George Gascon
Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes, File)
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Gun control is for civilians, not criminals. The criminal justice system should view criminals as victims. These are the guiding lights of Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon.

On the same day that an 81-year-old woman was shot to death in a home invasion robbery, Gascon sent out a fundraising email decrying the use of sentencing enhancements. Enhancements add prison time for violent crimes for a number of reasons, from gang affiliation to the use of guns .

But Gascon thinks we shouldn’t be too hard on criminals. Gascon did not add a sentence enhancement to the charges against the woman’s killer, a man who, of course, had an extensive criminal history and was recently released on parole in September. The enhancement would add 25 years to his sentence.

Gascon said that this is because sentence enhancements are disproportionately used against minorities. It’s a dubious claim at best, but it ignores the real question: Does this individual, a repeat criminal who tried to rob another house after shooting a woman to death, deserve a sentencing enhancement that would keep him behind bars?

It would seem like a pretty simple decision for a Democrat in charge of the criminal justice system as Gascon is in Los Angeles to take a hard-line stance on crimes committed with a gun. Democrats are the party of gun control, and Gascon is a proponent of it as well. But, like other liberal district attorneys, he is convinced his primary goal should be to keep criminals out of jail rather than have them face justice. That magical word “equity” is the goal, not safety.

— Zachary Faria in Criminals are the real victims, according to the Los Angeles district attorney

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    • Right. Isn’t the da supposed to represent the law not the criminal? When the bad guy has a public defender,the da and the judge on their side something is wrong.

      • But Progressives truly believe the criminal is a victim of an unjust society and we “civilians” (or proles to them) as members of the society NEED to be punished. They see any action by criminals as righteous retribution and redistribution of wealth to the true victims.

        Personally at least I see criminals as lazy, impulsive, self-entitled opportunists. They are frequently the ones who thought they were “too cool for school” but then found opportunities for uneducated, untrained, and unskilled are few and far between.

        • You’re such a meanie…

          Lots of truths in your post. Thank you.
          I may appropriate some of your verbiage for future arguments / discussions.

      • Progressives and criminals are on the same team. Team enemy of society. They are both enemies of honest decent hardworking people. The oligarchs are also on team enemy.

    • From what I understand, he is going to likely be recalled. He’s very unpopular in SF.

      When the liberals said “decriminalise crime”, they sure as hell did not mean “if it affects me!” and are hell bent on getting rid of this guy.

      …course, they’d probably still vote for him were he to be running for some federal office.

      The left is often quite forgiving of a progressive if he’s not directly hurting them.

      • Gascon is the DA of Los Angeles County, not San Francisco. But they he is the subject of a recall effort.

      • He was DA in ‘FRISCO and got run out of town because he was too liberal for that city. That’s hard to get my mind around. The LA County Deputy District Attorney’s Assoc has started a recall petition but I don’t know if it is going anywhere. He should have never been elected, but he is Soros’ fair haired child and was elected with Soros’ money.

        • He defeated a black lady DA who was a pretty fair DA. She didn’t deserve the treatment she got. One must remember that Gascon wasn’t responsible for this piece of dog excrement being on the streets, that was on the state level releasing “non-violent” criminals on early release. Guess the same shrinks passed him who passed the child molester they passed who then kidnapped a threee year old girl not very long after his release, tortured her, raped her and then finally killed her when he got tired of the “games.” This county sentenced him to the gas chamber but he finally died of bad health in prison after receiving a heart transplant that apparently didn’t go as well has planned. Golly gee! Isn’t that a shame. He was one guy I could have dropped the pill on and gone home feeling that I had done humanity a good service. Had I been on that jury, I would have voted to have him flogged to death. I think I could have participated in that and felt the same way.

          This current P.O.S should never see the light of freedom again in his miserable, s.h. life. Unfortunately, Gascon won’t have any part in that happening.

  1. Since History Clearly Confirms Gun Control is the choice of racists and nazis and since Gun Control is the clear choice for progressives it can only mean progressives are insane just like racists and nazis.

    • It truly betrays the ethical and moral bankruptcy of Progressives when they hold criminals in higher standing than “civilians” (or proles to them).

      • “Progressives” get literally everything that matters 100% backwards. They get exactly what they voted for and then say, “wait a minute, this wasn’t supposed to affect us…” and then put the pedal to the metal anyway.

        Progressivism is a progressive disease. A death cult. Malicious stupidity on a massive scale.

        I call them progtards and progbots, but “evil” and “enemies of civilization” would also cover it.

  2. If I believed in Karma I’d think it was creeping up on Gascon fast. Don’t suppose I’d shed a tear for him if one of these recividist criminals did him in.

  3. Nothing to see here, move along, just business as usual for the democrat version of the legal system.

  4. Woke racism is reaching new heights.
    LA says it’s racist to expect POC to behave themselves.
    OR says it’s racism to expect POC to be able to read by high school.

    These people really are the neo-Klan. I wonder if their segregationist ways would still have so much traction with the young morons out there if their bigoted ideas weren’t all packaged along with promises of free stuff.

    • Being progresssive-left is a positional good (as I learned from Sarah Hoyt). A virtue signal that marks you as enlightened and educated. It lets you hang out with all the cool rich kids and gives you a chance to fail up instead of washing out.

      Bonus: It’s fed to everyone from their earliest learning as the “right” way to be, so nobody really has to think about it. Most people want to fit in. They don’t *want* to think about the possibility that everything they were told was good, culturally and economically, might actually be poisonous.

      Considering all that, it tells you something about the strength of American culture that most of the country isn’t actually on board with the progs. They’ve been going along to get along, and everybody’s been massively gaslit, but most Americans actually *like* the good ol’ US of A and don’t want it transformed into something else.

      The difficult trick is waking them up to what’s been done to them — and what’s really coming if they don’t stand up and put a stop to it.

  5. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t sentencing the job of the judge involved in the case? If there is a sentence enhancement for what the perp did, doesn’t the judge decide that?

    Also, if the sentence enhancement is just an optional thing, that’s part of the problem as well. It should be mandatory, where there is no option. Isn’t that what Florida does?

  6. Bolster the public defender offices in the nation but do not compromise the advocacy a prosecutor is for the people, in this case the victims.

    Prosecutors DO NOT represent the criminals in any way shape or form for their criminal acts.

  7. Some “enhancements” seem silly to me. If a man with a knife robs and kills me, is that any less heinous a crime than a man with a gun robbing and killing me? I’m equally dead, but various laws in various jurisdictions see the “gun crime” as more serious. Silly. Let’s punish the two real crimes – murder and robbery – and worry less about “enhancements”. A murder during a robbery has to be worth 25 years, amirite? And, a repeat offender can have that sentence doubled, thank you. After 75 years in prison, he’s probably safe to release back onto the streets.

    The real problem with these enhancements is, they seem to be used against otherwise honest people. Things like driving while black and in possession of a firearm can get you killed on the spot.

  8. This is the dissolution of law and order which Yuri Bezmenov describes. We are past the demoralization phase and into the destabilization phase at this point.

  9. …. And in St. Paul yesterday, a judge ignored recommended sentence guidelines of 22.5 years in allowing a repeat felon to serve sentences concurrently after, among several other charges, of hitting a cop in a stolen car while high as shit on crack. She( the judge) thought he was railroaded by the prosecutor as he has no recollection of the incident. After credit for time in lockup for an unrelated charge, he has about seven months to go until he’s free…. WTF?

  10. ” ‘Progressive’ Prosecutors Think Criminals are the Real Victims and Gun Control is for Civilians”

    Wait, i’ll see if I can work up a few tears for the criminals …ok here we go, straining really hard to do this so give me a moment …Uhhhhhhggghghghgh..Ughhhhh…wait … somethinnnnnnngs coooominnnnng!… Uhhhhhhggghghghgh…whoopsie, never mind, it was just a little poop. Oh well, I tried.

  11. I believe in equity also,,,
    I equally share my ammo on all of them perps,
    Usually a double tap , then more as needed after that.
    See, EQUITY as it should be.

  12. “….because sentence enhancements are disproportionately used against minorities…”

    Speeding tickets are disproportionately used against people who drive cars. Once knew a guy who got a speeding ticket on his bicycle, but that’s not really an endemic problem, is it?

  13. Criminals in California don’t go to prison. Instead, they are elected to high office, and the people of CA get the government they deserve.

    Let them all kill each other. I won’t shed a tear.

    • ‘I won’t shed a tear [if millions of people die]’, writes the ‘man’ who claims to be a Christian.

      • I’ve never heard Ralph make that claim. How does being a spineless, mentally damaged troll equate to you being a true christian.

        And I’ve never claimed a religion, either.

    • Didn’t used to be that way. Once upon a time–actually not that many years ago, California had the highest inmate population in the country, so high that we were shipping convicts to private facilities both in and out of state. But even with that stop gap measure, there were 35,000 more inmates incarcerated than the capacity of the prisons.

  14. quote: ” repeat criminal who tried to rob another house after shooting a woman to death, deserve a sentencing enhancement ”

    Wait a minnit here.. the perp KILLED someone wh was innocent, with no cause. The biblical punishment for that is death.. he who by his hand sheds innocent blood, by the hand of man shall his blood be shed.
    No sentencing enhancements apply. He murdered her, he dies.

    Until THIS once again becomea the law of the land, such crimes will continue. Execution accomplishes two beneficnal goals: first, the murderer is denied any possiblility of killing someone else. Second, the fhat Charlie murdered someone then was executed will give at least some grounds for the next guy who wants to do the same to at least reconsider. do I want to die, too?

    The God who made us knows how we function. THIS is His prescription.
    FUrther, His word also declares that the civil magistrate is given to bear the sword against those who do harm.

  15. “Gascon said that this is because sentence enhancements are disproportionately used against minorities.” Maybe that’s because minorities do a disproportionate amount of crime…. DUH!!! Don’t do the crime if you don’ts want to do the time. Simple rule.

  16. Idiots. That does not mean you do not prosecute them. It means you make sure those enhancements are included on any charges that they apply to.

    However, I do not believe there should even be enhancements. The crime is the crime regardless of the tool used. Just like murder is still murder if it was hands, a crowbar, or a firearm. Same with “Hate Crimes”. It is bull. The crime is the crime.

    This guy should be fired and disbarred. Most of them should be.

  17. All crime is done from hate. People without hatred are not out committing these crimes, they are being productive.

    So all criminals, regardless of race or creed are committing hate crimes. Sentence them all with the enhancement.

    • “Sentence them all with the enhancement.

      Enhancements are absolutely unnecessary; simply change existing laws to make the “enhancements” merely part of the existing law. Enhancements are nothing more than political statements, and bargaining chips. Nobody gets more deader, or more burglarized, or more trespassed, or whatever, simply because the perp hated the victim.

      Gun control laws are not about guns, but about ruling over others. Hate crimes are not about crime, but about politics of moralizing.

  18. I hope and pray that more Liberals as this DA have an unfortunate experience with his beloved criminals.Maybe that would wake their sorry arses up !

  19. From the article:
    “Gascon said that this is because sentence enhancements are disproportionately used against minorities.”

    Yet another example of systemic racism. But not the racism he claims it is. The systemic racism is that he, as a white prosecutor doesn’t feel the outrage for all the victims of crime, the majority of which are poor and ethnic minorities. That’s the racism in the system.
    The federal legislation raising penalties against drug dealers and users which Biden bragged about sponsoring was asked for by Afro-Americans in Congress because they were alarmed at the violence done to those same groups: poor minorities. Now those faceless, nameless victims of the rising crime that prompted that legislation have been forgotten and prosecutors and politicians ignore the victims of crimes being committed now. Worse, they want to make that same group defenseless against criminals. One could almost believe that they want to cultivate a violent group that they can manipulate and direct their violence for their own violent ends.

  20. Almost all of the named ‘progressive’ DA’s around the country are George Soros-funded Communists. This has been Soros’ strategy for the last 15 years to insert politicians in different levels of government (local, state, federal) in order to de-stabilize our political, judicial and legislative system of government. It is the ‘grand plan’ of ‘Dr. Evil’ to eventually destroy America from within.

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