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Later today, I’m going to hold my nose, cover my ears, block my eyes, and vote for Donald Trump for president. But that’s me. The percentage of the American electorate who “vote their guns” is relatively small. I’m reasonably sure you know people who couldn’t care less that Hillary Clinton is hell-bent on reversing Heller — and what that would mean for the safety and security of the American people. People who vote on other issues. (Yes, they exist.)

Have you convinced anyone in your social circle who isn’t a gun voter to cast their ballot for Donald J. Trump? Whether you were successful or not — and please share the outcome — how did that conversation go? Did you talk about guns or other civil rights issues, or simply point out that Ms. Clinton is the head of a criminal pay-for-play enterprise, engaged in money laundering and extra-legal communications with her network of spies, sycophants, and customers?

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  1. I didn’t, but apparently Adam Conover from ‘Adam Ruins Everything’ did. During his election special (which proved that he is a total Hillary shill) he kept comparing Donald Trump to Lyndon Johnson. About halfway through, my girlfriend (who was going to vote for Gary Johnson) said “Welp, he convinced me… I’m voting Trump.” After I asked why, she said “Cause LBJ sounded awesome and it would be cool to have him back in office.”

    No, it didn’t make any sense to me either, but Chef don’t judge.

  2. I still wish ‘Giant Meteor’ or ‘Armageddon’ was an option, however I settled for Trump.

    And no, I didn’t convince one soul to vote for him.

  3. Yup, had a buddy of mine who said he didnt want to waste his “V-Card” (first time voter) on this election. We drank some Woodford, watched Clinton Cash and he was spellbound for a minute there. After that, the overwhelming feeling that she is pure concentrated political evil crept in on him and he then asked me why this wasn’t all over TV and the internet everywhere haha.

    Man I am a nervous bastard today, time for a Whataburger.

    Someone showed me this vid last night, only intelligent thing Moore has ever said imo.

    • WARNING: that video has F-BOMBS and is not suitable for work or children.

      Aside from the F-bombs, that is actually an outstanding commentary and analysis. I did not think Michael Moore had the slightest shred of intelligence or truth. Now I know different.

      • If children can handle transgender bathrooms in school they can handle a few F-bombs.

        If they can’t then fuck ’em. Toughen up buttercups. At 18 the real world awaits and it’s a lot harder and nastier that some salty language.

  4. My state is so Red you could bar 3/4 of the republicans from voting and bus all the democrats to the polls and give them 2 votes each and the Electoral College would still give the state to Trump. That being said, his stance on No Fly, No Buy and his other exhortations on reducing the rights of Americans stops me from ticking his box.
    Never Hillary, that’s a gimme, but no, no argument could sway me to vote for Trump considering my state will not go to HRC either way. Those in battleground states will have a harder time I’m sure. I chose liberty with my ballot, bless all of you who voted your conscience, regardless of the end result.

    • Yeah I’m in a battleground state. Wrenched my soul trying to figure out who to vote for. I would appreciate if people would make this an easier choice next go-around. :p

    • I’m in Washington, where Clinton is all but guaranteed ten of our twelve electoral votes (apparently some of our democratic party electors would rather pay a $1000 fine than vote for her in December).
      If I lived someplace where Trump had even a slim chance to win, I might have voted for him (I’d have to keep a barf bucket handy though). But I voted for Johnson instead.
      If a third party candidate gets at least one electoral vote (and there are electors out there who are not going to vote the D/R party candidate), and prevents Trump and Clinton from getting 270, then it goes to the House to decide. Also, if a third party gets 5% nationally, then it becomes a major party, which helps break the republicrat false dichotomy going forward.

  5. Sorry, Farago, this is going to be off topic. I never understood single-issue voters. “Voting your guns” (in either direction) in a two party system in which one side has the perception of pro gun and the other anti (No, Barack Obama was never going to take our fucking guns gg no re) gives both parties free reign to shit all over your other values. In a sick way, if a majority of Americans voted based on their views on the 2A, it would basically pave a path to needing the 2A to deal with the steaming pile of shit of a government we elect as a result of ignoring the other pressing issues we face. If I had my druthers, I’d have voted for Sanders today, but the DNC pushed him out in favor of an inferior candidate. I think Hilliary actually is more likely than Obama to do something on gun control and it’s probably going to be something I strongly disagree with, but I still don’t believe shes going to take our guns. Trump may be more aligned with me on guns, but he’s a pathetic, disgraceful human being. His contempt for the objective reality of his previous actions and words paints him as the worst type of politician. That far outweighs any single issue imho.

    • “If I had my druthers, I’d have voted for Sanders today, but the DNC pushed him out in favor of an inferior candidate.”

      And you don’t think we already have a government that’s a steaming pile thanks to the DNC?

      • Don’t forget the RNC.
        They pushed changed the rules for how primaries award delegates after 2012. Their preselected candidate was taking too long to get through the system, because people had the audacity to vote for another candidate! That’s how Trump was able to get all the delegates with a third of the votes, and their little trick backfired spectacularly.

    • I don’t understand multi-issue voters. Nobody is going to match up with all of your views so single-issue is really the only practical way to look at elections.

      A pothead friend of mine asked me why I wasnt voting (locally) for the legalize weed candidate and my reply was I can’t use pot to keep somebody from taking my guns but I can use my guns to keep somebody from taking my pot.

      Nothing can be used to keep others from taking any of your property or liberty other than a gun. If you want a polyamorous mixed gender pot farm on tax free land the only vote that will get you there is the one where you keep yourself armed up.

      • Which is why I vote for Libertarians first, independents and Republicans second, and Democrats never at any level. I like my liberties, and that priority-voting order is most likely to help me keep them.

    • The right to keep and bear arms is a subset of the right to self defense.
      The right to self defense is a subset of the right to live, the right to exist.

      Think about that for a moment.
      If your candidate takes a position that essentially denies the right to exist of the citizens of the country, how can you trust them on any other issue?

    • There are issues and there are non-negotiables. Its a concept of context. If you are lulled to comfort by selling out your core to receive kudos on the window dressing then so be it.

    • I agree. Those ignorant comments about you’ll never get a perfect candidate ignores that governing requires facing many issues. What has demonized the 2nd amendment is that they ONLY vote on that issue above all the other things that most Americans find more important. You’re correct that Obama in 8 years never confiscated guns and never proposed or submitted legislation to take guns. Though Hillary might get through some restrictions, we don’t know that now, she has stated she believes in the second amendment. She couldn’t take away guns, or repeal the 2nd amendment even if she tried. I don’t own guns, but I’m against repealing the amendment

      • She believes in the second amendment? Is that why she says Heller was wrong and also favors Australian style gun confiscation. Hmm, we must be talking about a different Hillary here.

  6. Nope, but I think I may have convinced a lady friend to not vote for Hillary. I’ll count that as a win.

    • You’re the kind of misogynist that has Trump and his followers like you have ruined the Republican Party. With your words you better be prepared for many years of Democratic rule.

  7. I convinced myself and it took some work. Yes I’m serious. While I have always been #neverHIllary I had serious reservations about voting for Trump.

    Still do, but I did.

    • If you think this shitshow is going to end after today or this week, you are sorely mistaken. Whatever result we have will generate another massive media frenzy whipping up the 50% that lost into a compete hate-fest for the next 4 years. This ain’t over by a long shot.

      • BLM has threatened massive, wide scale riots if Trump wins. Some “militias” are threatening armed action if HRC wins.

        I’m glad I invested in companies that make popcorn. This is gonna be interesting.

  8. I cannot imagine how evil or pig ignorant a human can be to cast a vote for HRC. It tototally blows my mind.

  9. I didn’the have to convince anybody. The people I know we’re already voting for Trump. Although I did fight like hell to get them to vote for Cruz in the primary, to no avail. Hardcore Trumpers really seem to think that if he wins, it’s magic time! I voted Trump because Clinton makes me sick. What a disgusting, traitorous, piece of shit she is.

  10. Nope. I wasn’t even able to convince myself. But I did convince my wife, a lifelong Democrat voter, not to vote for Hillary…so there’s that at least.

  11. Nope. My circle is already in the anti Hillary group so no convincing necessary. My rebuffed attempts during the primary to convince people to vote for Cruz taught me to save my breath, theres no real dialogue anymore, just reactionaries and ideological straitjackets.

  12. No. Everyone has their reasons and are fairly well dug in that the other candidate is worse than the one they chose. For me, the fact that Hillary Clinton hasn’t received as much as a traffic ticket for her crimes is enough to oppose her. Justice in this country is dead if she is elected. Not that I expect Trump to anything for to help the POTG. At best he won’t do anything to make things worse.

  13. I didn’t have to convince anybody to vote for Trump. Hillary beat me to it.

    Then again, I don’t spend a lot of time around stupid people.

  14. I may have, lots of political talks with the co-workers.

    The MSM painted Clinton as sunshine and rainbows, painted Trump as (sic) “literally hitler”, It was a “No-Brainer”

  15. I didn’t think I was voting for Trump. But I did. So then I got in a fight with my wife over my own vote. (she didn’t vote, fyi). We got it worked out.

    I’m not sure I’d do it again even now. But I think I probably would. If Clinton’s stance and rhetoric on guns are how she treats anything else I have good reason to vote Trump. Then again you could say the same thing of Trump on a couple issues. SIGH.

    So no I didn’t convince anyone to vote Trump. I barely did myself. And I’m not even sure I did then.

  16. Trump is a goddamn sociopath and a classic narcissist. He ran repeated businesses in to the ground, and is only “successful” because of family charity, welfare and bailouts. He stiffs venders and friends alike. He is violently deluded.

    He is not fit to you a reservation at a Motel 6 from any one of you and yet you think he is fit to be the President.

    • And Hillary is better how? Because she’s ridden her husbands coat tails for decades? Because she’s from Arkansas, no wait, NY, no wait…wherever I need votes. Carries hot sauce in her purse, decries objectification of women and then invites ex crack dealer Jay Z to perform at a rally…take the blinders off….

      • Oh how I wish that was a qualification for voting…
        And add in some basic math for good measure:
        federal expenditures <? tax revenue
        entitlements debt = X * GDP; solve for X

  17. If I can convince a someone to vote for a person, somebody else can convince them in another direction. That’s not helpful, as we need individual citizens, not sheep. I did however encourage lots of people to engage, remind them that there is a curtain there for the reason of being able to vote for whomever they want, not whom they are told to. …as well as not to vote for anyone just because they think “everyone else” is voting for said person. Its useless to resist. THINK! REASON! DIFFERENTIATE! DISCERN!

    Thomas Jefferson IIRC was of similar mindset back in his day too. …something about an enlightened electorate being of extreme importance.

  18. No. No success in that arena.

    I did convince several folks that were Pro-Question 1 (in Nevada) to vote against question 1. It was all about demonstrating how ludicrous the ‘Temporary Transfers’ section was going to be. Particularly a few former military folks when I told them “Store your guns with someone while you are deployed? Jail.”.

    • Same here on the question one front. Easiest part was when hanging out with friends/occasional shooting buddies. I’d hand them a fire arm, and then immediately let them know they now have to pay a fine and/or go to jail. Amazing how quickly the wool can be lifted from people’s eyes when they realize the ramifications of what it is they want…

  19. First time I’ve ever cast a Write-In vote for POTUS. Luckily we had a solid core of down ballot Republican and reasonable Democrats that made the trip worthwhile.

    That and a bunch of State Constitutional Amendments to reject (one of which included a term for sexual self pleasure forsooth)!

  20. I convinced someone to not vote for Hillary. She was never going to be convinced to vote for Trump so I convinced her to vote her conscience and go 3rd party.

  21. Yes! I spoke with a Hillary voter at work yesterday. I asked him why and he came back with the usual main stream media pablum.
    I explained some things to him and found out we share similar values. He told me I made some good points.
    When he got to work this morning he told me “I thought about what you said, did some research and I’m now voting for Trump.” I’m still smiling. I got one!

  22. The older I become, the more I realize that I cannot even convince someone that sh!t stinks. The things that are blindingly obvious to me are a complete mystery to others. And the ensuing frustration in communicating said things is absolutely draining.

    So, to answer the posted question – No.

  23. This election is a farce. Here I am, actually registered to vote. I go to my actual polling location 1.2 miles from my home and vote. Once. I sign my name under the line and go. Name not on the list? No voter ID? No problem! Fill out this form and get your *provisional* ballot.

    Oh, and one more thing. My son is registered in 2 different states. What a joke.

    • ding ding ding!!!

      Anyone lacking the insight to realize that this is a mere dog-and-pony show to keep you thinking that you have some say-so in the matter is simply not worthy of trying to convince of anything.

  24. Convinced anyone? Nah…I’m just happy everyone in my household voted for donnie. This ain’t my 1st rodeo-I worked a bit for George feakin’ McGovern in 1972(all about Vietnam). Now it’s ALL about GUNS. And Donnie is (I hope!) way better than the Hildebeast…either way I’m spending every spare dime on guns/ammo. And to the retarded stating “she(or Odumbo) ain’t taking yer gunz” they sure as hell try!

  25. I did, I think have a large influence on my gym manager. He was going to vote hillary but I asked him and he said he would give it thought. He came back from voting yesterday and said he voted trump after talking to a few more people so maybe I got the ball rolling. I’m not a Republican by any means but I am a conservative mostly. I voted for most conservative issues except for pot and casinos (the Indian casino is 45 minutes away, shut up!) I voted for democrat judge but just because he’s local, reb is out of Chi town so he’s probably a Rino looking for a steeping stone. Overall I’m happy.

  26. I’m not sure that I did. But I did have a conversation with 2 NeverTrumpers I know, and I know I at least turned them into “I guess-Trumpers”. I just made sure they understood that in NC, they do not really have the luxury of principles in this election. Not voting for Trump because he isn’t a true conservative or Republican would only ensure that a definite liberal Democrat will win office.

  27. I did. I convinced a friend who was not going to vote at all (lame form of protest). Just needed to drop the “supreme court at stake” line. sighed heavily and turned Trump….

  28. All of you third party voters are absolutely stupid. A vote for anyone other than Trump IS a vote for Hitlery, PERIOD. If she and all her minons are so innocent, why did they need immunity? But, “…what difference does it now make..”, right? If she wins, it will be no one’s fault, save for the people who “couldn’t vote for her, but didn’t vote for him either.” Idiocy at its finest, thanks public school system!

    • Learn how the Electoral College system works. (You were complaining about the public school system? Pot, meet kettle.)

  29. I don’t bother trying to convince others. I’m not a big fan of Trump but voting for HRC is voting for batshit crazy.

    Sure, you can call him “the lesser of two evils” but when one of those evils is batshit insane on every single topic she’s talked about, I’ll take the “lesser” evil. I’d rather someone who might be incompetent than someone who’s semi-competent and has made clear that she hates the country, hates me and will sell the country out for a few more dollars that realistically she doesn’t even need.

    I mean, disarming Americans while intentionally importing unvetted Muslims while keeping the boarder wide open, mass amnesty with a path to citizenship (voting) for the illegals, apparently the highest taxes in the developed world aren’t high enough, the ACA on steroids until it implodes and then socialized medicine, gutting the military, [more] regulations out the ass, rank corruption at all levels smiled upon by the POTUS as long as she gets a cut… need I go on? Oh and probably a ton of unsecured “private” email servers so that all the intelligence services of the world know everything. At that point just post the nuclear codes on fucking Reddit.

  30. I think I convinced a dozen people to vote Trump when I laughed at the retards asking me to close my jacket to cover up my Trump t-shirt.

  31. I don’t know that I convinced anyone to vote for Trump that wasn’t already planning to, though I do know that anyone I encountered that planned to vote for Hillary lacked the mental capacity to be convinced of anything sensible and I didn’t even attempt to.

  32. Nope, and I didn’t vote for Trump either. I voted for Gary Johnson, the only candidate who cares about liberty and smaller government.

    • Me too.

      Pa’s going dem anyway, but if the libertarians get 5% of the vote they get federal money and easier ballot access. That’s really what motivated me, the desire to support maybe some long term chance to make this shitshow better.

  33. I teach concealed carry classes. I had one student – longtime liberal Democrat – who said yesterday that he had decided to vote Trump. He sees Hillary as a continuation of a corrupt, rigged government that favors the elites over people like him who work hard and want to get ahead.

    That’s the good news. The bad news is that we are in Illinois. Five dead Democrats in Chicago voted for Hillary at the same time he voted for Trump.

  34. No, I didn’t bother because – barring some revelation that Hillary is a human being – Trump has my redder than red state. What I did do is snag some magazines, a few guns on my wishlist, and ammo.

  35. I’m not that interested in shovelling shit. This will be the first time in 27 years not voting for a Republican presidential candidate.

  36. Managed to persuade my wife to vote for Trump just as we pulled up to our polling station in Congress AZ. She was going to vote for Johnson, but I successfully argued that every vote for Trump would help deny any Clinton claims of a mandate, should she win.

  37. I don’t hang out or associate with morons so NO. Trump will win Ia (which voted for the Kenyan Enuch twice).

  38. I convinced at least 4 to vote for Gary Johnson. 3 were Trump supporters and 1 was a Jill Stein supporter.

  39. Was going Johnson since my vote is throwaway in Minnesota. Ended Trump.because Gary’s VP is anti-gun. Got my wife to do the same.

  40. Any one who would vote for Tramp, sorry Trump, or Clinton have been drinking the Kool Aid. Trump is elected “We the People” are FRELLED But the Sheeple will not listen. The Sheeple will learn the hard way.

  41. Bunch of “principled” pansies. When the wolf was at the door you retreated to acting civilised. Yet you all still will benefit from a glorious Pres. Trump who has delivered all 3 branches of govt.

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