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What does a Texan carry to a black tie affair? If you’re Guy, you carry a classic Browning Hi Power. In basic black. See what else he packs at formal events at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. Very nice handgun and definitely a classic! Too bad it is hard to dryfire practice if you don’t make an illegal modification to remove the magazine safety. Very nice piece, still.

      • Disabling a safety feature on a handgun is a felony because handguns are tested to be on the approved roster with that feature. Miss get be a CA only item, but cops take handgun safety seriously and have been known to prosecute people who pin down grip safeties on 1911s. It’s a shame to be barred from gun ownership because you were arrested for modifying a safety.

        • Don’t spout that unless out can give the actual law and a case number where someone was actually prosecuted

        • “cops take handgun safety seriously and have been known to prosecute people who pin down grip safeties on 1911s”

          Oh really? Well, first of all cops can’t “prosecute” they can only file charges. And second, I seriously doubt that any DA has ever prosecuted someone for pinning a 1911’s grip safety. Care to cite us some cases?

  2. I wish I could pull off carrying something that heavy and bulky without it printing ferociously in my formal wear. I can barely hide an NAA guardian in my tux, for crying out loud. Shoulder holster is a no go in my particular situation.

    • What do you mean? I’m getting tired of all these kinds of pistols like the BHP, which are actually nice to look at, hogging the everyday carry pocket dump spotlight. Why won’t they ever show a pic of a Glock? 😉

  3. To Binder and Dave R who spend their days memorizing cases:
    Prosecutions of people who violated handgun roster are heard from police types on occasion. Just because they don’t cite name/SSN/case number does not mean these cases are made up. I personally saw a cop at a Bay Area range who checked out a shooter’s IPSC rig make comments about illegal pinning of the grip frame. There is also a case of another Bay Area incident where a cop considered a bullet button AR tone an assault weapon; Bay Area cops are ready to prosecute gun crimes more than most places.
    Talk to cops, and you might be surprised at what they will pursue.

    • You really need to stop using the word prosecute when it comes to what cops do–police have the authority to arrest and file charges. That’s it.

      And ok, so you can’t cite any cases that were prosecuted by the DA?–then how about simpy citing the statute(s) by which a police officer can arrest you for pinning a 1911 safety or disabling a magazine safety on the HiPower?

      • I am neither a cop not a lawyer, but I have friends and neighbors that are cops and they tell me stories. I asked a retired CHP friend and he said that “it’s common knowledge” you can’t modify handguns that are on the roster and told me it is Prop 63. Googling Prop 63, I see assault weapon and magazine regulations but nothing on pistol mods.
        While my legal research skills suck, making obvious mods to your pistol is likely to attract police attention at the range and get you harassed. The two ranges near my house both let cops shoot for free so you see cops on the range regularly; last fall I saw a guy showing off his home built 80% AR with a bullet button get questioned by a plainclothes cop waiting for a range about ghost guns.
        Bottom line, it is best to avoid doing anything cops “know” will still get you harassed maybe even arrested.

        • If you’re in the Bay Area, then I believe you have good reason to fear harassment, arrest, and possibly even prosecution for Making modifications to your firearm. Large metropolitan cities in CA seem to love to harass, torture, and suppress law abiding citizens while giving free reign to actual criminals.

          Most Americans have nothing to fear when they make changes to their personal property. I pulled the mag disconnect outta my LC9s as soon as I got back from my first range session. Never once worried about ‘legal consequences.’

          California sux. The fact that the land itself so amazing in so many ways makes it even worse.

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