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We’ve heard from a few reliable sources that ZRODelta’s (previously Alamo Four Star) Cowl Induction Brake is one of the best recoil reducers on the market. This will be put to the test in the next Muzzle Brake Shootout, as we just got our hands on the new-and-improved Gen 2 version seen here. ZRODelta’s press release follows . . .


For Immediate Release – Lubbock, Texas – ZRODelta is pleased to announce the release of the Gen 2 Cowl Induction Brake (CIB). The Gen 2 CIB comes to market with a sleek tapered design meeting 3 Gun competition requirements and achieves a recoil reduction of up to 72%.

The patented internal geometry of the Gen 2 CIB efficiently redirects the potential energy of the high pressure expanding gases exiting the barrel, to effectively counteract forces of recoil. This internal geometry directs the gases at angles optimized for recoil reduction without a noticeable increase in sound to the shooter, which can’t be said for other induction brakes on the market. The Gen 2 CIB not only achieves an additional 10% recoil reduction over its Gen 1 predecessor, but does so at a reduced size and weight.

“After realizing such great results with the original CIB, I knew we had a lot of work ahead of us to create what is now the GEN 2 CIB,” said Mark Deros, Lead Designer. “The tapered, streamline outer dimension combined with the refined internal geometry, really takes the CIB to a whole new level.”

Features/Benefits –

• Proprietary design allows for the most effective recoil reduction on most calibers (.223 up to .308)
• Caliber specific sizes provide optimal recoil reduction
• Better recoil reduction by up to 72%
• New slim design that is under 1″ diameter meeting 3 Gun competition requirements
• Tapered ports for a sleek, blended look
• Horizontal ports minimize ground signature keeping debris away from shooter
• Matte black nitride coating standard, and Cerakote colors are available
• Includes shim set

  • Weight: 0.35 lb.
  • Material: 4140 Alloy steel
  • Outer diameter 0.88” on thread end and 0.99″ on exit end
  • Length: 2.86”

Gen 2 CIB video:

The CIB is available in 223/5.56, 6.5mm and .30cal. MSRP on the Gen 2 CIB is $199
For more information please visit: ZRODelta.com

ZRODelta is a U.S. based manufacturer of scope mounts, tripods, and other precision shooting accessories for the firearm industry. ZRODelta licenses and manufactures all DLOC patented products in their Lubbock, Texas facility.

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    • No noticeable increase in sound “to the shooter”. Probably still blasts the hell out of everyone standing next to the shooter.

      • no noticeable increase in sound over other muzzle brakes on the market. Still loud like a typical muzzel brake even thought it directs gasses back and away.

  1. hmmm does it come with Super Sport or Z28 badging? Will it make my mullet look as epic and glorious as my 76 Camaro?

    • You don’t need any fancy schmancy cowl induction device, just cut a hole in the top of your barrel and you get the same effect for free.

      • might just do that. my buddy ATFAgentClem did the same thing to his new (to him) 1976 F150 so obviously it shouldn’t be too hard to do to my AK…. This gunsmithing moment of genius brought to you by Florida in cooperation with Steel Reserve.

    • …I think that was supposed to be “previously”.

      Anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

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        • sadly it only comes in a roll on cream form… it’s kinda like head on but with a proprietary blend of stuff n junk to encourage the user to stop being liberal and start to actually think for themselves and develop a more America and freedom friendly attitude.

    • Right. 5.56 doesn’t have any recoil. Anyone who complains about recoil from a 5.56 needs to quit trying to shoot and get a job at the local library, or some other quiet, mundane job for pansies.

      • Anybody who complains about recoil from the poodle-popper-.22-‘super’, should wait to shoot till they hit puberty – then as a woman, they should be just fine (if they weigh in at least 100#).

        Seriously, my friend’s 13 year old daughter had no problem with an old-school M16 on full-giggle. She’s about a buck-o-five, and grouped a 12″ target at 10M with a 20 rounder on the first pull.

        If you’re a grown man and need some sorta ‘muzzle brake’ to deal with “recoil” in any platform shooting that pop-gun round, god help ya.

        • No one is saying they need this to shoot a .223 or that it’s uncontrollable without a brake. They add it to a rifle to make it shoot flatter. It’s about adding performance by reducing recoil. They came out if the competition scene where a tenth of a second is winning and losing, and moved to the regular market soon after.

          Of course you don’t *need* a brake to make an ar15 shootable. But you don’t *need* an ar15 either.

        • I don’t buy it. When I look at who uses brakes and what they use them for I suspect that at least half of them just want to make their rifle as obnoxious as possible.

        • I’m inclined to agree with Strych9. There is a certain breed that seems to flock to muzzle brakes on .223 AR platform guns. They seem to be that 5.11 clad douche bag who drives either a brodozered out fullsize truck with that stupid damn stove pipe stickin up through the bed or a mall ninja Jeep JK Wrangler. Either case the vehicle is lifted and sitting on 20 inch plus wheels with rubber band all terrains and has never towed a damn thing nor been off road. This person probably also owns all those mag pul Chris Costa videos and pleasures themselves while watching those, they also have a severe addiction to NutnFancy’s YouTube channel.

  2. There are more better that is half a price of this. One thing about brakes. While it’s a great brake that will reduce high % of the recoil, because of it’s design, you will get gas blow back to you. Depends on the shooter, some feel very uncomfortable. Aero Precision

  3. …” is under 1″ diameter meeting 3 Gun competition requirements”.

    I’ve been shooting 3Gun for years and didn’t even realize this was a real rule for non-open divisions. So off I dashed to my rifles with ruler in hand…. All good.

  4. I understand brakes for certain applications. 5.56 and .308 really don’t fall into that category.

    “Muh 5.56 dunt shoot flat nuff”

    Buy a silencer or, maybe, just maybe swap calibers to something more suited to your application!?

    • We can’t all understand everything and that’s okay. Good to see we have all those macho men with huge balls and shoulders of steel amongst us. But little concussion and muzzle blast is too much to take? Just kidding.😁

      You are right, 5.56 doesn’t need muzzle brake to tame its recoil. Hell, I never felt that Mosin needs one. Maybe I just want to be able to see my hits 200 or 300 yards down range through my optics. I usually shoot rifles alone on private land so I’m bothering no one. To each his own.
      Silencer would be great but also very illegal in Illinois where I live.

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