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My greatest firearms-related hope for 2017: National Reciprocity. If all states recognized all states’ concealed carry permits, American gun rights would be safer than they’ve been for decades. Saying that, I’d settle for starting for 2017 with passage of The Hearing Protection Act — making suppressors as easy to buy as firearms. Personally, my greatest firearms-related hope is to carry a Colt Python. What’s your firearms-related hope for the New Year?

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    • We must learn from the antis. Creeping incrementalism is the way to go. We nibble away a bit of the NFA, then when the antis’ predictions of utter pandemonium show to be a fallacies, we’ll move to nibble off another bite.

      • Incrementalism is a wise long-term strategy. It’s how several states have gone from no concealed carry to constitutional carry.

      • BS that is the RINO way of the last 30years. Or not even bothering.

        Give the SOBs a Fing stroke. Mass wholesale unstop attack. Pass it ALL. Starting with repeal of the entire GCA of 1968, A room temp litbard is a good thing.

        • I can’t argue. Remember how many times we have heard that this (useless) bill will take care of all our problems, then as soon as it is signed, we suddenly hear that “we understand that was only a start, what we really need is this, that and the other thing!” I mean, like the next DAY! If you get CC, start the wheels moving toward OC or Constitutional carry the next day. If you have Constitutional carry, introduce NFA reform/repeal immediately. Toss a side missile at GCA ’68 while still on the move. They have been deliberately burying us for decades, let’s start digging out.

    • #1 Repeal NFA/GCA/National constitutional carry..

      Outside of fantasy

      #2 Supressors without legal bullshit.

      • Emphasis on bullshit. I *have* a suppressor. In the interest of science, I have waved it around without regard to safety concerns, inside and outside the house, both at paper targets and living animals, with most disappointing results. I mean, I expected it to be quiet, but weren’t things supposed to become perforated? I mean, it *IS* a firearm, right? RIGHT? Bullshittus Maximus.

    • My hope too. Perhaps not too realistic, but a good hope.

      Maybe I’ll annoy DeSantis’s staff into giving me a reason why not.

  1. Pass the hearing protection act and pull short barreled rifles off the NFA too.

    While we’re in the process of eliminating dumb gun laws, how about we go after 922(r) too. I’m sure a good ad campaign could easily show people how asinine it is.

    • Agreed, fix the 922 import assault weapon (er, “sporter” rules), ATF pistol points, attorney general can have an amnesty to make/register some more machine guns, and let’s get those Korean m1s and cmp 1911s already!

    • Get rid of restrictions on suppressor and SBR. Very likely the Hearing Protection Act will be passed but it looks less so for restrictions on SBR’s.

  2. Python?
    Well maybe, IF I had one of those that they made in .41 mag.

    Right at this particular moment, I am carrying an Anaconda, and will be for a couple more days.
    Then going back to something lighter and more comfortable.

    • Python in .41 Mag is not a Python. And wtf is a Python Elite, for 8 large, used? Grips are screwy looking, I like mine (std) better. But a 4″ Python was the cat’s ass in 1972, and still is for a bunch of us.

  3. My actual expectations? Well, I’m skeptical that anything significant will happen. The government has lost my trust for a while. But what I would love to see is national reciprocity and allow the import and manufacture of new fully automatic weapons. I know a lot of people would be pissed about that last one because their $10,000 investment would massively lose value which would probably be quite funny for me.

    • Include a provision allowing a tax deduction equal to the difference between purchase price of the gun and it;s market value 6months after repeal of the act. The ‘sunconstitutional actions caused the distorted market price let the Feds “pay”.

      • Before we get in a snit about expectations that repeal of NFA would attract the ire of current machine gun owners, find me just ONE such person who would not contribute thousands and celebrate for a week prior to buying 10 more MGs, should that law go bye-bye. Those people did not buy those guns as investments.

  4. “My greatest firearms-related hope for 2017: National Reciprocity. If all states recognized all states’ concealed carry permits, American gun rights would be safer than they’ve been for decades.”

    I think that this can also be worked on at the state level by following the example of the state of Virginia. They recognize carry permits of every state.
    If all of the states do this, then we’ll have accomplished national reciprocity without having to deal with the federal government.

    • Except just like slavery, you can’t expect the last of the Jim Crow laws to go away without taking action on the federal level.

      • I agree. However there’s nothing wrong with attacking this issue on two fronts. Who knows, there might sometime in the future be a court case that challenges a person losing their right to carry just because they cross a state line.
        If this were to happen, it would certainly make a stronger case if the majority of states already had de facto reciprocity, which would make it the norm.

        • Well, I can tell you right now that universal reciprocity by state law will not happen in NY, NJ, Ma, Md., Del., Conn, RI or Ca. And even if national reciprocity is passed on a federal level, it will make no difference in most of these states where it can be nigh impossible to get a carry permit ion the first place. And this from someone who believes that reciprocity, rather than a federal permit, is the way to go.

  5. In order of decreasing probability and increasing amusement…

    1. Hearing Protection Act
    2. National Reciprocity
    3. Federal Preemption
    4. Full repeal of the NFA and GCA.

  6. Hear hear on the legal silencers! Excuse the pun…. Still can’t figure out why everyone seems OK to let them be an FFL purchase. As far as I’m concerned, they should be no more difficult to purchase as a muzzle brake or any other muzzle device without the background check and paperwork… See how far the leftest brainwashing has gone?

    • Step by Step the longest march….

      We are OK with the being changed from a Class III to a Class I firearm because we think there is a snowball’s chance in hell of them being deregulated entirely.

      So on principle, yeah, I think my 15 year old daughter should be able to buy one at the local Ace Hardware and pay in gold or silver coin and not have to even give her name much less fill out any paperwork.

      Meanwhile, in this reality, we think that getting them moved from Class III to Class I is actually achievable in the near term (next two years).

      • Should a muzzle brake, or a flash suppressor, also become Class I? How about a thread protector?

    • Some of us don’t care about this, even though it would be nice, since such devises, least ways here in California, will still be illegal under state law, as are the threaded barrels on pistols that could accept them.

  7. Colt Pythons are too popular now to be cool. Especially brand new ones. Carrying one you’d likely be taken for a Rick Grimes fanboy. Don’t you know the rules of fashion?;-)

  8. Restore the original meaning (as envisioned by our Founding Fathers) of the Second Amendment in full. EVERYWHERE IN THIS COUNTRY.

    • So we start mustering the militias again? You know, to make sure they’re well regulated.

      I’ll muster. Just tell me when and where.

        • No. The militia is, was, and always has been separate from the Army. Militia are all volunteer (draftees were not); militia supply their own personal weapons (Army does not); militia elect their own leaders and conduct their own training as they feel necessary and are solely responsible to their leaders and possibly the State Governor (none of that applies to the Army).

  9. I would like the hearing protection act Passed,
    I want to see constitutional carry in my home state, Texas.
    And I want Donald Trump to repeal the executive import bans going back all the way to Bush 41. He could easily do that on day one.

  10. 1.Impeach Adolf Trump
    2.Prevent groups like the NRA and other “gun rights” groups from arming various crime and terror groups.
    3.Brand same groups as a Terror Group and file under RICO.
    4.Americans peacefully fight back against the totalitarian rule of the gun lobby. (They have money but Americans have the power.)
    5.Fix the damaged economy.
    6. Improve and fix healthcare.
    7. Restore American Freedoms and Rights
    8. Improve foreign relations.

    • And here we have at least one person who actually does want to take our guns. Lease we have that out of the way. I will say I’m also entertained by the irony of #7.

    • RAAPGAA. Thank you. Without folks like you we could not have defeated hillary. Your support will put a lock on a successful Trump whitehouse and will let us get more wins in the coming midterms.

      Please continue.

    • “They have money but Americans have the power.”

      Bwa, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!

      Boy, are you ever dumb. As long as the courts and police blindly carry out the will of Big Money, the only “power” Americans have is to decide whether to give 40% of their income to government (through various taxes) or go to prison.

      Don’t think governments take 40% of your income? Add up all of the government taxes and fees for yourself. Remember to include the full 15% for F.I.C.A. (you pay 7.65% directly and your employer graciously pays the other 7.65% on your behalf), your state sales tax (typically 6%), your property tax (typically $3,000 or so which is about 5% of average household income in the U.S.), gasoline tax, excise tax on items such as telecommunications services, state income tax, and federal income tax.

    • Since I am Life Memeber of the NRA, I would like to know what are you going to do about me? Tell me how you will force me not to be an NRA member. I will always support the right to keep and bear arms, so how will you force me to change? Will you try to force my arms from me? Will you try to surpress my will and thoughts of freedom? Do you have answers to these questions, or are you just another crying liberal coward? I don’t think will answer this; your ilk doesn’t have the constitution to stand up to freedom loving individuals such as the fine people of the truth about guns.

    • 1.Impeach Adolf Trump

      For what?

      2.Prevent groups like the NRA and other “gun rights” groups from arming various crime and terror groups.

      When has the NRA or any gun-rights groups given arms to criminals and terror groups?

      3.Brand same groups as a Terror Group and file under RICO.

      The NRA and other gun-rights groups do not meet the criteria for the RECO act.

      4.Americans peacefully fight back against the totalitarian rule of the gun lobby. (They have money but Americans have the power.)

      The NRA and others are not saying people have to be armed, they want people to be allow to be armed.

      6. Improve and fix healthcare.

      With what? The Affordable Care Act is anything but affordable.

      7. Restore American Freedoms and Rights

      Then allow me carry a handgun in a holster with out having to worry about my shirt covering it because I don’t have concealed carry permit.

      8. Improve foreign relations.

      For starters I didn’t vote for someone that wanted to start WW3 because of cyber hacking.

    • Not a single wish for the thousands of mass shootings per day to cease or for the numbers to at least drop a bit?

      Damn dude, you’re a monster. A freakin’ monster. And here, I thought you cared about the children!

        • He/she does complain about such disturbing incidents on a pretty regular basis so I figured there might be a teenie-tiny wish in there for them to, you know, stop or something?

          I mean, four people times “thousands” means at least 2K shootings per day that’s 8000 lives taken every day. That’s gotta be, like, somewhere in the top 100 causes of death for the US. You’d think that someone who talks about this horrendous loss of life in pretty much every post would care deeply enough about the tragedy of the lives lost to at least wish for it to stop. Doing something about it, well that’s probably too much to ask for, but a wish… fuck, don’t they have a foundation or some shit for that?

          The awful truth is that now we know that in his/her mind thousands (probably tens of thousands) of lives being snuffed out every day pales in comparison to the need to impeach Donald Trump for some infraction he will surely commit at some point in the future. Quite honestly I didn’t realize DJT was that bad but… it must be so. Sad that we would elect such a guy to the highest office in the land but apparently it has come to pass.

    • “Americans peacefully fight back against the totalitarian rule of the gun lobby. (They have money but Americans have the power.)”

      Americans have always had the power. And Americans have consistently been supporting expansion of individual rights, to include gun rights. You think its a coincidence that Clinton vowed to take on the NRA and she lost? Or that the Democratic Party which put gun control out there for all to see now has no majority in either the Senate and the House?
      Or you could look at Colorado, after passing gun control laws, three state congresscritters were recalled and the majority switched to Republican in I believe it was five years. It doesn’t matter how much money either side spends. If the elected official fails to properly represent the voters, they will be out of a job at the next election.

    • Don’t talk to this self hating weak gay man. He needs to return to his glory hole where he is very much appreciated. I’m sure he is missed by his customers.

    • Ha realblahblahProGunblah, you’re that fat kid who gets picked last at dodgeball, huh?

      Well, high five… troll it, baby. But, we are actually pretty cool people, and the fuck if we don’t love guns. So why not just hang out? You can shoot our AKs and ARs man… no need to be jealous, no need to be stuck behind a video games pouting and secretly wishing.

      Right, fellas? We will take you shooting, bud. Just, maybe buy lunch and we’ll buy the ammo… unless you want it the other way around. You can pick, since you don’t know any better.

      Happy New Year, man. Me with a concealed firearm, coming to your state soon! Love it, shoot it… join us. ha

  11. Hearing Protection Act. I think the left states would fight tooth and nail against national reciprocity.

    It seems to me the population is increasingly pulled to either the right or left making it difficult for states to have similar laws. We are going into an era of states rights with each state catering to the dominate will of their constituents. There will be more abortion laws in heavy red states and more gun laws in far left states. States with a more balanced population will decrease in number as people move to states more inline with their world view.

    • Right. Where is my state? I believe in freedom to buy and carry whatever I choose, and for my wife and children to manage their reproductive systems without “assistance” from male goons with guns. As in, “freedom”, which is neither right nor left, it is freedom, period.

  12. My meager hopes are to buy most of what I want unhindered. Oh yeah that Trump was worth the hype…

  13. I’d like Trump to withhold money from commie sanctuary city / gun control states. If the CA DOJ got disbanded for lack of funds I would have a certain Ron Burgundy situation with my pants pleats.

    I’d like to see a responsible gun owner in violation of an idiotic CA or NY gun control law receive an instant pardon. I hope Trump continues to give the middle finger to the anti-gun / anti-freedom / pro-Islam establishment.

    • I believe that action on ‘sanctuary’ cities will be coming, sooner rather than later, and about damn time.

      My greatest firearms-related hope for 2017 is that two Progressive SCOTUS justices die peacefully in their sleep by natural causes. 🙂

    • I don’t want to see funds withheld. What these state and city .govs have done is engage in a criminal conspiracy to violate the federal laws of the land and the rights of the people. I want to see national gaurd task forces under the direction of the US Marshals service arresting these criminals and restoring the law of the land.

      No more CA drivers licenses with “Federal Limits Apply” on them.

      • If the Democrats like legislation by rule-making, it would be a very simple matter to really thwart California’s issuance of driver’s licenses to illegals.

        Just make a regulatory change that ReadID driver’s licenses are required to apply for:

        – federal benefits and welfare
        – obtaining any medical treatment or benefits
        – apply for any job in the federal government

        Bing, bang, boom. Done. CA DL’s without real ID verification (ie, those issued to illegals) will become basically useless for anything other than driving around California and voting in their rigged elections.

        • You WANT RealID?? Despicable Un-Constitutional BS. See also bodycams, “security cams”, TSA, FirstNet and other big brother crap of recent decades..

    • Accur81:

      Common misconception. The president does NOT have the power to pardon or commute ALL crimes. Only federal ones.

      State crimes are pardoned/commuted by state governors.So Trump CANNOT pardon someone for a state crime.

      Good luck getting Jerry Brown to pardon someone.


  14. I’m hoping gun and ammo availability goes up and prices come down due to a lack of panic buyers.

  15. Federal preemption with teeth. Start federal prosecution of civil gun rights violations.

    Write a law allowing civil law suits against cities for the violation your gun civil rights. This will bleed them dry.

  16. What I’d like to get done in ’17 are:
    -AR-10 build
    -AR pistol build
    -get my Savage 1907s going 100% or near so
    -figure out wth I’m doing wrong with my 9mm reloads and get that sorted
    -Get my 5.56 AR-15 shooting MOA or less at 100 yards (reload project, unlikely admittedly)

  17. My major firearms related hopes for 2017:

    (1) Immediate passage of the Hearing Protection Act.
    (2) Prompt installation of a staunchly pro-Second Amendment U.S. Supreme Court Justice
    (3) Replacing Kennedy or Ginsburg with another staunchly pro-Second Amendment U.S. Supreme Court Justice by year end.

    I have several other hopes that I believe are unrealistic in 2017 but possible for 2018 or even 2019:
    (1) U.S. Supreme Court decision that open/concealed carry in public is the law of the land.
    (2) Eliminate most/all statutorily defined “gun-free zones”.
    (3) Eliminate laws that prohibit rifles/shotguns in passenger compartment of vehicles.

    Note: U.S. Supreme Court stating that open/concealed carry is the law of the land forces Hawaii, California, New York, New Jersey, and Maryland to be true “shall issue” states and includes “national reciprocity”. It may very well also include transporting rifles/shotguns in passenger compartment of vehicles and a drastic reduction in statutorily permissible “gun-free zones”.

  18. Constitutional carry nationwide. As it is supposed to be. Your rights are not dependent on your zip code.

  19. Please stop with the national license reciprocity. It’s WAY too close to national licensing requirements. Remember, what is done now may last for decades even after Democrats legalize more criminals. They could win future elections so we can’t set a dangerous precedent. What we need is national Constitutional Carry. Now and forever.

    Fully agree about the Hearing Protection Act, but also thinking the SBR restriction is kind of ludicrous in this day and age too. So… with those out, why are we keeping the NFA?

    What I am hoping for is an Alpha Strike. DJT should finish the oath of office, have a 2-minute speech about getting to work, then go to his desk and start signing executive orders and legislation passed by Congress as it is passed. If he hits it hard enough coming out of the gate, the Dems won’t even be able to figure out what to be anguished about first. Supreme Court justice, firearms, Obamacare, industry regulations, executive orders. BAM! Get it all done fast and hard. Secure the border, for the love of all that is holy get at least one of our carrier groups back into action (they’re all in dock right now) and have a little chat with China about the Way It Will Be going forward. There’s plenty to do, but hopefully protecting lawful firearms owners is near the top of the list!

    • WE have had national reciprocity for driver’s licenses for as long as I can remember, and probably longer than that, yet we are no closer now to a federal driver’s license that we were when it first became a reality. So I think the fear is a might overblown. States can be forced to grant reciprocity, but they will never willingly give up the right to decide (in restrictive states) who gets a license and who does not.

      • Yet everyone who wants to drive must get a license – and it’s not even a Constitutionally protected right. Just think about it because it’s a real problem.

      • “WE have had national reciprocity for driver’s licenses for as long as I can remember”

        Soldiers’ and sailors’ relief act, think it was in the ’40s, for the EXACT same reason we are talking about now, not just licenses but car registrations as well, seems like there was something else, as military families moved around the country they were required to constantly change (and test for, and pay for) license and registration, several times a year.

  20. Executive orders or legislation on forcing the ATF to take the correct interpretation on open bolt semi-automatics (that they are not machine guns)

    Executive orders or legislation on forcing the ATF to not prosecute hobbyists with parts kits on the basis of “constructive possession.”

    Deregulating silencers.

    Deregulating SBSs/SBRs

    Repeal of Hughes amendment.

    (I.E. Stop being dbag totalitarians and give freedom back to the people.)

    • For a part way relaxation, push for dropping the paperwork involved with an SBS. I can let the tax slide, since it is $5.

  21. Suppressors off the nfa list.
    The clintons, Soros, Bloomberg, MDA, and BLM shipped out of the US…. with all assets frozen.
    An ar10, 357 magnum, a lever action, and ammo to feed all my babies.

    • Forget freezing assets, they have told us what should happen to those funds. Liquidate and distribute.

  22. 1. Create Second Amendment Enforcement Unit at the Department of JUSTICE enforce compliance.
    2. National Reciprocity
    3. Hearing Protection Act
    4. Federal Preemption already exist, have DOJ enforce it and private citizens enforce it under 18 USC. 1984
    5. Full repeal of the NFA and GCA of 1968 et seq.

    • P.S. IMMEDIATE action on 2A adherent Supreme Court Judge. No B.S. balancing tests like Scalia.

  23. Being in California, my hope for the new year is that things don’t get any worse. I know I probably hope for too much.

  24. Build the wall, seal the border, deport as many illegals as possible and vet everyone who wants to emigrate to the US. Those things will keep me safer than all the pro-firearms laws ever written.

    • Revoke the phony “citizenship” docs illegally/Improperly granted over the last 40years, and all their descendants. Shut off the phony educational and tourists visas.

  25. National reciprocity MY ASS!

    How about a federal mandate that all states and all municipalities and other such gerrymandered governmental subdivisions abide by the 2nd Amendment as written?

  26. My goal is to still be able to keep and bear arms in california by the end of 2017. Its a lofty goal seeing as we already virtually can’t bear arms now. And with the new anti gun laws being put into effect today just keeping arms seems more difficult than ever. Don’t forget to re register your already registered MSR.

  27. I don’t care about national reciprocity, except that if it’s federally imposed, expect to LOSE a lot more freedoms in the D.C. sausage factory of bargains and compromises. The good things are always vague, unenforceable, and take place in the out years. The bad things are always clear cut, abundantly funded and enforced, and effective immediately. You heard it here first.

    Aside from that, what I want for the new year is continued growth in concealed carry permits. Actually, I just want more people armed and taking the responsible approach to voting that firearms ownership tends to instill. Concealed carry permits, which shouldn’t even be a thing, are just the proxy for that ownership and responsible mentality.

  28. Ralph
    The process for legal entry to USA in very onerous already

    To obtain an extended tourist visa I have to submit lots of paperwork including bank statements, tax return etc to prove I can support myself. Pay $450 fee per couple and both of us have to go to Sydney for personal interviews at US consulate. A 2000 km plus trip. Then we have to do all the steps again at customs in USA and still might not be allowed in.

    One of my nieces was the top honours graduate last year at university in Nashville. Job offers from all over until they saw she is Australian and would need to change from student to work visa. Apparently about a one year process

    • ^This exactly! Most of the “We have to do something about the immigration! ” crowd doesn’t have any idea what the laws on the books are. They don’t care how hard it is to immigrate legally. (Damn close to impossible if you are merried.)
      It reminds me of certain people who cry for stricter gun control. Get it through your head, guys – only decent folks follow the law. They are not the ones to worry about. Criminals by definition don’t pay attention to gun nor immigration regulation and always get armed and can get smuggled into the country as many times as they want.

    • Maybe you could rally the 37 million republicans that live in California and make your own state separate from California. The remainder of the state can then Calexit.

      • …good idea, but it’d be a tad difficult when the total population is listed at about 38 million with just shy of 28% being Republican.

        (source: the all-knowing Wiki)

  29. Circus court #9 gets reigned back in regarding anti-gun laws.

    And Illinois allows SBR’s, and Silencers.

    A boy can dream, right?

    • SBR’s are legal in Illinois. Hopefully they will pass SB206 next week in the lame duck session and then silencers will be legal. (If the Gov signs it)

  30. Since I am ABLE to open carry, to actually open carry my new 629 6″ in its new El Paso 1890 holster, at least here in Douglas County. I have been wearing it around the house, and if you move it back behind the hip, it is barely noticeable. I really like that holster.

  31. I hope the ATF losses the letter F in their title or at least the F becomes silent. I hope and pray congress eliminates ATF regulations regarding SBR, SBS and silencer and their tax stamps.

  32. I hope Taurus doesn’t go out of business, because I like to root for the little guy.

    After the recall, and the lawsuit, and their latest announcement being a ridiculously unattractive .380… I’m not hopeful. Oh well, I don’t need any of their products.

  33. This year I’d like to build myself a fine Flintlock Fowler from scratch. It’s okay to buy the barrel, but everything else, including the lock I want to make myself.

    • Can you put a choke on a flintlock fowler? Can you use steel shot?

      Sounds like a project you should document and report on here.

      • Not really a choke, but I can make the bore whatever I want. Depending on the barrel I go with, I could use steel shot, but it’s pretty hard to make steel shot and I like roll my own from my flinters. As far as documenting it, will do. I’m still working on my relief carving to get the skills I need to make the stock I want. For me, the metal work is the easy part.

  34. JWT,
    If you have never heard of a punt gun, look it up. They were used for commercial waterfowling on the Chesapeake Bay, among other places. Some of them were 4 gauge, I believe.

  35. Well, I live in CA, so my gun related hope for the new year can ONLY be, i hope that Trump completely and totally renders illegal by any means necessary, nearly everything my elected government passes….oh and all attendant initiatives.

  36. National constitutional carry, decreed by SCOTUS.

    Because national reciprocity is still support for a state that gets to decide who can be trusted to exercise our natural rights.

  37. I’d like the California legislatures who passed the ridiculous anti gun legislation prosecuted for deliberately violating the 2nd amendment.

  38. I understand everyone going really political on this and that fair. But I have a different take. My firearms-related hopes for the new year?
    1. That no one tries to use one on me or my loved ones, so I don’t have to shoot somebody.
    2. If #1 does happen, I’m ready and I emerge victorious.

    • You know, it seems like it might be a better wish to hope CABOT starts making Pythons, apparently Colt no longer has the capability.

  39. On a political note, I hope IL passes SB206 (legalized silencers) and the Feds take silencers out of the NFA. Those two things should be easy to get done.
    On a personal note, I’d like to get a reproduction M-16A1 built this year, if I can ever get a NoDak Spud lower.

  40. I would like to see some of those Exec Orders repealed. To include the import ban from Bush 41. I want to get a “New” Deawoo K2. Once you go Woo, the AR just isn’t antiquate. 😛

    • WTF did you SAY? It’s not antiquate? Is antiquate a good thing? In what way is a “K2” more antiquate?

  41. Glock gets off its butt and introduces a new variant with a G19/23 Gen2 size frame with a G26/27 size stainless slide.

    Or even better, opens a Custom Order Shop that can create any variation, in any color you choose, custom ordered.

  42. Receive the gen 4 glock 17 I ordered last june through a licensed dealer here in Chile, and for which I already deposited 50% of the price.

  43. “Question of the Day: What Are Your Firearms-Related Hopes for the New Year?”

    Oh, that’s a simple question to answer.

    I hope in the new year and every year thereafter that I don’t have to use my personal self-defense weapon against anyone at all, although I’m ready to do so.


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