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SHOW ME THE GUNS! This message goes out to Mexican President Felipe Calderon, who keeps on insisting that Bob’s Gun Store in Bordertown, USA is responsible for arming Mexican drug cartels. For some reason, the Mexican federales no longer supply the data on all the weapons confiscated by the Mexican military and police. So, when the gun smugglers at ATF famously claimed that 90 percent of Mexico’s confiscated weapons came from the aforementioned symbolic American firearms emporium, there was no contextual information. The truth is that the lion’s share of the drug thug’s guns come from “seepage” of U.S. government-approved government sales. Here’s a [Google translated] article on the subject at . . .

About 9 thousand guns of police and state prosecutors have gone so far in six years, according to a report by the Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA). The document states that from 2007 to April 28, corporations and state ministerial police have stolen or have lost 8,894 units between rifles and pistols. This figure represents 97.36% of the arsenal of the Ministry of Public Security of Chiapas, with 9,135 weapons, or 95.48% of the SSP of Sinaloa, with 9,315.

It is also five times that of the SSP of Baja California, consisting of 1,470.

However, the Army has no authority to investigate such cases, as state prosecutors themselves investigate or record the charge to theft or loss and carry out investigations.
78% of the arsenal that have been lost stolen from the state and municipal police.

Furthermore, in the same period, federal agencies as the Attorney General’s Office (PGR), the federal SSP Cisen and 334, have been reported as missing weapons.

Among the missing units are HK-G3 rifles, MP-5 submachine guns, pistols M13S HK-P7, Tryflyte shotguns, revolvers Smith & Wesson .38 and .12 Mossberg shotguns. Some have been stolen by organized crime groups.

For example, in March 2009 criminals raided Zumpahuacán Sector, State of Mexico, the State Security Agency (SSA, State Police), threatened five officers and stole 11 rifles and 19 pistols.

And there you have it. The funny thing is this: Uncle Sam’s gun thugs have targeted U.S. gun dealers for Mexican gun crime when they, the feds, approved the firearms sales to the Mexican military and police that actually arm the drug lords. Not to mention grenades and full autos.

How long before one of the G36 or Beretta ARX160’s—pictured above from an article on law enforcement training at—ends up in the cartels’ hands? Consider it done. By this point, the gangs are just replenishing their stocks. But the trade goes on.

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  1. “corporations and state ministerial police have stolen…”

    lulz, I think google translate got it right

  2. Why is that fat dude in the safari outfit shooting a G36 at what looks like a perfectly serviceable HiLux?

  3. Thomas Jefferson is violently distorting space-time with the intensity of the shaking and spinning in his grave.

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