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In the video below, we learn that Boston hospitals are “pooling” $17k to fund a bit of security theater commonly called a “gun buyback.” I’m not saying that diverting money from patient care to buying broken-ass guns is the height of insanity, but it’s certainly stratospherically dumb. The thing that sticks in my craw: Massachusetts is the birthplace of the American Revolution. You know . . .

the war to overthrow British colonial rule, so that Americans could exercise their God-given/natural freedoms without government interference.

To see Bay State government officials calling for civilian disarmament — encouraging criminals to sell firearms that might have been traced to a crime, or steal firearms to pawn without fear — is to wonder how a people can go from proud patriots to pathetic pushovers.

As culture eats strategy for lunch, is there any hope that Massachusetts residents will ever recover their gun rights? And if not them, what are the chances for Californians, Hawaiians, Marylanders, New Yorkers and the rest of state residents denied their firearms freedom?

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  1. How about using that money to do a better job of training healthcare “Professionals” ?

    For every gun caused death (including suicides) in the US, there are 16 deaths caused by lazy, incompetent, stupid or careless healthcare “Professionals”.
    Doctors are much more dangerous than guns.

    • That is why malpractice insurance is so high and that in turn is a significant part of why doctors charge so much money.

  2. Yes, but like Illinois, New York, Cali and some other states it will take outside intervention because the residents of these states are, for the most part, too brainwashed to vote for their own rights and interests.

    That intervention will, unfortunately, very likely have to come from the federal court system. Possibly even from the SCOTUS itself. Which is why we need a few more justices in the mold of Gorsuch.

    • “…it will take outside intervention because the residents of these states are, for the most part, too brainwashed to vote for their own rights and interests.”

      Careful, Strych – That’s the *exact* argument they use about *us*, except they consider us ‘stupid’ (and brainwashed, I suppose) to vote as we do…

      • I’m aware of the danger. I’m simply pointing out the realistic solution (if one is to be had).

        I mean, we could go back to real State’s rights and simply say “If you don’t like what state X does then move” but that’s not going to happen and the 14th Amendment Incorporation Doctrine is here to stay.

        I’d love to suggest that State courts would take this particular civil right seriously but we all know that’s a joke since the courts are either appointed by pols or elected by the same idiots who elects those pols.

        • A failed lawyer who knows no politicians, goes into politics.
          A failed lawyer who knows politicians becomes a judge.

    • nah it’s more that these places have massive metropolitan urban centers that decide the state vote, and metropolitan urban centers are almost universally deep blue voters.

      • The urban nature doesn’t matter and isn’t something I commented on.

        The fact is that the majority of voters in those states vote for pols that hold positions antithetical to the civil Rights of said voters. Why they do it is immaterial.

        • I suppose my statement was more agreement than disagreement. I will disagree however that the why isn’t important.

          Getting a better understanding of why urban centers generate blue voters is critical to the culture war and perhaps the only way to counter or reverse it. It can be speculated at in general, but there’s been very little detailed research as to why large urban centers or sparse rural center vote the way they do, and whether the environment causes the vote or the environment draws the type of vote.

        • I’ve lived in some damn shitty neighborhoods where being white I was the minority and hated. It’s actually how I came to discover that there was a use for a handgun in a caliber larger than .22. Took me all of a few days to realize I needed to scrape together what I could and get a cheaper 9mm. Before that, as a kid, a .22LR pistol was a cool toy and target shooting was a lot of fun but I never saw the need for something that was “meant to kill someone” until… well I realized that such a tool had utility in certain places.

          The problem with this isn’t a “culture war” issue. People in “the ghetto” are not crazy and generally they are not stupid. Usually they’re rational actors. Outsiders often see it as a culture issue but it’s really a situational thing. Your name suggests, rather strongly, that you’re former EOD. Are you crazy? No, (well, probably not) you did a job that had to be done. However, outsiders view the guy who puts on a bomb suit and walks towards the IED’s as being a fucking lunatic. Kinda the same thing here.

          Now, you’re saying to yourself “But they keep doing the same thing and expecting different results!”. True. However, generally they’re not being offered a realistic alternative at the local level, or, not one they view as realistic. The chances of someone who’s really going to work for change getting elected in most of these places isn’t much better than that of a snowball in the 8th circle of Hell. These people are not stupid but they’re also not very well educated and they don’t really understand politics or nuance. They also, often, don’t care to because in their own mind they have a pretty short life expectancy which leads to behavior that is 1) less than socially productive and 2) what a lot of people see as a “crazy culture”. Really, it’s a rational reaction to a really shitty situation.

          I’ve posted here before that there’s a five step solution to this. I won’t bother rehashing the whole thing here but the fact is that what actually needs to get done is probably not going to happen until there’s a real paradigm shift because what needs to get done is unpopular on both sides of the aisle. To Democrats much of it is racist and to Republicans/Conservatives much of it is “far too dangerous”.

          Now, in regards to other folks who vote blue: they’re ignorant. That’s the real base of it. They see a lot of crime in their city (in some cases) and Team Blue offers simple solutions to complex problems. Not being educated on the various topics people will always tend towards the easy solution because they don’t really understand the problem but they just want it to go away. Easy is easy so they take that option. The problem with applying easy solutions to complex problems is that the easy solution usually doesn’t work.

        • I can understand the mindset to a degree. I have worked a few years in DOC until I got the hell out. I saw all the half baked plots to get rich you can imagine alongside pretty nihilist attitudes that basically were, “I’m either gonna make it in X, or die in prison”, and X was 99/100 a criminal enterprise.

          They also realized the likelihood of recidivism was superlatively high even if they attempted going straight, not only because of an un-hirable criminal record, but also because they were going right back to the only support network they know in the only area they know and will likely end up going back to doing what they know. People are creatures of habit, and the only real solutions to recidivism I’ve seen are 1) Dying 2) Age. They have to die, or get so old they no longer want to be part of the hustle, and even then that’s not effective in a large percentage of cases. I’m curious to hear your theories, its always interesting to see peoples though process and ideas on these issues considering most just try to throw cookie cutter non-solutions out like prophesy.

        • An interesting discussion Mr. EOD. What you say may be true. We are really victims of our own environment more than anything else. The gathering of like minds in a smallish area makes for like actions. In general large urban areas stimulate more diverse discussion and more radical thinking especially in politics and education. Education being the basis for radical ideas. My college professors emphasized resisting authority at all costs. Going against the grain is unfortunately the norm. America be damned.

    • Reciprocity won’t affect most of us in slave states. It will mostly just benefit free state residents who travel to slave states.

      • According to Cam& Company a few days back the bill as written (then) would make it perfectly legal, and protected, for someone from, say, Cali to go to Utah and get a “non-resident permit” which then would have to be recognized in Cali.

        That’s their analysis as of like… Wednesday. I dunno if it’s right, but if it is, there’s your “slave state solution”.

        • Perhaps it has been changed since I read the bill’s text a couple of weeks ago, but it specifically said that the CC license had to be issued by the state of the carrier’s residence in order for it to be recognized in other states. IOW, a non-res permit won’t do what we’d like it to do.

        • All I can tell you is what the lawyer Cam interviewed had to say about it a few days back.

          I cannot vouch for the veracity nor the legal skills of the person who said it. I haven’t read the bill and probably won’t bother until it’s far enough along that changes would come from floor amendments.

      • Reciprocity will hopefully affect all of you in slave states by forcing the states to recognize that the right exists, and the world doesn’t come crashing to an end.

        Just like gay marriage — it was forced on all states and, generally, has been a great big “so what”. The world still turns, and people still go on about their lives just fine.

        Just like it was with concealed carry — the states forced it on the democrat-controlled cities, who cried and whined and clutched their pearls, and … nothing happened. Everything’s fine.

        Just like it was with open carry — the “blood in the streets” was preached, yet … it’s been a non-issue.

        So it will be (hopefully) with reciprocity. They’ll whine and complain and push back and they’ll have to put up with it and … it’ll be fine. No issues. And then, the residents of the state will start to complain “how come tourists have more rights than we do?” And that will be the unlocking of the slave states…

        • Two key points: 1) state firearms restrictions still stand – i.e. if a state says you can’t carry a pistol that holds more than ten rounds; that rule still applies to out-of-staters with a license and 2), (as I understand the proposed law) if a state doesn’t issue carry permits of any type (cc or oc), you can’t carry there regardless of what kind of license you have from out of state.

          You see the problem with this, right? For one the RKBA is not written into the CA constitution.

        • Your big “so what” has morphed into businesses being fined out of existence and the largest assault on 1st A rights since the start of this county.

          Next up from the left is 3+ ” marriages” and gay ceremonies being forced on churches to perform.

          Your brainless.

  3. Whenever I see a table laid out like that, my first thought is: were ALL of those guns turned in that day? Were any of the “really scary” looking ones provided by attending LEOs to make the day’s haul look good? Where are all the really crappy ones that were inevitably turned in? Were they not photogenic enough to be pictured?
    Questions, questions…

    • What guns are likely to be turned in? I’d say old hunting rifles. The husband has died, the kid DSM don’t hunt and the wife doesn’t know what to do. Then there’s the old, broken gun from the barn. Looking at the photo, you see none of those.

    • Nutnfancy did a video awhile back of a gun store that buys guns from the police that were evidence/surrendered/confiscated and no longer needed. It was fascinating to watch! Mostly junk but a few interesting pieces as well.

  4. Yes, Virginia, there is (and will be hope), in the form Strych9 mentioned above, via SCOTUS.

    We would be easily a generation behind if the HildaBeast had won, since she would pack SCOTUS with politically reliable Statists…

  5. I’m a bit of a pessimist but I feel like slave states as a whole are pretty screwed. The nation has seen a lot of carry related wins but not much else. When is the last time a state went from having draconian laws regarding scary black rifles to having less regulations on them? These things don’t really happen and when it does it’s usually a court ruling. Unfortunately courts at all levels have shown they are less and less willing to hear 2A cases let alone rule in our favor.

  6. MA is the CA of the east, and Smith and Wesson should have left the day that cunt Healey banned rifles. Fuck MA and fuck Smith and Wesson. I’ll never set foot in that state or buy a Smith and Wesson product.

    • If every gun company decided to move out of their facilities that they no doubt have hundreds of millions invested in, with hundreds of employees, at the whim of the political leadership of their state, there wouldnt be many gun companies left making guns now would there be?

      • Beretta moved. Magpul moved. Colt moved. Kahr moved. Les Baer moved. Lewis Machine and Tool moved, Mossberg moved, PTR industries moved. Remington moved, Stag arms moved, Sturm/Ruger moved.

        • It’s location is about the only thing I don’t like about Henry, well that and that they bought an old name and pretended to be an old company. I’d have a hard time sending money to NJ. It does help that part of it is in WI though. I realize that I probably do it with some products and services without knowing it anyway.

    • You’re not very bright. Why would a company spend millions upon millions to uproot their historic factory because you want them to?

      The fact that you won’t buy S&W as a result is even dumber.

      • Ok dude, keep supporting the cunts of MA. I prefer to give my money to the free states. Money is power and when large companies leave it can have an impact politically. If you fail to see that then it is you that is not very bright. I don’t need their products anyway. My PPQ, CZ, and Steyr are all superior to the M and P line. So many options these days.

  7. Want to bet this is a “no questions asked and ID not require” turn in? Plus, it’s doubtful the guns have any trace done on them. Think about it. There’s a nice Mini 14 with folding stock on the table. Someone could look at it, see that it was stolen from him. You think he can get it back? No way. Next look at a couple of the pistols. Anyone going to trace the serial number? Anyone going to run a ballistic test to link it to a crime. Oh hell no.

  8. Why only $100 for a gun? I thought if it saves just one life, price is not a question. Apparently greedy libs want children to die.

    • And look at it this way:

      A lot of physicians scream about how firearms are a scourge, SCOURGE I TELL YOU!, to society. And yet all Boston area hospitals combined could only come up with $17,000? Those hospitals (combined) must employ something like at least 100 physicians with an average salary on the order of $400,000 per year. With a combined annual salary of about $40 million a year, all those physicians could scrape together was $17,000?

      Clearly, those physicians in Boston are not serious about “getting guns off the streets”. If they were serious, they should have had no trouble coming up with something $100,000 to $200,000 for the buyback.

  9. Do Mahty and Evens _really_ believe the shit that they’re shoveling? It’s sad to think that they are sincere.

    I’m not surprised about hospitals signing on as I believe that they all have no weapon policies. Virtue signaling strikes again.

    Where’s Maura? She should be bragging about her restrictions on “assault weapons”.

    Oh, and why isn’t Polito there bragging about signing the bump stock ban? (Another RINO.)

    MA has come a long way since the meetings at Doty’s Tavern in Stoughton…and most of the changes stink big time.

    “Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose.” j/k

    • Been here 50 years. Every pol from Liz and Ed to Baker and Governor to be Healey wants to be seen as “doing something” to fight the “epidemic of gun violence” and “get these weapons of war off our streets.” That’s how you keep your public sector job. It doesn’t matter that none of these efforts accomplishes anything. I don’t think I’d still be in the Commonwealth were I not an attorney and FFL.

  10. Probably not… Even if the current populations of these states shift their whole beliefs systems 180 degrees, within a decade or less they’ll end up right back where they are now due to immigration. See people run from third world shit holes all over this planet to come to the last beacon of true freedom shining on a sea of tyranny. Those folks settle in coastal areas because well that’s where everybody else stopped and they really don’t want to part from their familiar culture. They settle in and at first they love the freedom they drink it all in and they are just so grateful to be here and have a shot at a better life, then something like Stockholm syndrome starts to set in, they start to miss the tyranny. Much like “institutionalized” convicts miss prison or career criminals miss their old way of life they start to yearn for the old country and rather than return or assimilate to our culture they start to alter our culture and force cities to adopt their culture and eventually we end up with what we have now… Coastal population dense states begging for socialism, communism, or any other tyrannical ism they can get their grubby little mitts on separated by less population dense states that still value our traditional way of life. Until those population centers can get with the program and until we can convince immigrants to assimilate completely we will continue to see our right erode.

    • Assimilation cant even be discussed until its acknowledged that America was founded on the principle that it remain a homogeneous ethno-state.

      The greater question is how to return America to its historical and cultural balance of being 85-90% Western European without the need for ethnic cleansing.

  11. The gentleman in the background of the video looks like Gabby Giffords brother, the same slack jaw seems to be a family trait.

  12. Come on, you post about it but don’t give a time, location, and date? I have a POS .22 revolver with serious misfire issues that I’ve been waiting to offload at one of these little operations, on the leftists’ dime.

    • “I have a POS .22 revolver with serious misfire issues …”

      Assuming that your “misfire issues” means light rim (primer) strikes and rounds that do not detonate, you probably just need a replacement main hammer spring. You can probably buy one for $8 and install it yourself in about 15 minutes.

  13. The only hope I see for Massachusetts is the courts. It’s the only reason Illinois(and Chiraq) got better. Same type of stupid majority leftard dumbocrats…

    • fww,

      Since the Supreme Judicial Court has pretty much ignored Heller and MacDonald, the challenge will need to go higher.

      • Rick the Bear,

        I am pretty confident that the U.S. Supreme Court keeps refusing to hear Second Amendment cases because they don’t have a majority to find in favor of our right to keep and bear arms.

        If Trump and the Senate manage to install another justice who upholds the Second Amendment, I believe the Supreme Court will once again hear Second Amendment cases and rule in our favor.

        For now, refusing to hear cases is actually a sort-of good thing.

        • uncommon_sense,

          The Supreme Judicial Court is what MA calls its highest court. Not to be confused with the SCOTUS.

    • MA resident here: No, there is no hope for this state, especially with the current AG. This state leans so far left, is so corrupt, and with so many state-dependent (via nepotism or other means) liberal voters, the founding fathers and members of the Lexington and Concord greens must be rolling in their graves. This and the prior AG’s have thumbed their collective noses at Supreme Court decisions. And why S&W and Savage is still here amazes me, so there must have been a tax incentive or lucrative payoff deal cut years ago with some politicians, otherwise, why pay the high cost of living and operating here.

      I can’t wait to retire out of here and head to a free state to enjoy my remaining years with the resemblance of a good life.

  14. I left that horrible state (ma) 30 yrs ago and was accepted by my Southern Bros. Immediately. Never thought about going back!

  15. Because Massachusetts is an *”Eastern Bloc Communism Police-State”*. Where recently MA. only state 2nd amendment gun rights group *(and a questionable on at that…)* Had a conference on Beacon Hill to challenge various gun gun addendums. Where noted, one of the DemoCRAPic Representatives exclaimed that *” that in Massachusetts, The 2nd amendment was only a privilege held , held in total disregard by the government, and police community, and barely tolerated as it is!!!*” This is the *” Authoritarian Mentality”* that operates here. Repression is high, like if YOUR NOT LIVING IN THE USA! As for the Medical community in Massachusetts. Some or most hospitals have private security that screens patients and visitors through metal detectors and *what should be defined as *” illegal searches and seizures by private security…While being screened for weapons and contraband….According to the Hospitals. …*” Also, they routinely continue to ask none medical questions….Like if you have weapons, firearms, or are a hunter…If you think you might feel if your going to hurt yourself or others…Extra, Obama-Care type invasive interrogations…This is Massachusetts….

  16. Sorry about the grammar and sentence errors. Fighting with my not so smartphone today. *(and that was MA.*

  17. See now if the british had offered to *buy* our guns…. hmm, no, things probably would have turned out the same way 🙂

  18. The unhinged libs in the Seattle area tried the gun buyback program, It backfired when some smart guys parked themselves about a block away with a sign offering more for nice firearms, Colt pythons, colt 1911’s, Glocks.. etc, This was before I-594, they made out, paying bottom dollar for some really nice firearms. At that time it was legal for private purchase.

    The libs were upset.

    • Wally1,

      As my Dad would have said, “ F$*# ‘em if they can’t take a joke”.

      I-594 definitely bites, though.

  19. As long as the Irish Mafia’s dictatorship continues to own and control the Commonwealth, there is little hope for Constitutional rights here.

    Thanks to my job, I’m able to guide people to see the Second Amendment in it’s proper light. I think I’m making a bit of a difference.

    We’re hanging on by a thread. If the thread breaks, I’m gone. Until then, I’m sticking around.

  20. I sent a coworker to a gun buyback in Uniondale, NY a few years ago to hand in his slightly rusted Hi Point .40 carbine. They gave him $400 cash for that evil “assault weapon,” which he promptly spent on a better firearm. I sent another friend to a Nassau buyback to turn in his grandfather’s junk top-break revolver for $200, which he gave to the next guy in line for a mint Remington 1903A3.

  21. lexington and concord are in massachusetts right…

    how did massachusetts get to where they are now from where they came from

  22. Come to Florida!
    We are gun friendly
    We are business friendly
    The doctors in my hospital are all a bunch of gun enthusiasts
    The only hope for Taxachussets is if president Trump gets to appoint another conservative justice to the United States Supreme Court
    Then we shall see some gun rights forced on all the liberal states

  23. We can only hope that President Trump can bring some 2nd amendment reform to the state of Massachusetts…And please help spread the word about Massachusetts *(R*=RINO.) Gov. Charlie ” The Barker ” Baker is a no good globalist RepubliCON. Who is Anti-Freedom, Anti-American, PRO – BIG Government, Anti-Bill of Rights, and absolutely NO Friend of the 2nd amendment! Please help end this corrupt villains political career and stop it at the Massachusetts boarder so it doesn’t spread! Thank you fellow US citizens.

  24. The voters prefer to vote for a proud open white lesbian, Maura Healy, the current AG. White homosexuals vote for white homosexuals. The rest vote for a gay person because it makes them feel like a good liberal.
    Voting homosexual is cool! But homosexuals have always been socialist progressive in their political orientation.

    And the libertarians don’t want to talk about their favorite convert former Gov William Weld (R). Who signed into law the weapon that the current state attorney General is using to deny civil rights to people.

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