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The National Defense Industrial Association is holding their annual symposium on small arms systems this week in Indianapolis, Indiana. I’m flying out tomorrow morning to cover it. There’s going to be all sorts of interesting talks and events and a live fire demonstration at the nearby military base. Needless to say, there will be many pictures, much video, and salivation all around over the latest and greatest in small arms weaponry. Make the jump to see the exhibits and events I’m going to be paying close attention to…

Exhibits of interest:

  • Aimpoint, Inc.
  • Barrett
  • Barretta
  • Colt Defense
  • Gemtech
  • Glock
  • H&K
  • Lancer Systems
  • LaRue Tactical
  • Magpul Industries
  • Pelican Products
  • Remington Arms
  • Trijicon

Talks of interest:

  • .50 Cal Advanced propellants
  • 40mm High Explosive Multi-Mode (HEMM) Grenade Concepts
  • 7.62mm Lethal Limited Range Round
  • Lubrication’s Contribution to Ammunition Failure
  • The MK 19 Capability UpgradePackage: The Rheinmetall Velan Programmable Airburst Ammunition & Vingmate Fire Control Unit
  • 40mm Low Velocity Air-Burst Munitions System
  • Tracer Development in a NonConventional Plastic Moulded Frangible Projectile
  • Development of Infrared Tracers

I’m only going to be in town Wednesday and Thursday, but if readers thinks there’s something I should check out or a talk that’s more important than the ones listed, let me know. Full list of talks and symposium schedule is at this website.

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  1. Damn my job, and my budget. Best of luck buddy! Have fun and report back often!

  2. I’m not positive, Nick, but I think I hate you.

    Okay, I’ve reconsidered. I hate you.

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