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The New York Times considers anyone who takes the Second Amendment literally as a danger to society. That group includes Trump supporters, of course. So it’s no surprise that the Old Gray Lady’s sounding the alarm about the possibility that pro-gun Trump supporters will use their firearms to intimidate (shoot?) Clinton voters. Fear Is Driving Voting Rights Advocates and Vigilantes to Watch Polling Stations goes a little something like this . . .

Civil rights groups are also concerned about self-appointed election monitors carrying firearms. A few states with open-carry laws, including Texas and Georgia, bar guns from polling stations. But in many states, the rules are murkier. In New Hampshire, the attorney general’s office is telling election moderators not to turn away people with guns, even if they are present in schools, where federal law generally prohibits firearms.

Brian Buonamano, the assistant attorney general, said the state had no authority to enforce the federal statute. “Folks can vote with a pistol on their hip,” he said.

If I had more time I’d write up Mr. Buonamano as TTAG’s Gun Hero of the Day. Anyway, desperate times call for desperate innuendo.

Some fringe groups say they have mobilized on Mr. Trump’s behalf, including white nationalist organizations that claim to be dispatching volunteers to watch polls and even set up hidden cameras at polling stations . . .

The goal of Oath Keepers, said its founder, Stewart Rhodes, will be to document and report any potential cases of fraud in notebooks and with video cameras. While he declined to estimate how many volunteers will participate, the group claims to have 35,000 members, some of whom have attended protests — including the January occupation of a wildlife refuge in Oregon — armed with semiautomatic rifles.

See what they did there? The question is, what will Trump supporters do at the polls? I’m thinking…vote. If, however, a single gun owner is arrested at the polls or, God forbid, someone goes postal, no prizes for guessing how the mainstream media will report the incident. Or who they’d ultimately blame.

Meanwhile, just in case you didn’t get the message that Trump supporters are dangerous deplorables, The Times closes its article with some dramatic foreshadowing/character assassination.

Tim Selaty Sr., whose independent grass-roots group, Citizens for Trump, is recruiting volunteers to conduct exit polls in Philadelphia, Cleveland and other cities with large minority populations, said he was convinced Mr. Trump will win. If he does not, Mr. Selaty said, he and other Trump supporters will await their cue from the candidate, who has thus far been evasive on the subject.

“We still believe in the political process,” Mr. Selaty said. “We tell our people: ‘No violence. Put your guns back away.’”

Which assumes Trump supporters’ guns were out in the first place. I wonder how hard The Times had to work to secure/edit that quote to fit their agenda? Hopefully, a lot.

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  1. There is so much wrong with the NYT article, these people are deliberately misleading their readership. Its terrible.

  2. When the Obama Department of Racial Justice refused to prosecute the armed Black Panthers who staked out a PA polling place, they opened the door to an arms race at the polls. Actions (and deliberate inactions) have consequences.

  3. It’s getting more and more difficult to detect a difference between The New York Slimes and The National Enquirer.

    Any day now, I expect The Slimes to run the headline, “Trump Rapes Nun, Escapes in UFO.”

  4. I happen to like the article.

    If it frightens away a Progressive from showing up to vote, that’s a plus for us.

    Besides, a Conservative who reads that is cool with it. 🙂

  5. Dear New York Times,

    If gun owners were as violent as you claim, there wouldn’t be any Hillary voters left. Try to think before you spew bullshit.

    • +1

      When the gun owning population of this country is actually ready to take a 2nd amendment remedy to this stupidity, you won’t be seeing a few armed men (and women) at polling places carrying sidearms for self defense. You’ll be seeing left wing demagogues dropping like flies from high velocity cranial lead poisoning.

  6. Well, that’s exactly what Democrats used to do when boss Tweed ran NY politics. This crap fro the NYT is just projection……

  7. What about those warnings about armed terrorists at the polling places and ISIS urging attacks at those locations?

    In the immortal words of the warrior poet Notorious BIG “In the streets without a gat? Nah, n***a ya slippin’.”

    • Yep, I doubt my little town will see ISIS around but I’m not specifically disarming to go there either.

      • I carried as I normally carry and no one said a thing, if they could tell. I was in and out in two minutes. Most of the people who were there when I arrived were there when I left. I researched candidates, initiatives, amendments, etc., and knew exactly how I was going to vote. I could tell from some head scratching that some amendment language was pretty tough for some folks. No wonder it takes so long to vote in some places. Voters don’t prepare.

      • I doubt my little town will see such a thing either but if they do show up in my vicinity they can expect some well aimed 230g JHP’s coming their way. #hajilivessplatter

        As you figured out I was referring to the country in general.

  8. Maybe a review of the newspapers ” press credentials and 1st amendment license” is in order ! Paper printing unfounded dangerous ideas! Inciting violence, political propaganda of a politically favored party….Directing the news instead of reporting it.

  9. That article is complete crap.
    There are millions of legal firearm owners in the US. If we were a problem…. you would know. We are not the people committing the mass shootings or bombing. That would be the people voting for killary.
    Holy crap. That’s it. That’s why she’s made it this far. She is willing to do the same thing her voters do. Kill their fellow americans. If they aren’t doing it, it’s because they want too, they are just too cowardly.

  10. Guns won’t be a problem until they try and take them.

    NYT is nothing but liberal pornography. If you believe what they say you need to get help.

  11. Wait, the Oath Keepers are a white nationalist fringe group? Damn…there indeed is a lot of “see what they did there” going on in those two paragraphs.

  12. “The New York Times considers anyone who takes the Second Amendment literally as a danger to society.”

    Close but no cigar. The New York Times considers anyone who takes the Second Amendment literally as a danger to the ruling class.

  13. Does anyone pay attention to the NYT nowadays?

    This ‘article’ reads like some sort of opinion ‘puff piece’, full of conjecture and speculation but devoid of facts, figures or the truth.

    Sounds like they’re trying to deflect away from the fact that historically, the only cases of intimidation at polling places have been conducted by those on the left.

    It’s frustrating that as a Green Card holder, with a family, dog, house, large tax bill etc I can’t vote, yet in many states people can walk in and vote with no questions asked. At least I live in Texas, we have a fighting chance of staying red here!!!

      • I believe that Parrots are too intelligent to pay any attention to the MSM.

        Unless it’s the famous dead Parrot in the Monty Python sketch….

        Only a dead Parrot would vote D……

  14. Hey NYT: At this point, I am completely immune to name calling. Racist, Sexist, Xenophobic, Bigot, White Nationalist, Scary Militia Guy, whatever. Those words have lost meaning to me. I am none of the above and calling any citizen who does not support the Liberal Agenda these things does not make it true.

    These tactics still seem to work at some level, though. Look at Cali-Zim, he pulls the Race Card like I drink water.

    • Where you been graygay? Voting hildebeast no doubt. Or on a gaycation? Sorry us old white guys scare you lol…

  15. Someday, Obama’s real terrorist buddies will nuke the Rotten Apple.
    I won’t give a shit when they do, it will be good riddance.

  16. I didn’t see any armed election monitors when I voted this morning. I wonder which side the NYT is worried they might support. From what I have read, it could be either.

  17. So Democrats don’t own guns? Also, they don’t understand the federal gun free school zone law.

  18. “The New York Times considers anyone who takes the Second Amendment literally as a danger to society.”

    ‘Tis alrite. I consider the cowards at the NYT to be traitors and terrorists who should be treated accordingly.

  19. Aaaaaaaand it happened. Apparently some people got shot up in … drumrole please …. California. Who might have guessed it. I wouldn’t guess that, i mean that is impossible. It is a gun free zone, thus people can’t die from guns there. They are prohibited from things like carrying them in public. The gun can’t have been there, right?

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