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I reckon national reciprocity would be the single most important change a Trump administration could make to America’s firearms freedom landscape. If all 50 states were forced (coerced?) into recognizing others states’ carry permits, the pressure to restore the right to bear arms in “no-issue” states like New Jersey and California would be intense. Sure, they’d resist; kicking and screaming doesn’t begin to cover it. But Trump’s trump card — a conservative-leaning Supreme Court — would trump disarmament. And gun culture would spread like wildfire.

Then again, there’s the Hearing Protection Act. If suppressors were removed from National Firearms Act regulation, firearms would make a giant leap towards consumer acceptance — not to mention increased safety. More people would buy guns, more people would shoot their guns. More guns, safer gun rights.

And speaking of the NFA, some gun rights advocates have their eye on repealing the whole enchilada. What’s your take on how President Trump should proceed to extend and defend American gun rights?

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  1. 1. National reciprocity.
    2. Federal firearms law preemption
    3. Rollback of the NFA
    3.1 Hearing protection act
    3.2 Remove SBR and SBS from NFA
    3.3. Open the machine-gun registry

    1 and 3.1 are going to happen fairly reliably. With a GOP Congress, it’s just a matter of brining it to a vote.
    2 will be hard, but doable
    3.2 and 3.3 will be best added as amendments to 1

    • Federal preemption is a double-edged sword. At some point the pendulum is going to swing to the anti-gun side again, and states that would resist won’t have a leg to stand on if federal preemption is in place.

      Although it might work if it simply means that states can’t be more restrictive than the federal government…still, more federal power always makes me nervous.

      • They don’t have a leg to stand on now. The idea that a state can somehow nullify federal firearms laws is absurd.

        • “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

          Layman terms: If the federal government isn’t given a specific power over a specific subject enumerated in the US constitution, and their actions are PROHIBITED by individual states, the federal government has no power to rule by fiat. There are no ands, ifs, or buts, they do not have the legal authority to act.

          States have every leg to stand on because the federal government was never enumerated the power to control arms in the second amendment. Instead the Second amendment reads as follows: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

          A right specifically reserved to the individual person.

          As for federal preemption. “This Constitution, and the laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof; and all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the United States, shall be the supreme law of the land; and the judges in every state shall be bound thereby, anything in the Constitution or laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding.”

          Layman: The COTUS and the laws and treaties of congress made in pursuance of (Inline with the COTUS) are the supreme law of the land, all states are bound by these laws and anything to the contrary in their State constitutions or laws to the contrary are void.

          You can not federally preempt a right enumerated in the COTUS as its not in-pursuance of the COTUS, its contrary to supreme law, and therefore null and void as being no law at all. States are only bound by federal law if federal law is not contrary to the COTUS. The federal government was not given the power to restrict the right to keep and bear arms and states have no legal duty to obey it if the federal government tried.

          My $2.00 (accounting for inflation).
          Disclaimer: I’m a layman, not a lawyer. Simple creature please.

        • Arc –
          I say again, tell that to New Jersey.
          That’s a really nice dissertation there, but it’s not worth the pixels you wrote it on in NJ.
          All gun control restrictions are unconstitutional, period. That certainly hasn’t stopped any legislature from enacting them.

        • Legal theory is all well and good, but the reality is that no state has ever nullified a federal gun restriction.

        • “Legal theory is all well and good, but the reality is that no state has ever nullified a federal gun restriction.”

          Well I guess that depends upon how you define nullify. In NJ and other liberal states, the transportation of firearms while in full compliance with FOPA will still end you in jail. They simply don’t care. You can then prove your innocence by using the affirmative defense. However, the outcome of that depends on how liberal the judge is. This is how I define nullified.

        • Gman, you’re talking at cross purposes with Mr. Serge.

          He said that no state had ever nullified a federal firearms *restriction*.

          That’s a federal restriction on our 2A rights he’s talking about. And he’s right. No state ever said “we’re going to nullify GCA 1968”

          Passing additional restrictions at the state level doesn’t nullify any federal restrictions.

      • I am inclined against promoting any more Federal involvement in gun-control/-rights than is absolutely required.
        National Reciprocity (NR) is one required step that can be justified constitutionally under the full-faith-and-credit clause. NR serves a really important long-run purpose: inoculating the populous blue States against their hoplophobia. The 2A must be defended at the polls. Neither SCOTUS nor a Senate or any President can defend the 2A against popular opposition.
        So long as we can maintain a tradition that intra-State gun law is a State prerogative – subject to the 2A – we make it much harder for a Federal Congress to infringe deeply. Conversely, we make it much easier for each given State to infringe. We need to play the long game. The 2A will not be completely extinguished until, say, Alaska becomes the last to fall. Bloomberg was forced to take his UBC campaign to the State of Washington, etc. to carry on. He faces a very long slog; and he will suffer reversals. We should want to make it as difficult as possible for him.

    • I’m good with all of the above except maybe opening the machine gun registry. If the registry was opened, eventually someone would use a machine gun and go on a mass shooting and the anti’s and media would jump on that like flies on you know what. If such a shooting happened, it would undermine gun rights as a whole.

      Let’s start with common sense gun reforms, namely a National CCW or constitutional carry and removing suppressors, SBR’s, and SBS’s from the NFA. There’s nothing inherently dangerous about a person from Texas carrying a pistol with a shoulder stock that has a suppressor attached in an IWB holster in Times Square. There’s nothing extremely dangerous about a short barrel shotgun that a man wants to use in his small, cramped home to get the best advantage possible to defend his castle.

      • I don’t think it will cause as much of a problem as you think.

        1. The media doesn’t know dick about the difference between “assault weapons” and actual machine-guns.
        2. Since the NFA has been a thing, exactly two NFA registered machine-guns have been used in a violent crime.

        I’m not quite at the “get rid of the NFA” absolutist stage. I think that it is quite reasonable to keep track of heavy ordinance and automatic weapons provided the process is streamlined and easy to follow. It also keeps the straw purchaser problem completely out of the equation.

      • If you dont like select fire or full auto then dont buy one. there is no need for you or anyone else to have any say so in what another man does with his life as long as it is not affecting you.

      • If that were the case, we would see some of these lunatics using suppressors or SBR’s. NFA items are never bought and used in crime. Pretty sure the only times it ever occurs is if the NFA item is stolen and then used by the thief.

        These psychos and terrorists know that semi-automatic rifles are not substantially less lethal than fully-automatic rifles.

    • Can’t agree with open the registry, except as a first step. That leaves the ATF in existence, I want it GONE, and not costing us billions for tyranny. Which means, repeal NFA in its entirety. If we run into a year when more than 10 people are machine-gunned, we’ll reconsider.

      • Guns, Bombs, Grenades, Knives, Hammers, Golf Clubs, Hands and Fists, are all deadly weapons.. The laws and regulations concerning ONE of these items will not stop a psychotic intent on killing..period.
        Assessing mental issues and responding with appropriate care goes along way toward stopping shooting sprees.. Criminals, as such, do not obey laws in the first place, so passing more gun laws is ludicrous…

      • All firearm laws need to be removed Federal, State and Local. Hopefully we will get some strong people on the supreme court and that will go a long way.

    • “With a GOP Congress, it’s just a matter of brining it to a vote.”

      You have WAY more faith in the Republicans than I do…

      I’m not holding my breath on any gun laws being rolled back at the Federal level. It won’t be a priority for Trump or the GOP-led Congress, so I don’t expect it to happen.

      • Unfortunately, I think you are right. We’re talking about a guy who supports no fly-no buy with a mainstream Republican congress and we expect repeal of the NFA?

        • What exactly is the hearing protection act can somebody explain this in layman’s terms to me this is the first I’ve heard of this.

        • Removing suppressors from NFA regulation and federal preemption of laws concerning suppressor ownership.

        • I hope you’re right, pwrserge. But my relationship with the Republican party is a case of “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me consistently and repeatedly every single time I expect you to do the right thing, shame on me.”

      • Agreed. The establishment republicans have pandered to the “gun lobby” in order to win votes. I don’t think most of them will come out swinging for the fences on the issue. Really, they have never done much of anything unless pushed. No doing anything can be both good and bad.

      • I agree and I have a bunch of guns and ammo, that I want to keep.. Trump, having risen to the POTUS role has actually alienated many people in the GOP, but who cares! he, essentially, was a third party candidate (just endorsed by the GOP) who won by getting the silent majority off their a$$es and out to vote.. and for the simple fact that he is NOT a career politician intent on grabbing all the money-bribes he can while in office{like all the others it seems}
        He will do what he perceives the people want him to do… not what other politicians want him to do!

    • Total agreement with your selections, and even the order of implementation. It’s what I was thinking this morning before I even looked at TTAG.

      Add to that:
      1. Free ammunition for personal training
      2. Put Eddie Eagle back in schools
      3. Qualify more guns for sale through OCM/CMP
      4. Dump the 922(r) requirements that make us throw away perfectly good gun kit parts and replace them with substandard USA made parts.

      • “Free ammunition for personal training”

        Buy your own ammo, mooch. Don’t force other people to buy it for you.

        Your other suggestions are great, though.

      • I will assume you are joking about free ammo.
        Eddie Eagle back in schools; now, that’s worth having a “conversation” about.
        Congress has no Constitutional warrant to legislate about education; with one exception. It has the power to prescribe the “discipline” for the militia. The several States have the responsibility for training the militia according to that prescribed by Congress.
        If it is so that children need gun safety – and I take no position whether this is a national priority or not – then Congress can act. I take militia “discipline” to include, e.g., the “four rules”. For little ones, it includes: “stop”; “don’t touch”; “run away”; “tell an adult”. I hold that it is fit and proper for Congress to begin a debate as to its duty to prescribe the discipline for the militia and to fund – from the Federal Treasury – the States to implement such training.
        Certainly, a place to start the discussion is Eddie Eagle for elementary school aged children and the four rules for junior high aged students.
        Should we and our national, State and local organizations take the lead in prompting our Congressmen to promote this idea? Would we not, thereby, discover whether gun safety really is a national priority? Would we not solicit the arguments, both pro- and con-, as to whether some such prescription and training is a worthwhile expenditure of public funds? Would we not learn, more precisely, who it is that is genuinely interested in gun safety and who is not?

        • Repeal all gun-free zones that pretty much sums it up. Plus pool the federal funding for the batfe and make them a state-run agency restricted by the governor get rid of NFA requirements for fully automatic machine guns. That way we can buy brand new machine guns off the shelf 4 Less Than 25000 ridiculous dollars come on for a $1,200 rifle your pay 25 to 30 Grand. And get rid of all that bull crap that Obama put in through executive order no more infringement on the Second Amendment please. And make it so no future presidents or politicians can ever touch the Second Amendment again without strict penalty.

    • Get RID of the IRS. Also Disband the ATF and make firearms and related supplies 100% tax exempt, both federal and state level.

      “These rights shall not be infringed (eh-hem taxation is infringement)”.

      • I’m not sure I can agree with that.

        Certainly any special tax on such items is an infringement, especially if it’s a huge tax.

        Taxing it the same as everything else? And hitting it with the same sales tax you pay on TVs? Probably not. Much as I wish I could agree.

    • Undo all the EOs and crap Obama and his Justice Department have done, along with GCA68, so we can get cheap Russian and Chinese stuff.

    • Don’t forget… Reverse President Obama’s executive order blocking the return of ~86,000 M1 Garands from South Korea. Get our beloved rifles back to the CMP ASAP.

    • How about a throw away demand? Repeal the Lautenberg Amendment. Since when do we deny fundamental civil rights over misdemeanors. If the abuser is a repeat offender, it is a felony anyway.

    • Look its real simple for me. I think 20 years is long enough back into “your” history for a background check.
      I’m 60 now, but back when I was 20, I caught a felony weed case. I, since have been a law abiding citizen. I had a top secret clearance in the army as a special operator, and am well trained in the use and safety of weapons.
      I still can’t “legally” own a weapon. 40 freakin years later. That’s wrong!!! Heck I haven’t even had a ticket in over 30 years.
      1 stupid mistake 40 years ago, and I can’t protect my family or my grandbabies. That in itself is un-American.

      • zathrus56; Actually you can if you go through the process of getting your rights restored. I have a friend going through this now in Arizona. He had a pot bust in 1988 and even did some time for it in Nevada.

        It’s going to cost him several thousands to do it, but more importantly you need to find a law firm that specializes in this area.

        “Seek and ye shall find”. No joke

    • Repeal 922 r compliance on imported guns. Allow legal citizens to own whatever cops can use against us. So as to curb the militarization of the police force.

    • No permit CCW or partially concealed weapon but must qualify. If the county requires a permit, it must be free.

    • I strongly believe that every law abiding resident should be allowed to carry open or concealed after some serious gun safety training and clean background check. I have heard that some cities where this is allowed have an extremely low crime rate.

    • I would love to see the public be able to pay $200 to be able to register a new machine gun so that select fire is not only available to those that will shell out $25,000 or more for a select fire AR, MP5, etc.
      There would be a few angry machine gun owners after the value of their machine gun plummeted from $25K to $500 but its time that the average Joe can get one without having to have the CLEO butt buddy sign off for a post sample.

    • Please let’s repeal the illegal unconstitutional Lautenberg Amendment. I’m a Afghanistan veteran who unfortunately has lost my rights because of this. I had a woman prosecutor, a woman judge and 11 women on my jury was this fair? All I did was threw something on the ground after I was slapped and my VA medication was thrown across the room and I was told to go shoot my self in the head. I’ll never see her again and I don’t want to i live hundreds of miles away from her all I want is to exercise my second amendment rights. I feel like I fought for everyones rights when I was in Afghanistan only to have mine stripped away for a misdemeanor. True Domestic assaults are real and should be a felony. Not this he said she said minor spats.

  2. Need to do National Reciprocity or better yet, Constitutional Carry nationwide. One step at a time. We have 8 years now to get it done.

    • NEVER count on a second term. In this case especially; a lot of votes Trump got weren’t for him but were against rewarding a lying, manipulative corrupt elitist for being a lying, manipulative, corrupt elitist. If the Democrats had had an honest, forthright, humble candidate Trump would have been trounced — and they now have three years to find one such (just as an example, a Warren/Wyden ticket would be quite effective, as neither has built up anywhere near the well-deserved animosity Clinton had). Further, a lot of Trump votes were from the “little guy” looking for someone to take on the powerful, so unless Trump comes down on the current favoring of the wealthy and corporations by the tax structure, he’ll lose every one of those votes fast. Finally, one of the biggest points against Clinton was that she was linked to Obama, under whom the national debt increased by some six trillion, so Trump is going to have to at the very least not increase the debt, something his stated policies come very, very far from doing.

      • I agree, and need to point out that Donald has not promised to run in 2020.

        OTOH, fine points of the tax structure will be unimportant in 2020 if we have an economy growing at 4-5%.

      • Not to mention, Trump seems like the kind of guy who will get bored with the job pretty quickly. If he’s not getting enough ego-stroking, he might not even run for a second term.

      • Whacky Warren? HS … that is only one step away from the HillDeBeast. I was thankful the DNC didn’t put her on the ticket as the VP this time around.

    • Don’t get cocky. There are two years until the next election. Reciprocity and the Hearing protection Act can be passed in that time.

    • We already have national constitutional carry. It was ignored and infringed essentially while the ink was drying on it.

  3. We really need to make silencers like mufflers no NFA bull crap should be needed to purchase a silencer or suppressor.

    Second they need to open up the ability for law-abiding citizens of this country to own fully automatic machine guns and not the ones that have been left over from the 1980 s and 1986 and previous years but the new technology I should be able to go down to my gun store and purchase a machine gun that was just made by Colt or FN and go out the same day and go to the range and have a blast with my son.

    Ammunition costs and prices I hope will regulate now that the demand has subsided a tiny bit with people prepping for Hillary. I would like to see manufacturing companies of ammunition increase and expand their operations now that they know they have at least 4 years of safety.

    This makes sense because now we have more Shooters out in the field and at the ranges shooting more ammunition we need bigger manufacturing plants and I’m sure Donald Trump will back that like no tomorrow he’s all into bringing more manufacturing jobs to the United States.

    Last but not least the Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms and explosives Federal agency needs to be knocked back to a state-run agency directly under the governor so that they cannot get away with anymore criminal activity like with Fast and Furious and the pawn shops they started up all over Florida Georgia Louisiana South Alabama they targeted the South-East because we are gun culture Supreme.

    Just my $0.10 worth you all see what you think of what you want to see come back into our power.

  4. Agree. National reciprocity, nullify all Obama EO’s on guns, consequences for states and elected officials do not support the 2A, and full repeal of the NFA/FOPA/Hughes. It’s time to regain all the ground lost since 1934 folks. We need to shove the knife in deep while the leftists are down.

  5. Reciprocity? That’s only effective for people willing to be treated like criminals in order to exercise a protected right, for the most part.

    How about national preemption, forbidding any state to have more restrictive laws than the federal government, or lose all federal funds? That would roll back the Californicators and their ilk in one full sweep!

    • Filibuster is a paper target. There is no Constitutional provision for it. The GOP can change the rules at their whim. The Demokkkrats threatened to do so with us, it’s time to beat them at their own game.

    • He was elected with an agenda, understood by everyone. Those who refuse to support that agenda do so at their own risk. They are all going to come up for reelection eventually.

      • Yes, to pursue an agenda that he spoke of as his platform. Now, then, he must take care to appear to act prudently and responsibly, fully within the scope of his limited powers as the Executive.
        Take a couple of items, say National Reciprocity and silencers. He spoke of the former; and, the latter is not terribly controversial. He can tell the leadership of each chamber to draft these two bills and bring them to his desk for signature.
        They may balk; of course. That is their prerogative.
        And, if they balk, the President could instruct his Treasury Secretary to reopen the MG registry for another amnesty period – very brief and reasonable, say 1 year – to bring into the bright light of registration all the illegal machine-gun receivers (lightning links, etc.) that have been fabricated by peaceful – and otherwise law-abiding hobbyists – since 1987. If Congress doesn’t fancy an amnesty then they can repeal the Hughes Amendment and begin collecting the $200 tax indefinitely.
        I think it was Al Capone who said something to the effect that: ‘You can get far more with a kind word and a [machine-]gun can you can with a kind word alone’.

  6. 1. Assault weapons ban
    2. Hughes Amendment
    3. May Issue Carry Laws
    4. Gun Registration
    5. High Capacity Magazine Laws
    6. Hearing Protection Act go into Law

    • Is there any pending/proposed federal legislation to prevent states from restricting magazine capacity?

      In NJ, we’re likely to get bumped from 15 to 10 next year once Christie (or Lt Gov Guadagno) leave office.

  7. Start small. National carry reciprocity is the most obvious and most likely.
    I would like to see all legislation preventing firearms importation undone as well. (sporting use clause, Bush sr. era assault weapon importation ban, etc). After that, test the waters and go from there.

    • I’m down, if it can be done. 2 years later make a big noise about what has changed, since it will be nothing, and start undoing other stupid laws.

  8. Passing the Hearing Protection Act should be doable. National reciprocity is, unfortunately, a non-starter for now, and complete repeal of the NFA is a non-starter forever.

    The first two years of Trump’s administration will be spent addressing Obamacare and other economic issues. Guns won’t be the highest priority.

    • Nah. Infrastructure and logistics.

      Building walls, draining swamps, moving people back to their homelands.

  9. Think bigger.
    The Constitution under Article 1, section 8, bestows upon the Federal Government the power to arm the militia, which is everyone.
    “To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the militia, and for governing such part of them as may be employed in the service of the United States, reserving to the states respectively, the appointment of the officers, and the authority of training the militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress;”
    The House and Senate, signed by the President, can simply make it Federal Law that all citizens have the power to open carry firearms and have firearms suitable for the defense of the United States, such as the AR-15 and sound suppression.
    The Federal Government could pass a law a saying all citizens can own fully automatic firearms.
    No State law could overrule this Federal Law, because its explicitly a Federal Power to determine how the militia is armed.
    Now is the time to preempt unconstitutional State laws than infringe upon the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

  10. Post 1986 Full auto firearm ban. It was a 4 sentence POST-Voting add to the legislature by none other than EXTREME POS MF Charlie (I sh_t daily on my military record) Rengel – evil (D) NY.

    “In the morning hours of April 10, 1986, H.Amdt.777 Amendment passed the House by voice vote, and the House held recorded votes on three amendments to FOPA in Record Vote No’s 72, 73, and 74. Recorded Vote 72 was on H.AMDT. 776, an amendment to H.AMDT 770 involving the interstate sale of handguns; while Recorded Vote 74 was on H.AMDT 770, involving primarily the easing of interstate sales and the safe passage provision. Recorded Vote 74 was the Hughes Amendment that called for the banning of machine guns. Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.), at the time presiding as Chairman over the proceedings, claimed that the “amendment in the nature of a substitute, as amended, was agreed to.” However, after the voice vote on the Hughes Amendment, Rangel ignored a plea to take a recorded vote and moved on to Recorded Vote 74 where the Hughes Amendment failed.[9][10] The bill, H.R. 4332, as a whole passed in Record Vote No: 75 on a motion to recommit. Despite the controversial amendment, the Senate, in S.B. 49, adopted H.R. 4332 as an amendment to the final bill. The bill was subsequently passed and signed on May 19, 1986 by President Ronald Reagan to become Public Law 99-308, the Firearms Owners’ Protection Act.” –



  11. All of them:
    “The second amendment to the United States Constitution means what it says. No government at any level may impede the rights of the people to manufacture, acquire, trade, sell, purchase, own, possess, or carry weapons, ammunition, and related products. All laws doing so are hereby repealed. Violating this restriction shall be a felony.”

    Too much?

    • How about a constitutional amendment saying simply “the second amendment means exactly what it says. It shall not be interpreted, on pain of death.”?

    • I respectfully submit to the community of the PotG that we are much better off by sticking to the text of the 2A. It does not include any words such as: “absolute”; “reasonable”; “common-sense”. Talking about the 2A using any such terminology merely invites the Antis to play the game of introducing new words into the text.
      The key phrases of the 2A are: “the Right”; “the People”; “to keep and bear”; “arms”; and, “infringed”. What exactly do these words mean? The Congress and the several States’ legislatures can pass all the “gun control” they like provided that their bills pass the test of these words.
      In this context we can ask whether a woman, 21 years of age, who is a citizen, has “the Right” to openly carry, e.g., a derringer, on the streets of the District of Columbia or New York City. Under what circumstances? Only if she be the First Lady or wife of the President-elect? What if she be merely a sales-clerk? Or on public assistance? Do the applicable circumstances constitute an “infringement”?
      Just imagine the progress we would make in understanding the scope of the 2A – in very practical life-preserving terms – if we could carry on a civil “conversation” about just these questions.

  12. First? But there’s so many.

    Assault Weapon Bans
    Hughes Amendment
    Chinese import ban
    Russian import ban
    GCA1968 ‘sporting purpose’ import restrictions
    LEOPA 1985
    Re-open the machinegun registry
    Repeal NFA restrictions on silencers and short barreled rifles
    Repeal the rest of the NFA

    • Agree!! I want my Russian and Chinese guns back!!

      If you don’t like them then don’t buy them but don’t tell me how to spend my money nor hide behind cowardly government bans. If American guns are the best then they don’t need these bans unless you are insecure.

  13. Well, lets look at what he can realisticly do that wouldn’t cause an extreme liberal reaction, he could get rid of the silly import restrictions, (YAY parts kit at good prices, especially FAL kits and barrels again!), stop the ATF from changing it’s mind all the damn time on whats legal, maybe even clean up some of their crap maybe not, and national concealed carry reciprocity, though that will cause some backlash.

    Anything more than that small list is wishful thinking for the moment, maybe suppressors come off the NFA maybe not, though if enough good info goes out on them it could happen, same thing with SBRs and SBSs, I don’t realistically see the Hughes amendment going away, but I do think we could hope for and work towards another amnesty. Just my thoughts on it…

  14. I’m with what everyone else has already brought up and would add unblocking the importation of WW II rifles from South Korea.

    • +1 for mentioning that, we need to repatriate some of them M1 from the Koreans.

      Also repeal the sanctions on Russia so we can get Saigas again.

  15. I think the easiest putt is the HPA. For hearing safety and noise pollution. Most average people won’t even care about the change.

    Then SBR’s & SBS’s, because they are basically little different than pistols, and it’s easy to point out the absurdity of those being controlled any different than pistols. Similarly most average people won’t care.

    Hell I’d even still pay the $200 (but it has to go to cancer research charity); just reduce the wait time.

    The other stuff is easy to get people polarized about because they could be convinced it would effect them.

  16. ENN.



    …piece by piece, starting with supressors, then moving to SBR’s. Please and thank you.

  17. First: Hearing Protection Act. Then, repeal the Hughes Amendment and reopen the registry. My Form 4 for a drop-in auto sear would go in the moment it’s repealed.

  18. The first thing he should do is let most of the EOs not be renewed when he enters office. That doesn’t take any effort. 7N5 for all!

    Scalia’s replacement should be first and foremost thing he actively does. Heller needs the help.

    • Yeah the Supreme Court is well…supremely important. My #1. Donnie needs his feet held to the fire. GOD and guns got him elected. I am also thinking POTUS was a vanity project soooooo…

  19. Hearing protection act, simple, easy, and doable. Then national CCW reciprocity, mostly because I want to crush our enemies, and drive them before us, and hear the lamination of the Leftists!.

  20. How about coercing California into complying with the Constitution? Have the federal prosecutor go after the CA attorney general for a consent decree?

    • I agree with you 100% also I would like to see no more gun-free zones those are the most retarded thing ever created like a criminal is going to stop his intent violent crime because there’s a aluminum sign on a steel rod saying this is a gun-free zone the mirror definition of the word criminal is one who doesn’t follow the laws. More political correct bulshit.

      Yeah I also forgot about the short-barreled rifles and short barreled shotguns that needs to go away as well the tax stamp that’s retarded Canada you can own a short-barreled shotgun or rifle without any type of registration or anything like that they’ve never had any problems with that issue blowing up into a massive crime wave as the Democrats like to put it LOL.

      But yeah California needs to be handed a Supreme gun restrictions and ammo restrictions that don’t comply with the Constitution and the Second Amendment. California is absolutely ridiculous along with New York City as well he needs to stand up for the Constitution like he said he’s going to and tell the states that aren’t letting their legal citizens keep and bear arms New Jersey’s another one I mean these are armpits of the world except for California it is pretty nice there but New Jersey and New York City they’re kind of like s*** holes in my opinion I’ve driven 18 wheelers through both of those States and wasn’t impressed look like a huge mechanical rusting Wasteland.

        • We get people in our gun shop at least three times a month from New Jersey this last to wear a pair of women who were complaining about how Florida is so full of crime and violence that it drove them to come in to take a concealed weapons permit class and safety class and purchase to firearms. During this conversation on how New Jersey was so great I was bringing up the fact that Florida has a drug problem and a lot of these crimes that you’re talking about involved either gangs or drug-related offenses or drug-related people doped up during committing these crimes and the funny reply I got from them was as they acted as if they were proud of it New Jersey is the capital of heroin in the United States we know about drug problems I just kind of grand and laughed it off and sold them to Firearms. I said how’s it feel to live in a state where you actually have constitutional rights as I walk them out.

  21. 1. The hearing protection act.
    2. Federal preemption gun law. Law makers at any level should face heavy fines for violating anyone’s gun civil rights. This would put the term “gun civil rights” into law. It would force people to think of guns this way.
    3. Repeal all of the Obama gun control executive orders. (This really should be first)
    4. Go after the government people responsible for operations choke point and fast and furious. Send them to jail. Take their government pensions.
    5. Shrink the BATF to half its size, as a start.

  22. The EO’s on Russian imports can go away with the swipe of a pen! I see a fine new Kalash in my not too distant future, and in 5.45 too!

    • Let’s hope so! This would be one of the easiest things he could do to win some credibility with the Pro-Gun crowd that elected him. #BringBackOurSaigas #7N6Matters

  23. I’ve been contacting my rep and senators for a year about NFA repeal. Going to call the senior staff on Monday with maximum smug.

    Rep’s chief of staff told me it was “too hard” because Obama would veto it (and stumbled over himself when I pointed out the many bills he’s already supported with no hope of withstanding a veto) several months ago and evaded when I asked what I’d be told after Trump won (for what it is worth, the Representative is a Republican who publicly spoke against Never Trump).

    I managed to get to Rubio’s second amendment bill writer before the last recess and he was pretty interested. Let’s see how that works out. (Nelson is just a voice mail though.)

    Remember: No-guns think machine guns are already legal.

    • “Remember: No-guns think machine guns are already legal.”

      Jeez, I did not think of that. Submit a bill which requires all machine guns to be registered, which also, in the small print, makes machine guns legal. The fools would positively JUMP on the chance to stick it to gun owners, would never dream they were being had!

      • Why yes! That’s right; machine guns are legal; they have always been legal. Everybody takes this for granted already!
        We, the PotG should demand; DEMAND I SAY, that Congress pass a bill forthwith requiring the Treasury Department to collect the $200 excise tax on each and every machine gun transfer on and after the effective date of the law!
        Damned tax scoff-laws! Make them all pay the tax Congress passed back in 1934. Lord knows the Treasury needs the revenue to cover the $20 trillion national debt.

  24. Federal Constitutional Carry, all 50 states followed by repeal of NICS, GCA1968, NFA1934 and GCA1986.

  25. Abolish gun free zones. Unless adequate security is provided, it should be unlawful to disarm any law abiding citizen.

    Constitution carry nationwide.

    Put lawful carry in a positive light. No more shaming or being discriminated against because you carry.

    Businesses can no longer fire you for defending yourself against criminals. Businesses should be liable for not allowing lawful carry or equivalent security measures for it’s employees.

    Accountability and legal ramifications for anyone calling 911 or the police because people are ignorant of lawful carry.

    Re-education of the PD on lawful carry and the Constitution.

    Mandatory firearms training and gun safety for youth as well as active shooter response education. Eddy the Eagle style. Fighting back should be an option and not shamed.

    No more PC bull crap when it comes to mass shooters and terrorists. Call it what it is a deal with it.

    Formation of national militia. Similar to national guard. All firearms owners can join. You get legal representation, training, and are encouraged to be organized first responders.

    • The GFZ issue is a delicate one. It collides with the issue of the proprietary rights of a business; and, with State power to legislate on internal matters.
      There was a question as to whether Woolworth’s is a place of public accommodation affecting legitimate interstate commerce; and, by that pretext must serve all patrons well comported with social conventions. If we suppose that this question has been decided in the affirmative, then – it seems to me – that it must serve those who also exercise their Constitutional rights. E.g., by saying grace before eating or by bearing arms. But, I am not sure about this sentiment; and, moreover, others may have sentiments that hold proprietors’ rights as competitive.
      One thing, nevertheless, is clear. Post Offices are under Federal jurisdiction. Congress has the power to impose whatever gun control it chooses as respects Federal property; whether that property be a Federal prison or a Post Office.
      Congress could follow suite with Post Offices as it did with Federal Parks; i.e., provide that State law ought to prevail. If one is authorized to carry in State X, she may carry in a Post Office or Federal Park in State X. That ought to be a good first step in the right direction; i.e., normalizing Post Office carry in conformance with local (i.e., State) law.

  26. Really, I’d like to see any of the above. Seems like all action out of Washington has been negative toward the 2nd.

    I was planning on SBR’ing a rifle and picking up a suppressor this holiday. I’m thinking I should wait a bit. Maybe save myself some money.

    • Meh. It’s too much fun to wait. Hell, I’m thinking of adding a 12.5″ 5.56 upper, since it doesn’t require another stamp.

  27. National reciprocity would be nice; that said, flying with a firearm would likely still be a pain, and I would not want to be the first one to test my out-of-state CCW permit in New York or New Jersey.

    A big question here would be, does a state need to recognize out-of-state permits held by their residents? Say, can a CA resident with a Utah CCW permit legally carry in CA? If yes, it puts the hurt on CA, NJ and NY, etc. If not, as I would guess would be the case, it’s still a start.

    Re national preemption, be very careful what you wish for on that one. It can cut both ways, and the political spectrum will – not may, will – shift again, given enough time. National reciprocity takes care of much of what people would want federal preemption to do, without some of the inherent time bombs.

    • One goal we all should embrace is to ensure that no one will ever run on a gun control platform again. I thought Hilliary was a fool this time, and I am sure if she had left guns out of the equation, she would have won. Eventually they will figure out that it will lose more votes than it gains.

  28. The following things he could do without Congress, so he can do them at about 12:05 PM 20 January 2017.

    1) Repeal all EOs (Obama’s, Bushes’) re guns;
    2) Allow military to carry on base, declare that a holster is never cause to be “not in uniform.”
    3) Tell the post office it’s not allowed to declare the parking lot as part of the facility in enforcing the ban (which should be repealed, but that can’t be done by EO) on weapons in postal facilities.

    What everyone else mentioned are good legislative priorities, but congress will have to cooperate, which will take time even if they want to.

    • When has the post office ever enforced the ban? In the parking lot or anywhere else? I carry there every time I go.

  29. I have serious doubts he will do anything to roll back anti-gun laws. I have a sneaking suspicion he promoted second amendment rights to get elected and either could care less about the 2A or is anti 2A. I hope I’m wrong.

    • I don’t know man I think you might be wrong I spent quite some time at the NRA convention this last one with his son and we spoke on the subject of AR-15s the NFA laws on silencers and Ellen full auto machine guns for over an hour I spoke with him. I’ve been building AR-15 since 1988 and I would like to say I’m pretty familiar with Eugene stoners ultimate design.

      I talked to him specifically on Direct impingement AR-15 and M16 platform rifle the young man really knows what he’s talking about he answered a lot of questions that someone trying to fake it would not be able to answer specifics on internal parts and how they operate and torque settings and the speed the bolt carrier group pasta Moon two-cycle the AR-15 platform and the max speed the bolt carrier group can go before over gassing occurs.

      He was spot-on he knew quite a bit and I was very impressed. he introduced me to his father Donald I shook his hand and that was about the end of our conversation butt he seems to know enough about Firearms especially the M16 AR-15 Eugene Stoner platform rifle to get my vote which he did his father did and I’m sure you’re going to see some huge protections put in place for the entire Constitution especially the Bill of Rights the first ten amendments. With extensive protection to the second Amendment.

      His son went over this with me for about 20 minutes of are almost hour and 15 minute conversation on Eugene Stoner and the ar15m16 platform rifle. I have his email I am going to sit him a couple of pictures of some stuff I’ve been working on but let’s just hope for the best but I really think he’s going to make a big difference we’ll have to wait and see and make sure we keep the pressure on them to follow through with what they said including investigating the clintons and filing any charges that need to be filed especially with the paedophilia ism that both Hillary and Bill participated in in the Bahamas.

  30. -Take the NFA off the books ASAP. I recall prohibition went the same way much sooner.

    -DROP THE GCA68 “Sporting purpose” clauses and amend the law to never reinstate such horse crap again.

    -Sunset the ATF… roll certain responsibilities into the FBI and US Marshals/DEA/etc.

    -Define law specifically (vaguely) describing who constitutes the militia and what constitutes armed (any device using any propellant to launch a missile or projectile made of any materials which is intended to…) so the 2nd amendment couldnt ever be misinterpreted or stretched again. Include a national preemption within this law. This law could be bolstered by codified with originalist interpretation of “militia”, “arms”, and “infringed”, and should fully decree that any citizens in any state lacking a clause regarding the right to bear arms (if thats even a thing) in their constitution are covered by the new law (so take that Kalifornia Kommiekrats).

    -National preemption/forbid any ammo background checks or registries.

    -Constitutional Carry (define limitations) & national reciprocity (or federal concealed carry test — yay new taxes). Include clear requirements for travel with weaponry (including airlines so no CEO can be a dick with their own BS rules).

    -Some evolution of the civilian marksmanship program which includes military configuration weaponry and ammo issued to qualified members (regularly tested, buying in, volunteer, incentivized, etc). Rather than destroying arms and ammo, sending it off to the 3rd world, or sitting on it till it rusts, we should be training our militia. With the NFA out of the way, variants of the M4/16/mk18 or other models could be used till their natural service life expiration and therefore we’d extract as much value as possible from the initial investment. Even if the military isn’t confident in a repairable arm’s ability to enter combat, those refurbished arms could be used in familiarization and training.

    -IRS deductions for all ammo, range dues, and associated fees for the above

    -Rescind ALL EOs about ammo, parts kits, etc.

  31. Earth calling reality. Earth calling reality….. First. Removal of any gun control laws is low of the priority list and will go over like a turd in the punch bowl. We whined about political overeach for 8 years. And now folks think lets go free for all?? Gun missuse still is a problem and while a M-60 for every home sounds cool, lets not go nuts….. Nor is Trump a hardcore gun guy. He flip flops like a flounder on issues. Enjoy a Supreme Court pick. Enjoy a relaxing of import restrictions. But the idea we are going to a pre 1934 world is a wet dream.

    • The SCOTUS is the second thing I’m most excited for! (Clinton losing is #1)

      A constitutional SCOTUS rather than an activist left means I just might see the end of the war on drugs (War on American Civil liberties) in my lifetime. It means I just might see gun rights respected as they should be in my country.

    • That’s why you make it a high priority. Bug your congressman and senators office today and next week and demand the bill be introduced. Keep calling as long as you have to.

  32. I think we have a pretty good chance of getting surpressors off the NFA, and maybe even SBR/SBS off. Both of those are already freely available in countries with much more restrictive gun laws then the USA.
    Nationwide reciprocity should be in the cards, but I don’t know how likely it is due to big states like NY, CA, and IL howling like hell.
    Full auto would be excelent, but I don’t see that happening, maybe opening up the registry again would be a worthwhile goal.
    Ultimatly, yanking power from the ATF would be the best way to help us regain our 2nd Amendment right. Destruction of 4473s after 10 days and the destruction of 4473s already in ATF hands (from the closure of FFLs and the ones that are illegally copied during inspections) would bring them in line with federal law prohibiting gun registries. Also, the cutting of their funding when they perform coercive acts on law abiding gun owners.

  33. Well, one that would be relatively easy-peasy for him, and wouldn’t require him to tangle with the House or Senate would be passing an EO revoking any prior EOs banning the importation of semiauto rifles, pistols and shotguns, and ammunition (make it rain 7N6!) during his first 100 days.

    That’d serve to demonstrate that he’s serious about keeping his promises and help the consumer.

  34. I’m just wondering how many “POTG” will vehemently oppose opening up the machinegun thingy?

    For serious collectors that’s A LOT of money lost when your precious decade’s old worn-out AR15 lower trades at the same value as a polymer 80%…

    Cue the fudds, “gun owners against assault machineguns”.

    • I would bet money the number would be within spitting distance of zero. The guys who own them now can afford the cost, and would be quite happy to buy some more at bargain prices. Those folks are not poor, just hoping to make a killing selling their investment firearms, they shoot the damn things!

      BTW, I doubt many are worn out, you can replace every part of a legal MG, you know! And the parts cost is nothing compared to the cost of that registered #.

  35. Robert, you should amend the title to read:
    If you won the lottery, what would you buy?

    All of these posts are nothing but dreaming of a utopian society where rights really were rights. But, President Trump doesn’t have any political clout yet. Deals in DC cost clout. Give a little, get a little. The do nothing Republican establishment isn’t going to jump on the Trump bandwagon and support these pet projects. Assuming he really can apply the art of the deal, it will take time for him to get around to these issues. First, the ACA must die. But to repeal it, the right must provide a new plan that will be acceptable to the left. Good luck with that.
    Yes, I’m sick and tired of having to excise my car with a fine tooth comb to make sure there aren’t any errant brass thingies when I go see my 95 year old Dad in New Jersey. My blood boils that I must travel unprotected. But, I’m also sick and tired of the extra $6K/year I spend in healthcare since my company complied with the ACA in 2010.

  36. I’m not so big on national reciprocity. Remember that it was individual states that ate the elephant of concealed carry.

    I would rather see a national acknowledgment of constitional carry. The last thing I want is Federal oversight of CCW. Let’s do away with permitting.

    I’d be fine with repealing the NFA. Wouldn’t mind a Whippet Gun. Can’t afford full-auto anyway. No tax on suppressors would be dandy.

    • The popular path to NR is simply to force all states to recognize permits from all states. Of course that forces states with strict or no permitting to face the music and they will fight it all the way. But the recent SCOTUS ruling on same sex marriage is the precedent required to support this argument. Not that I think the SCOTUS should be forcing states to do anything in the first place. Yet the 14th Amendment the Interstate Commerce Clause gives the Federal Government the Constitutional authority to get this done and it would be a tough fight to beat in the courts.

  37. Maybe the HPA. Trump is way too law and order for anything else. You’ll see national stop and frisk before you’ll see national reciprocity .

  38. He will maintain the federal status quo. If national reciprocity makes it to his desk he will sign it but beyond that don’t get your hopes up.

  39. Maybe Ms. Healy in MA won’t be as bold in her attack on the 2A now that she will not be getting the appointment she had hoped for.

  40. Hearing Protection Act. I think even Trump could appreciate the benefit to hunters and rural property owners who want to not only protect their hearing, but also minimize bothering their neighbors’ cattle!

    Only consider federal laws and regulations that exist today. National Reciprocity would be a violation of the Tenth Amendment, and we have too many of those violations already. Besides, it will just never happen without federal regulations specifying the rules. That would be almost certainly used by the next Democrat president to limit concealed carry.

    Further, I would not push for any law that might be abused and therefore backfire on us. Full auto is one of those. A full auto Uzi or Thompson might be fun to shoot about once in three years, but it’s not worth it.

    • Actually, it would be a legal enforcement of the “due faith and credit” clause. You have no idea what you’re talking about. The same thing for federal preemption, basically saying that the 2nd amendment is a federal issue and states don’t get to pick and choose which parts of the CotUS apply to them.

  41. The real benefit we’re looking for is not legislation or exec orders. It’s a conservative, 2nd Amendment supporting nomination to the Supreme Court. That was the greatest threat from Hillary, and it needs to be done quickly and properly. Next, since Ruth Bader Ginsburg said she would resign and move to Canada, if Trump was elected, there will be another conservative justice appointment potential, all within the first six months.

  42. Is the Hearing Protection Act filibuster-proof? How’d the Dems get Obamacare through the Senate without a filibuster-proof majority? If they can get that monstrosity passed, then the Hearing Protection Act should be no problem.

    • Because filibuster is a paper tiger. The GOP is just itching to use the nuclear option to pass all bills with a simple majority vote. There is no constitutional requirement for a filibuster proof majority.

  43. Repealing or enacting law is time consuming, needs to be done but it will take a while.
    Meanwhile, what he could do right away is to direct the Justice Dept to investigate/prosecute those at all levels of governance whose actions infringe upon our 2nd amendment rights. Does the Brian Aitken case in NJ ring any bells? Seems that judge could use a bit of federal scrutiny.
    It’s time the anti’s should be the one’s worrying about the crazy laws they’re enacting & enforcing.

  44. This might be small potatoes compared to some of the other suggestions posted so far, but allow the carrying of firearms on Army Corps of Engineers controlled lands outside of hunting.

    • President Trump had already mentioned he was going to get rid of all the gun free zones including military bases and Military contractors operating for and with the military. He did mention that at the last NRA convention. He said if I remember correctly that we mandate our soldiers to be armed whenever they’re in a hostile environment but yet when we bring them back stateside we disarm them and deny them their constitutional rights after fighting for AR he found that very ridiculous and said he was going to definitely do something about that there will be no more terrorist attacks on unarmed soldiers in military bases anywhere. Good topic to bring up.

  45. Step one: get the supreme court to make a case that the 2nd amendment means that every single person above 18 years of age is or can be a part of the people’s militia and that the militia must have appropriate hand-held weapons. Every adult that is not a convicted criminal or mentally ill (like in he got all legal competence removed from him) should be able to own weapons for fun, sports, hunting, self-defense and to protect yourself from tyranny or any possible invasion.
    Rule the National Firearms Act and Firearm Owners Protection Act and all of that stuff unconstitutional. You want to have a short-barreled belt-fed supressed fully automatic machine gun with a mounted 40mm grenade launcher? Fine, got you covered, here it is (but you might have to sell your car…).
    I think we should be able to own any modern firearm, including simple destructive devices. Not Stingers and Javelins and other “smart weapons”, but anything that launches a conventional projectile without a computer in it, might it be a explosive projectile or not, should be legal to own. Maybe register the explosive devices, but make it affordable. And not a 200$ tax on every grenade, register your new m32 and then simply enjoy it. Nationwide concealed carry license that allows me to carry everywhere, wouldn’t even care if a safety test would be mandatory, it would be worth it. Oh, and another great idea: remove the gun free zone from every government building that does not have armed guards and metal detectors. And allow special authorisations where it makes sense, make the process fast and not too expensive when you want something special. Every good rule is easy, and might have some exceptions where neccesary (like, a 17 year old stalking victim should get a special ccw permit, and fast if she needs it. She can kill us all with daddy’s SUV, so she could protect herself as well. Maybe sent her to a weekend long practical firearm safety shooting course and then call it a day.)

  46. 1. Remove suppressors from nfa
    2. Repeal Hughes
    3. Repeal GCA
    4. Repeal NFA

    National carry is a new law, not a repeal of existing federal law. Be pushing for that at the same time as step 1.

  47. I hope California gets constitutional carry. This way I’ll be able to protect myself from all the racists and bigots.

  48. Go through all existing executive orders, not just Obama’s and not just those pertaining to firearms, reconsider the lot and cancel the silly ones.

  49. Repeal of NFA, and GCA (w/FOPA is legally necessary). Thats all I want. Nothing else matters. National reciprocity is a convenience feature next to NFA/GCA.

  50. Some relatively small steps that would have major consequences – and might fly under the radar:

    1. End the ban on Chinese and Russian weapons. Let them in the country.

    2. Let American rifles that are collecting dust in South Korea back into the country.

  51. A. Concealed carry reciprocity with an affirmation that a person with a CCW shall be allowed to carry any ammunition in common use (I gotta put that there because NJ would still arrest folks for carrying with hollow points). I also like the provisions in current versions of the bill that protects people from overzealous Gestapo agents.

    B. Assault Weapons Ban Ban. We ought to be able to pass a bill that affirms the rights of anyone who can legally own a firearm to own ANY firearm.

    C. The NFA needs to go away.

    D. Get rid of duty to retreat. And affirm that self-defense is a valid assertion unless proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

    These bills really need to be airtight and protect those who act in good faith. Remember that the NYSP and NYPD regularly ignore FOPA and arrest people who are legally traveling through their jurisdiction.

  52. National Reciprocity is one step that is too big to do all at once.

    So, what I propose is the following:
    In Western PA/NY, there are at least two counties that border each other that accept their respective permits within their borders. What I propose is to take this to the national level. If someone has a permit that works in a freer state, such as PA, it should work in the counties that border that state in the surrounding states as well.

    This will grant more time to adjust to the new regime for states like NY and NJ, and many large cities, such as NYC, LA, Silicon Valley, etc…

    That phlebotomist from PA that was brought up on gun charges in NJ would have been OK and not subject to arrest and prosecution if this was in-place.

    Take the land that is easy to take, and fortify. Then, after the forces are well-entrenched, take on the harder things.

  53. Let’s not forget outside the borders: The ATT. Complete, immedate revocation of John Kerry’s signature on the UN’s ATT. That’s the biggest time bomb. I can’t believe how many people have forgotten about that.

  54. I think Trump is a lot smarter than many give him credit, and since he likes to win, he will not go for things too radical for him to win. So my list is:

    1. Fill Supreme Court vacancy with Justice who is, among other things, 2A-friendly.
    2. National CCW reciprocity. It can be “strictly” written. Thus, when in NY, you have to follow NY laws. But NY cannot unilaterally nullify your PA or wherever permit. Expand from there. I expect that if such a law would be passed, literally all Sheriffs outside of NYC and close by would turn NY into a de facto shall issue state.
    3. Strengthen and then strictly enforce the FOPA, especially the safe passage rule, to a provision which would allow a person to not just quickly pass through, but actually stay, in a state with stricter firearms laws, so long as the weapon remained unloaded and in the trunk of the car. I am thinking of NJ, NY, MD, etc. here where a resident of another state may have a relative that they would like to visit, but would also like to keep a perfectly legal AK47 in the trunk. Really, you should have it unloaded anyway when transporting. It takes but a moment to push in the mag.
    4. Take sound suppressors off the NFA restricted list. If legal in Canada and places in Europe, why not legal here?

    Some of you would say, this is not enough. I would respond, it is light years ahead of where we would be 4 years from now if Hillary had been elected. It would also embolden people in NY, CA, and elsewhere with heavy restrictions to demand change in their own states, but this time with pressure and precedent from the feds to loosen the gun laws, not tighten them. Donald claims to be a negotiator, a “Handler”, if you get the meaning. With CA having legalized marijuana, he could choose to viciously prosecute in CA. And then make them a deal — you lighten up on the gun laws as specified right now, by my new Attorney General, and I don’t have the FBI prosecute your people as dealers. Kamila would scream till she passed out, but the deal would be done, because dope and the taxes from it are more important than gun restrictions.

  55. This’ll be buried – but the HPA is going to screw a lot of us in some states.

    In Colorado, suppressors are legal only so long as you have a ‘permit from the federal government’. The tax stamp counts as a permit. If that tax stamp can’t be had, it’s a felony to possess.

    We’re not the only state that currently has suppressors listed as “legal” who has the law worded that way.

    So the HPA being enacted would make new suppressor purchases impossible here, and also make them suddenly illegal in a few other states.

  56. *Deep breath*

    Day 1: President Trump signs his first “Drain the Swamp” Executive Order abolishing Operation Choke Point as to law-abiding gun retailers and assures the BATF, DOJ and FBI that any harassment of gun retailers or attempt to drive them out of business will now be specifically excluded from their job description with the result that governmental immunity will be waived as to any such conduct. Gun store owners denied credit lines, subjected to repeated audits without good cause or adverse findings, or otherwise being harassed may now sue agencies or entities which perpetrate such behavior.

    Day 2: Congress provides an updated version of last year’s Republican legislation, which was voted down by the Democrats. The law will provide due process to anyone denied the right to purchase a firearm due to being on any kind of federal prohibition list by requiring the agency or agencies who have placed that person on any federal list, including the no-fly list or any other list, to file a notice advising the person of their right to request hearing in the nearest federal court within two weeks of the denial. If the person whose rights are being denied files a response or requests a hearing within the time provided, then a hearing date and time shall be set, the DOJ or other federal agency who maintains the list or asserts cause to deny the right shall appear at said hearing and providing the judge with evidence of the reason for the denial. The hearings may, at the discretion of the presiding Judge, be closed or sealed for security reasons or within the Judge’s discretion, however the person being denied the right shall have the right to appear, the right to have counsel, and the right to confront their accuser, review the evidence and present any evidence in favor of their position. The judge shall have the discretion to sustain the denial of the right or to order that the right be permitted. On seeing that this is both fair and reasonable, the President signs the measure into law.

    Day 3: President Trump issues an Executive Order directing enforcement of existing law; to-wit: the BATF is specifically required to forward all instances of attempts to buy firearms which fail their background checks to the FBI and DOJ for further investigation and prosecution as appropriate.

    Day 4: Congress forwards a fully approved Hearing Protection Act for President Trump’s endorsement; he immediately signs it thereby making technology which is over 100 years old fully available to the public without registration, tax, or restriction.

    Day 5: Congress forwards a fully approve bill striking the “Short Barreled Rifle” class from the Gun Control Act of 1968 and removing the requirement contained in 18 U.S.C. Sec. 922 for a certain number of US manufactured replacement parts on foreign imports for President Trump’s signature. He signs, thereby removing arbitrary and pointless measures from the law.

    Day 6: Congress presents new legislation which requires all federal agencies to destroy records of ownership of guns which were not involved in crimes, confiscated in connection with lawful process, or seized due to violations of restraining orders. The measure also reminds the BATF that they cannot seize or retain records of firearms owners without warrants. Failure to abide by the law will result in termination of funding for the agency found to be in violation.

    Day 7: President Trump signs his own Executive Order entitled the “Lawful Firearm Commerce” order reversing George H.W. Bush’s Executive Order banning importation of so-called “Assault Weapons” and guns which do not pass the “sporting purpose” test, reversing Bill Clinton’s 1998 Executive Order banning importation of even more guns which do not pass the vague litmus test, reversing Bill Clinton’s 2001 Executive Order banning “assault pistols” and reversing Barack Obama’s Executive Order banning import of Russian and Chinese “assault weapons.”

    Day 8: Congress submits new legislation to correct the error of the Hughes Amendment to the Firearms Ownership Protection Act of 1986 and allow the manufacture, importation, sale, possession and transfer of newly manufactured fully automatic weapons to civilians subject to the registration requirements of the National Firearms Act of 1934. (Baby steps, people).

  57. The first should be the DOD prabition on carrying on military basis because he could literally do it on day one with an executive order.

  58. I’d like to see things like national carry but I fear such a thing would have all sorts of implications for federalism. An easier first step would be to ‘fix’ the NFA… start with short barreled weapons and suppressors.

  59. With the juice we have why not a federal permit that allows the gun owner to carry in he United States ? Why not federal pre-emption laws? What about legislating strict scrutiny by statute. And take silencers off the NFA.

  60. Trump is not gonna repeal a blessed thing. You all are so giddy about Hillary losing that you’ve lost your minds. Get real…….Trump doesn’t give a shit about gun rights.

  61. I would love a law that permits CCW holders immediate purchase of NFA items, no wait for ATF approval since we have already passed a background check. Since it is “only a tax” why do you have to wait ? Do you have to wait for approval when you buy a bottle of booze or a pack of cigarettes?

  62. Well, there’s a zillion posts, and before I get a chance to read them I just want to say if I were Trump I would press to ABOLISH the NFA of 1934, the GCA of 1968, reverse any Executive Orders relating to guns, and abolish the BATF. I would execute an Executive Order stating that Sales Tax cannot be levied on arms or ammunition.

    I would also seek to end all “sin” taxes, but then I may be a bit of a traditional Libertarian. (not as represented by the current Libertarian party.) In fact, I believe a true Conservative is more like a traditional Libertarian than a Republican is.

    Well, that’ just me.

  63. I understood the question to be about what the new President Trump should do FIRST to reduce existing gun control regulations.

    In consideration of that “FIRST” element of the question, he should immediately (first day in office) change the long existing policy that allows the agencies within the Executive Branch (which will then be under HIS management/control) to ban the carrying of guns on federal properties and in federal facilities, such as Post Offices, VA facilities, Social Security offices, and military facilities, and their parking lots/curtilage. Aside from the considerable inconvenience they cause, these policies needlessly make all federal facilities more dangerous “Gun Free Victim Zones.” This need not wait for any action by the Congress (which would be necessary to repeal any existing LAWS), because these foolish restrictions are entirely based on agency POLICIES, which, as POTUS, he would have the authority to change or revoke at any time, with the stroke of his pen. So, since he could accomplish this within the first 24 hours in office, this is the FIRST thing he should do. It would demonstrate his fidelity to the 2nd. Amendment and the gun rights constituency that was instrumental in getting him elected. Almost everything else mentioned above would require congressional action, and would therefore take considerable time to carry out; this would not. All the elimination of THESE policies requires, is an honest desire to honor the gun rights of American citizens and the will (or perhaps the cojones) to act.

  64. Gun Free School Zone must #1 recognize reciprocity [a start toward real] that is doable.
    National Reciprocity [must include the GFSZ]
    Post Office public areas. Postal workers armed at work is a postal workers union issue. But mail carriers should be armed as they were years ago.
    Corps of Engineers land, dams and water are off limits and that must change.
    Military personnel with two years service should be allowed to be armed on or off base.

    Some of this could be a Presidential Directive, some should be done by Congress. Congress should be in line with most of it. The post office, corps of engineers and military are certainly directive material.

  65. It is time to consider the status quo as daily burning crosses on our lawns, at our expense.


    18 U.S. Code § 242 – Deprivation of rights under color of law

    “Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or to different punishments, pains, or penalties, on account of such person being an alien, or by reason of his color, or race, than are prescribed for the punishment of citizens, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if bodily injury results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.”

    On January 20, 2017, have the POTUS announce that the Second Amendment means exactly what it says without exception, and that the DOJ will prosecute any and all that violate Second Amendment rights regardless of the source of the law – Federal, state, county, city, town or village. Then do it, while filing Federal legislation that day to renounce the laws that violate the Second Amendment. Instruct the various states, counties, cities, towns and villages that they must also comply or face the consequences.

  66. +++ Mr. President Elect Donald Trump – PLEASE – PLEASE Sir Re-peal The Un-Constitutional Ex-Post Facto Lautenberg Amendment MCDV Lifelong Fed Gun Ban for the slightest touching! “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED UPON” – Amen!!!+++

  67. +++ Mr. President Elect Donald Trump – PLEASE – PLEASE Sir – Re-peal Gavin Newsom’s 2A infringements in Ca.+++

  68. Mr. President, Congress. Do them all. Do them fast. Show the world you meant what you said. Save this great country.

  69. reopen the amnesty for declaring relics that are class 3. I am a police officer and occasionally I hear stories of Senior Citizens that pass away and LEO’s need to remove like old M2 carbines and other pieces of history / family heirlooms from the home for destruction instead of leaving them with the family of the deceased.

  70. I am all for repealing Federal Gun Control law.! I am opposed of forcing States to abide to any Federal laws, Now that we have Trump as President, it is still WE the People. Small government working for the people.

    If the government forces states to gun laws, then they will force other laws. States Rights is in the Constitution.

  71. How about instead of getting the soccer Moms and libtardsall over the country in an uproar over doing away with the NFA(Headlines: Trump and GOP Congress Legalizes Machine Guns, Your son and Daughter in Danger!”). Start by legalizing the sale of post 86 guns on a form 4 and making interstate transportation simpler.

    • You cannot deal with Progressive liberals we’ve tried in the past and their demands we’re completely out of the ballpark. The time for dealing with these people has come and passed. Time to use the power that we voted on and we want to our benefit and totally get rid of the Second Amendment infringement and which are taking away our constitutional rights given to us by our forefathers. Time to turn Washington on its head. Get rid of all gun control.

  72. Federal Gun Laws infringes on civil rights. Time to take them down and re-arm the people who lost there 2A and civil rights yanked who are law abiding citizens. These liberals are to paranoid and unconstitutional sheeps. Trump 2017!!!

  73. Lautenberg repeal 2017

    Please visit and sign our petition. You can also find our posts at the highland gun pages. This can happen, but only if we gain enough public support. Transparency is key to this success. Please visit and sign to help those who lost a constitutional right because of a misdemeanor. If prosecutors wanted to restrict these individuals, it should be in the court record and charged/convicted as a felony.

  74. My greatest concern about the 2A are those that claim to be proponents yet fail to be actively involved in defending this protected right for all. Many gun owners are pro-gun and not pro-2A. The difference is apparent..


  76. Please view and sign our petition to congress. We need reform and we need signatures. If we get the signatures required, this will be delivered to Trump in person. He cannot push for change without backing of the American people. I have put my name and reputation on the line to do what is right for many Americans including veterans. It’s time you stand up and help us help those that need the change the most.

  77. Ideally, repeal the NFA entirely. Realistically, do away with all of the NFA except for the machine gun registery, but open it back up at the very least. No reason why we shouldn’t be able to go through even more hoops to own what we want.

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