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In the video below, NRA Board member Ted Nugent lets loose on gun control in his usual no-holds-barred fashion (with extra shaky camera work). Yes, NRA Board member. So when the Motor City Madman speaks truth to, well, anyone who’ll listen, he is, on some level, speaking for the NRA. Is that a good thing? How good? How would you feel about Ted Nugent as the public face, make that mouth of the NRA? Or do you think Wayne “I swear I’m Not a Funeral Director” LaPierre is the calmer, better choice?

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    • We need to come up with some title to give the celebs like Nugent and Selleck who want to serve but don’t want to rearrange their entertainer biz schedules around NRA board meetings.

      Divert them into celebrity spokesman roles (Selleck did a great job that time when Rosie tried to ambush him) and let serious people occupy the voting board seats.

      • I concur. Selleck is a great public face for NRA, but obviously doesn’t have the time and/or inclination to actually put in any effort as a board member. A big disappointment there.

        It would be interesting to have a “spokesmodel” role for folks like this – but that gives the same appearance as sticking Shannon out in front as a Bloomberg shill. If they are just out front as purported eye candy, then it doesn’t say much for the group backing them.

        I think Nugent is comical in some ways, but as an NRA official he’d just provide the anti-NRA crowd with even more grist for the racism, white privelege, etc., mill.

  1. YES. Crazy is ok, as long as you don’t [also] do drugs.

    And his ‘crazy’ ain’t the clinical kind [like the evil POS (D)].

    • I’m pretty sure Nugent’s a teetotaler. But he sure does brag about the money he made off his concerts I went to. I’ve lost interest in his bravado. Look what I got, me me me. Ted, you used to be cool, but you suck

      • That’s what I meant. He is relatively adamant regarding negativity on drug use.

        I don’t know what he says about where he got / what he does with, his money.

  2. Don’t care for his music. Per what Adam Kraut had to say he is mostly absent for board meetings, so who cares what his views are!

  3. Ted’s long service, dedication and loyalty to then NRA is unquestionable. He’s rock star. Not a president. I think he’s more valuable to the NRA as a rock star.

  4. Ted certainly has a place with the NRA. As a NRA supporter he’s truly a Rock Star. Any competent, intelligent, informed, charismatic, well spoken man or woman with great leadership capabilities could be the NRA president. Nobody else can be Ted Nugent.

  5. It was recently discovered that ted and several other elected members are not doing their due dilligence and voting at meetings (or even attending). I’d rather get some really pro NFA item (anti-NFA legislation) members on the board and do some more legwork regarding lobbying for a relaxed NFA.

  6. I don’t care what the NRA does, or whom they choose for directors. What I want is for the NRA to stop pretending that they speak for, or worse, can make concessions (compromises) for all gun owners.

  7. I don’t think giving a serial poacher that position is very wise. If he can’t be bothered to follow the laws, it’s not going to look good for the organization.

  8. Ted Nugent may have some positive qualities, but he also embodies some negative stereotypes about gun people as boastful schmucks who feel the need to exaggerate their “manliness” to absurd degrees. Nugent bragged in the 70’s about deliberately dropping a log in his pants to avoid the draft. He is not the guy we want to represent us.

    • Lets let Ted tell it.

      got my physical notice 30 days prior to. Well, on that day I ceased cleansing my body. No more brushing my teeth, no more washing my hair, no baths, no soap, no water. Thirty days of debris build. I stopped shavin’ and I was 18, had a little scraggly beard, really looked like a hippie. I had long hair, and it started gettin’ kinky, matted up. Then two weeks before, I stopped eating any food with nutritional value. I just had chips, Pepsi, beer-stuff I never touched-buttered poop, little jars of Polish sausages, and I’d drink the syrup, I was this side of death, Then a week before, I stopped going to the bathroom. I did it in my pants. poop, piss the whole shot. My pants got crusted up.

      See, I approached the whole thing like, Ted Nugent, cool hard-workin’ dude, is gonna wreak havoc on these imbeciles in the armed forces. I’m gonna play their own game, and I’m gonna destroy ’em. Now my whole body is crusted in poop and piss. I was ill. And three or four days before, I started stayin’ awake. I was close to death, but I was in control. I was extremely antidrug as I’ve always been, but I snorted some crystal methedrine. Talk about one wounded motherf*cker. A guy put up four lines, and it was for all four of us, but I didn’t know and I’m vacuuming that poop right up. I was a walking, talking hunk of human poop. I was six-foot-three of sin. So the guys took me down to the physical, and my nerves, my emotions were distraught. I was not a good person. I was wounded. But as painful and nauseous as it was — ’cause I was really into bein’ clean and on the ball — I made gutter swine hippies look like football players. I was deviano.

      So I went in, and those guys in uniform couldn’t believe the smell. They were ridiculin’ me and pushin’ me around and I was cryin’, but all the time I was laughin’ to myself. When they stuck the needle in my arm for the blood test I passed out, and when I came to they were kicking me into the wall. Then they made everybody take off their pants, and I did, and this sergeant says, “Oh my God, put those back on! You f*cking swine you!” Then they had a urine test and I couldn’t piss, But my poop was just like ooze, man, so I poop in the cup and put it on the counter. I had poop on my hand and my arm. The guy almost puked. I was so proud. I knew I had these chumps beat. The last thing I remember was wakin’ up in the ear test booth and they were sweepin’ up. So I went home and cleaned up.

      They took a putty knife to me. I got the street rats out of my hair, ate some good steaks, beans, potatoes, cottage cheese, milk. A couple of days and I was ready to kick ass. And in the mail I got this big juicy 4-F. They’d call dead people before they’d call my ass. But you know the funny thing about it? I’d make an incredible army man. I’d be a colonel before you knew what hit you, and I’d have the baddest bunch of motherf*ckin’ killers you’d ever seen in my platoon. But I just wasn’t into it. I was too busy doin’ my own thing, you know?

      • I know plenty of Vietnam vets and while they are all proud of surviving, most of them say if they knew then what they know now, theres no way they would have gone either. It was LBJs payback to the military industrial complex for taking out JFK. Come to find out the only real goals were to fill the coffers of the complex, the begining of “the swamp” and smuggling TONS of heroin out of south east Asia to sell to the vets comming home and all the inner city blacks. Kinda like they are doing now in Afganistan…the whole system is SO fuckin screwed.

  9. I have no feelz either way. Honestly I don’t pay that much attention to the NRA any more.

    The way I see it there won’t be any significant progress or anti gun legislation that makes it through this year or next. “Guns” is just too hot of a topic for both sides at this point.

  10. They both stink as representatives of myself and a few million others. Ted is too much of an insane loudmouth. I dont much care for his music as it is. LaPiere as a funeral director is a perfect description. Time for some much younger people to represent us.

  11. Ok ok I’ll do it! I’ll take the VP job. Hell if it’s between me and Ted I think I got about a 60% chance of taking the seat.

    God love the man but he isn’t exactly who you want being the face of your movement. No ole Uncle Ted is that crazy f**ker you don’t introduce friends or significant others to until after your 4th or 5th anniversary just to be sure they don’t freak out and think you’re like him.

    While we’re here can we perhaps nominate Colion Noir or Dom Rasso? Why not some of the ladies on NRATV? Really flip the antis nominate a gay transgender African American woman that self identifies as a Dodge Caravan.

    • ^Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
      Just lost the first pull of my beer across my keyboard w/ that Dodge Caravan line.
      That there’s funny. I don’t care who ya are…

      Oh, and I agree with you.

  12. He may scare folks but he speaks truth and is a pretty street smart intelligent guy with his own style of humor but, he has heart and personality and knows the 2nd amendment and history. After all he is a entertainer and may make a good

    The NRA needs to get its act together and stop acting like they only support Fudds and hunters and not the millions of black rifle owners.

    Gun owners all of them from old double barrel duck hunter to bolt action deer hunter to sports shooters and plinkers with AR-15’s and AK47’s need to stand together cuz the gun grabbers want all the guns and the NRA needs to stand firm and not make stupid statements that they are willing to outlaw a piece of plastic that is some toy.

  13. It doesn’t matter, the Board has no power what so ever, just the illusion that it does. Just like the illusion that the NRA supports the 2nd Amendment…it does not. They only support the gun business.

  14. Wayne LaPierre is “pro-gun” whatever that means depending of which way the wind is blowing. Ted Nugent is pro-2nd Amendment which is the way the Founders of this country intended citizens of this great nation to be. I will take one Ted Nugent over 1,000 Wayne Lapierres.

  15. Nugent isn’t doing anyone any favors, least of all gun owners. His checkered past works against him, as does his over-the-top rhetoric. The NRA needs to find a niche for celebrities, eliminate mandarins like Wayne LaPierre, and get some fired-up new blood in leadership. They have spent 40 years compromising with the forces of evil, it’s time for some pushback.


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