VIDEO: Jerry Miculek vs Bump Fire Stock

Jerry Miculek vs bump fire stock, Iraqveteran8888. Courtesy

Ever since last week’s Las Vegas shooting and Senator Diane Feinstein introduced her bill to ban bump fire stocks, claims have been made about the speed at which semi-automatic rifles can be made to fire while using these ATF-approved accessories. Defenders pointed out that in order to simulate full-auto fire, you don’t really need a bump fire stock . . .

You can achieve the same rates of fire with a rubber band. Or a belt loop.

But what many really wanted to see was someone with serious chops fire an un-aided semi-auto AR to see what can be done with just a (very skilled) finger. And who better to go up against a bump fire stock than Jerry Miculek to see what’s possible?

Well, YouTube impresario Iraqveteran8888 convinced the man himself to see what he could do in a side-by-side comparison. See for yourself:

The only question now is how long the censors at YouTube will allow the video to stay up.


  1. avatar Jay in Florida says:

    Since when is Jerry human?? The mans a robot. No one has a finger as fast as his.
    They will have to ban belt loops and rubber bands too. Lets not forget thumbs in the belt loop.

    1. avatar Joe R. says:

      Run Jerry against a full-auto weapon, then a GAU-8.

      Miculek is not something that you can really “aspire to”. Miculek is more like what makes you go buy a bump-fire stock.

      1. avatar Scott D. says:

        He already ran against a full auto. I believe it was on the TV show with the pedophile from Louisiana.

    2. avatar Frank in VA says:

      Seriously. I would like to see a DNA test on the guy to check for Krytonian ancestry.

      1. avatar Joe R. says:

        What about a 3-gun match between Miculeck and Chuck Norris?

        1. avatar chucky baby says:

          Chuck Norris he would only need one gun and one bullet

  2. avatar Vhyrus says:

    All you geniuses that keep pointing out how semi auto and bump fire aren’t any different, you’re not saving bump fire, you’re dooming semi auto. How long before Feinstein shows this video to the normies and says ‘See? It’s no different. We need to ban semi auto!’.

    1. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

      this is where my lazy thoughts meander to as well. something like an sg43 seems rowdier than a bumped mid size caliber. give me my three round burst and i’m done.
      bump this in exchange for the return of yarddarts and buckyballs.

    2. avatar barnbwt says:

      If anything sets it off, it will be the banning of semi autos. I say go for the gusto…and in several years anyone who even utters ‘gun control’ will be shouted out if the room by angry patriots and defeated socialists. It’s a completely insane policy stance for America at this point in history, so I say let them break their wave against that rock, that we may never hear from them again.

      1. avatar kenneth says:

        My thinking exactly. All those who keep thinking that if they just don’t mention the rubber bands and belt loops trick, etc. the antis will leave them alone are all barking up the wrong tree. Antis require some sort of emotion building event to get the sheep excited before breaking out the bills(always prewritten, you might notice), but they NEVER stop. Anyone who thinks that they need someone from our side to get them excited is incorrect. They were created excited about gun control, and will grasp at any old straw to ban or restrict anything, even including rubber bands(and pointy knives, like in the UK).
        IMO, we should count ourselves lucky that in the wake of such an emotional event, the only thing they think they MIGHT actually get is bump fire stocks! THAT is the perfect ground to fight on, unlike what lots are saying. What’s the better strategy, to wait until you have to fight on the hills you cannot afford to lose with your backs to the wall, or to pick a hill that doesn’t even matter. like bump fire stocks????
        If we fight tooth and nail for bump fire stocks, then even if the antis win, they lose….

    3. avatar Asamurai says:

      The problem is if something IS a Right protected in The Bill of Rights, a document that lists the things the Federal Government CANNOT do not the things we the people ‘can have’ as long as we are ‘good’. We shouldn’t have to constantly justify and defend it. The funny thing to me is no one seems questions the questionable quality of The First Amendment or The Fourth Amendment, just The Second…

      “The Bill of Rights is a list of limits on government power. For example, what the Founders saw as the natural right of individuals to speak and worship freely was protected by the First Amendment’s prohibitions on Congress from making laws establishing a religion or abridging freedom of speech. For another example, the natural right to be free from unreasonable government intrusion in one’s home was safeguarded by the Fourth Amendment’s warrant requirements.”

      1. avatar burley says:

        yeah, well, we’ve let the fourth amendment get trampled over and over, vis a vis, the war on drugs.
        Militarized police, no-knock raids, all because someone has some funny looking flowers growing in his back room…

      2. avatar Flying Fish says:

        That is why it angers me that no one even remembers the Ninth Amendment. No matter how they chip away at the Second, the Ninth assures the integrity of the rights protected by the Second as any anything stripped away can once removed from the Second Amendment return as other rights “retained by the people.”
        “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.” Ninth Amendment US Constitution.

    4. avatar joetast says:

      I guess we’ve forgotten the war of 94 and how close it came to that.

      1. avatar joetast says:

        Banning semi autos, that is.

        1. avatar JR says:

          Ok, then if the law abiding firearm owners have to give up there semi auto’s. Then police should have give up their semi auto pistols in favor of revolvers and there AR 15’s in favor of a bolt action rifles and the pump action shotgun in favor of a double barrel.
          then of course those oh so knowledgeable public officials should have to demand that all the gang bangers and their drug dealing partners give up there semi auto’s or any other gun that they are not suppose to have in the first place. Plus, all the other criminals, too.
          Yeah, like that’s really going to happen.

      2. avatar Mr. Woodcock says:

        Are trying to point out why us gun folk didn’t do anything in 1994 with the Clinton AWB? I wouldn’t compare that to present day with 20 million plus AR-15’s in circulation plus a population that has seen that whole AWB trick done once and didn’t like it. It would be civil war 2.0. Your move hot shot.

        1. avatar Big Bill says:

          It’s my understanding that more AR-pattern rifles were sold during the AWB than before it. That may be wrong, but exact figures aren’t available.
          But the AWB demonstrated something interesting: the more exact a law is in defining exactly what it’s trying to do, the easier it is to get around it, and still stay within the letter of the law.
          How many of us have ARs that are within the letter of the AWB? (I don’t have any ARs, so I can’t raise my hand.) Many of us who live in CA have ARs that go way beyond the definition in the AWB.

      3. avatar Eric in Oregon says:

        Semi-autos were never banned, only normal capacity magazines.

    5. avatar TrappedInCommiefornia says:

      I imagine it’s going to be a race between CA, NJ and NY to ban all centerfire semi automatic long guns, followed by handguns while the lawsuits for the former are still tied up in court.

    6. avatar Garrison Hall says:

      Oh, it’s going to happen. One way or the other it will. But Feinstein’s staff has already figured out that it will probably be a lot easier to establish governmental control over trigger design. Watching this video it’s a no brainer for a gun-grabber to claim that the problem with semi-auto rifles is that they “too easy to fire rapidly . . . like a machine gun”. This weekend I heard some libtard talking heads working their way toward this very idea. They’re not quite there yet, but you can bet it’s coming.

      Feinstein’s proposed law—which the NRA is trying to derail by defaulting to an ATF interpretation—already contains language that will allow overnment to control trigger design and the easiest way to “make guns safer” is to make them substantially more difficult to shoot rapidly. A very heavy legally mandated trigger (meaning you can’t modify it) will do just that. This is just something that we’re going to have to be aware of because, regardless of videos like this, it’s going to come. We are not without our strengths in this coming fight but it WILL be a fight because the gun-controlers see trigger design as one of those “reasonable” changes they can sell to ignorant, disinterested politicians and an equally unconnected populace. Keep your powder dry.

      1. avatar Tom says:

        Here was Dianne Feinstein said when the assault rifle ban was passed in’94. ~ CBS’s 60 Minutes, Feinstein said, “If I could’ve gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for an outright ban, picking up every one of them — Mr. and Mrs. America turn ’em all in — I would have done it. I could not do that. The votes weren’t here.”

        Sarah Brady speaking on behalf of HCI on “The Phil Donahue
        Show” September 1994. “We must get rid of all the guns.”
        In 1976, then chairman of the Brady Campaign, Nelson “Pete” Shields stated in New Yorker Magazine, June 26, 1976,
        “We’ll take one step at a time, and the first is necessarily – given the political realities – very modest. We’ll have to start working again to strengthen the law, and then again to strengthen the
        next law and again and again. Our ultimate goal, total control of handguns, is going to take time. The first problem is to slow down production and sales. Next is to get registration. The final problem is to make possession of all handguns and ammunition (with a few exceptions) totally illegal..

        So we all know Feinstein’s ultimate goal. It’s the same with Chuck Shumer in NY, Durbin in IL, Bloomberg in NY, and an entire host of others and they won’t stop until they find a way do legislate away my right and any others they see fit.

    7. avatar Mad Max says:

      I think that is exactly what the NRA is worried about. The NRA will go along with “additional regulations” on bump fire stocks to protect the semi-automatic “identity”.

    8. avatar SK88 says:

      And you would like to delay the semi-auto discussion until we have a Democrat majority and Democrat President?

    9. avatar BLAMMO says:

      So, she’ll argue we don’t actually need to go all the way back to muzzle-loaders and the 18th Century, … just back to bolt and lever actions of the 19th Century.

      Semi-autos with detachable mags were sold in the Sears catalog as far back as 1908.

    10. avatar Nash says:

      Problem is that guy can shoot revolvers just as fast lol

    11. avatar Steve says:

      And if they ban semi-auto, will you comply? Or do we muster up and string them up from lamp posts?

  3. avatar racer88 says:

    Ban Jerry Miculek!

    Problem solved.

    1. avatar joetast says:

      Ban semi autos, problem solved.

      1. avatar Cliff H says:

        Molon Labe.

      2. avatar pwrserge says:

        Good luck with that. Not going to happen. If they try to push for it we will destroy them.

  4. avatar neiowa says:

    Next, see if MR Miculek will train a useful idiot such as Geraldo Rivera, Jerry Springer or any mainstream media anchor (maybe Lauer of Snuffupagous) for the fast finger. Then run the same test.

  5. avatar strych9 says:

    “You gotta get ’em off balance. That’s a tactical shot…

    LOL! I love Jerry.

    1. avatar Cliff H says:

      “Get a shot off fast. This upsets him long enough to let you make your second shot perfect.” – Lazarus Long (Robert A. Heinlein) “Time Enough for Love/Notebooks of Lazarus Long”

  6. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    That was cool.

  7. avatar The Punisher says:

    Erm…if I’m not mistaken Jerry had a 20rd mag vs. Eric with a 30rd mag…not quite apples to apples…but I suppose the bigger point was made.

    Still would’ve liked to see the same mags being used though…

    1. avatar N8thecowboy says:

      In the slow motion I just counted 10 rounds from each gun. They did have different magazines though.

      1. avatar The Punisher says:

        Good catch. I didn’t really pay attention to the actual fired round count before. Watched it again and for sure not close to 20 or 30 rounds.

        Still would’ve liked to see a full 30 rd dump from both just for kicks. I know Jerry is inhuman but I’m pretty positive the stock would still outrun him at length…

        But again, the larger point was made, wasn’t it.

        1. avatar Matt(Tx) says:

          Look at the slow mo! Miculek is bump firing his rifle also.

  8. avatar joetast says:

    Yes indeed… I can shoot my semi auto as fast as MG buy using,. ,. Until “they” ban semi autos. Has anyone caught on yet. STOP with the belt loop, shoestring rubberband already.

    1. avatar PistoleroJesse says:

      Stop bootlicking. Demand your rights like a free person born to Liberty.

  9. avatar former water walker says:

    Hmmm…I remember seeing a gun thing on History Channel(?) where a younger Jerry(a mere 50) is duplicating a machine gun. That fact that a 63year old(!) hasn’t lost a step proves he’s an inhuman. Yeah the end game is no guns…Molan Labe.

  10. avatar Cliff H says:

    The very best thing we can do on this subject is keep feeding the gun-grabbing anti-Second Amendment politicos enough rope until they manage to hang themselves.

    The country will not stand for a repeal of the Second Amendment and eventually we will have a Supreme Court with enough balls to rescind all their unconstitutional gun control laws.

    Make these bastards come out of the closet and publicly state their position on violating the Second Amendment!

    1. avatar The Punisher says:

      Unfortunately history has shown that the only rope that politicians and rulers respect is the rope that can actually hang them.

      Political rope is pretty useless…

      It’s easier to just peacefully secede. No need for a super messy divorce. Nobody has to die. Let the socialists have their cities and see if their experiments work or not. Let us freedom lovers have the “flyover” country and see if liberty really works. The better philosophy, ideology, whatever will always win. Truth always beats Falsehoods.

  11. avatar Curtis in IL says:

    So what would happen if you gave Jerry a binary trigger?

    1. avatar TheUnspoken says:

      … It would slow him down… Or he would out run it.

    2. avatar pieslapper says:

      Time travel.

    3. avatar former water walker says:

      Have you SEEN what Jerry can do with a speed loader and a lowly revolver?! He can damn near duplicate a machine gun😆😆😆🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸!

  12. avatar Klaus Von Schmitto says:

    What I want to know is do you have to use a form 1 or a form 4 for your finger? Maybe his dad had to do a form 1 and his mother a form 4?

  13. avatar Sc says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but a bumpfire stock and or a trigger package doesn’t have any effect on how fast a firearm can fire. It only effects how fast an individual can repetitively pull the trigger. The measured firing rate of any self loading firearm is determined by it’s cyclic rate, no? Jerry M could pick up my rifle and make it fire way quicker than I could no matter the configuration, however both he and I would have the same wall at the cyclic rate if either of us could get anywhere near there. So if the various bills address potential rate of fire, aren’t they really impacting (in the case of an AR pattern as an example) buffer spring, buffer, and BCG weight?

  14. avatar Maxi says:

    I had a sub 2 pound Jard trigger and i bumpfired it sometimes accidentally. Rubberbands, putting your hand against a wall or into the belt, or just using a rifle (or an ar pistol) with a short stock lightly in your shoulder. Bumpfiring is a technique not a product, slidefire just made it a little more comfortable.

  15. avatar Weskyvet says:

    I know I’ll get shouted down over this but isn’t slide fire/bump fire pretty much the semi auto equivalent of slam firing your old pump action shotgun? I’m not saying they should be banned or put on the NFA but in all reality it seems to me like this is just a touch like slam firing an old shotty. Only now instead of just squeezing the trigger and slamming the fore end the whole weapon moves back and forth while your finger stays still and slaps the trigger. Again the stocks shouldn’t be banned because of this nor should the shotguns have been banned.

    1. avatar Big Bill says:

      Legally two very different things.
      Slamfire is basically automatic fire (according to the law): one trigger pull, more than one shot. (Maybe. On those shotguns, the action is manually activated, but I don’t think the law differentiates. If it does, I’m sure someone will find it.) If, though, something like an SKS slamfires because the bolt is gunked up, that’s automatic fire, even though the shooter didn’t do it on purpose. (I saw that at an outdoor range once; four rounds fired automatically. Scared the hell out of everyone)
      Bump firing is, legally, semi-auto fire: one trigger pull, one shot. No matter the time interval between trigger pulls.

  16. avatar Chris T in KY says:

    The “experts” are missing the point. A machine gun is for suppressing the enemy. As an area offensive weapon it doesn’t need to actually hit a target. The sound causes mass panic in a crowd. Four to five hundred injured and most from running, broken bones, broken glass cuts, etc.

    The videos great to watch. But I already knew a machine gun is not accurate. But there sure are a lot of people who want to own one.
    And many rich people have one or two or three.

    1. avatar Big Bill says:

      Machine guns are area fire weapons, with the primary purpose of suppressing the enemy.
      However, being area fire weapons, they are also used to attack massed enemy groups. (Or as in Vegas, any massed target.)
      In the Middle East (Iraq and Iran) they are effectively used to attack groups of the enemy, as videos on Youtube show. Of course, they are also used to suppress the enemy, so troops can maneuver into better positions.

  17. avatar Gutshot says:

    I’ll bet Jerry has the happiest wife in the world

    1. avatar PC says:

      Yeah, Jerry has a finger that could make even Rosie O’Donnell switch sides.

  18. avatar zuwet says:

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