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These days, gun control advocates promote “gun violence prevention.” But they still call civilian disarmament “common sense.” Confiscate firearms from people who’ve been accused — but not convicted — of domestic violence . . .

Why that’s common sense! Pay no attention to the Fourth Amendment behind that curtain. Ban “weapons of war” from civilian possession? Common sense! Limit ammunition capacity to 10 rounds? Common sense!

In other words, don’t trouble yourself with firearms-related facts or analysis. Just shut off your mind and use “common sense.”

Scarily enough, that’s the way most Americans think. I mean, don’t think. Fortunately enough, firearms freedom is based on actual common sense.

Here are a few “common sense” statements underpinning of Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.

Guns are safe – Tens of millions of gun owners keep and bear arms without injury to themselves or others. Every single day, for their entire life.

A gun is the best tool for self-defense – Guns are easy to operate, and they’re more effective for preventing or ending an attack than any other commonly available weapon.

“Gun free zones” encourage criminals – Criminals are more likely to rob, rape or kill in an area where they know their victims are disarmed.

Gun control doesn’t work – Criminals don’t obey gun laws.

Your turn!

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  1. You ‘muricans and your guns.

    Keep sending out thoughts and prayers instead of addressing the real and obvious issue, it’s working great so far. I mean you only have had 11 school shootings this month.

    Up there in Canada, they’ve had 9 mass shootings in the last 20 years, but gun control doesn’t work, right? Countries like Japan, UK, Germany, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, etc., have gun control laws. These countries have a gun death rate between 0.06 and 1.97 gun deaths per 100,000 people.

    The US has a rate of 10.54 gun deaths per 100,000 people. Not only is that ridiculously higher than all countries with common sense gun control laws, it’s higher than countries like Mexico and South Africa, both of which are known for their gun violence.

    As I previously stated, they have had only 9 mass shootings in Canada over 20 years. That works out to .45 mass shootings per year. Now since the population of the US is about 10 times more than Canada, we’ll multiply 0.45 by 10. So we get 4.5 mass shootings per year for Canada at a US population level.

    The US had over 360 mass shootings last year. So a country without gun control has 360+ mass shootings compared to a country that would have 4.5 if they had the same population. How can you look at this and deny facts?

    They are just as free as you are, no matter what narrative you want to spew. they can still get guns, even an AR15. they’re are just smart enough to see that proper regulation is needed. If the majority of your citizens wanted change, there would be change.

    • “If the majority of your citizens wanted change, there would be change”.

      Nailed it. We DON’T want your “change”. And now that you’re starting to acknowledge that, and see that you’re advocating a lost cause, maybe you could just go away?

      • I’m gonna get a lot of hate for this…I have been a gun “nut” since the age of 12. I’m 68 now and own a $15,000 collection of firearms including two AR’s and one Ak,as well as thousands of rounds of ammo and high capacity mags.
        Frankly I find it disturbing that any moron with $300 bucks can buy an evil semi auto military type weapon. I see these idiotic gang bangers of every ethnicity at gun shows enjoying the same privileges of the 2nd Amendment as myself. Any asshat can buy with very little restriction anything on the tables. They are strolling around with AK’s and AR “sporting” rifles. Sporting…Really? What’s next….sporting flame throwers? The second Amendment was written in the day of the single shot muzzle loading musket. They could not have envisioned what firepower is available to any deranged imbecile today.
        I think folks could manage to defend home and hearth with shotguns and bolt/pump/lever rifles and revolvers if it came down to it. In any event,it is far too late to take away our assault rifles (that is what they are) since virtually every ghetto “young man” is armed to the grill and we responsible gun owners need to be adequately armed in order to suppress these animals in the case of mass rioting.
        Let the knee jerk sermons begin!

        • the founding fathers were not only aware of technological advancements they were all for them. in fact even before the war of independance there was one automatic firearm already invented. the fact that it was still slow to load as it was basically a crank handle operated flintlock revolver is irrelevant as they understood better than people like you it seems that inquiring minds (which they actively encouraged or we would not be here today) will always come up with newer and better ways of doing things. most of them were not the ignorant country hicks that many “social experts” (BTW the definition of an expert can be considered these days to be a drip under pressure) were actually well versed in history, law, philosophy, science, geology and many other subjects besides and were also by and large very proficient at many skills that today because of modern mans lack of skills in those areas are the death of many when disaster strikes

      • Hey Tex where do you live on the planet krypton. The majority of U.S. citizens do want sensible gun laws but the NRA and its prostitutes the Republican Congressmen have prevented this from happening. If we had true democracy like many European countries have we would already have such laws but we have a thoroughly corrupt representative government that is ruled by cash payoffs that make a mockery of the will of the people especially when 69 per cent of American own no guns.

        • Ah, “sensible” gun laws.

          Here was Chicago’s “sensible” gun laws.

          Chicago required handguns to be registered. No problem, right? What is wrong with requiring registration of handguns? All you do is fill our a form and mail it to the appropriate address, right?

          Except that they refused to provide new registration forms. They refused to process new registrations. Of course, for some reason, rich, white people with political connections to the Daley junta somehow managed to be able to register their handguns. Not that they actually needed those forms- one of them had actually been pulled over for suspicion for drunk driving, spat at the arresting officer, was found with a unregistered pistol with the serial numbers filed off (a federal offense), and was later allowed to walk- with the gun.

          Can you imagine if voting was treated like this, if officials refused to accept registrations of new voters (especially if huge numbers of the “wrong” kind of people recently moved into the precinct). Would any civil rights organization (let alone voting rights organizations) tolerate a government’s refusal to accept new voter registrations (let alone refusing to provide the forms in the first place)

          It is the height of chutzpah to require registration of anything as a condition of ownership, and then to go on and refuse to accept new registrations. that any politician would defend this is inexplicable by anything except hostility to private gun owners.

    • Maybe you missed the question? I asked for “common sense” statements underpinning of Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.

      Try again!

      • Try again yourself, Racist coward.

        How many Americans have to live in fear of everyday being possibly their last day on earth when some nut gets hold of a gun and attacks their school, job or place of business.

        We’ve had 11 mass shootings that happened so far just this month alone.

        These types of incidents DO NOT HAPPEN EVERYDAY in EUROPE, CANADA, JAPAN & AUSTRALIA.

        They’re just as free as you and me and they don;t have NRA members going off their rockers and shooting up schools and other random places.

        if the cowards in Congress couldn’t muster enough courage and independence to pass ANY gun control legislation after the Newtown massacre, then it will never act on this national disgrace. Unfortunately this country is the laughing stock of the rest of the world when it comes to gun violence.

        You are nothing but a whore and a slave to your NRA and republican masters.

        How many Congressman’s wallet are full of that good old NRA Cash ?? US citizens don’t matter to you or them; they are just targets for your perverse ideology ! The NRA is one of the strongest lobby groups ! NRA slogan have YOU hugged your gun today and licked your gun lobby pimps?

        How many Congressman’s and your wallet are full of that good old NRA Cash ??

        All sickos like you do was offering thought’s and prayers, how’s that working out? Always use those words to make the problem go away instead of doing something. Just exactly what does “thought’s do”?

        Common sense says you don’t allow a criminal or someone who is suffering from mental issues that make themselves a threat to society to own a gun.

        Oh, there’s a solution. A solution that has been proven in literally dozens of countries around the world. You and the NRA don’t like the proven solution though.

        Stopped reading after the first sentence. Nothing logical or sensible ever follows that. You want to kids to keep dying. Fine. We get it. In reality, dead children are not a liberal or conservative thing. You have such a hard on for liberals the blood has literally stopped flowing to your head.

        Schooled again by me, fascist.

        • I’m gonna need a favor from you.

          I take nutrition pretty seriously so I’m going to ask you to carefully examine parts of your diet for nutritional content. In doing so we may find something that’s off balance and is contributing significantly to your anger problems (some call it being “hangry”). Fixing this may allow you to post replies that don’t start with insults like “…Racist coward”. In fact we may even get you writing better English as a byproduct of this work.

          So, let’s start slow with two simple questions about your daily diet. It’s going to seem super basic but it’s laying a foundation to really explore how your diet might be affecting your mood so just kinda roll with this one OK?

          1) How much paste and how many crayons would you say you consume on a daily basis?

          2) Due to a lack of nutritional content I also have to ask: How many hours per day do you spend licking windows?

        • You know, by saying “your citizens”, you reveal that you are not, in fact, an American yourself.

          Most likely a brit. Perhaps even 2Asux reincarnated?

          In any case — we fought a WAR against you to get away from your “change.” And we won. So — take the lesson from history, and screw off.

        • Why is it always “gun” violence instead of just violence? Is it because you want specific doctored stats? Sounds like it. As for those other countries it’s essentially irrelevant, but it’s also not terribly strong case against guns when the numbers are honestly analyzed. Theres millions of guns in the States yet only 30,000 GSW deaths.

          Then 16,000 of those are suicides, only 100 or so are accidental, and the remaining are dispersed between criminals, justified defense, and LE. It’s a statistical non-issue for normal well adjusted people.

          If you are not involved in illegal activity, LE, or in a crime ridden area, you might as well be campaigning against lightning strikes.

        • Wait. (Get)Real, in the previous article you said the US has had “11 school shooting in the last month.” In this article you say the US has had “11 mass shootings in the last month.”

          You have GOT to keep your “facts” straight. I don’t have a large enough scorecard to keep track of this.

        • “Try again yourself, Racist coward.”

          An interesting epithet coming from an advocate of invidiously racist gun controls.
          The history of gun control in North America is the history of violent White supremacism and the efforts of its proponents to create for themselves a “safe working environment”. During the 1919 Chicago race riot (instigated in part by future Mayor Richard J. Daley, the father of fanatical gun control advocate Mayor Richard M. Daley) my grandmother likely survived to have my father only because returned Black doughboys like her brothers raided the National Guard armories and armed themselves. Strangely, only in the 1919 Chicago race riot were casualty ratios between the races similar… because Black people shot back. No Klansman likes a lynching when he’s not certain who’s going to end up dead. I’m sure that the men who dragged James Byrd Sr. to death behind a pickup truck would have been outraged had the victim shot them for their trouble.

          If you’re Black and WANT to have racial slurs hurled at you, simply fail to endorse invidiously racist gun controls when a White [usually Democrat] anti-gunner ORDERS you to. Been there, done that.

          I recall the elderly cleaner in a Lakewood, Ohio McDonald’s who berated me for my NRA ballcap. He declared that the NRA should be “banned”. When I replied that the last time we started banning organizations, we somehow misplaced 6,000,000 Jews, he responded that he “wasn’t so sure that was such a bad thing”.

          Scratch an anti-gunner, find a Klansman… or a Nazi.

        • I think I missed the fact ( evidence ) that these mass shooters were NRA members. Maybe you can inform me where you obtained your facts. Also, you state as a fact this country is the laughing stock of the rest of the world when it comes to gun violence. Where did you get this fact from? I will be the first to stand up for your right to have an opinion however, if you can’t prove the fact then just say in my opinion. You show your intelligence, or lack of, when you use words in your statement such as whore,slave, pimps and hard on. Please tell me sense you state others don’t like the proven solution, guess I missed it from you, what is the proven solution? If you would take the time to study history you could learn what a fascist is because you really missed the point! Oh by the way I am not a NRA member as you seem to put everyone in this class that believes if a gun is ever needed, and I hope not, should not have one to protect their loved ones, them self, and even you. Stay safe. Dave

        • Oh, my. You’re not very good at this, are you. Please, let me help…

          Gutfeld had this funny bit back in the RedEye days: He’d end one of his expositions with a blatant, name-calling calumny. Funny, because of the contrast with the on-topic facts n reason that went before. Funny, because satire. (He obviously didn’t mean it; obviously mocking devolving into name calling; obviously off point for whoever he was responding to.) In case you might miss the joke, it was always the same fake name-calling calumny, delivered exactly the same way, every time. So, mocking the news cycle talking orders, too. (Every anti-gunner just happened to decided to shift to the same “gun safety” messaging with the exact same words at the same time. Because reasons. Or maybe Bloomie’s checks come with the message du jour in the memo field. Apply Occam’s turfmower….)

          Gutfeld has watered down his delivery a bit for prime time these days – pacing that audience vs the RedEye crowd. Yet, he still has the same comment on the medium itself in his stuff, as did Letterman before he devolved into sycophancy, early Colbert (distinct from his politics), or Jon Stewart’s permanent pretense. Indeed, pointing out the contrived orchestration was Andrew Breitbart’s whole perspective.

          So, in that tradition, I must quote subversive-era Gutfeld: “…and if you don’t agree with me, you, sir, are a racist homophobe.”

          Also, if you’re going to name-call Farago, you forgot: “Eeee-vill joo!” (The satire works because only an idiot tries to insult someone by calling them jewish. It’s funny because you doing this would make you the idiot. Just like “coward” and “racist” did. God, humor for the remedial is tedious.)

        • Calumny? (Cause that’s all you got?)
          And name calling? (Cause that’s the best you can do?)

          You can do better. (I know you can. I believe in you.)

        • #NotClearOnTheConcept. “Schooled again by me, fascist.”

          The point is when someone else thinks you did well, not when you do.

          (I do have to ask: Is it unusual for you to think you have done well? You might want to work on that, too.)

        • My Gaaawwwwwd………’re just an unblushing orgy of animus, vitriol, and I’m guessing alcohol, aren’t you?

        • I would like to answer your first question.

          Not me. I own the correct machinery to defend myself, my family and my friends against specified nut.

          Now imagine if everyone had that response…

        • Such vulgar, violent language. The Cisco Kid is much more civilized than you. I’m just wondering why the mods have not banned your violent rants. They are very strict with the rest of the community.

        • 600,000+ legal abortions per year…35,000 gun deaths (INCLUDING suicides, BTW)…
          and if we ever found a fetus on another planet it WOULD be called life…so get over it…
          I am pro-choice and pro-2A…just like to get the numbers out there for comparison

        • you sir do not know history. the KKK was started by demoncraps and through most of its history was mostly demoncrap membership. they now dont just espouse gun control for the blacks though but for all civilians. why is that? the simple answer is that the best way to control a populace is by controlling the means of defense. today the best means of defense is firearms, in particular rifles like the AR15 and many others like it. the reason for its pride of place in the US constitution is not for hunting or even simple self defense against the common street thug but against tyrants. this sir makes you a traitor to ALL who love FREEDOM and to your ancestors who fought to escape from under the rule of tyrants. this happened many times in the UK where the basis of the laws came from in large swathes of the western world including Canada, Australia, NZ and the US. the US however threw off the tyrants altogether for a time and made sure that one thing that was unable to be touched by the govt was the right to keep and bear the means of defense against tyrants. the rest of us did not though bill of rights 1689 and magna carta both gave lip service to it. these were both written after our ancestors went to war with their own governments.

          now by all means keep going with your diatribe but realize this….. china has always had a disarmed populace and many thousands are killed by govt all the time through its history. nazi germany disarmed its populace and millions were killed by its govt and i am not talking about the ones killed by the war effort itself. the soviet union from day one started killing anyone who did not think exactly as the govt thought proper and conservative estimates are that at minimum 160 million were killed. some estimates say the figure is possibly closer to 240 million. cambodia, korea, vietnam under their communist rules have done the same and if you go back before firearms the same still happened and always to a populace that had been disarmed by its “leaders”. these figures make the ones you are putting forward look like a 2 year olds picnic and this has been going on right through history.

          so again i say you are a traitor to your people wherever the hell you are from and you are a traitor to the values your forefathers held dear and to their memories. OH and by the way i am not an American, I AM A PATRIOTIC AND FREEDOM LOVING AUSSIE AND I DENOUNCE YOU AS A TRAITOR

        • Thank you for your comments – it’s always good to remember that when the shit hits the fan anywhere in the world the first place most people seek help is the nation of Canada… wait.. not so much..
          stick to maple syrup and hockey… wait…
          what exactly does canada do or contribute …?

        • That’s the best rant of lies I have heard in some time. I really like those figures you made up.
          Sounds like we live in a war zone. I’ve lived in a war zone and this ain’t it POLG

        • RAPAG….. Approximately 4 months ago, I invited you to my home, I even went out on a limb and posted my address. To share a lunch, drink some beverages, your choice( I don’t consume alcohol) and civilly discuss some of our differences. I have received no correspondence from you on that. You have called me ignorant for my use of Grammer and spelling, I concede I am ignorant on both subjects, having a only a 12th grade education, does disadvantage one in a word war. In our meeting I was hoping you could meet some of us people you think you know. And realize you may be wrong in your presumptions of POTG. Naturally when you attack me with words I will lash back, this is not conducive to accomplishing anything but a back and forth ” mud slinging”. I think you would enjoy meeting a bona fide live in a shack, river rat with a 12th grade education. Maybe not?

        • Once again, you have to resort to name-calling. Your “facts” just aren’t true so you fall back on the leftist’s best friend, calumny. Go back to reading The Trace and leave us in peace.

        • “Try again yourself, Racist coward.”

          And there it is. The final answer to everyone who disagrees with you.
          In your eyes, obviously (obviously because you just said so), anyone who disagrees with you must also harbor the very worst attitudes you can imagine; racism and cowardice.
          yet, you don’t seem to want to expound on your assumptions. You just throw them out as though everyone will see the truth in them. They don’t.
          Instead, I see a true coward, one who hides behind his own false attitudes as though they were armor. I see someone who is so full of ignorance that he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know, so he sees no reason to research his assumptions.
          And the real pity is that such research is easier today than it’s ever been. Google isn’t the only search engine on the internet. But you don’t know that (rather obviously); you don’t use Google in even cursory searches to find data to back up your assumptions. As many have pointed out, much of what you assume to be true is, quite simply, false.
          Since you seem to visit this forum with some regularity, you have been exposed to the truth. Yet, you mostly ignore it, and don’t even do due diligence when you decide to post.
          You, sir, are the very epitome of one who is so ignorant (and proud of it) that the word ignorance hardly does you justice.

        • “These types of incidents DO NOT HAPPEN EVERYDAY in EUROPE, CANADA, JAPAN & AUSTRALIA.”

          Canada and Australia have MUCH higher rates of murder in same age, income, density, education, race demographics than the US.

          Japan, south korea and many other developed countries have HIGHER overall “lethal violence” by the way you define it (suicide+homicide) than the US has, 38 and 52% higher respectively.

          And your “360” mass shootings are almost all gang related or criminal on criminal. If you are not criminal you are was SFER in the US homicide risk than European average, than Australia or Canada.

          The gun control lobby is racist. Gun owners are LESS likely to hold racist views than advocates of gun control are.

        • spot on mate. after the 96 gun laws came in our gun deaths rate dropped but only by the same overall margin as it had done on average since 1960. suicides actually made up 70% of the gun deaths statistics pre 96 yet it did not drop by that 70% margin. yes gun deaths by suicide make up a minuscule number of suicides now compared to what there was yet suicides have not dropped but rather have gone up despite all the suicide prevention programs. so actual crime with firearms has to have gone up for it to continue the exact same downward trend given that it is only a few less each year. now that is just the guns side of it. if you look at crime stats broadly they have gone up a hell of a lot with home invasions suddenly appearing on the scene after 96. there were NO home invasions prior to 96 yet all of a sudden they make up somewhere around 25% of crime stats?!?!? rather serious to my way of thinking

        • “now that is just the guns side of it. if you look at crime stats broadly they have gone up a hell of a lot” – This is the key to the factual argument against gun control. The best they can hope to do is argue that “gun violence” goes down. But who cares is that increases violence? People who don’t know how to think, would be my guess.

        • Dear RealAmericanPatriotsAgainstProGunAntiFreedomHateMongers:

          Do you generalize much? Your misinformed, illogical opinions are causing you to sound like the misinformed, illogically opinionated, closeted Socialist you actually were until you jumped out of the closet. Now you are just a misinformed, illogically opinionated, Socialist…

    • I want more guns. I will teach my kid about responsible gun ownership, I encourage family and friends to strap up too. Why? Stalin, Hitler, the Trail of Tears, the Watts riots, home invasions, racists, terrorists, democrats, the Battle of Athens, antifa, our own government if they go unchecked, psychopaths, my daughter’s future boyfriends and YOU.

    • RealAmericanPatriotsAgainstProGunAntiFreedomHateMongers,

      Whenever somebody talks about “gun deaths” it’s obvious they are distorting the true facts about murder rates in order to push their anti-gun agenda. Conflating murders with suicides makes it appear that there are three times as many criminal homicides in the US than there actually are because two thirds of these deaths are suicides. And remember the US has a lower suicide rate than many countries with very strict gun control like South Korea and Japan. At the same time cherry picking just “gun deaths” in countries with few guns minimizes the actual murder rate in those countries. Finally there have been many mass murders by means other than guns! Ultimately it’s culture and bad people not any sort of weaponry that determine murder rates.

    • Oh, there you are, Troll! We were wondering where you were hiding while we were discussing the sh!thole that is Mexico the other day. Y’know, Mexico? That well developed country that has all the progressive gun owner control you fantasize about?

    • The USA had 360 mass shootings last year alone? I call bullshit on that statement. 11 school shootings in the past month? Name them or yet again your spewing bullshit.

      • That 360 per year was used by the gun control movement for about a year, defined as four or more people inured. The gun control movement quietly moved away from that when it was found 1) the vast majority of incidents involved no deaths, and b) that number also had fallen about 65% in the past 20 years. And that per capita Australia , the UK, Ireland, most of Europe had more violence injury per capita events

    • ‘You ‘muricans and your g uns… If the majority of your citizens wanted change, there would be change.’

      Hmm… I think I’ve figured something out here. First, either RF posted the QotD a little early, or RAPAPGAFHM is the fastest typist on the planet – taking only 2 minutes to read the QotD and post a 300 word response. Therefore, I postulate that RAPAPGAFHM (pronounced Rappapgafhim) is actually a Russian bot programmed to strip Americans of our Constitutionally protected freedoms.

      • And in today’s entertainment news, looks like Rappapgafhim dropped another one… Listen up folks, it’s time for “You ‘muricans and your guns.”

        “I got hate,
        you so sedate,,
        can’t relate.

        Shooting, shooting, count what I like,
        it’s for the tykes,
        ignore fingers in dikes, it ain’t bad with no gun powder.

        All the cool places. They got the spaces.
        Robbin and beatin,
        They use their hands, and their glands, not their guns, counts as none.

        Violent, violent, violent, only if I say so.
        Count the dead, count the dead, count the dead … not!

        Shootin cause there’s guns. Not who’s the ones.
        For yourself you got none, you’ll live if we want you to.

        That was Rappapgafhim’s latest deposit, “You ‘muricans and your guns”, here on WBMY, Bloomie radio, your source for whatever we’re paid to play.

        Coming up next, the latest from Mothers Against Only Some Violence, “You’ll be safe when we’re in control.” Plus we’ll update you on rumors of a collaboration — an out front, admitted one — between these two groups for fellow travelers.

        Thomas Moore — ‘The devil…the prowde spirite…cannot endure to be mocked.’

        OK writing fake rap as bad as Rappapgafhim’s posting just plain hurt. The things I do for the cause…

        • If we can only get ‘Rappapgafhim’ entered into the American vernacular, it will be worth the sacrifice.

    • Hey, look at me, I can copy and paste to!

      From wikipedia-

      January 4, 2018, St. Johns, Michigan. A man committed suicide when he shot himself in the parking lot of East Olive Elementary School. The school was empty at the time.

      January 4, 2018 Seattle, Washington. Two shots fired into a Seattle high school during classes. No one was injured.

      January 9, 2018 Forest City, Iowa. A man shot a pellet gun at a school bus full of children in Iowa, shattering a window. No one was injured.

      January 10, 2018 Sierra Vista, Arizona. A student committed suicide at Coronado Elementary School in Arizona.

      January 10, 2018 Denison, Texas. A student fired a gun in a classroom at Grayson College by accident. No one was hit.

      January 10, 2018 San Bernardino, California. One bullet struck a building at Cal State, but no one was injured.

      January 15, 2018 Marshall, Texas. A bullet was fired into a college dorm room. Three students were inside. No one was hurt.

      January 20, 2018 Wake Forest University. A student was shot on the campus of Wake Forest University. He died.

      January 22, 2018 Italy, Texas. A 16-year-old male student fired at a 15-year-old classmate in the cafeteria of Italy High School. The gunman left the school immediately after opening fire.

      January 22, 2018 New Orleans, Louisiana. A shooting in the parking lot of a New Orleans charter school. One student was slightly injured.

      January 23, 2018 Marshall County, Kentucky. Marshall County High School shooting: A 15-year-old male student shot 16 people in the lobby at Marshall County High School and caused non-gunshot injuries to 4 others. Two 15-year-old students died: one killed at the scene, another died of wounds at Vanderbilt Medical Center.”

      Two of your claimed shooting are suicides, so that’s just nine “shootings”. Then one of them is a negligent discharge, so that’s only eight “shootings”. Four of them are there is no reason listed (bullet impacts only) or just flat out stupid (school bus), so you’re left with only four (4) shooting this year.

      • And at least one (the bus shot at) is based on an impact mark, with a lot of sensationalism thrown in.
        But, “The Children!”®
        For those who have only good memories of their childhoods, children are far more vicious towards each other than most adults will ever be.

    • One of the tremendous advantages of being an American (US Citizen) is that if you don’t like it here, you are free to leave. Anytime.

    • Keep sending out thoughts and prayers instead of addressing the real and obvious issue…

      What is the “real and obvious issue?”

    • With your copy-and-paste diatribe, you have proved my point exactly.

      “Common Sense” gun control is a group of ignorant, uninformed, and inexperienced idiots trying to tell those in the know what they should be doing, how, when, and where.

      Go back to watching Hollywood movies, as this is clearly your source of knowledge. Just remember this, most of what you see in Hollywood movies is for dramatic effect and has little basis on reality. I would suggest you watch the Mythbusters episodes on debunking firearm myths. You might actually learn something. Even the self-confessed hippie chick Kari Byron openly admitted she liked using firearms.

    • You’re a moron, and that is obvious to anyone who actually possesses common sense. BTW….that obviously leaves you out.

    • You just defined a guy shooting out a bus window with a BB gun as a school shooting. Where’s that vaunted “common sense?”

      • In my town in Southern California, a BB gun ( AKA Air Rifle ) is a firearm. It carries the same penalties as a .308 if you fire one inside of city limits. Good news for my moles in my yard.

    • Foreign Nationals need to buzz-off, and mind their own business… I don’t subscribe to shrill from a peasent and subject of the Crown 👑! We through off that time a long time ago !

    • Countries define their definition mass shooting (or killing for that matter) differently fyi. What goes on record in every other country as a mass killing isn’t necessarily the same, and ussually isn’t.

      Also there is one particular thing that the USA has that almost every other country doesn’t. Some south American countries do however.

      Diversity. Especially Ethnic diversity. Numbers here don’t lie.

      Canada is almost exclusively white. Not the case for America. Difference breeds disaster and history is it’s witness. Violence is always much higher in ethnically diverse regions.

      Also less shootings happen if there’s less guns. That’s obvious.

      And in the big picture our VIOLENT crime isnt higher in a significant way but our crimes stopped by the victim is much higher.

      I’m a member of a minority who has been targeted for homicide throughout history. I’m capable of protecting myself because I can get a gun cheaply. So are 400000 to 3000000 a year in the USA.

      Numbers don’t lie. 33000 may have died but at least 400000 people were saved by a gun.

    • Hey Real American Patriot, NOT !!!!!
      You are a brainwashed mindless liberal idiot, nobody gives a shit about you’re socialist bullshit. Guns are not the problem, Socialists like you are the problem. Don’t like guns stay away from them, stay in whatever shit hole cesspool you live and be a good little helpless victim and don’t worry what the rest of us are doing, worry about yourself. Nobody needs you telling them how to live their lives !!!!!! By the way, you’re stats are all bullshit that you probably got from a Bloomberg website.

    • Another copy/paste? How lazy are you?

      They are just as free as you are, they are just smart enough to see that infringements on their rights and curtailing of their freedom is necessary. What?

  2. “Criminals are more likely to rob, rape or kill in an area where they know their victims are disarmed.”

    That’s an assumption, no more scientifically proven than the gun controller’s “common sense” statements. I would think it would probably be pretty entertaining to do a survey of criminals and ask the if they know where “gun free zones” are. I bet you a cool fifty cents that you wouldn’t get one out of a hundred who could tell you where the gun-free zones are.

    • That would depend on the type of criminal you’re talking about.

      Professional robbery boys, generally, definitely know where the GFZ’s are. Those are their happy hunting grounds for stealing guns from cars and for robbing people coming/going from the GFZ.

      Common gang banger? I doubt you’d find 1 in 50. They don’t care about much and don’t spend a lot of time analyzing the best way to do things.

      Overall criminals? Well, that would depend heavily on how you defined your sample and then how you did the sampling. Car thieves and burglars don’t much care about GFZ’s since such zones don’t much affect their business.

      • Well, I was referring to robbers, rapists, and murderers, as the first sentence said.

        And I am willing to bet fifty bucks — go to any prison, interview a thousand convicted robbers/rapists/murderers, and ask them where the gun free zones are. Or ask them if they specifically targeted their location because they KNEW it was a gun-free zone. No way will a majority say yes. I’d be shocked if even 5% knew the answer to whether it was a gun-free zone.

        • “… I was referring to robbers, rapists, and murderers, as the first sentence said.”

          Hence my focus on robbery boys, that is people who’s criminal specialty is robbery.

          If you poll them you’ll find a shockingly high number do know exactly where the GFZ’s are because that’s a major source of guns (money) for them. It’s also a major source of unarmed victims.

          Rapists, murderers etc are different types of criminal in a lot of ways. With them I’d wager heavily that you’re completely correct.

          As for polling prison populations, again, it depends on the sample. If your sample ends up being 40% car thieves, 35% murderers and 10% drug dealers the proportion of those who know where GFZ’s are will be low because a GFZ doesn’t affect a car thief’s business model. Ditto drug dealers, general gang bangers, rapists etc.

          How you sample that will matter a great deal. The question isn’t “is the person a criminal” the question is what their business model is. Where GFZ’s play heavily into the business model you’ll find a large percentage of knowledgeable criminals. Where it doesn’t you won’t. Asking 25 guys who killed their wife in a fit of rage where a GFZ is isn’t a meaningful way to ask the question.

        • I work with prisoners. They probably know where the GFZ’s are indirectly. In that they know where the easy marks are by experience/observation. Criminals are idiots but never underestimate their ability to make assessments and judgement calls about people. It was there career

        • EOD:

          There are a great many smart criminals. The dumb ones are locked up or dead. They make choices you and I would consider “dumb” but their life experience is completely different from ours and, if you can actually step back and put yourself in their shoes, suddenly a lot of what they do makes a heck of a lot of sense once you understand that they assume themselves to have a short life expectancy/are likely to get locked up for a long time at some point in the near future.

          As for GFZ’s certain types of criminal often know quite directly where these places are and they actively seek them out. When New Mexico had a flat rule against bringing a gun into a place that sold booze for on-premises consumption guess where the bad guys staked out? Restaurant parking lots. Why? Guns in cars. It wasn’t until the Sheriff of Santa Fe County left his gun in a car while eating in a restaurant in Santa Fe, and had the gun stolen, that they considered changing the law. It was pretty darn obvious, for years, that the criminal element were running in groups with people watching to see who stashed a gun in their car and then sending someone else to break a window and take the firearm. These dudes even had bolt cutters in case you had a mini-safe with a wire attaching it to your seat brackets.

          The same sort of thing happens in Ohio where signs are posted banning CCW. I mean, if they were just randomly breaking into cars it would be pretty amazing how good their luck is when you consider how quickly they tend to hit cars that have a gun or a purse left in them. The owner leaves the car unattended for five-seven minutes and just so happens to come back to a car burglary? This happens on a shockingly regular basis when you read the local police blotters. Quite obviously they’re watching the parking lots for marks.

          Again, there’s smart criminals. They’re still low-life scum IMHO but underestimating their intelligence is a great way for your stuff to grow legs or for you to end up handing over your wallet, watch and other valuables with a gun in your face.

        • Well, in Texas, GFZ’s have to have a ginormous sign at each entrance, criminals certainly *do* know where the GFZ’s are.

        • In Florida, carjackers used to go after people with rental cars, because it meant they likely flew in and were unarmed. Many rental companies stopped marking their cars as rentals. Of course now the criminals can just go after cars with New Jersey plates.

          Criminals do tend to focus on larger cities and college campuses. Both are places with denser populations, where people are more likely to be out at night, and where people are less likely to carry guns. I suspect those are more convenient coincidence than intentional.

          Most criminals do favor gun control laws though. It makes things much easier for them.

        • “Well, I was referring to robbers, rapists, and murderers…”

          They don’t need to know about GFZs specifically, but rather they need to know how to get their victims in a place where said victims are as helpless as they can be.
          That’s why scams are so popular, as well as thefts at busy places such as airports. (Many airports don’t check baggage tags on exit from the baggage pickup.) These are included in robbery statistics.
          Rapists do their very best to pick women who are defenseless at the time of the assault.
          Murderers do the same.
          Whether the victims are in a posted GFZ or not, the criminals do their very best to make sure to commit their crimes in a place where the victims can’t fight back. Such places are usually gun free zones, whether posted or not.
          Using that metric, yes, criminals, including robbers, rapists and murderers, do indeed seek out gun free zones. Their livelihood, even their very lives, depends on that.

    • Actually there are surveys of criminals that do support this. I don’t have the citations in front of me but in victimization studies interviews with criminals concluded that they often to for opportunity. This includes is their victim accompanied, do they look like an easy mark and where are they .

  3. I touched on this the other day in terms of how our brain likes to find patterns, even if they’re not there, and how this is related to our brain being overly cautious… and how this is related to millions of years of evolution. Our brain really isn’t good with abstract thought, like rational statistical analysis, when it comes to this kind of thing.

    I don’t really feel like getting into it again but I’ll say this: Much of this, including the knee-jerk reactions can be countered with a quality educational system. Something we most certainly do NOT have at this point.

    • Don’t give guns to criminals. Sounds really simple.
      Define “criminal.” Then make a determination of just which level of criminality deserves to have a constitutionally protected right taken away.
      It sounds simple, but isn’t.
      It’s like saying, “Be prepared for any eventuality.” I’d need a fleet of semis to do that, and still be mobile. It’s not practical.
      Does the federal government have it right (personally, I think the blanket prohibition on “felons” being made prohibited persons goes too far)? How about the states that allow a person’s right to have guns be taken away based on the “testimony” of one person, with no due process? Is that going too far? Hint: there are lots of people who think it doesn’t go far enough.
      Simple answers to complex problems are often more dangerous than the original problem.

    • I don’t give guns to anybody. Common sense.
      But are you sure that criminals are going to sit around, waiting for someone to give them a gun? Those are some passive criminals!

  4. “Common Sense” on guns to me means only police, military, government, and security services are allowed to own and use firearms.

  5. I think that the most basic ” common sense” thing we can do is accept reality. Gun exist, evil exists, I don’t want guaranteed safety but I’ll take a fighting chance. Which is what a C.H.L. is.

  6. Most murders are committed by blacks. The Czech Republic and San Marino have lots of guns, but have very few blacks and few (or no) murders. Therefore blacks are more likely to be the problem than guns.

    • Not even close. Most murders are committed by GOVERNMENTS. All the black gangbangers in Chicago together would need hundreds of years to catch up to what Joe Stalin or Mao could do on a weekend..

    • The number of murders committed by persons of African descent in Mexico, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala are near zero. Statistically, they ARE zero.

      STFU and GBTW, if you even HAVE a job. Or did you get fired because the odor of manure coming from your brains was overwhelming?

  7. Common Sense on Guns: muzzle discipline, target confirmation, and trigger control.

    Here’s an idea: provide gun safety education to all elementary age children and offer shooter training beginning in sixth grade. If my kid has to learn about homo sex and pedophilia, he should certainly know how to use a gun…just in case.

    Otherwise, leave free men and women, citizens of a free country, to exercise their freedoms as they see fit. A community of armed citizens and trained marksmen is a peaceful community.

  8. “Common sense” is largely relative and cultural which means there’s no such thing.
    One mans “common sense” is another’s absurdity.

  9. I remember hearing a Clint Eastwood quote that sums it up; ‘I believe in gun control. If there’s a gun in the room, I want to be in control of it.’

    If that aitn’t commonsense I don’t know what is.

  10. “Confiscate firearms from people who’ve been accused — but not convicted — of domestic violence . . .”

    Robert, gun control advocates often want to confiscate, err “buy ban” or “implement the Australian model,” on many citizens who are completely law abiding and accused of absolutely no crime. Just for the record.

    Of course, there is no such talk of doing this in actual crime-ridden areas. Have the gun control advocates discussed and approved house to house searches in the worst portions of Chicago? Not that I have heard. But bans and buy backs in New York state, New Jersey, California? Sure.

    Democrats do not want to take action against their voting bloc. They absolutely do want to take actions against their domestic political opponents. What was it a leading, oft-quoted Democrat said? “Reward your friends, punish your enemies.” He was not speaking about Russians or Al Qaeda. He was talking about people outside of the Democratic alliance.

  11. Your link to the 4th Amendment actually takes you to “The Confrontation Clause” of the Sixth Amendment.
    I don’t think that’s what you want there (unless I misunderstand what your trying for)…

  12. Common sense on firearms means storing, carrying, and using them responsibly.

    Note that responsible storage could mean all manner of loaded firearms sitting out on a table if all people who enter that home will handle/use them responsibly. Or responsible storage could mean keeping all firearms either in a safe or on your person if small children are in the home.

    In other words common sense on firearms means being rational (not hysterical), using your brain to determine what is an appropriate way to manage the risks in your situation, and acting accordingly.

  13. Common sense, to me, means stop doing what is proven to not work, and start doing what is proven to work.

    If the goal is to reduce violent crime, gun control is an abysmal failure. Making it more difficult for good people to acquire the best tools of self-defense known to man does not, will not, never has reduced violent crime. It’s been tried thousands of times and failed.

    On the contrary, what works is allowing people to defend themselves and to have the tools to do so. John Lott demonstrated that in his book, “More guns, less crime” twenty years ago.

    That’s why I own guns, and carry a gun. Because it’s proven to work.

    That’s common sense.

  14. Personally I’ve gone complete anarchist about guns, thanks to decades of lies from the government and media about guns and their use in America.

    This is because both the media and government lie about the real causes of gun crime in the US: which is rampant crime in 5 democrat gun cities. Cities with general crime and murder rates that are so bad they throws the national statics off.

  15. Common sense dictates that all Americans should be trained in firearms in High School and issued a gun on graduation.

  16. Hmmm…. common sense regarding guns. I’ll give it a try. How about:

    “Guns. The more, the merrier.”


    “There’s no substitute for cubic inches.” Or is that for trucks? If you squint a little, it works for guns too, I think.

  17. Stop treating them like a taboo item/subject material. Education for everything is the right step, and then, let people make up their own minds of what is sensical for each person.

    Personal responsibility will also go a long way to fixing problems, whether real of perceived. Accountability for irresponsible behavior should be encouraged, and responsible behavior rewarded.

  18. “Common sense” means that legislating firearms will not prevent people from acting violently. Take the gun out of the phrase “gun violence”, and you are still left with violence.

    It’s not rocket science. It’s “common sense.”

  19. It is truly a shame that people can be so ignorant, if it does not fit with their prescribed point of view they resort to such mockery and suppress the view by insult and slurs. When they do not have valid arguments – they resort to garbage.

    But common sense as it relates to guns:
    1. Treat every gun as if it is loaded
    2. Do not point the gun at anything you are not willing to destroy
    3. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot
    4. Know what is in line with your target

  20. The utilitarian “Common sense” argument is irrelevant. This is a civil rights issue! Gun control means harassment and discrimination against gun owners. This is oppression. Its putting a thumb on some people and saying “You are unworthy.”
    We should not debate the minor premise about whether such-and-such has some kind of effect. We should attack the major premise that it somehow overrides a natural right protected by the constitution.

  21. When you start using words like (common sense) then start using places like Britain or Australia as examples to emulate. To be fair you might as well point out in those countries
    they implemented radical gun reform/confiscation.

  22. Common sense: If a criminal is “too dangerous” to be allowed to have a firearm then he is too dangerous to be allowed out of prison and back into the public. Period.

    Most violent crime (involving firearms or otherwise) is a recidivism issue.

  23. Common sense on guns means treat them and their owners like you would any implement and its owner. I may own a Hummer or a Fiat 500. I cannot drive either of them on the sidewalk and attempt to run people down. It is the same crime whether a Fiat or a Hummer, regardless that the Hummer can take out many more pedestrians. I may own an AR or a single shot pistol. If I shoot someone who is not endangering my life or someone else’s, it is the same crime regardless of how many rounds the gun carries. Common sense says leave me alone until and unless I ACT on the impulse to hurt you. If I chase you down on the sidewalk in that Fiat 500, I have committed a crime. If I brandish a weapon with the intent to rob or scare you, I have committed a crime. Until I get in that car and put it on the sidewalk, I can have all the bad thoughts I want. I just cannot act on them. Until I point that gun at you with an intent to intimidate, I can have all the bad thoughts I want. Until I ACT against you, what I own or think is none of your business. And even if I act against you, what I own or think is still none of your business. My actions against you, however, are your business, and you have the right to counter them as needed to protect yourself. We used to be taught that these distinctions are the difference between the American way and the dictatorial way of all other systems.

  24. Common sense says the job of the state is to protect its citizens, but in reality the Supreme Court ruled that it is an individual responsibility.

    Common sense says mentally ill should not own guns. The truth is they are more likely to be victims than perpetrators.

    Common sense says it is better to deprive individuals of due process if enough people are afraid.

    Common sense says one bullet wound is always 100% fatal, so you don’t need more than three rounds

    Common sense says “weapons of war” do not belong in civilian hands. The Supreme Court ruled that we can’t own weapons if they do not serve a military purposes ( sawed off shotguns)

    Common sense appears to be common nonsense.

  25. Common sense starts with the observable fact of self-ownership. Acknowledging that means first that I alone am ultimately responsible for my own safety, and thus no one else can tell me how or with what means I may defend myself.

    A corollary is that any law someone wants passed to make me jump through hoops to make them feel better should be paid for in full by that someone.

  26. Common sense can not be applied to social issues with conflicting sides. That’s would be like saying it’s common sense that abortion is right / wrong, or it’s common sense that freedom of religion or free speech doesn’t apply when applied to standards of today.

    The dynamics of gun safety, gun crimes, use and possession of the endless types and styles of firearms can not be totaled with the term “common sense” Indeed, I submit that it is common sense that the term common sense is inapplicable with gun control or gun safety if you will, as the term is commonly used today.

  27. It means two different things to me.

    The first: When I hear someone say “common sense” and just about anything about guns, I think “this person has drunk deeply of the cool-aid.” Basically it means moron to me.

    The second: Actual common sense firearms policy would be policies that make guns cheaper and easier to access. Studies have shown that access to firearms benefits the poor the most. Other common sense firearms policy would include mandatory training in schools, i.e., that we mandate that schools teach actual gun safety and firearms handling skills. Getting rid of laws that only make things easier for criminals and maybe cops, like gun free zones and restrictive carry rules.

  28. The folks that say more gun laws won’t stop criminals from getting guns seem to be some of the same folks that say a big wall will keep people out of the country, so my observation is people ignore “common sense” when it suits them.

  29. Common sense gun laws
    1. Execute murderers
    2. If you use a gun in commission of a crime, 25yr attempted murder charge added and may not be served concurrently.
    3. MANDATORY military service for ALL
    4. Remove NFA, GCA.
    5. Felons get rights restored on release from prison. If you can’t be trusted, you shouldn’t be out. If you can’t be reformed in 7yrs as part of a program designed to reform, execution.

    • I agree with you. For the most part.

      Murder is a complicated thing so the general punishment is death but with a clause identifying the difference in manslaughter and murder. do away with plea bargains too.

      And the compulsory military service because holding a military with such a large population would be prohibitively expensive and wouldn’t give much benefit over our rather good volunteer military.

  30. “Question of the Day: What Does Common Sense on Guns Mean to You?”

    It means WAYCH OUT!!! someone’s using the POS gun-grabber left’s term for anti-gun speak.

  31. RealAmericanPatriotsAgainstProGunAntiFreedomHateMongers, what new “common sense” restriction would you place on law-abiding citizens that suicidal violent criminals will obey and will prevent “gun Violence”?

  32. Here are a few “common sense” statements underpinning of Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms:

    Disarming law-abiding citizens has allowed criminals to flourish. For this very reason, we need to ban the deadly “gun-free” killing zones and pass constitutional carry nationwide.

    We need to eliminate the entire US Code that constitutes the National Firearms Act (NFA) of 1934 (which was originally created to prevent black people from having handguns, even though handguns had to be removed from the legislation to get the bill to pass).

    Moreover, if you really want to bring about a reduction of violent crime, we need to repeal the racist Gun Control Act of 1968 (that was intended to keep guns from inner-city black people, but obviously has failed miserably).

    We also need to do away with the Hughes Amendment to the Firearm Owners Protection Act of 1986, the Brady Act of 1993, and abolish the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, & Explosives, since none of the three have ever prevented a single violent crime, in fact quite the contrary.

    The most dedicated and vociferous proponents of strict gun controls are urban, upper-middle-class, pro-big-government liberals, most of whom know nothing about firearms and the wide range of legitimate uses to which they are regularly put to use.

  33. I laugh every time some Right Wing Moron says guns are what guarantees our freedom. What freedom? The U.S. is now listed as 17th on the scale of freedom in the world compared to other countries.

    Common Sense Gun Control. Well the Gun owners had their chance to cut crime substantially and they were so stupid they blew the only opportunity they had to keep their guns. Now its too late and in 2018 it will be the beginning of the end and by 2020 it will pretty much be over.

    So what could the Morons at the NRA have done to save everyone’s guns ? Well hear it is and its not rocket science.

    Mandatory safe storage laws that would have cut way down on stolen guns and saved the lives of 13,000 children a year from being either killed or maimed and prevented many, many school shootings by kids who simply got out their dads guns and then gunned down their fellow students. It is so ridiculous even many gun stores do not even have bars on windows. Its like shouting to the criminals and nut cases “come on in and take anything you want its free”.

    Mandatory vetting of all gun purchases including second hand guns. Now anyone can walk into many gun shows even if he is a raving maniac or 3 time convicted felon and buy all the guns and ammo he wants. No other civilized industrial country in the entire world puts up with such insanity.

    Mandatory security alarm systems and with today technology many people who do not even own guns already have this so why not gun owners too.

    Of course all this is now too late as all the weekly mass shootings have put the last nail in the coffin for gun owners. And if you think they could never confiscate 300 million guns guess again. Just at all the guns Australia melted down and look at what California is gearing up to confiscate in the near future and their restricting ammo sales has just started as more and more restrictions are coming that will probably limit you to just one box of ammo a year providing you even have a gun to shoot the ammo out of.

    Yes with the latest polls showing 69 per cent of people do not even own a gun the gun owners are now considered the “new political minority people”. Even the Supreme Court has knuckled under to pressure from hysterical Americans over all the mass shootings and entirely reversed the Sacalia decision last summer. They all may as well urinated on Scalias grave and then defecated on the Constitution sitting in its glass case.

    With the disastrous Herr Drumpf regime and the Republican tax rape plan passed most Americans are totally fed up with the madness and the rape of the American peoples wallets by the gangster criminal Republicans and are eagerly awaiting both the 2018 and 2020 elections. If Herr Drump is not in jail by the 2020 elections even Alfred E. Neuman of Mad Magazine would have no trouble beating him hands down in the election.

    • so you are proposing more govt control over law abiding firearms owners when govt is the worst of the criminals. great thinking 99. i say less control is what should be happening and much smaller leaner and more efficient govt that has virtually no say over the day to day lives of people. what you are suggesting always creates bigger more cumbersome and more power hungry govt and EVERY time govt starts to get that way they always crave more, insist on taxing you more and removing more and more freedom. are you a freedom loving patriot or a good little slave

    • So what’s your point? You lost me when you said ” stupid ” and ” morons ” because intelligent people do not need to resort to this immature language. Also, the facts you state are your opinion and not true facts ( research before you put something out as a fact ) and through your research you might just learn something useful. I feel so sorry for you. Stay safe. Dave

    • When a person resorts to immature name calling and extreme dishonesty like “saved the lives of 13,000 children a year”, that person looses all credibility and becomes irrelevant to the conversation, regardless of how ignorant they are or offensive they try to be.

    • 13,000 childern a year without citation.
      Inevitable Trump-Hitler reference.

      And you expect anybody to take you seriously?

  34. I can think of a few places where banning guns would qualify as common sense….. The production floor of a fireworks factory for example. The chance of a negligent discharge is incredibly small but the consequences incredibly high.

    Anywhere near MRI machines is another place. That has less to do with the firearms and more to do with the metal but the common sense would still apply.

  35. Wow, the trolls really came out for this one. I especially like the use of Canadia as an agitprop. I mean, kudos for originality…

    …Until you realize we all have access to the internet. Oh look. It’s wikipedia’s entry titled “crime in canada”. What could we possibly find here? Hmmmm… Oh!

    “For years native Canadian women have been victims of sexual assault and murder disproportionately often and there have been complaints that the police paid insufficient attention to the problem…”

    So, like everywhere else that tightens gun control, gun related violence does indeed drop to a degree while other forms of violence rise.

    Good job!

  36. cisco kid; read your own article (even though the source is CNN), you will see that 1,300 is statistically insignificant, even before you remove suicides and law enforcement (leaving 767 out of 330,000,000 people) and after you remove gang violence and criminal on criminal deaths the number most likely drops to less than 300. Adolescent death by firearm is extremely rare especially when compared to death by other common causes such as auto accidents, drowning, fire, drug overdoses, etc which number into the 10s of thousands every year.

    • So 1,300 children are statistically insignificant huh? Those are deaths by the way and if you read the article another almost 6,000 were wounded and maimed. Again you will say “who cares” the body count can never be high enough to inconvenience me to lock up my guns at home or vet all gun purchases. Unless someday it turns out to be your kid then the dim light bulb goes on in your cranium assuming you have one to think with.

      By the way today the second mass shooting of the year took place barely 28 days into the year and Right Wing Nut Case say ” who cares” the body count can never be high enough.

      • cisco kid; less than 1 in 1,000,000 per year is by definition statistically insignificant. If you were to get over your gun phobia, you could concentrate on meaningful issues such as causes that kill millions per year.

        • and a very damn good example of that is the very sort of tyranical governments that disarm their people. then you also have the modern medical system that because of how the drugs get pushed through that system kill and maim many hundreds of thousands a year….. BTW these same companies are embedded in the government through the very organization that is supposed to protect you from the harm caused by many of those drugs


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