Suspect Maynor as LAFD haul him away after he shot himself in the foot in what cops say was an armed home invasion. (Screencap by Boch courtesy Daily Mail)
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California’s legislature has put up all manner of obstacles to good people who want to keep and bear arms in the Golden State. Add in Soros-funded prosecutors and “bail reform” laws and the streets quickly become feral free-offend zones with little or now consequences. What’s more, the increasingly brazen and rampant crime isn’t confined to poor neighborhoods. Even the rich and famous suffer with everyone else.

For some reason, the American mainstream media don’t widely report stories like that of career felon Aariel Maynor, 29, who cops say shot and killed a prominent music exec’s wife in a home invasion and robbery…while on parole.

Just an hour later, cops believe he negligently shot himself in the foot with the same AR he used during the commission of yet another home invasion robbery.

California’s burdensome gun control laws (and lenient or non-existent sentencing regimes) did nothing to protect society from this career criminal. Nor did the criminal justice system Not even those living in $7 million homes. Not the way a handy 12-gauge shotgun loaded with buckshot or a GLOCK would have.

Only through Mr. Maynor’s incompetence and negligence in handling a firearm did he shoot himself in the foot — literally and metaphorically — allowing cops to catch up to him.

The UK’s Daily Mail has the report:

The career criminal suspected of killing Jaqueline Avant in a Beverly Hills home invasion was arrested just an hour after the murder, when he shot himself in the foot during a separate burglary in Hollywood Hills, police have revealed. 

Aariel Maynor, 29, faces charges in Avant’s murder early on Wednesday after an ‘astute watch commander’ in Hollywood connected the dots between the two home invasions, LAPD Deputy Chief Blake Chow said.

Maynor has been in custody since early Wednesday but was only announced as the murder suspect on Thursday afternoon.

Police say evidence suggests that Maynard shot himself with same AR-15 rifle used in the murder of Avant, the wife of legendary music executive Clarence Avant, and that the two crimes are further tied together by surveillance footage of his vehicle.

The murder suspect has an extensive criminal history, including convictions for assault, robbery and grand theft.  

In September, Maynor was released on parole after serving a four-year prison sentence for second-degree robbery with enhancements for a prior felony. He remains in LAPD custody at a Los Angeles hospital.

And the video:

Is it any wonder why millions of Americans are continuing to buy guns, many for the first time?  Even many in California are arming themselves after they navigate a multitude of gun control laws that only protect violent predators from encountering armed would-be victims.

gun store counter pistol
Courtesy NSSF

Even scarier for California’s gun control advocates, minorities and women are also tooling up.

Yes, even celebrities want to protect their families. After seeing what happened to a music exec’s wife in her own home, who can blame them? Even the dimwitted and most dogmatic in Hollywood usually catch on. Eventually.

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    • JO. Those who haev taken someone else’s life DO have a mandatoryt deathsentence, as per God’sWord. But “we know better than God” and so the bleeding heart libruls have done away with that.

      Return THATpenalty and things WILL change. Dirtbgs like this know they wont face death, so what’s the real risk?

      The bibilcal penalty for theft is also ignored.. if caught, you must repay FOUR TIMES the damage you did. If you repent and surrende,r only double. Put THAT one in pace complete with work camps, etc, for the thieves to “earn” the funds to restore, things would change.

      This business of warehouusng socia=etal misfits hasa long track record.. of FAILURE Thins=gs won’t change until that does.

    • Read the following report to learn how a single-mom with 3 kids was able to generate $89,844 of annual SSD income working in her spare time online from her home without selling…….

      check it out……

      Read the following report to learn how a single-mom with 3 kids was able to generate $89,844 of annual SSD income working in her spare time online from her home without selling…….

      check it out……

    • It would empty jails and prisons, at least. This would be hilarious fut for the fact that he killed a woman with the same rifle that he used to shoot himself in the foot. I’m glad he’s been caught. This should keep him off the streets for a week, maybe 2 while he’s released on $2000 bail.

  1. Here in Florida we have 10, 20, life
    10 years for the first colony with a gun, 20 years for the second felony with a gun, life in prison for the third felony with a gun.
    We don’t have any Soros funded prosecutors here… Yet

    • Our first colony did have guns, now that you mention it. Made them mandatory for all able-bodied men of the community.

      Oh, to dream…

    • “Here in Florida we have 10, 20, life
      10 years for the first colony with a gun, 20 years for the second felony with a gun, life in prison for the third felony with a gun….”

      Back in the mid’80s you couldn’t walk into a Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Westchester, Manhattan……. business without seeing a sign for 10, 20, Life.
      Too bad it was never enforced.

      At least Florida has leadership ACTUALLY willing to enforce laws and punish criminals.

      Keeping law abiding citizens and businesses safer? 🤔 What a concept!

  2. Surprised 1 of the usual suspect hasn’t come on and told us how it is societies fault for this multiple felon wasn’t able to be an honest citizen, how much better they do things in Europe, how it was the gun’s fault for the crimes, how horrible people are for wanting weapons for self-defense, and how he/she/it has all the answers if we would only fall on our knees and worship at the altar of Communism.
    Idiot shot himself in the foot? Should have shot off his male parts instead.

    • Let us not forget that global warming probably had a part in this man’s formative years and turned him into a criminal.

  3. You want something done right, do it yourself! Today’s politicians sure aren’t gonna do it!! Won’t even charge em for the ammo.😈

  4. Good news is the perp is “back” in custody. Bad news is, there are more out there just like that pos.

    For those wanting a super deal…Reeds Sports has buy one Sar9 for $289.19 get a second Sar9 1/2 price. No T to may state. These are current production stamped USA Miami Fl. You snooze you definitely lose.

    It’s an unfortunate thing to say but to whom it may concern…Unless you can produce a better handgun at a better price do not reply.

    • I got a Sar9 the last time you ‘advertised’ them. Its a decent gun overall, good deal too. Have put around 200’ish rounds through it, no problems so far.

      • Well very good for you booger…A friend went in half on the Reeds buy one get the 2nd 1/2 price deal, total my part including Fedx and cost for the FFL was $261.76. This is #6 for us and unless Reeds starts giving them away for free it is the very last. My sister in TX recently ordered one from Reeds and her FFL had a Sar9 in stock, $450.00 plus tax.

  5. Am I the only one who noticed a British tabloid is the source for something that happened here in SoCal, on American soil? Where are the MSM bullhorns on this?

    It must be doughnut-o’clock in Journalism World right now.


      • The local media will say the murdered victim provoked the attack by outrageously flaunting their wealth. The poor and oppressed then gave her “people’s justice” while redistributing the wealth.

    • Haz, it’s ALWAYS “doughnut-o’clock in Journalism World”, if the story doesn’t fit the narrative. If the home invader had been a person of pallor, this would have been on the front page of the L.A. Slimes.

    • About that….

      My wife was Australian. We lived there but when she was alive there were occasions I’d have to be in Texas. Her mother watched tv news 24/7 and I swear she knew what happened in Texas almost before it happened. Example, I was in Texas in 2003 when there was a huge explosion in the sky literally directly over my head… and I had no idea what it was, I immediately turned on and scanned radio stations and tv channels and there was nothing… and in less than ten minutes of the kaboom I got a call from my mother in law telling me the space shuttle blew up overhead and did I see it…

      • I actually watched the Columbia streaking flames as it re-entered the high atmosphere over California. It was pre-dawn, and I woke up to go outside and watch it from my yard. I had no idea that I was watching the crew’s final minutes of their lives…

  6. What are the odds of a random jogger knocking on the wrong door, tripping over an AR & being shot in the foot?

    Must be astronomical. Either that, or white supremacy.

    Honestly, it’s white supremacy.

  7. Senseless gun violence! Senseless gun violence!

    This is the very definition of it. Even for a butt-stupid criminal, shooting yourself in the foot *never* makes sense.

  8. If this guy would have turned the gun up and shot himself in the head instead …. just think, we basically had a 50-50 chance of getting rid of another low life scuzz ball violent criminal… damn it!

  9. The hidden silver lining of the current SCOTUS examination of abortion law is that if they (as expected) dump it back to the states it will HUGELY improve “Red” states.

    All the crazy broads, and their soyboy camp followers, who have unrestricted access to abortion as birthcontrol as a religious totem will HAVE to decamp back to their “Blue” state cesspools. Image if Austin type cities clear out that these progs take their leftist items back where they belong and stop infecting free America.

    A GREAT litmus test. Worship abortion? – state in Komifornia.

    • That’s all that happens, it gets dumped to the States..where it should be. Some of the green/blue haired people have nothing to worry about from what I’ve seen. They’ll never have an opportunity to pursue an abortion…Unless they pay someone for sex….alot of money! lol
      ~just sayin

    • I’m not sure what will happen if the USSC overturns Roe v Wade. Will there be fewer unintended pregnancies or will there be more abandoned and abused children? Several years ago, Nebraska passed a law that parents could surrender children they didn’t want. A guy showed up at a fire station with several kids ranging in age from a baby to a teenager old enough to drive and told the firemen he was giving them up. A few months later, he had knocked up his new girlfriend. (Nebraska quickly amended the law to set an upper limit on the age of the child to be surrendered.)

  10. Wow! Another of the “usual suspects.” Want to improve your life? Live as far away from “the usual suspects” as possible.

  11. He should have accidently shot himself in the head. Probably would have missed what little brains the thug has though.

  12. Come on guys, have a heart. This poor guy has already suffered enough. He has a hole in his foot, and the police took away his livelihood when they seized his AR. Avant was old, and she probably would have died in the next decade or two anyway. Why waste the court’s time with this when they could be going after real criminals, like people making ghost guns or possessing magazines over 10 rounds. Let’s make sure this guy has his Covid shots and let him go. /sarc

  13. This is the kind of thing that dacian or Miner49er would do. They are constantly shooting themselves in the foot here all the time.

  14. It’s very dark and ice-cold comfort to see that the unchecked criminal element emboldened and enabled by the Left-wing elite is beginning to spill over and affect the people who support them the most. Not because of any poetic justice element, but because that’s the only way anything is ever going to be done to stop it; they sure don’t give a damn about how much Joe & Jane Taxpayer are victimized by their horrible policies.

  15. While the media and public goes nuts over a violent criminal murdering a music exec’s wife, lets not forget why this happened. It happened because this violent career criminal was put back on the streets by the “justice” system.

    Also while the the media and public goes nuts over a violent criminal murdering a music exec’s wife, and the anti-gun freaks have an orgasm over it … lets not forget the several thousands across the nation who on the same day as the death of the music exec’s wife were forced to employ defensive gun use against violent criminals who would have seriously injured or killed them or their family members or another without that defensive gun use.

  16. “Even the dimwitted and most dogmatic in Hollywood usually catch on. Eventually.”

    I disagree with this statement. In my life time I have seen a rapid increase in the terminally stupid.

  17. TTAG deliberately hid the fact that the victim had a security guard on duty right in the house so it could scare the easily-manipulated even more than it already does and its advertisers can sell even more guns. This article keeps the pimping pumping by pounding the same sales pitch: you’re safe with guns. Well, if the other guy has one and he gets the drop on you and he can shoot too, you get shot, and you’re a shot hero.

    You want Americans to be safe? Get smarter instead of calling people names like a bunch of stupid kids on a playground. You have to be someone who doesn’t just act like the other kids so they won’t be mean to you. Well, “Man up” does mean grow up, among other things, so do it. Do it from this moment going forward.
    It’s hard. It takes time. You have to work at it your whole life.

    • “Mr. Madison, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”

      Consider “Billy Madison” as your new online handle. It fits.

    • So, if there was a security guard, then that guard was elsewhere when the bad guy broke in, or maybe was simply incompetent.

      The lesson I draw from this is that even if I’m rich enough to buy a gigantic mansion and hire security guards (which I’m not), the only person who can truly be trusted to save my life when it matters most is…me.

      It follows, then, that the only person who can be trusted to decide how I should go about protecting me and mine is…me.

      If you want to trust your life to the police, the federal government, a hired guard, or the manly feeling you get from not having icky guns around, you go right on ahead. I won’t try to stop you. Just don’t expect me to join you.

  18. Remember when California had their ‘three strikes’ law? People were lead to believe that it was racist because more ‘people of color’ were subjected to it than ‘white’ people. Could it be that ‘people of color’ committed more serious crimes than ‘white’ people? Just sayin’.

    • It’s time for some honesty. You are correct. Many of the crimes that where considered three strikes and you’re out, we’re being committed by mostly people with dark skin. But what is also true. Is that it was self-hating white people who felt guilty, about the number of dark skin people being locked up. They wanted the criminals released early. Because these self-hating white people pass laws and created policies that broke up the nuclear family. And the left children to be raised by a single parent. In mostly single mother homes.

      And you will never hear these self-hating white people admit to these facts. Because these same white people hate the nuclear family. And they made sure that the government public housing projects were kept as “gun-free zones”.


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