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The SIG SAUER P229 Legion Compact may have the best non-1911 production trigger on the market. See what Craig’s carrying with his at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. Not that there is anything at all wrong with Timex, but the juxtaposition of that watch next to that gun is somewhat surprising to me.

    • Dude blew his wad on a $1200 carry piece. He’ll have to wait until the next tax rebate to upgrade the $40 timepiece.

      Then, maybe the vinyl flooring?

      All kidding aside, very nice pistol.

    • And that ZT knife. Clearly he is a guy with good taste, maybe he is just especially hard on his watches and wants something cheap and replaceable.

      • Yeah, really. I got a Rolex Submariner, but I usually wear my digital Casio with the fish-timer thing on it.

      • So tired of seeing this parroted by whiny bitches who cant afford/justify the Legion. Fyi the Glock 17 didnt make it through that test. Ironically MAC magically gets the Arex through the test and then says oh by the way we sell these locally. Fuk MAC.

    • “Not that there is anything at all wrong with Timex,…”

      I can’t knock Timex, about 15 years back, I picked one up when I didn’t want to ding up my (towards the bottom of the line) Tag Heuer, as I was handling quite a bit of industrial (95+pct sulfuric and 60+pct phosphoric) acids. The Fluorine naturally present in freshly manufactured phos acid is a rather aggressive etchant (and something you really don’t want to ingest, as it loves the calcium in bones and teeth).

      Then I kinda just forgot I was wearing it. One day, the battery died, and I realized it had been over 5 years since I bought it. I popped off the back and to my surprise, instead of a tiny watch battery, it had a full-sized coin battery powering it. I rarely had to set the damn thing, it ran maybe a few seconds fast each month.

      That $10 Timex has been about the best $10 I’ve ever spent…

    • Finally, a pocket dump that I actually approve of.
      The watch is the only thing that would be different. I no longer wear a watch and carry a phone.

      • Maybe. I’ve heard it before, but long after the commercial stopped running, as far as I know; I was born in ’86.

        I have a couple Timex in my collection, but I’m rather partial to Citizen watches, even for my knock around watch. They come in a wide range of prices and different styles.

        I used to work on watches. Citizen makes their own movements (not something most manufacturers do) as well as for many others. It always gave me the impression of a higher degree of quality control, and they are definitely easier to work on if necessary, even just putting batteries in.

        Many Timex watches are impossible to get closed without a press, and even then, a lot of my employees could not get them closed without help.

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