every other house in the neighborhood.

    • Yes. Watching the whole thing unfold from the other side of the country, it struck me that the biggest danger of terrorism is what it can make us do to ourselves.

      • Definitely. And the next A-hole who shoots up a Gun Free Zone will trigger fresh waves of gun control laws. There’s little need to terrorize this nation – it’s already happening from within.

  12. They should at least dress the part … Brown shirts, Jodhpurs and jack boots … Sieg heil !

  13. This looked like poor hurt daddy o showing his “thorty”(sorry Mr Gleason). He had just taken a beating & looked like he wanted to show the sheep he was still powerfull. I’m not impressed. O is just another pint sized dictator, Randy

  14. The only reason people were cheering was that they were going to get rid of these BOZO’S finally. Which meant they’re not going to be marched out of their homes at gunpoint and the ladies won’t have to endure cavity searches by some slug with sweaty hands and no spandex gloves. Hallelujah!!!

  15. Look at what it takes to stop one cop in LA. Look what it takes to find one unarmed teenager in Boston. How much man power, technology and money it takes for one individual on your own turf. Hopefully that day never comes, but what would it take to stop .01% of the gun owning community?

    • Precisely why they want things confiscated, ammo to cost a fortune, and special rules about entering houses under “special circumstances”

  16. As a current Sheriff’s Deputy who is rapidly winding up a career,I was and am appalled.The Fouth Amendment of the of the Bill of Rights was suspended in Massachusetts.Knock,knock.Hello officer.Show me your hands! Now! Place your hands on your head,inter-lock your fingers.Now,move out of your home while we search .Sir, your M-4 makes a compelling argument.Please leave a copy of the warrant on the kitchen table.What warrant,we have exigent circumstances however long it takes until we either capture or kill this terrorist.
    Perhaps citizens should be issued RPGs or LAWS rockets to repel boarders.

  17. It made my pockets feel significantly lighter. A bunch of overpaid civil servants with unfunded pensions and health care plans, dressed up like they’re playing at being tough guys, riding around on single-bidder, (therefore over-priced) vehicles intended for …. what?

    What a feckless waste of the taxpayer’s money. And that taxpayers are cheering this on… they deserve what they get.

  18. Maybe I’d be proud if they hasn’t issued a lockdown and a posse of law abiding citizens caught this guy and brought him in. Ya. That would do it.

  19. I was totally disgusted. The big O is a world-class hypocrite.
    We shouldn’t stop there. We should restore the ban on military-style assault weapons and a 10-round limit for magazines. And that deserves a vote in Congress — because weapons of war have no place on our streets, or in our schools, or threatening our law enforcement officers. Our law enforcement officers should never be out-gunned on the streets.
    Yeah, Obama said that. And what was on the streets of Boston? Weapons of war.

  20. I told my wife when it was happening. I’d either be dead or in jail. She said I was over reacting. Then I said this is how Nazi Germany got started. She said I am paranoid, that could never happen here. I said one last thing and I’m done. Millions have died for our freedom and I’m not gonna piss on their graves by giving that freedom up so easily. Call me crazy all day long but you won’t change my mind.

    • If you genuinely believe the conditions of Nazi Germany can exist in today’s America, yes, you’re crazy.

      • I’ll bet that’s exactly what the Jews living in Germany said as Hitler was running for office. History proves over and over that in any country it is possible. Right now we have the most divisive president in our history in office. Crazy, is why was he re-elected!

        • Why not Veidt? Evil still lives in the same percentage of people today as 75 years ago. If the evil people are in charge, bad $hit happens. History is full of similar examples.

  21. Now I don’t 100% agree with the police reponse in Boston. The “shelter in place while we look for mad bomber in your neighborhood” order or request is not one of them. In fact, what flak would they have gotten if they didn’t advise that? the door to door house searches were a bit far stretched.

    my question is what SHOULD the police have done differently? everybody wants question what was done, but most can’t say what they could have done differently.

    • Please. Watch the video. Big difference between searching a neighborhood thoroughly and tossing citizens out of their homes at gunpoint and missing the bomber boy. Where is the same police response to any other murderer in this country? What’s the difference between inner-city gang bangers shooting up a neighborhood vs two a$$-hat Muslim clowns detonating pressure pots? Oh, ones in the inner city and the other is in downtown Boston with the “terrorist” mystique. The whole thing was repulsive.

      • Please link to the last gang banger drive-by that resulted in 260+ injuries. K thx.

        • Vast majority of injuries were superficial, at best. More death and serious injuries on a warm Chicago weekend. The folks there just don’t have a breathless media to glorify their situation.

    • Well, for one thing, they could have followed the f**king blood trail. He was 560 ft from the car. That’s less than one standard block. They locked down twenty times that distance from the car- in the wrong direction.
      That was how he was ultimately found. The boat owner saw the blood in the drive, then saw the tarp had been disturbed. Then he looked inside. No FLIR, No body armor. Just Mk. I eyeball. Been someplace besides the PRM, he might have even used his own gun to take him prisoner, and saved his boat
      I was in OKC when the Murragh bombing took place. There wasn’t a fraction of the number of “troops” involved in the search. There was no lockdown and armed invasions of private homes to search them. McVeigh still got caught, and without needlessly endangering the population. And make no mistake, that bunch of Keystone Kops and Barney Fifes were a serious danger to the public. It’s a miracle they didn’t shoot someone. It’s another miracle they didn’t shoot each other

      • Got it follow the blood trail…I like that plan. Was there one leaving the scene? bleeding doesn’t automatically start at he moment of injury every time especially with bullet wounds. Then you’ll say “track with the dogs” what if that comes up to a dead end? Where do you go from there?

        Remember this is a hypothetical exercise instead of saying what was done wrong we can work through how we would have done it better, with all this knowledge in hind sight.

        • ” bleeding doesn’t automatically start at he moment of injury every time especially with bullet wounds”
          Seen a lot of ’em? I have.
          The main point, though, is that he had been wounded some time prior, not just immediate to his leaving the car. He had been wounded at the firefight where his brother had been killed, then drove away. Reports I’ve seen indicated that the interior of the car was very bloody. The person that found him did so because he saw the blood trail. He was less than one block from where he abandoned the car, yet they searched twenty blocks away.

      • I believe mcveigh was caught on a traffic stop for a vehicle violation. Also, that was pre world trade center, and the USA was oblivious to the possibility of terrorist acts on our soil. Different time different investigation.

        • You are assigning a mystical “Terrorist” label to this clown. He is simply a teen-aged stoner with a misplaced hatred of America. He killed some people. Just like any other thug that kills people, which is a daily event in our country. Cities are not locked down and the Constitution shredded for every fugitive. Why is bomber boy and Boston so special? Personally, I think Boston has little sister syndrome to NYC and has been yearning for attention for 11.5 years.

        • “that was pre world trade center, and the USA was oblivious to the possibility of terrorist acts on our soil”
          Right. Pre mass hysteria.
          The mass hysteria absolutely justifies suspending the Constitution. The events subsequent to the bombing, during the search are what made this act of terrorism far more effective than the actual effects of the bomb itself. Put it in perspective. How many such bombs are set of around the world on an almost daily basis? Do any other cities in the world just shut down as a result? Would Tel Aviv shut down in such a manner?

  22. Any cop that participated in any of the house to house entries without a warrant should all be executed.

    • You do realize you are advocating killing police officers on a public forum, yes?

    • Please tell me you’re kidding.

      Ever heard of innocent until proven guilty, trial by jury and so forth? I’m sure if you were accused of something you’d appreciate the same liberties afforded all of us, even cops that push the boundaries of what is right and wrong. It’s the powers to be that have facilitated the culture of paramilitary cops.

      • Those are not police and the have violated the constitution which police swear an oath to. They are anti America globalist thugs. We don’t need those thugs representing the police and sheriffs of our great nation. Wake up and realize this country has been captured and that is the enemy.

  23. I did watch the video, how would you have run it differently? just a hypothetical question.

    • I WOULD NOT FORCE NON-19YO MUSLIMS OUT OF THEIR HOMES AT GUNPOINT! Meh, tired of caps. I would not roll every piece of armor within 5 states. I wouldn’t cancel Boston until the kid was caught. What does every other police department in the country do when looking for a violent perp? None of the above. Really?

      • Ok, so how would you you search for him? Throw out some positives not just the negatives.

        • Why do I need to elaborate on the procedures that every other law enforcement agency in the country utilizes when looking for a dangerous fugitive? These procedures are used daily across our country. They don’t suspend constitutional rights. Are you really this dense?

        • Nope, and you are quite defensive about it. That tells me you just want to make noise about how bad things are instead of construct a relevant discussion on what should have been done instead of what was done.

          Again I’m not defending what was done but questioning what you think should have been done. If you are ashamed of how it was handled throw out some better options….

        • Not in my lifetime have I seen such an awful display of police work such as the Boston martial law exercise. For God sakes they were shooting houses and cars in the neighborhood!!! What happened to the guys rights on the run? If they really needed to lock the city down for one guy then why do we have so many criminals that are still on the streets. The police do an investigation that’s what they do. And we sure as hell don’t convict people for walking by a public surveillance camera!!!!

  24. I do wonder-m How many people really cheered? Especially in the area that had been locked down and “volunteered” to be searched? All we know is what MSM and it’s masters want to show us

    • In my neighborhood we most certainly wouldn’t have booed but the cheering wouldn’t have been there either. A nod to them would’ve been the extent of it

      We take care of our own and don’t need paramilitary on our streets. The minute we heard anything about staying put we’d have stayed put but our residences and yards would’ve been patrolled the same as when the news announces a fleeing carjacker or whatnot in our area.

  25. Hell no, this will be what happens to anyone of us who the halfrican American in the WH deems an undesirable or right wing domestic terrorist. Coming to a town near you.

  26. terrifying because ive still got a hopefully long life to live(with many more species of fish to catch). to see the “police state” expanding so rapidly in the past twenty years makes me very scared of what “they” will do the next few times something F*cked happens, and we know it will because you cant fix stupid or crazy.

  27. Lol, why are they hanging onto the OUTSIDE of an armored vehicle like its a garbage truck?

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