TTAG TV Show: Dan Bags a Buck

Saying Jews aren’t into hunting is like saying Sarai Givaty isn’t into deep-fried mozzarella sticks. Ah, but does the Torah forbid it (hunting, not deep-friend mozzarella sticks)? What do I look like, a rabbi? Suffice it to say, if there is a hell Dan’s headed there. Our main man bagged a nine-point buck earlier today. Though he may be damned by both PETA and members of The Tribe, Dan seems as pleased as punch. Although not so pleased with the subsequent butchering. All of which Nick caught on camera. With this milestone achieved, we should have the TTAG TV pilot wrapped-up by the SHOT show in mid-January. Meanwhile, I found this advice for Dan at “Whether because there is an actual prohibition involved, or because it runs contrary to the morals and values taught by the Torah, hunting is not a good sport for a nice Jewish boy or girl. Try basketball.” Dan. Basketball. Now that’s funny!