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The Michael Bloomberg funded gun control advocacy organization Everytown for Gun Safety has a solid track record of making false accusations and taking positions that “feel good” but go against their stated goal. They openly admitted . . .

to making false statements in their campaigns back in 2015. And Moms Demand Action (their wholly-owned subsidiary) has said that teaching gun safety in schools is “atrocious” — despite the life saving potential of educating children about firearms safety.

And now Everytown for Gun Safety is claiming that the NRA is simply a Russian money laundering front. From the NY Post:

“For years, the NRA cozied up to Moscow, even as Russia meddled in our elections. Now they won’t answer any questions about it,” said John Feinblatt, the president of Everytown for Gun Safety.

“It makes you wonder how much the gun lobby really spent on Trump in 2016 and where that money might’ve come from. The silence raises troubling questions, and it’s time for the NRA to come clean.”

Here’s the thing . . .

According to The Trace, another wholly-owned Michael Bloomberg media company, the NRA spent $36.3 million on the 2016 presidential race. Which is about as much as Everytown for Gun Safety spent on political lobbying in 2013.

It’s a bit hypocritical for one organization with pretty much one sole financier (Michael Bloomberg) to criticize another organization with millions of contributing members (the NRA).

In a world where “one person one vote” is a left-leaning shibboleth, you’d think the ability for one person to influence elections wouldn’t be something they’d want to bring to anyone’s attention. So why are they doing it?

According to recent polls, 74% of Democrats think that the investigation into possible Russian collusion in the U.S. elections is important. 81% of Republicans think it is politically motivated.

Everytown for Gun Safety is trying to tie the NRA to the Emmanuel Goldstein of the moment (Putin and Russia) to appeal to their base: Democrats who believe that Trump is Putin’s b*tch.

Everytown for Gun Safety has not provided one single scrap of evidence to support their claim. They are making wild and unfounded accusations in the hopes that it will make their base even more angry at the NRA, further driving a wedge between the two sides of the debate and ensuring that there will never ever be a compromise.

There’s no other reason for the accusation.

So when the antis say they want a “dialogue about gun violence” it’s just another lie. They’re doing everything in their power to make the NRA appear to be the most evil organization possible, something with which there can never be a compromise. Which of course, there can’t.

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    • Nope, not even a little bit. Libel is a specific thing. Lie, maybe, rumor definitely, there’s plenty of wiggle room in US law for this kind of thing. We just don’t have the same options and folks in Britain, or the EU, there are just gargantuan differences between libel and specious.

      The news story is that the FBI is investigating, if its true then its 100% accurate, and you can’t sue the FBI for investigating, will they ever report that the FBI found no evidence? If the FBI aren’t, they’ll just say a source lied.

      • Perhaps the FBI should be investigating where the (misnamed) “Everytown for Gun Safety” gets it’s money, perhaps it is in the FBI’s job description to investigate groups that are attacking Constitutions Rights and Freedoms, perhaps they are getting money from foreign sources to undermine American Freedoms.

        Oh, I forget the money comes from Michael Bloomberg.

    • I think it is libel, and I would hope that the NRA would begin a class action suit that every one of us in the NRA could sign up to join. I mean, when the NRA is libeled, aren’t we all libeled?
      But just remember, EVERYTHING coming out of Bloomberg is the leavings from a diarheetic horse… green, smelly liquid that fouls everything it touches!


    I would bet that Bloomberg himself has stronger Russian connections than Trump and NRA combined.

  2. I heard that the NRA/Trump/Russia illuminati was actually the ones responsible for that meteor hitting Michigan last week due to climate change! 🤤

  3. Liberals will be liberals. Whether they are lying about gun control, abortion, illegal immigration, etc., their main playbook is to make up salacious lies with zero proof. When you call them on their unfounded lies, the race and bigot cards come out to end the debate….at least for them. They’re all worthless as tits on a Boar Hog.

  4. Nick, do you really think that anyone here is the least interested in any “compromise” with these people? Not no, but hell no.

    The gun grabbers only want “compromise” from us, until they can get full control.

    • “Common Sense” is right up there with “have to do something” When Gang bangers murder the competition for drugs and stolen handguns

      No surprise, criticial thinking skills has gone the way of the DODO Bird.

    • Very good point.

      “Before we take over your country we will arm your citizenry and make sure that they have lobbyists fighting for their gun rights, educate and train them and even insuring their firearms…”

      …said no hostile enemy, ever.

  5. Little Johnny is off his meds again! How much of Shannon’s Sugar Daddy’s money did they spend on focus groups to determine how well this pack of lies will sell to the morally superior, mentally deficient left?

  6. The NRA is a joke. Anyone seen that new, hilarious Charlie Daniels ad? It is so stupid I laughed out loud.

    • Yeah, neither of these folks (both Everyblahblah, and the NRA) seem all that concerned with where the money comes from. They’ve set up a nice business in trashing each other to bundle more money to generate more feelz, to generate more money. There’s no documentation about how much bloomberg’s employees are earning ginning this up to get his money, but Wayne, the ad agencies, and quite a few board members of the NRA are pulling down significant bank, and running against each other raises lots of money.

  7. This is what you get when you have the russians which interfered in our elections.

    This crap wouldn’t happen if we had a competent president like Hillary instead of treasonous putin’s crony.

    You ‘muricans and your guns. Keep sending out thoughts and prayers instead of addressing the real and obvious issue, it’s working great so far. I mean you only have had 11 school shootings this month. Up there in Canada, they’ve had 9 mass shootings in the last 20 years, but gun control doesn’t work, right? Countries like Japan, UK, Germany, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, etc., have gun control laws. These countries have a gun death rate between 0.06 and 1.97 gun deaths per 100,000 people. The US has a rate of 10.54 gun deaths per 100,000 people. Not only is that ridiculously higher than all countries with common sense gun control laws, it’s higher than countries like Mexico and South Africa, both of which are known for their gun violence. As I previously stated, we have had only 9 mass shootings in Canada over 20 years. That works out to .45 mass shootings per year. Now since the population of the US is about 10 times more than Canada, we’ll multiply 0.45 by 10. So we get 4.5 mass shootings per year for Canada at a US population level. The US had over 360 mass shootings last year. So a country without gun control has 360+ mass shootings compared to a country that would have 4.5 if they had the same population. How can you look at this and deny facts?

    They are just as free as you are, no matter what narrative you want to spew. they can still get guns, even an AR15. they’re are just smart enough to see that proper regulation is needed. Nutbars, if the majority of your citizens wanted change, there would be change.

    • “Our” elections but you’re in Canada? Followed by more of your nonsensical bloviating?

      When are you going to learn the old adage “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.” and figure out how to just STFU?

    • What happened to your “hundreds of mass shootings daily” routine?

      Here I was thinking I must already be dead (we all would be at that rate…that’s thousands of mass shootings per year, and millions of victims), and now it seems there’s hardly any danger at all.

      Make up your mind, man!

    • Dear (Get)Real, you say that the US has had “11 school shootings this month.”

      Citation(s) please.

      • I read an article last night that made that very claim. I believe the source was –surprise surprise–The New York Times. The article I read did not give any details as to all of these alleged “school shootings,” but one of the examples was of a drive by in New Orleans where someone in a pickup fired at a group of students in the school parking lot–which smells like a gang banger incident to me, not one of the mass shooting incidents like Kentucky or Columbine. Moreover, these anti-gun groups include in “school shootings” any shooting that occurs on any school property, as well as any shooting within 1000′ of a school (GFSZ), irrespective of the day of the week or the time of day, i.e. including shootings that occur on weekends and late at night. Remember also that “school shooting” does not equal “mass shooting.”

        In short, these “11 school shootings” is, without proof, nothing but a falsely inflated statistic intended to mislead.

        The claim that the US rate is 10.something includes all suicides. The actual murder rate is 4.3 per 100,000. By comparison, 2017 was Mexico’s deadliest year on record, with 29,168 murders recorded, leading to a murder rate of 20.5 per 100,000 inhabitants in 2017, compared with 19.4 in 2011. Honduras has over 20,000 murders per year with a population of only 9 million. That is a murder rate of over 200 per hundred thousand. Try again , Chica.

        • Oh, I should add: You know those MS-13 members we deport? Just guess where we deport them to….Yup, Guatemala.

        • And Mark, do not neglect the very clear FBI statistic that shows over 51% of all murders in the USA are committed by Black Males. In a completely different chart, the FBI also has the statistic that seems to indicate over 20% of all murders in the US are committed by Hispanic males. A little common sense applied here would point to the FACT that 70% of ALL murders in the US are actually committed by DRUG GANGS – so we don’t have a firearms problem – – we have a drug problem and we have a gang problem!

    • Lets see what those shooting are exactly, shall we.

      From wikipedia-

      January 4, 2018, St. Johns, Michigan. A man committed suicide when he shot himself in the parking lot of East Olive Elementary School. The school was empty at the time.

      January 4, 2018 Seattle, Washington. Two shots fired into a Seattle high school during classes. No one was injured.

      January 9, 2018 Forest City, Iowa. A man shot a pellet gun at a school bus full of children in Iowa, shattering a window. No one was injured.

      January 10, 2018 Sierra Vista, Arizona. A student committed suicide at Coronado Elementary School in Arizona.

      January 10, 2018 Denison, Texas. A student fired a gun in a classroom at Grayson College by accident. No one was hit.

      January 10, 2018 San Bernardino, California. One bullet struck a building at Cal State, but no one was injured.

      January 15, 2018 Marshall, Texas. A bullet was fired into a college dorm room. Three students were inside. No one was hurt.

      January 20, 2018 Wake Forest University. A student was shot on the campus of Wake Forest University. He died.

      January 22, 2018 Italy, Texas. A 16-year-old male student fired at a 15-year-old classmate in the cafeteria of Italy High School. The gunman left the school immediately after opening fire.

      January 22, 2018 New Orleans, Louisiana. A shooting in the parking lot of a New Orleans charter school. One student was slightly injured.

      January 23, 2018 Marshall County, Kentucky. Marshall County High School shooting: A 15-year-old male student shot 16 people in the lobby at Marshall County High School and caused non-gunshot injuries to 4 others. Two 15-year-old students died: one killed at the scene, another died of wounds at Vanderbilt Medical Center.”

      Two of your claimed shooting are suicides, so that’s just nine “shootings”. Then one of them is a negligent discharge, so that’s only eight “shootings”. Four of them are there is no reason listed (bullet impacts only) or just flat out stupid (school bus), so you’re left with only four (4) shooting this year.

    • Ever look at the demographics in Canada? The education level?
      There are a lot of differences between the USA and Canada.

    • Moronic troll.

      My dogs looked up at me when I got home and said “Glad you’re home the Russians pooped in the hallway.”

      If Hill was soooo competent how did she not win? The Russians didn’t Stop her from going to Penn, Wisc, or Michigan. The Russians didn’t Vote.

      As someone in Canada, what difference is it to you what our gun laws are? Just a Soros bot?
      Sorry, I just don’t get all frightened when I see someone packing a firearm. I see it all the time and I know that they are not out to harm me (No matter the color of the persons skin.).

    • Where I live it can be a 2 1/2 hour ride to parts of Canada. It saddens me to think dipshits like you are that close.

    • If Hillary was so “competent” please explain why enough registered Democrats did NOT vote for her?

      The Clinton’s have political baggage and voters have surprisingly long memories. Whitewater, Monica, the Chinese deals, the Foundation slush fund, the illegal email server, and lots more.

      Have you ever heard what she says about some minorities when she thinks the microphones are turned off? A 1850s slave overseer would blush at the comments.

    • Hey Real American Patriot, NOT !!!!! You need another name like brainwashed mindless idiot liberal loonie. You need to go eat a fat one, you commie !!!!!

    • Hey, Real Canuck, finaly you come clean. You are not Real American anything. And since you don’t live here, your opinions, while still wrong and full of lies, are irrelevant.

      If Russians meddled in our (not your) elections, it was by EXPOSING HILLARY’S CRIMES and incompetence. So, are you saying that Hillary would be great and competent president if only we didn’t find out about her crimes and incompetence? What difference does it make now, right?

      “Gun death” statistics are bullcrap. People kill other people and, about twice as often, themselves. Means are not important.
      Including suicides to tripple your numbers clearly shows your attempt to manipulate the outcome.
      Do you think we should compare “rope deaths”, “sleeping pills deaths” and “bridge deaths” too?

  8. If I was the Russians…I wouldn’t want to be our friends…Thanks DNC for ruining a good relationship with our previous allies….Back to cold war status after Regan worked so hard to breakdown the Combloc iron curtain…Thanks again. Dumbo-Crate…..

    • “If I was the Russians…I wouldn’t want to be our friends…”

      Actually there are some pretty good geo-political reasons for the Russians and the US to be friendly, not the least of which is putting China in a box for 50 years, something that the Russians would LOVE to do. Moscow has hated Beijing since Mao and that distrust/dislike continues today. Those two countries are have been on a serious collision course for more than half a century, a situation that has not and probably will not change in the foreseeable future without outside intervention. That new nuclear torpedo that destroys cities and makes them uninhabitable for 100+ years ain’t meant for us…

      Unfortunately history (bad blood) along with political blunders on both sides and the state of Russian internal politics/the way they deal with their neighbors make this very, very difficult to do. Defusing those problems can be done but it would take at least a full two-term administration that was very attentive and firm with the Russians to get it done and that’s probably not going to happen.

      As much as I hate to say it: Treating the Russians somewhat like a dog in training, with a firm hand of discipline and some treats that get their economy back on track would do a world of good for our relations and, as a byproduct, international stability in the long run.

      • About that 100 mt Cobalt-‘salted’ “Doomsday Torpedo” –

        It isn’t in the *least* ‘stealthy’. It *can’t* be when running at 100 knots. And China has been busy building their version of a SOUSUS ‘net for quite some time now.

        And fuck the Russian economy sideways. We can do that best by flooding the world’s oil market with oil and coal, further depressing the price, and our gas prices at the pump…

        • Well yeah, if you want to fuck the Russian’s economy even worse. Which in the medium to long term is, quite frankly, a horrible idea from the point of view of geo-political/world stability. The absolute last thing we need is a more unstable Russia. Turning a huge, and very well armed country like Russia into the world’s largest version of Venezuela is… unwise.

          I personally don’t see the point in that since if we were on friendly terms we could do a hell of a lot to go after countries that are really bad actors. Of course that would require a stable policy towards each other from both sides and the willingness to stay that course for a number of years before we’d trust each other at all and that ain’t gonna happen.

          As for the torpedo, knowing it’s there and stopping it are two completely different things.

  9. 23% of Dems see it as politically motivated? i had no idea so many Dems had such clarity of thought.

  10. Is the DOJ looking into the NRA? Is it at the behest of some hair-brained leftist organization? Perhaps with some phony baloney document?

  11. This claim is based on the fact that a Russian Senator who is a Lifetime Member of the NRA donated money to the NRA. This is alleged to be a donation intended to influence the election which would be technically illegal for a foreign national.

    Where the story falls apart is that the amount he donated is not specified.

    The NRA spent $52 million on supporting Trump during the 2016 election. Unless that Russian Senator donated enough money to actually influence the NRA’s budget for that effort, as opposed to an amount which would be considered a personal donation like everyone else, the whole story falls apart.

    • Makarov’s. I want the country flooded with maks and their mags.

      If we have Russian overlords I want the benefits, now.

  12. Democrats have been in bed with the Russians since FDR took office in 1933.
    Within a week of inauguration, FDR created the Import-Export Bank for the sole purpose of saving the Soviet Union from financial collapse. Since then, every democrat president has collaborated with the Russians, including Obama – remember his “After My Election” comments to Putin ?

    • Don’t forget about the hero of Chappaquiddick (Ted Kennedy) and his attempt to undermine Reagan.

  13. Lately our opponents have gone full on bonkers. They are reminding me of the song by the Kinks. So with tongue firmly planted in cheek.: ” There’s a Russian under my bed, there’s another in the NRA’s head”. PARANOIA WILL DESTROY YA !!!

  14. The NRA does meet with Russians on the Olympic Committee because shooting is an Olympic sport.

    But politics? The NRA promotes gun ownership everywhere.

    If the Russians will send me a few million dollars I’ll open a business and call it Red Rock Real Estate. Then I could become a Governor and then President, just liek te Clintons did.

  15. So I guess I’d land in the Independents camp in the graph in the article.

    Is the Russia investigation justified? Yep. (I don’t believe the FBI/NSA/CIA/etc are stooges for any political party, and they said we’ve been hacked and there has been a disinformation campaign going on from Russia in the US surrounding elections).

    Is it politically motivated? Probably. But does that make it less true? (I’m going to go back to the independent law enforcement offices again, here). It was Republicans who appointed Mueller, the Republican, no? So whether it’s RNC attacking Trumpists or DNC attacking both or who the heck knows what, the Senate and Congress hearings on Russia are pure political theater. They sent in the clowns so long ago, it’s shocking there are still any bums left in seats at this show.

    In the end, the judicial inquiry by Republican Mueller, using intelligence agency-gathered data, along with corroborating testimony from witnesses (and confessions) are really the only thing that I think will see through to the truth here.

    The more any side debases Mueller and his team, the more this becomes a partisan witch hunt — against Mueller!! Mueller, who by all reports is scrupulously honest, fought for the country, and is just doing his job right now.

  16. If the russians were so effective in sabotaging the election and laundrying money through the NRA, we should have Reciprocity, the Hearing Protection Act and recind the Federal Assault Weapons Ban by the middle of 2018!

    Go russians!

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