Ted Nugent: Shoot Pedophiles on Sight

Watching Ted Nugent’s sit-down with a bespectacled interviewer doing his best not to look bemused, I expected the same old same old on gun control from the Motor City Madman. You know: liberal numb-nuts, don’t tread on me, gun rights from God, yada yada yada. But Ted takes it to the limit, one more time. […]

Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Ted Nugent

When you think of Vietnam War protests, you probably think of hippies. Grass. LSD. Woodstock. Marches. Tear gas. Police beatings. The Kent State massacre. And no wonder: the peace movement of the late 60’s and early 70’s was almost entirely defined by its “extreme” elements. Less well known: the anti-war efforts of lawyers, journalists and […]

Hunting with Ted Nugent: As Surreal as it Gets??

You wait all day for a hunting story and BAM! Two come along at once. This time, we’re talking about a truly unique (as opposed to somewhat unique) piece of sports writing: The Shawn Clark column: Hanging with Ted always top notch. Unless you’ve got headline amensia, you’ll know that the Ted in question is […]

Massachusetts Supreme Court Reaffirms Locked Gun Mandate

Here’s another surprise (after Ted Nugent’s hunting endorsement): the Massachusetts Supreme Court has ruled that the Second Amendment doesn’t obviate the state’s right to tell owners how to keep those guns. In other words, the Commonwealth can require gun owners to keep their firearms (both handguns and long guns) in a locked container or equipped […]

Shock! Ted Nugent Tells Kids Guns Are Good [Not this Video]

The Oakland Press reports that confrontational gun rights’ advocate and occasional musician Ted Nugent provided a “motivational speech” for his granddaughter’s school. Wearing a cap from the U.S. Border patrol [read about their arsenal here kids!], the self-styled Motor City Madman told the forcibly assembled throng at the Shrine Catholic Academy and High School in […]