SHOT Show 2018 (courtesy ibtimes,com)
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The longer the gun barrel, the faster the bullet (up until a certain point). And while a gun with a longer barrel is easier to aim accurately (up to a certain point) it’s not more likely to be used in a crime than a shorter barreled firearm. In fact . . .

when it comes to criminal firearm use, the shorter the barrel the better.

Criminals value a firearm’s concealability over just about any other consideration. Here’s some relevant data [via a 2016 graphic from the California Attorney General’s Office]:

2016 report from the California Office of the Attorney General

Clearly, handguns are the criminal’s firearms of choice over a longer barreled rifle of shotgun. So why are gun control advocates obsessed by barrel length? just posted an article entitled Photos of America’s biggest gun show, down the road from where 58 people were killed in Las Vegas. 

Ignore the geographic inanity (which the mainstream media’s been highlighting since SHOT Show opened). The image at the top of this post is the image at the top of their post.

Ignore the vaguely Arabic look of their SHOT Show poster boy; noting it would be racist! Here’s the second image:

SHOW Show 2018 (courtesy

Really really long gun barrels feature in six out of 20 snaps. But it’s clear from photo placement that the eds have a major hard-on for long barreled guns.

What’s up with that? Why are antis size queens?

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  1. Perhaps they have a fascination with male genitalia? Seems most of there arguements and insults come back to that so obviously they fixate on long large barrels then scream about gun owners compensating for a lack in their size and girth. It would seem to me that the ones fixating on length and girth of arguably phallic atributes on any object be it guns or trucks would be the ones trying to overcome a lack of size and girth seeing as they see everything as a bigger and thicker version of a pecker and make a correlation between possession of that item and size of the owner’s genitalia.

    But what do I know? I’m just a poor under paid imaginary ATF Agent that spawned from some dude’s imagination…

    • Like it was said earlier, “Their British”, all that needs to be said when it comes to sexuality.

  2. The question is the answer…

    Everything from the left seems to come down to “*sexual” something-or-other … in the case of pro-gunners, ammosexual is the word usually tossed around.

    • ^ True ^
      But let’s just take length out of the question – bigots hate our civil rights regardless. If they cant take issue with barrel length, they’ll claim the gun shoots too fast. If they can’t complain about the gun’s reciprocal speed, they’ll take issue with how many rounds it holds. If they can’t take issue with the capacity, they’ll whine about it’s range, it’s power, it’s appearance, etc.
      A shorter way to get to the truth might be to ask a bigot “so what kind or type of firearm are you comfortable with your neighbor owning?”. They won’t have an answer – because guns…

  3. The larger weapons look more like “weapons of war”, which are far worse for a mere subject to own than a break action shotgun or bolt action .22LR. Perhaps they forget, or maybe it’s because they remember, that “weapons of war” in the hands of colonial subjects are a primary reason those colonists turned from subjects to citizens.

  4. I would be more then happy to have a number of guns with short barrels. Say, at least an AR with a 14″ barrel. Would that make them happy? They are the ones that are of the same ideological bent as the people who made that illegal.

  5. So, for safety, guns should be “too big to hide?”

    Now, they’re arguing for universal open carry?

    I get so confused.

  6. I think they were just trying to show something scary to the Queen’s good subjects. “See those crazy rebellious colonists and their nutty lack of gun laws? In America you will get mugged by someone with a tripod mounted machine gun! Aren’t you glad we have disarmed everyone?”

    It is high time we dispense with all the silly overall length, this is a pistol, not a pistol, a firearm not a rifle, this barrel is 16″ vs 10″ with welded 6″ brake, SBR or not, how many US parts do you have, is that a .50 bmg or .416 Barret? If you aren’t committing crimes, you should be able to own whatever you like. If you are a criminal engaging in a criminal act, any weapon is dangerous, whether .25acp or shotgun. Criminal control is the only thing needed.

  7. If it’s bigger it must be more powerful.

    If it’s more powerful it must be more dangerous.

    If it’s more dangerous then us plebs shouldn’t be allowed to own it… seems like common sense to me.

  8. I’m sure there is more to it but, I belive Clyde Barrow and his collection of sawed-off shotguns and cut down Browning Automatic Rifles heavily contributed to the barrel length topic. Perhaps even started the conversation which led to the passage of the NFA. The NFA was watered down legislation from full firearms registration. The topic has continued on for the last 80 plus years.

  9. Meh, it’s a scare tactic.

    They’re basically saying “Can you believe that your neighbor could buy THIS!?”. [Insert picture of large, scary gun.]

    It’s meant to suggest to the uninitiated that your neighbor can walk into the LGS and come home tonight with a full auto quad-barreled .50 cal AAA gun, set it up on his lawn and point it at your house and that it would be legal.

    You can see the same thing with knives. Showing a pen knife to someone and saying “Can you believe this is legal to carry around with you?” doesn’t have the same punch as doing it with a 7.5″ FS knife or a 8+ inch Bowie.

    • “Showing a pen knife to someone and saying “Can you believe this is legal to carry around with you?” doesn’t have the same punch as doing it with a 7.5″ FS knife or a 8+ inch Bowie.”

      Or a belt-concealed machete.

      • Funny you should post this. In California, fixed bladed knives can only be carried openly (except in LA which doesn’t like knives any more than it likes guns and bans them). A concealed carry “dirk or dagger” is a major felony, and just as Texas used to bust gun carriers for inadvertent exposure of their firearm, California will bust someone with a hunting knife who inadvertently allows his shirt or jacket to cover it. Thus, this belt toy is highly illegal here. (I’d like to see someone actually strike something with this. I suspect that it is rather useless.)

        • Back in the early 80’s in No. Hollywierd the seeks would saunter down the blvd. with their short swords but that’s ok because their short swords are considered religious items but don’t get caught with your Buck knife.

  10. ‘Why Are Antis Obsessed with Barrel Length?’ – Because they’re compensating.

    • *stands up a bit straighter and grins*
      “Why, yes. I do carry a .25 acp Beretta 950 sometimes.”

  11. A friend just down the road has Ma Duece mounted on his Vietnam USMC jeep. I raises a few eyebrows when he goes to town and occasionally a call to the local Federales who all know said friend.

  12. The infringements on short barreled firearms exist so cops don’t have to fight rifles or shotguns in urban areas. Increase the length of the barrel increase the likelihood you will fight a weak handgun instead, especially when you make laws to weaken pistol rounds. The government is always trying to reduce your effectiveness against them.

    When it comes to making guns look menacing (to the average person) they need to be large, black and have very long barrels. The guns have to look like they are supposed to be mounted on military vehicles and can shoot down a plane. Show people an 8 inch barreled AR15, in a color that isn’t black, they will think it’s more “cute” than menacing. One reason why government wants to pass laws to stop guns from being anything but black.

  13. Most of the killings using handguns in places like Baltimore and Chicago are committed by liberal constituents so…

  14. Length obsession? Penis envy? Phallus malice?!? Don’t know nothin’ except they’re retarded😄😋😏

  15. I’ve constantly wondered something similar; why do we have both a barrel length requirement AND an overall length requirement?
    Why can I have a pistol grip shotgun with with and 18″ barrel and an overall length of 24″, and it’s perfectly legal, but if I wanted a pump action shotgun with say, a 10″ barrel, but it still had a but stock, bringing the overall length to a minimum of 24″, why do I have to jump through NFA hoops to get it?

  16. After the hearing act passed and avaibled legal and unregistred suppressors it s the next big battle ground to remove sbs/sbr/aow from nfa branch

  17. “The longer the gun barrel, the faster the bullet (up until a certain point). ”

    I’ve always kinda wondered what that ‘certain point’ is. I recognize that optimal barrel length depends upon the specific bullet, load specifics, rifling type, twist rate and so on but, does anyone know of a source that gives an indication of what barrel length pairs with what caliber/bullet/twist rate combo?

    I recall reading somewhere, sometime, that 16″ is optimal for .357 magnum – presumably that is for a heavy load that one would use in a rifle; i.e. 158 grains or larger. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a summary of what barrel length is ideal for other calibers or for specific loads within a caliber.

  18. They’re not obsessed with barrel length.

    They’re obsessed with taking as many firearms away from as many NON-criminals as possible.

  19. Most Disarmists’ extreme familiarity with firearms is learned from highly-technical films such as ‘Johnny Dangerously,’ wherein they are introduced to the awesome power of the ‘.88 Magnum,’ a handgun capable of shooting through schools due to its extreme barrel length.
    Everybody just KNOWS that a really long barrel makes a gun especially dangerous. . . or is it an extremely short one? I forget.
    Remember, these people think that firearm power is measured in ‘calipers,’ that clipazines are thrown away once they’re emptied, that a thing in the back that goes up makes a gun more shootier, and that a pistol grip instantly enables fully-automatic fire from the hip at 600 rounds a second.
    They are also the ones who can’t balance a checkbook and that talk with their thumbs. . . Ask one how a thermos works. I dare you.
    They are a breed apart, and make no sense.

  20. Anti’s are obsessed. You could have just stopped there.

    “The urge to save humanity is but a false face for the urge to rule it”

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