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During her campaign, Hillary Clinton declared her intention to further federal gun control, including, but not limited to, appointing a Supreme Court Justice who viewed the Second Amendment as more of a guideline than a rule. I could almost feel the space-time fabric bend and sense an alternative history disappear when The Donald defeated the former First Lady. What was your firearms-related highlight of 2016? Feel free to cite a more personal example, like adding a cherished gun to your collection or an amazing shooting experience.

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    • Yeah… That’s a good one.

      Still smiling about getting my Form 4 back on Christmas Eve… Will be picking up the SBR next week.

    • THE best this about Hillary Clinton’s a$$ is the simple knowledge that it will NEVER moisten the seat in the Oval Office.

    • “The non-stop Schadenfreude boner since Nov8th.”

      Yeah, it’s gonna tough to top that one.

      There were times where I was out-n-about doing daily stuff and I’d think about that for a bit, and get a big ‘ole-smile on my face and just start laughing.

      Then those people would be wondering why I was snickering to myself, and that made me smile even more.

      Here it comes again… 🙂

  1. My personal highlight: buying my KSG.

    My national highlight: sitting at a friend’s house, watching Trump win, with that KSG on my lap in case Hildawg supporters decided to have a butt-hurt meltdown, which thankfully didn’t happen in our part of the country.

  2. The M1A with OD Green Archangel stock that I just bought on a whim today! Can’t wait to take it to the range!

  3. The Hildebeast losing. And buying guns &ammo again after a long lull. I hope Trump lives up to some of the hype…

    • Whether he lives up to it or not, whether he gets impeached and evicted three months into his term, it still won’t change that America stood up and said “no more” to the globalization agenda. And not just us, but other countries around the world.

      So whatever does or doesn’t happen, at least she was stopped in her tracks and that whole agenda was sent reeling back to hell where it belongs.

      Like Reagan said… it’s morning in America again.

      • America did not say “No more to globalization!” Less than 30% of America said “No more Hideous Rotten Criminal!”
        Do not repeat NOT make the same mistake the Dems are continuing to make. This election was not about ideology (which Trump makes up as he goes along,) it was about anger. Remember that. Write it on your doorpost, keep it in your heart.

  4. Reorganizing the safe and realizing I had a lot more room than I thought I did.

    Thanks Armory Racks! Thanks Rifle Rods!

      • They really do. And since Mrs. Consequence has indicated she’s fine with my expanding our collection if it all fits in the same safe … it was a lot easier than renting a small tunnel boring machine and putting in a false back wall to the safe. 🙂

  5. Its hard to beat buying my first suppressor, SBR and M16 after escaping from the hellhole that is RI, but I will go with: Every time that I oil my guns with liberal tears

  6. 2016 was a big gun year for me. I can’t really pick just one, so here’s my top 5:
    1. Went to a indoor range for the first time, rented a handgun, fired a handgun for the first time. LOVED IT! (I have long guns so I’m not really new to guns in general)
    2. Bought my first handgun (SIG SP2022).
    3. Got my HCP (TN).
    4. Bought a AR-15.
    5. Burned more ammo in one year than in the last 20.

    • 2017? You’ll need to add a .22! .22s make people smile. Sig makes a p250 in .22lr that would pair nicely with your p2022. I’ll recommend the Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 as a companion to your AR. Get out there and squander some cheap ammo with your young child/female friend/liberal friend of choice.

      • Thanks! I agree on the .22!
        I’ve got 2x .22 rifles and a CMMG kit for my AR (I thought about an upper / dedicated gun but went with the kit, for now at least.) I’ve had more fun running 22lr through the AR than I ever imagined. Will probably get a dedicated .22 AR eventually.

        Next gun will probably be a .380 pocket gun. Probably a LCP or a Pico. In this weather the Sig is fine. When it’s 80+ it’s just too big for me to conceal comfortably, so it gets left in the truck / at home a lot. I want a .22 handgun, but don’t trust the round enough to carry it unless I have to, so the .380 first, .22 second.

        I spent more on guns & ammo in 2016 than I intended so I’ll probably get 1-2 handguns and try to keep it under control next year…on the other hand, I’m not a “Super Gun Owner” yet, so if I find a good deal…

  7. I bought my Savage model 10t. And all the m855 I could find.
    And please stop referring to that thing as a lady.

  8. Helped a friend introduce two fathers and sons to shooting at range one Saturday. Lots of smiles etc

    Personal best was getting seven feral goats with seven shots in under a minute with four round magazine in November. Lots of practice over the years helps with reloading.
    Not so fun all the processing of meat after

    Annoying still spending time and money trying to convince people shooters are not a problem here Australia but criminals are.

  9. I’ve been building AR-15 since 1986 and have a big collection. However I haven’t voted in 25 years due to the fact that there’s been no one worth voting for. Me and my wife both voted for Donald Trump this year and I stayed up till 4 o’clock in the morning Eastern Time watching and praying at the same time that Hillary would be defeated. I guess that would be it I actually voted for a candidate and they were elected enough said.

  10. December 8th hands down. But as a Californian this was probably one of the worst years ever for me as far as guns go.

      • I was thinking the other day that maybe I’ve got enough Rugers. Then I came back to my senses.

        • As a large supporter to Ruger’s well being, I thought maybe I had reached a saturation point; turns out I was wrong again. But, how can you go wrong with a 100% American company making things 100% in American with American labor & even ONLY American sourced raw materials? I used to own several other brands, but disappointing performance from those makes cured that. If Ruger can do it, why can’t other companies do it. Trump should use Ruger as an example of how to makes things American.

  11. November 8th was the day America died when Herr Trump was Elected along with the rise of the fascist “pro-gun” movement. Never mind the fact the “Pro second amendment” supporters were out in droves attacking people, committing riots, looting, crimes ranging from murder to sexual assault against female minorities. Mass shootings climbing despite your lies of claiming it’s going down.

    I hope you people are proud for killing our country, it’s people and it’s constitution by voting for this fascist.

    While Real Americans like me fought hard to eke out a living and become successful. Con Artists like trump get a silver spoon put in his mouth the day the Hitler-reincarnated was born.

    Even the civilized world weeps as America falls into fascism at the hands of a spoiled insane man-child.

    • Shannon,

      The America you thought you were going to have died on November 8th, that’s true.

      Thank God.

      What a sniveling hellhole of special little snowflakes that was going to be.

      Your dream still lives on in California; why don’t you turn your stack of Bloomberg millions to trying to get the CALEXIT petition passed? Move to California, exit the USA, and live in the exact gun-free paradise you so desperately desire.

      And leave the rest of us the **** alone.

      • No retort from alphabet-soup-sandwich? Too bad. Would have liked to have seen — and joined in — the shark feeding frenzy.

        For example I would have said: Lighten up @Real… (or whatever your real name is) and give DJT a chance. WE put up with BHO’s incompetence for eight years and didn’t bitch as much as your ilk has in just the short time since the election. And by the way, by insinuating I’m anti American with your ‘name’ you just insulted a guy who’s spent the last 30 years (and counting) defending your right to be an whiney idiot. Real classy.

        People like this character are pitiful. One of the (if not THE) worst presidents in U.S. history hasn’t been able to destroy this country in the past eight years. Why would he/she expect DJT, who actually was successful at LEADING something (i.e. a multi-million dollar business) before being elected, do worse than BHO.

        If @real is one of those “if Trump gets elected I’m moving to Canada” folks, please let me know and I’ll start a “go fund me” page to cover moving costs. Allons-y!

    • “I hope you people are proud for killing our country, it’s people and it’s constitution by voting for this fascist.”

      Doofus! There was in fact a candidate who promised to violate the Constitution with unbridled arrogance. That candidate did not win. So wtf are you blathering (or just lying) about now?

    • 2017 is at the door and will be upon us all in a few hours, with that in mind, I just want you to have a happy new year, and I sincerely hope the best for you and your family. For all of the anti-Trump hysteria that has bombarded America during the entirety of 2016, the political left had a chance to address every point of your argument, with a candidate who displayed none of the ascribed sins of Donald Trump, … and they chose Hillary Rodham Clinton, the single most reviled PERSON ever to run for political office. The left lost because they WORKED FOR IT.

      I appreciate your anger, and even can understand it, but I don’t agree with it, nor will I resort to defaming and impugning the characters of the people who frequent this website. I don’t need to spout invective comments, nor call people names, or blame the winning side for ruining this country, you know why? Because Donald J. Trump is president in 20 days, like, want, wish, it or not. You don’t have to believe in him, you don’t have to support him, and he doesn’t have to be “YOUR” president, but, HE IS THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. Deal with it. and if you truly care about it, come back in 2020 with the rest of the political left with a candidate who is better, or don’t.

      Happy New Year!

    • Uhhh….you’re supposed to *smoke* the dope, you dope. Not ram it up your a$$, like everything else in your life.

    • “…Never mind the fact the “Pro second amendment” supporters were out in droves attacking people, committing riots, looting, crimes ranging from murder to sexual assault against female minorities…”

      – Citation needed –

      concernedamerican, You know the drill, post a link(s) or can it.

    • “Pro second amendment” supporters were out in droves attacking people, committing riots, looting, crimes ranging from murder to sexual assault against female minorities. Mass shootings climbing despite your lies of claiming it’s going down.”
      Prove it and I will prove the best part of you ran down your mother’s ass.

    • Wait, no. This has to be a troll.
      There’s only been one faction consistently causing riots at campaigns and quite literally beating people bloody over their point of view. Along with all of the false rape/grope accusations toward them, not to mention a concerted, covert effort toward campaign rigging.

      It’s too damn easy =)

    • “Never mind the fact the “Pro second amendment” supporters were out in droves attacking people, committing riots, looting, crimes ranging from murder to sexual assault against female minorities”

      Sorry, Shannon. That was Cologne, Germany on New Years Eve.

  12. For everyone, the highlight of 2016 should be the Democrats’ widespread losses in the election.

    For me, personally, it was buying a ported, Performance Center, M&P9L. I like the gun and, more importantly, it likes me. I shoot it far better than the Gold Cup I’ve had for 30 years.

  13. Merlin

    Unfortunately true politicians can’t grasp the idea of leaving people alone.

    They and media seem to think you have to be seen “doing something” about problems that mostly don’t exist for firearms and many other issues.

  14. My shooting highlight was shooting a 500 S&W magnum for the first (and only) time last May. 2nd shooting highlight was shooting my S&W M&P 15 sport at ~1.1 moa with iron sights at 100 yards with PMC bronze and sub moa at 50 yards with iron sights (on two separate days). Haven’t been able to duplicate those feats again…although I’ve been fairly close. My gun acquisition highlight was picking up the first Springfield Saint in my area, and buying my first revolver at the same time (a S&W Model 638 snub nose “for the wife”) – I purchased both at the same time on election day when I assumed Hillary was going to be elected. I felt like I was sticking it to the dems – turns out America stuck it to them all. Good year for me and guns!

  15. The fact that Thanksgiving weekend saw the sale of enough small arms to the general American public to arm the EFFING UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS!!!!

    Semper Fi America!

  16. November 9th, about 2:40 AM when Fox called the election for Trump. And just like that, ding-dong, the Witch was (politically) dead.

    A great moment for gun rights and for America.

    Before that, it was early fall when I snagged a cherry, 1974 Winchester 94 in .30-30 that might have been fired ten times.

  17. Just knowing if I want to buy a lower, or some magazines, or anything gun related for that manner, that for the most part, I’ll be able to.

    The rumors of a quick signage of the HPA also has my hopes up tremendously. I want it to happen so badly.

      • They’re out there, I’ve run into several. Essentially, the skids are greased and we expect it before mid-year, possibly before Feb.

      • Just a lot of internet talk about Trump getting in and signing it as his number one priority. Because his son met with Silencerco and did some interviews with them, I hope he’s the one to be calling up daddy and pushing him to make it happen. I just want a dedicated 5.56 can, a 9mm, and a .22. At a market price that ends up being better than the current one.

        • Jon in CO,

          F.Y.I if you care to save some money …

          There is an outstanding chance that a 9 mm suppressor on a .22 LR firearm will effectively be just as quiet as a .22 caliber suppressor … which would mean you may not have any interesting in purchasing a second suppressor for the .22 LR.

          Along the same lines, if the 9 mm suppressor is fine with your .22 LR firearm but you want a spare suppressor, get your second suppressor in 9 mm anyway. That way you have a spare suppressor that you can use on both .22 LR and 9 mm firearms.

  18. Shooting handguns and semi auto rifles for the first time… And buying my first handgun.

  19. Buying and using suppressors for the first time. Oh, and that the automatic powder dispenser I got worked.

  20. What was my firearms-related highlight of 2016? Hands down, the Democrats losing the race for the White House.

    • Have to agree on that; what a tremendous relief to see the Wicked Witch loose. Read Ann Coulter’s book ‘In Trump We Trust’ (which was written before the Election) to see why Trump trounced the Hideous Rotten Criminal.

  21. The presidential election stands out, plus the national rejection of the liberal philosophy across the nation, (minus: CA, NY, IL, RI, MA, and other coastal areas that have been californicated.) I got my 1st ever SBR this year, then I got a replica of the AR that I have always wanted since I was 10yo in the 80’s… GAU-5…

  22. Watching Hillary going down the toilet on election day. Picking up, installing, and shooting my first supressor, a .30 cal Harvestor. Delightful on both counts!

  23. My son and I both bought our first handgun and applied for and received our license to carry. He bought a S &W m and p 9mm and I got a Springfield XD 9mm.

  24. My best gun moment was when I finally found the ultimate hand load for my AR pistol. It gives me 2″ groups at 100 yards with a 7.5″ barrel.

    I started the process back in February, and did nothing else at the range for the next six months when I finally found it in August (maybe July?). In total, I loaded over 900 rounds on a single-stage press that encompassed dozens and dozens of ladder loads of powder weights, bullet types, bullet weights, seating depths, etc. I meticulously recorded everything and marked and saved all my targets for comparison.

    I thought I had found the best one after I had gotten some consistent 3″ groups, but then I said, “I’m going to try just ONE more bullet type.” I’m glad I did. Persistence pays off!

      • IMR 4198, 18.3 grains
        Sierra GameKing, 55 gr HPBT (#1390)
        COL 2.240″

        I’m running a PWS Mk107, so if you don’t have the same gun, obviously you may not get the same results, but best of luck!

  25. Watching the MSM go onto complete apoplectic meltdown mode with the election of Trump(ongoing). Buying more guns in 12 months than I had in 22 years of buying guns! Ending with walking into my favorite gun shop and finding a cherry S&W 1086 on the shelf begging to be taken home! It’s been a GREAT year!

  26. Watching TYT, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, etc… the night of the election and being unable to contain my maniac laughter at their tears. The dream of the dynasty of Queen Cankle died, and I could not have enjoyed myself more or relished their discomfort better. I have had a hoot of a time watching the explosion of the left since, what with the sudden discovery that BHO is afraid that his crimes will be used by DJT and future presidents, BHO is now scrambling to find a way to have his cake and eat it too, watching his legacy reveal itself for what it is, and watching the right cement itself in place for 8 years of hard work to peel off the scab of BHO is simply wonderful.

    My personal firearm based highlight of the year is the temporary moratorium on banning grandfathered standard cap AR15 magazines. Sadly, having lost so many in a freak boating accident out here, a 100 miles from shore, makes their loss so much worse, seeing as how I can no longer buy more to replenish my loss. The new year is gloomy looking from here, what with the new restrictions, I mean new laws on the books that require ammo buying background, I mean commonsense background checks to buy ammo here in Cali. One can only hope that the leadership of DJT affords a new Supreme that sees things more favorably for us gun owners in Cali. Or better yet a clean sweep of the 9th Circuit court, which is a clear fantasy of course, but dreams multiply like rabbits.

  27. Waking up November 9th and seeing that I wouldn’t have to leave my bones laying atop some unnamed hill in Appalachia somewhere during the now, to never happen, Great American Civil War Two.

  28. 2016 was a TERRIBLE year for Californians, what with the new ammo licensing laws, the bullet button ban, and an expressed attitude of the Legislature that California gun owners are despicable and deplorable. Then there was the reversal of the Peruta decision by the Ninth Circus, holding there is no right to carry concealed (and ignoring the fact Californians cannot carry openly).It was one hit after another from the Court and from the Legislature. Finally, the draft regulations from the DOJ released 12/30 saying that registering your AR will NOT allow you to remove your bullet button despite the fact that you are now the proud owner of a registered assault weapon(unless you go featureless, with photographic proof before and after) is the icing on the cake. But I did buy an 1873 in .45 Colt with an 1892 Winchester in a matching caliber.

    • I feel your pain with this whole “Californian Assault Weapon” registration which is beyond ridiculous. Registration plus pictures! Will see how this is going to hold up in court.

      At least Hillary won’t be able to make it worse than it already is but at this point I don’t know how it could get any worse…..

      PS Ninth Circus needs to go….

  29. Not HAVING to stop by my LGS November 9th and pick up the things that might have gone away if things had turned out differently. Still plan on getting them but it would have been a much leaner Christmas.

  30. Clinton being rejected by the American people would be the highlight. Also, even though I am and always will be a loyal Glock guy, starting a Beretta collection. Through the good fortune of being friends with a guy who just bought a gun store, I now have 6 Berettas. All used in great shape, bought this year. Happy new year everyone.

  31. Getting My CCW in San Bernardino County California where the Sheriff is pro CCW !! Applied Dec 15 picked up permit June 2016. I am lucky that I live in a county where the Sheriff believes in the US constitution. But not so lucky living in CA as this year has been the worst year for gun rights in this state’s history.

    The next best was seeing Hillary lose and at least with Trump in office we have some hope moving forward.

  32. Defeating Bloomberg’s Universal Background Check referendum in Maine after having been outspent by 5 to 1, and having every (bought off) media outlet in Maine incessantly beating the drum to push it through.

    Thousands of grassroots Mainers would have none of it, and with God’s grace we sent Bloomberg “packing”.

    A very sweet and memorable victory in defense of freedom.

  33. Best moment. Filing 2 form 1s after Washington state made assembling SBRs legal. That and watching the election results with the various stunned newscasters.

    Worst moment realizing that the form 1 wait had past over 6months and that I would not be getting the stamps this year.

  34. Brand new EOtech 512 for $150…

    Finding a “feecherliss” with “no evil feechers” for $530…

    Getting some genuine Izhmash plums on the cheap…

    But the big one has to be, “see above.” Space-time fabric indeed… I could see National Reciprocity and dismantling the NFA, and every fiber of myself was fighting the urge to get too excited, and to be patient…. but oh boy, game changer fer sure

    Happy New Year!

  35. Took two great classes with Steve Fisher. Yay 2016.
    Of many learnings, successes and failures a small takeaway.
    You know how long hallways are in your Motel 6/Holiday Inn? You have 50 yds in each direction with no cover if you are center.
    High Schools? 150+ yds.
    The kicker? Walmart/Target aisles. 250yds.
    So this is why we practice at 10, 25, 50, 100, etc.
    Hope you don’t have to ever save your fam like this.

    Happy New Year, People

  36. It was a busy year for me. November 8th topped it off after the trip to the NRA Annual Meeting in Louisville and the 3 days building an M1 Garand at the CMP’s advanced maintenance class in Anniston, AL and getting to shoot it at their new range in Talladega.

    2016 was a very good firearms-related year for me (otherwise it was pretty rough).

  37. Picked up my first AR; Ruger Ar-556 and a Henry Big Boy Steel in .357. Oh, and might as well pick up a single action revolver in .257 to go with the Henry. You know, Zombie apocalypse, circa 1980’s style.

  38. Being able to go shooting with my boss again after a stroke in September 2014 took out my left arm and leg completely (I am left handed and cannot use my right arm due to problems with my neck) and keeping everything in the black with a Sig Ultra 3.3″ barrel on a B8 at 10 yards. Not that great of shooting compared to my pre-stroke shooting, but I can carry and feel safe(er) again. My previous “Junior” had been stolen along with my full sized 1911 (both Springfields). Insurance on both paid enough to buy the SIG 1911 Ultra Compact NBS13 with the 3.3″ barrel. I can shoot again!

  39. The Hildabitch’s defeat, for sure. My colleagues and I were relieved while working that night knowing our jobs were not only secure but likely going to become more interesting.

    I also built a Blackout, bought a Shield, and got a carry permit for it. Good times.

  40. hillary destroyed the dems in one fell swoop and our ttag trolls are shitting themselves trying to figure out what to do next.

    Even for a gun guy living in CA that made a good year.

    • Hillary was just a really shitty candidate. It was O’Bama who decimated the Democratic party. The Republicans are now stronger than they’ve been since the 1920s. Let’s hope they don’t blow it this time.

  41. I finally got my hands on a Luger the day before New Years Eve.

    It was one of those stainless ones made by Aimco in the first half of the 90s. Put 150 rounds through it and the only thing that could have been better would be if it had more than one mag with it.

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