Question of the Day: Do You Have A Gun Tat?

In my Ruger SR40 review, I wrote that I was thinking about having the words “loaded when up” tattooed on my penis. I was kidding (my local parlor doesn’t have a font big enough). Today I discovered that one of our friends in the firearms industry had an XXL rendition of his employer’s logo tattooed on his forearm. I reckon there are better ways to guarantee job security. Given the fact that Bob “Chrysler is making a profit” Nardelli is running the conglomerate that now owns Advanced Armament Corp., you’d be better advised to keep the resume fresh than brand your flesh. Still, some of you guys are committed (or should be). So, do any of you have a gun tat? Or know someone who does? And if you were going to get that drunk and had to get a gun tat, what it would it be or say?


  1. avatar Roy Hill says:

    No tats on me.

    If I were to get a "gun tat" it would probably be a finely-detailed closeup of the buttstock, patchbox, and lock of that uniquely American original, the Pennsylvania rifle.

    Probably one with a "roman nose" stock and a lot of brass inlay, with some sort of appropriate quote in John Hancock style script near it.

    But then again, I'm never getting a tat of any kind.

  2. avatar KW5150 says:

    I've toyed with the idea of these two words without the "!" about six inches long somewhere on my body. I wouldn't run into RF's problem because I've already "sleeved" my johnson.

  3. avatar "lee n. field" says:

    No tattoos, no intention of ever getting one.

    One of the gunmongers I've dealt with has a huge tattoo of his store's logo (which I think includes a Barrett .50) on his forearm. Hope his business doesn't go bust.

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