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Got twenty-five minutes to kill?

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  1. Got twenty-five minutes to kill?

    No. Do you have the Cliff’s Notes version?

    Not that it matters anyway. Colt revolver fanatics love to tout the Python but Colt walked away from that market years ago leaving S&W as the de facto standard.

    My first handgun was a Colt revolver (Trooper Mk III in .357) and it was a beefy piece. When it was stolen out of my car I replaced it with a Smith and Wesson and I’ve been a Smith and Wesson guy ever since.

  2. i’m a huge fan of hickok 45 so i would probably watch this if i had any remote interest in revolvers, but i would still check it would still check it out to watch him shoot. I have not seen too many folks shoot handguns that far on youtube.

  3. In NutNFancy terms it’d be a 2 hour movie. I actually like Hickok45, if he needs 25 minutes I’m sure he’s actually making good use of it.

    • Amen to that.
      Hickok45 makes the entire time he does his videos interesting, while NTF rambles on, opines endlessly, and really makes me look at my watch.
      I’m a subscriber to Hickok45, but not with NTF.
      ’nuff said

  4. I watched it. I have 3x more revolvers than I have autos. The python needs a new hammer spring.


  5. I have loved classic .38 Special/.357 Magnum revolvers since the 1970’s. There is
    nothing whatsover wrong with semi-automatic pistols: Glocks, Sigs, Berettas, etc.
    Nonethless for the beginning shooter, first time handgun buyer, the citizen owning
    only one handgun the historic, venerable, and versatile .38/.357 combo still can’t
    be equaled. For self defense/house protection/homeland security including the
    great outdoors: camping, fishing, hiking, backpacking, sight seeing, bird watching,
    picking wild berries or plums, and for a campanion sidearm supplementing a rifle
    during deer and elk season, I’ll take the .38 caliber revolver every time. Also, the
    .38 Special 148 grain lead wadcutter remains tops for dispatching vermin: racccon,
    skunk, and possum. Even for butchering livestock, not to mention small game:
    rabbit and squirrel. Following the aftermath of a major natural disater: earthquake,
    flood, forest fire (like the 1933 Tillamook burn in Western Oregon) etc. where law
    and order is thinly spread a revolver inside a backpack with flashlight, compass, matches, knife, blanket, provisions, etc. could determine survivial of the lone person
    or even those who have an immediate family or loved ones. My own Smith and
    Wesson (K-Frame) Model 66 “stainless” .357 Combat Magnum with 4″ barrel would
    be my primary sidearm and choice.

  6. I’ve watched a lot of gun reviewers but a lot of them should employ a fixed format (most don’t and if they do, you still have to skip their rambling, I mean, skim the video to get to it), better presentation (I frequently hear something like “This gun wouldn’t be my first choice ….” but no recommended alternative), and employ visuals and references (far too frequently a reviewer will review a handgun but leave you scouring their videos to see how they reviewed similar ones.
    Sootch00 and maybe Nutnfancy are some of the better ones. No offense, but, Doug DeMuro could teach these guys a lot about making effective review videos.

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