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Does it tell you anything that Geoffy, a mechanical engineer, chooses to carry a GLOCK? Discuss. And check out the rest of his gear at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. Yes. It tells me he goes along with the herd instead of taking the time to find something that fits better.

    P.S. why is there a dotted line around the knife?

    • Dotted line might just be what was last held over by the mouse.

      Mechanical engineers. Meh. Would rather be a machinist.

      Electrical engineering is where it’s at.

      Kahr T40 for my EDC

      • It’s what the mouse was on when the screenshot was taken. If you hover over something on the list on the right side of the page on the EDC website it highlights the tagged object in the photo. Hilariously enough the knife is what I question. I have one of those knives and as a pocket knife it sucks. The thumbstuds are sharp and tend to catch my fingernails when I reach into my pocket. It rides in my car for this reason.

        Also, in regards to the OP, I’m not seeing what’s wrong with a G19. It’s a gun I carry from time to time. Shoots well, decent capacity, decent ergos, reasonably slim profile. Not my favorite caliber or frame size (I usually carry a full sized USP .45) but on some days it just works out better and it will kill ya dead. (OK, technically the bullets do that but you get what I’m saying.)

        Never really understood the brand-hate or brand-fandom that some people have.

    • “P.S. why is there a dotted line around the knife?”

      If you go to the web page, when you mouse-pointer-over, it highlights the item.

      Dan may have taken a screen-grab while the pointer was over the knife.

      (And who in the fvck would ever name their kid ‘Geoffy’? 😉 )

  2. First off, at least a mechanical engineer might have some use for field notes, so at least there is that.

    Secondly, if he carries that gun everyday I want to know what holster he uses, as there isn’t a mark on that thing. Seriously, I have handled a lot of second hand Glocks over the years, and I have never seen one that spotless.

  3. No, I am a ME and a Certified Gunsmith and I think picking up a Glock is like picking up a brick. I think they are OK mechanically but their ergonomics are terrible. Also, as an engineer I know that Glocks are machines and as such are subject to failure at some point just like all other machines.

    • True, but they’ve got less parts than most of the other comparable machines used for self defence. Also, have you tried a gen 4 or 5 glock? Quite a few people held a gen 3 and were rightfully out off the the grip.

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