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Nicole Corning wants to punch gun rights supporters in the throat. courtesy

“I’m furious. Totally and completely furious. And I hope you are too. Consider yourself warned because the next person to tell me that gun control is a slippery slope and that will lead to only the ‘bad guy’ owning guns I’m going to punch them in the throat. Hard.” – Nicole Corning in Stop Waiting for the Next Vegas to Happen [via]

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  1. Well. There’s a nice threat of violence and an invitation to a lawsuit for so much as a dope slap.

    Remind me again how I’m one of the violent, angry unstable ones?

    • “Remind me again how I’m one of the violent, angry unstable ones?”

      I have a one word response: projection.

      Nicole Corning knows that she WILL act on her emotional impulses, so she assumes that everyone else will act on their emotional impulses as well. Unfortunately, this is an almost universal trait among Progressives, Democrats, Socialists, and Communists (but I repeat myself).

  2. Take your best shot, lady.

    Keep your lawyers on speed-dial.

    BTW: Who the hell is Nicole Corning and why should we care?

    • She lives in AZ now but is originally from Lincoln MA, a VERY liberal boston suburb in massachusetts. So her views are just a typical liberals rants.

      • Oh !!! Thank God, Massachusetts lost [-ejected-] a high and mighty Pro-Aggressive LibTard Bitch !!! Only 2.5 Million to go ! Sorry, AZ ….

    • “Keep your lawyers on speed-dial.”

      I think you meant “keep your thoracic surgeon on speed-dial.”

    • Cliff H,

      “Who the hell is Nicole Corning and why should we care?”

      Because Nicole Corning illustrates the typical mindset among Democrats, Progressives, Socialists, and Communists — who all ardently support civilian disarmament.

      It reminds us that seeking to cooperate with people who hold us in utter contempt is a foolish strategy. Correction: it reminds us that seeking to cooperate with people who have no reservations killing their political enemies is a suicidal strategy.

  3. What most people don’t get is that a throat punch isn’t assault, it’s attempted murder. It’s one of the few places on the human body where you can kill someone with a simple punch…

    But it’s going to be hilarious when she tries to punch the wrong person and gets shot in the face.

    • Although not considered attempted murder, strangulation or striking the throat intentionally is in fact a much higher crime in most states. In some states simple battery can still be a misdemeanor, but choking or striking a throat is a felony.

      • It doesn’t take much when you’re getting punched in the throat. It’s not like you need a jawbone shattering Mike Tyson uppercut. Even if it doesn’t kill you, a quick jab in the throat is going to make you gag and gasp for air. It’s hard to fight anything when you can’t breathe.

        • A man cannot fight if he cannot stand. A man cannot fight if he cannot breathe. A man cannot fight if he cannot see.

          These maxims are applicable to the vast majority of people. Most have little to no formal training or experience in combatives of any kind.

    • Maybe not shot, but would love to see the video where she tries to throat punch some dude and gets knocked the fuck out.

  4. 2.In states that require background checks 47% less women are shot to death by their partners. Again nearly 50% reduction in gun violence. This isn’t a fantasy fairytale. This really happens .

    Ignoring for the moment this quote is linked to The Trace, which are the states that don’t require background checks? I’m a little unclear about that.

    3.In states that require background checks there are 53% less law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. I’d really, really, really love to give the men and women who protect us and put their lives on the line for us a 53% better chance of coming home to their families after their shifts. And I can do it! I can support background checks.

    And here she lies again, no one puts their lives on the line to protect you or me. If you really want cops to have a better chance of coming home after their shift then let’s reduce LEO-citizen interactions by 90% and stop pulling people over for ridiculous vehicle infractions that we all know are fully intended as a supplemental form of government income.

    • Most likely the “study” lumped the few states with “universal” background checks together and compared them to the lump of all states without. If there are only two data points to look at, there’s no pesky variation in violence rates between states with similar laws to confuse the reader’s pretty little head.

      • If the study referenced is the one I think it is, it was fisked here before. The study was one that was designed and implemented to come to a pre-ordained conclusion, with states that did not fit the “model” rejected, and the UBC staes were ntot actual states but a model as well. In other words, it was B.S. from the gitgo.

        • And, of course, it only looks at GUN homicides, rather than comparing overall domestic homicide rates; only women killed with guns matter.

    • “In states that require background checks 47% less women are shot to death by their partners.” … yet another of the frequent manipulations of fact. Women might be shot less frequently by there favorite significant other, but I am certain that the rate of abuse is increased in other ways. More people are beaten to death by mens fists than are shot. Taking guns out of everyone’s hands does not take the crazy out of crazies. It just allows the abuse of the weaker innocent to occur regularly.

  5. “If I don’t get my way to end violence, well then, I will use violence to get it”. Try a throat punch, you’ll get those horse teeth knocked out.

      • She talks a good game but I doubt she’s punching anyone anywhere. Not with that much to lose. Short of maiming or killing someone attacking them she’d come out a lot worse than they would probably. Job loss, restraining order and lawsuit later the victim would have a nice chunk of change and she’d be looking for employment.

  6. If the second amendment only means muskets, then the first amendment only means public speaking and physical print presses.she needs to STFU.

    • “If the second amendment only means muskets”

      If 2A only included period weapons like muskets, then it should also cover cannons, grenades and big barrels of gunpowder, no?

      • Don’t forget swords and knives!

        I don’t understand why edged weapons aren’t given the same consideration as guns under the 2nd amendment. It says arms, not firearms.

  7. “….But high powered semi-automatic and automatic weapons are owned by madmen, militias, or as a hobby. If it is your hobby it’s time to get a new hobby. I totally get that you need some thrills so I suggest taking up sky diving, surfing or dirt biking……”

    I don’t get a thrill when I’m on the range shooting. I get calm, I get relaxed, I get zen..whatever you want to call it, but it’s not a thrill. It’s peace in my soul.

    ..And NO! I don’t need a new hobby, so bugger off stupid cat lady wannabe.

    • Was going to say the same thing. Its not a rush. Its relaxing. Trying to hit a good grouping and getting it. I leave the range without a care in the world.
      Ive never had the urge to shoot anyone, nor have i ever wanted to.
      We are not madmen, or women. We are not the ones threatening violence….. like you are.

    • Yes, but why you do it, and what you get from it, have nothing to do with why it’s a protected right. It’s not a doled privilege, and exercise of it (portions of that right) are as great a protection of the right as any support for free speech or civil rights.

      That the 10/01 gunman did what he did, or why he did what he did, also has nothing to do with your right, or its protections, or its importance, or that it needs to be exercised any more than normal to protect it (and if you do, the exercise of it should be directed at the people threatening the right).

  8. Oh bring it on, Suburban Housewife Spice. How about you start with Nancy “I hope so” Pelosi, who said as much just this past weekend?

    There are literally millions, tens, hundreds of millions of other people whom I wish you could ask about guns, governments, confiscation, consequences, and the slippery slope connecting them all, but you can’t.

    Maybe we could take their eternal silence as a loud and clear message as to the dangers of gun control?

  9. Someone threatening violence (as pointed out above: in a manner that constitutes attempted murder) is one of the very reasons that we defend and exercise our second amendment-protected rights: to maintain our ability to protect ourselves against such threats of violence.

  10. What’s the over/under in the betting pool for how much longer she is an employee of Wells Fargo?

    • Lower if you DM them on Facebook. I am very disturbed that a company that has my business employs people who openly threaten attempted murder.

    • Not surprised at all that she is a Wells Fargo employee. Remember this is the company that ripped off hundreds of thousands of Americans for hundreds of millions of dollars. That company is as shady as they come.

    • There’s no good reason for a consumer to do business with a behemoth like Wells Fargo. Find a small community bank or credit union. Thank me later.

    • We’ll find out after everyone in her chain of command get bombarded with emails. Make sure you send an email to her and her “superiors”.

      No longer will I stand silent.

  11. It wasn’t very long ago that companies everywhere started buying into the Progressive ideology of corporate political activism. Any why not, when there was a socialist government at the reigns why wouldn’t anyone not install government approved executives and make corporate policy decisions to avoid further government scrutiny?

    Unfortunately, companies everywhere are finding out that all this Progressive inception isn’t good for business at all, it’s very bad for business. Instead of focusing on making money and making their customers happy, they’re seeing how easy it is to piss off and lose half their customer base getting pulled into political/social policy issues. Companies everywhere should rightfully root out and pink slip these Progressive executives and have them enjoy their Marxist dreams of employment through unemployment and food stamps.

  12. You didn’t have to tell us. We already knew your kind is prone to irrational violence. That’s why we have guns.

  13. Good Morning Ms.Coring.
    My name is Cpl Punishment,
    This period of instruction is introduction to close combat .
    en garde!

  14. This idiot woman believes that a musket isn’t powerful. What she fails to understand is that someone shot with one usually died. Other than the bone crushing power of a led slug that weighs about 500 grains traveling at 900 plus feet per second, the bullet would frequently carry bits of dirty, seldom washed clothing into the wound. Surgical procedures, knowledge, cleanliness, and germ theory were not on par with a modern surgery.

    And yes, Ms. Snowflake if you disarm the people, only the bad guys will have guns. Just look at the UK where gun crime has been climbing ever since the government took away the last of the guns.

  15. This goes to show u how ignorant people are making threats without knowing someone could shoot you or shove a blade in ur throat if u damage their airway so they can’t breathe and die without quick medical attention.

    A throat punch is the equivalent of shooting someone….good-luck in court when u kill someone for saying words u don’t like… and ur forever butt raped in the big house.

  16. Oh, that face. How unfortunate. And she shouldn’t smile with her mouth open. Not a good tooth-to-gum ratio.

  17. When someone starts making open, public threats of violence, you know they’re thinking clearly. Then, and only then, should you listen to their ideas on public policy.

  18. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is a perfect example of projection. Liberals think that because they’re violent and want to attack anyone who disagrees with them, that everyone must be that way. However, if conservatives were half as violent as liberals claim, there wouldn’t be any liberals left to try and confiscate guns.

  19. Hey Nicole – gun control is a slippery slope and that will lead to only the ‘bad guy’ owning guns.

    Come and get me. Or, as you millionaire “working moms” always do, send your goons to do he violence for you. Don’t want to get blood on your snappy pantsuit, do you?

  20. “Lady take your best shot” but be prepared in case Murphy enters the plot! you may reap the whirl wind!

  21. Her comment section is open and usable through disqus. I think we should all educate her in a respectful way that her right to throat punch me is no more important than my right to defend myself from what is considered an aggravated assault and or battery.

  22. Lol- that filthy hatchet wound is getting savaged in her own comment section. Drop by and say hi.

    • Wow. I can’t even get discus to load over there. Are we all going over there at once? 😉

      And, btw, she seems to have some serious issues with reality by blaming the victims of the two Bills (Clinton and Cosby) in the other article.

  23. I wouldn’t suggest Nicole Corning be throat punching or otherwise assaulting 2nd A supporters. We’ve already had a gut full from our other blow-hard wind-bags favorites like Bloombag, Shannon Watts and that dried up California prune DiFi.
    Personally, I don’t give a flying coconut what gender she is, if she laid her stinky paws on me because of my support of our United States constitution and Bill of Rights, I’d slap her into next week.
    Who died and appointed her high and mighty??

  24. The thought that she is raising her two boys to resolve disagreements with this level of violence is why my daughters practice Krav Maga and carry guns.

  25. Deep well of ignorance
    Threatening attempted murder
    One punch one shot
    Another violent gun grabber gone.
    Justified homicide

  26. I would avoid countering with a punch but it would be nice to get some practice blocking and applying an uncomfortable wrist lock to discourage her violent tendencies.

  27. Counting my contribution, there are only 41 comments on her spiel. Inundate the web site with more. I suggest statements about sacrificing victims of violent crime by depriving them of the ability to fight back.

  28. She is blocking pro 2A comments. She is a coward and knows that she is a loser in the market place of ideas.

  29. 5+ years of Krav Maga and Muay Thai under my (black) belt. I’ll snap your bones like a kindling you try it.

  30. Wow! She is threatening deadly force against anyone who disagrees with her. And the Progressives wonder why We The People value the 2nd Amendment.

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