Zombielivesmatter's everydaycarry.com load out
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ZombieLivesMatter is just messin’ with you. Click here to see his real load out, that includes . . .

a tactical pen, a tactical flashlight, a knife, a Leatherman and a beat-up Louis Vuitton wallet.

But point taken. If you had to pare down your everyday carry to three items, what would they be? For me it would be a iPhone, wallet and gun. Done.

As I reckon most of you would agree with that holy trinity, what fourth item would you carry?

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  1. “If you had to pare down your everyday carry to three items, what would they be?”

    I don’t really consider a wallet or a phone to be an EDC item since everyone carries one and the EDC community focuses mainly on gear outside what every hipster can be found carrying. So, watch, knife, flashlight for three items.

    Forth item to add to that list: Generally a pistol/spare mag (I consider this one item really). When that’s not an option I do sometimes carry a tactical pen.

    • RIGHT!?
      It’s as if these guys never drive anywhere…
      Phone, wallet, gun, City Slicker coin purse, keys, knife… bare minimum. Might also have my walking stick and speedloaders but not always – just usually. If all that isn’t on me, it’s because I haven’t left the house yet.

  2. [checks pockets]

    Ok… I am WAY over the three item limit. There’s an upside to wearing cargo pants on a daily basis.

    • “A wad of cash.”

      Depending on the size of the ‘wad’, it could double as an instant lawyer, IE, a nice ‘gratuity’ could get one out of *all* kinds of un-pleasantness.

      CAUTION – Use care when ‘thanking’ law enforcement.

      (Like the kindly Indian fellow who tried to ‘fine’ you at the fishing hole…)

  3. Seems like no one ever carries a lighter. Even if I didn’t smoke I’d always have a lighter.

    And yeah, who doesn’t have keys?

    • Don’t smoke, and I carry a lighter. Always. And it’s not like I’ve never had to use it. The up-front cost and pocket real estate for a mini-Bic, there’s not many good reasons to not carry a lighter.

  4. Keys
    No need to chose…easy to have all these in anything i would wear.

    Reducing anything would mean i was in a shithole country or state i had to fly to.

  5. Watch ( Blackface Explorer II)
    Knife ,Hinderer xm18
    Olight flashlight
    Five C notes always in wallet ( Saddelback )

    Never “carry keys” at home they’re on a hook ,at work in locker

  6. I kept asking myself what defensive use is a wristwatch, then flash backed to 1970 and a fight, improvised brass knukles, busted the watch, but saved my skinny ass

  7. Wallet, keys, phone, mini bic, handkerchief, mini123 flashlight, TCP, lockblade knife that fits my mood.

    Backpack or fanny pack (carried, not worn) has a few more goodies, including a USB battery, 3×5 spiral notebook, pen and double ended sharpie marker, RX bottle.

    Four Sevens Mini 123 flashlight gets the most use by far.

  8. Israeli battle dressing. Don’t want to win the fight only to bleed out. Poor form, poor tactics, poor training and hesitation have killed more people than any knife, bullet, bludgeon or bomb ever made. Eaglescoutactual out. 30.

  9. Glock 22, smith and Wesson shield on the ankle, two sets of handcuffs, two spare magazines, Vexor pepper spray, ASP baton, 5.11 TPT L2 flashlight, Mag Lite LED, a taser, Motorola radio, axon flex 2.0 body worn camera, glove pouch and flashlight ring, along with Point Blank IIIa body armor.

    Still not as bad as my time as an IIB which included a 240 on my EDC 😀

  10. I don’t consider myself dressed if I don’t have wallet, keys, phone and reading glasses, and I won’t leave the house without a knife in my pocket, regardless, and haven’t since middle school. I guess my “3 items” beyond that are: pistol, flashlight, Leatherman. However, I carry a laptop with me everywhere, so I have a significant EDC beyond what’s on my person, including some basic first aid supplies and for the last 3 years, an EPI pen.

  11. 1 .45 caliber automatic
    2 boxes a’ amanishun
    4 days concentrated emergency rations
    1 drug issue containing antibiotics, morphine, vitamin pills, pep pills, sleeping pills, tranquilizer pills
    1 miniature combination rooshun phrase book and bible
    one hunert dollars in rubles, one hunert dollars in gold
    9 packs a’ chewin gum
    3 lipsticks
    and 3 nylons

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