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OK, maybe an 870 isn’t the right choice for a wedding. And I hope one of the bridesmaids tells Tex that trigger discipline’s always in style. But do you have a “Sunday gun” or a “BBQ gun?” Is there a social occasion that you consider out of bounds and won’t carry?

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        • Situational irony of the in-laws request vis-a-vis the sometime standard “My in-laws hate me” image that the very term evokes. Not saying that at all about you, it just made me chuckle.

          • Gotcha. I am the embodiment of all things evil if you were to ask them though. I drink beer, shoot guns for fun, carry one for defense, drive a diesel and eat foods hotter than black pepper.

          • @texasaggie2005
            Ditto. I know exactly what you mean. Except for the spicy foods part, I really feel sorry for you on that one.

  1. If I can carry, I do.

    The BBQ Gun is a satin nickel CZ-85 Combat with CZ Custom match hammer & trigger job, Karl Nill walnut grips, and floral tooled leather holster from El Paso Saddlery.

  2. The BBQ gun isw whatever I feel like carrying, even if it’s my 5.11 Select sling bag with my Kel Tec PLR 16, my poor man’s PDW. As for a gun free zone…Ha!, No.

  3. Concealed means concealed, so I carry everywhere except police stations, schools, and courthouses.

    I’ve even given presentations to audiences as big as 700 people while carrying concealed under a suit!

    My BBQ Gun is a Colt 1911 made up by the Custom Shop in the 80’s – fire blue slide, electro-less nickel frame with all the goodies, big millet sights, and some wonderful Colt Custom Shop ebony grips. Milt Sparks holster.

  4. Main answer: anywhere the law doesn’t permit me to carry. In Oregon, that includes businesses which conspicuously say “No Weapons,” but such businesses are also ‘Chris Dumm-free zones’ since I’d rather not bring them my business.

    Although I’ve taken most of my friends and family shooting (and I know they’ve enjoyed it), some just aren’t into the gun thing themselves. If any adult in the home expresses the sentiment “I’m not sure I want guns in the house,” that house becomes a gun-free zone for until they raise the subject themselves and change their mind.

    I’m with texasaggie2005 on this: carrying a gun in the home of a person who doesn’t want it there is being a disrespectful guest and a poor ambassador of your beliefs.

    • When you visit friends who ask you not to smoke in their house do you leave your cigarettes in the car?

      When you visit vegetarians (I know it’s a silly example because why anyone would wish to visit a vegetarian is a mystery, but I’m not a hater) do you go on a meat-free diet beforehand so as not to bring any (digested) meat into their home?

      My CCW is NEVER visible or obvious. Don’t ask, don’t tell!

  5. Just the dinner table when we have friends over. Some of the women just don’t like to think about the gun having to be used and so would rather have it out of sight. So an Ikea unit two feet from the table is where they sit until dinner is over. Everyone then goes back into the other rooms with guns in pockets or holsters.

    Sounds silly but some people are just that way.

    I don’t go to places listed as gun free unless I really have to.

    • Not in my house. I had a [woman] friend ask how my wife puts up with guns in the house. I told her the other half packs a Beretta 92. Shock and disbelief was the reaction to my quip.

  6. I don’t believe in BBQ Guns. That’s like saying “BBQ Arc Welder” or “BBQ Torque Wrench.” Guns are tools.

    And I carry everywhere permissible by law. A P3AT means never having to say “I’m unarmed.” 🙂

    I do, however, respect the property rights of others. I don’t have any friends that I know are vehemently anti-gun, but if I did, I would treat them like I would want to be treated myself, respect their decision and leave it in the car.

    The CRKT folder and the pepper spray would have to suffice then. 🙂

  7. I home carry and open carry where legal here in California.
    While I don’t have any fancy BBQ guns, I do have two, small gun-free zones: The dinner table and the shower. The dinner table in deference to my wife, and the shower due to condensation. These two zones are only gun-free while actually in use.
    Regardless, a gun of the big and loud variety is always within quick reach.

  8. Only places I don’t carry is at work (University) and at Mom’s (Nursing Home). Both are prohibited places. Otherwise I and or the Mrs are carrying. Wedding photo brings back a great memory, at our wedding, the entire wedding party (Priest Included) were packing. More than 50% of the guests were as well. Either CHL’s or LEO’s. Including the band at the reception. Our wedding present to each other were his and her’s derringers that American Derringer in Waco TX made up special for us including special serial numbers. God I love this woman!

    BBQ guns, for her it is her Colt King Cobra or Anaconda and for me is Colt Delta Elite.

    BBQ Arc Welder PHTTTTTTT. You owe me a new keyboard Kevin. Besides, everyone knows you use a gas torch at a BBQ not an Arc Welder! DUH!

  9. I don’t carry where Alaska law forbids it. I don’t carry in the homes of folks who want it that way, but then I don’t visit those places much. Guests in my home must pay me the same courtesy, or they can choose to spend their time elsewhere.

    My church gun is a Bodyguard 380. My BBQ gun is a 1911.

  10. I carry everywhere I can. Businesses which don’t allow me to carry don’t get my money unless I must use that place in particular (Post office, court house). Oddly my place of work does not prohibit customers from carrying, just employees.

    Recently, I had to go into DC for a week helping another store manager get her new place open. I felt naked. While I carry at work (very concealed), I wasn’t willing to risk carrying in DC. If the DM discovers I carry in my store, I would lose my job. If I was caught carrying in DC it would be a felony. Possibly a federal felony depending on who stopped me. (Parts of DC are federal property and there is no way I know of to tell what is DC and what is US Gov. Driving in the District you will cross from District police to US Park Service to the domains of every other agency in existence. All on the same road!)

    • Ironic, isn’t is, Bob? That the capital territory of the freeman’s republic imposes complete prohibition upon one of the greatest of freedoms.

  11. Generally don’t take one into the crapper, unless it’s a new one I haven’t finished admiring……..

  12. Only where it is illegal to carry, and I generally refrain from going to those places. Which in Va means I can and do carry everywhere and always. Work, college, the store, and church, I’ve done it. Anything less makes the same amount of sense as only wearing a seatbelt on long trips.

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