Brian McCombie got death threats for hunting
courtesy Facebook
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Brian McCombie’s a long-time hunting and outdoor writer, both online and in the dead tree gun mags. Like a lot of us, he got to try out Remington’s new 870 DM magazine-fed shotgun. Part of his evaluation apparently included a successful hunting trip.

No doubt wanting to tout their new gun, the people who run Big Green’s social media posted the photo above on their Instagram page. And that caught the attention of some who aren’t fans of hunting.

As Mr. McCombie reports on his Facebook page,

“One guy calls me bad names and makes a death threat. And it occurred to me, that in all these years of writing about guns and hunting, this is my first death threat.”

Leave aside the irony of someone who opposes killing animals threatening to murder a fellow human being. In the age of social media, lots of us have posted photos of ourselves displaying the results of a day spent out in the wild. And while death threats from keyboard commandos are rare, many hunters have become targets of the online mobs. Even young hunters.

How about you? Have you ever been taken to task for blasting Bambi? Have you been the target of criticism because you enjoy hunting?

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  1. I think everyone who has work in the industry of firearms, hunting, and shooting have been made targets. I’m a small single shop gunsmith and I have received death threats and mail from wackos.

    • Joshua: I have an old double barrel shotgun that belonged to my grandfather that needs to be restored. Do you do that kind of work? If you do please reply here with contact info.

  2. No one has ever communicated anything critical or negative to me about hunting. And that is probably because only a few immediate family members and closest friends know that I hunt.

  3. “Leave aside the irony of someone who opposes killing animals threatening to murder a fellow human being.”

    There’s no irony there at all. As far as the Leftists are concerned, Bambi is a totally innocent critter being brutally murdered by a heartless ammo-sexual sister-fvcking hick.

    Killing them is saving innocent life. Ergo, a justifiable killing.

    (And remember, an ammo-sexual *never* shoots blanks… 😉 )

  4. Wolves care not of the comments of sheep.

    Call me names, tell me I have blood on my hands. Tell me I support mass shootings, and anything else.

    But know this, I DON’T CARE.

    We need to start using their arguments against them. We need common sense abortion laws. We need common sense laws on freedom of speech, the press. etc… When they defend themselves use that against them again and again. At least it will be fun watching their little heads explode. No worries though, they are mostly empty noggins anyway. The brain matter that may fly cannot be seen by the naked eye.

    • This^
      The threats from a bunch of gun bigots are merely the warm blasts felt from a head that just exploded. It is why I love calling them “bigots”.
      I spend almost no time on social media… unless TTAG could be considered social media. Any death threats I’ve yet to receive will be replied with: “hey, bigot, you do know you’re threatening someone who has ‘an arsenal of killing machines in his possession don’t you?” 🤠

      • TTAG is social media. We are “mostly” sociable people. Good times with other shooters, collectors…etc…

        The Hoplophobic morons, who are scared of inanimate objects, do not condone acts of fun unless they deem it to be acceptable to them. And bang bangs are not acceptable.

        But I have lots, and a lot of food for the cute little critters I seem to take in all the time. Really they just seem to show up on my doorstep, almost like cats. I am the Old Gat Guy. Instead of the Old Cat Lady.

        Unlike Cats my Gats are not evil. If I died in my sleep my Gats would not start eating me. And they don’t wander the neighborhood. They are all well behaved.


    • “A quantum super-computer calculating for a thousand years could not even begin to approach the number of fucks I do not give.”

      • “A quantum super-computer calculating for a thousand years could not even begin to approach the number of fucks I do not give.”

        Now THAT was copy and pasted for future use! Thanks!

  5. Facebook is cancer, and as such no one can ‘shame’ me. So no, I don’t get Social media shamed. Of course I don’t even hunt anymore anyway. Might start again eventually thought.

  6. I find it funny when these nut jobs send you death threats for hunting. I guess they don’t realize that the hunters they threaten own guns. A lot of hunters now own more than just bolt action hunting rifles. About 3/4 of my family that hunts owns ARs and other guns, more the suitable for self defense against psychotic, anti-hunting morons.

  7. The only shaming I’ve received in regards to hunting is from my dad and brother for that time there was a rabbit 10 feet in front of the truck and I couldn’t find it (in my defense I wasn’t expecting the dumb thing to be so close to the truck so I was looking further away). Over a decade later and I still hear about it.

  8. Who are these people trying to “shame” us and why should we give a shit?

    Oh, wait. That’s right. They’re nobodies and we shouldn’t — so we don’t, and rightly so. If anything, they only drive more people to our side with their blood-curdling cries and violent, bigoted rhetoric. So, let them scream into the void. That’s all they can do, because they know they’re a corpse if they do anything else.

  9. I’ve NEVER seen a PETA type who DIDN’T hate people. It’s just very well justified self-loathing on their part.

    I’m an every 10-20 year hunter (who’s never gotten a deer), but regarding death threats from snowflakes, let me join in the chorus of:

    “I’m your huckleberry.”

  10. I missed a bobcat from 25 meters with a rifle. I ended up hitting a bag of feed.

    It was standing next to a gasoline can and the rifle wasn’t zeroed, so pardon me for holding a little generously.

  11. I started hunting late in life and took my first buck three years ago. I posted a photo of myself with the buck and I had a friend who I had been close to for 20 years who told me I was disgusting and doesn’t speak to me anymore. I also have an aunt who told me that I was wrong about “everything” (although that includes gun ownership, criticism of Obama, and hunting) and doesn’t speak to me anymore.

  12. Facebook, well yeah. Some people don’t like to see dead animals. Fine if your a vegan, not so fine if your an omnivore. They should go visit a slaughter house, makes hunting look damned pleasant.

    • True political vegans are actually some of the most violent-minded people out there. I’ve interacted with a lot of different types of activists in my days of attending rallies and protests on all sides of the political spectrum (some I supported and some I was there to learn about). The most consistently violent activist group I have ever encountered was vegans.

  13. I never post anything on social media so I’ve never been “shamed”.

    But I’ve been hassled plenty coming/going hunting. A couple of recent examples, Getting gas in Austin with dead deer in the back of the truck nearly caused a small riot. Stopping for ice in Goldthwaite after dove hunting drew lots of unwanted yelling from several peta freaks.

    I always back the truck up into the garage to load and unload. I did it for years for op/sec. Now it also keeps my super liberal/SJW neighbors quiet. They have gone off on another neighbor who loads and unloads in his driveway.

    I don’t argue back much with any of them. I just smile and think to myself “well, looks like we just found out who is dying first in the zombie apocalypse”.

  14. Domt do facebook.

    In college, some folks gave me grief for hunting squirrels.

    Never bothered me…..squirrels are tasty and fun to hunt.

  15. The last guy that asked if I would like it if he shot my family wound up laying facedown in the muck til WDFW arrived. Turns out it was a “misunderstanding.” Pretty sure he got the point after an hour and half in the soggy grass outside the blind. As the game officer summed up, “don’t say what could be perceived to be a threat to someone minding their own business with a gun.” Pretty sure the dipshit had it on camera, haven’t seen if he posted yet. Altho I get outside and don’t do social media nonsense.

  16. Social media is for faggots, period. Anyone who decides to end their life by coming to threaten me and mine will get a horrific dose of lead and cold steel, and their heads will be placed in pikes as a warning to all those who draw near. Ok, obviously that last part isn’t legal… but.. just sayin… the government won’t be here after a nuclear war.

  17. Kitty lovers hate when I point out the problems feral cats cause. I’ve never even killed a feral cat, and I stay tactful in my arguments. But they hate it… Feral cats are a cancer.

  18. If you’re not being criticized, you’re probably not living life to the fullest.

    But death threats are another matter entirely.

  19. You know, the first time I saw this article I thought “no, but on multiple occasions within the past couple of years, I’ve been Gun Shamed”. And, let me expand on that a bit.

    The anti-gunners I’ve encountered could give a rats ass about whether I hunt or not. Sure, their first gambit usually involves hunting, but when I explain that I I just love guns, and freedom, it’s on!

    The gun shaming begins in earnest. No varnish or pretense, basically owning guns is “bad”, and because I like guns and don’t care to hunt with them, I’m basically the devil’s spawn.

    Well here’s what I think about that, and yes “fuck off and die” comes to mind, but really it comes down to this: “Shame” is the ultimate currency of left, and I just can’t be shamed by leftists .

    Yep, that’s right. I’m completely immune to it. Why? Left shaming is completely dependent upon heuristic moral relativism. Basically – lefty shaming relies upon the assumption that I buy into whatever brand of bullshit they happen to be selling today – I just don’t (because its bullshit), and that makes me completely immune.

    Raised with a code that respects and reveres my God, my Family, my Country, and my inalienable rights under the US Constitution, I don’t need an “alternative understanding”, subject to the political whims of emotional, and spiritual cripples.

    You can’t ‘gun shame’ me. You can’t ‘hunt shame’ me. I see who you are, I am taking note, I won’t excuse you, and I won’t forget.

  20. Once that I remember, in the quad in college. I just asked if the guy ate meat. He answered, “Um, yeah”. I told him he was the same as me, just too big a coward to pull the trigger himself.


  21. A normal thing for outdoor writers and other industry professionals, brother. I’ve known you quite a while now and was surprised that it had not happened previous to the Remington post. I wouldn’t say it happens to me regularly but it has happened quite a bit. Lots of keyboard warriors out there with no moral compass. Sad, actually. That said, I generally ignore them… or kill more hogs and predators in their names. After all, if they’re up for blood on their hands, maybe they should have blood on their hands. Once Susie threatened me… threatened to kill my wife and son like I killed “harmless pigs” and wouldn’t stop after I asked nicely numerous times. Reasoning with her from a data standpoint was futile. So, I started calling my hogs “Susies” and stacked them up in her name. I had let her know my intent beforehand and sent her photos of “her” kills while also filling my freezer. After a half-dozen or so, she left me alone. Hope to see you again soon, brother! Hunt hard. Hunt often.

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