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A United States Secret Service agent escorted President Donald Trump out of the White House Press Briefing Room rather suddenly this afternoon.  It seems the Secret Service shot someone outside the White House and the move to interrupt the President’s briefing was made out of an abundance of caution.


The press pool noted that security had locked the doors to the press room, causing a bit of anxiety among the mainstream media types.  Especially with the seriously kitted-up professionals outside ready for the worst.

Image via Twitter.

Fortunately for everyone, the President returned a few minutes later and assured the press pool that the professionals at the Secret Service had everything under control.

When reporters asked Pres. Trump if the incident caused him concern, he replied, “I don’t know. Do I seem rattled?”

From CBS station WUSA:

Trump abruptly leaves press conference after shooting outside White House

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump was abruptly escorted by a U.S. Secret Service agent out of the White House briefing room as he was beginning a coronavirus briefing Monday afternoon. He returned minutes later, saying there was a “shooting” outside the White House that was “under control.”

“There was an actual shooting and somebody’s been taken to the hospital,” Trump said. The president said the shots were fired by law enforcement, saying he believed the individual who was shot was armed. “It was the suspect who was shot,” Trump said.

Trump said he was escorted to the Oval Office by the agent. The White House was placed on lockdown following the incident.

The shooting took place near 17th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue just blocks from the White House, according to a tweet from the Secret Service. Law enforcement officials were still trying to determine the suspect’s motive.

Obviously, more facts will come out soon about a possible motive behind the attack with a successful investigation.


More from WUSA:

The suspect was transferred to a local hospital, and the District of Columbia fire department said the man suffered serious or possibly critical injuries. Authorities were investigating whether the individual has a history of mental illness.

Trump praised the work of Secret Service personnel for their work in keeping him safe. Asked if he was shaken by the incident, Trump asked reporters: “I don’t know. Do I seem rattled?”

Clearly the suspect had mental issues if he thought he would triumph over the US Secret Service protective detail working in and around the White House.  Or maybe the suspect spent too much time watching Olympus Has Fallen.

Either way, the President remains safe and sound.

For that, all of America should remain thankful.


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  1. IF he could get through secret service? One of the drunks or whoremongers might have been guarding the fort. Like the lunatic who could’ve killed Moo-schelle Obama I seem to remember…they sure lambasted W as a “coward” after 911😕

  2. “For that, all of America should remain thankful.”

    I am and also thankful every single time he says something that whizzes off the Left.

    • What intruder? This incident happened “mere blocks” from the White House. They moved the President out of abundance of caution.

    • When people try to kill President Andrew Jackson in Washington DC with one or more guns, he beats them down with a cane. Canes never run out of ammo after all. If I remember correctly he beats down armed Presidential assassins so severely that Davey Crockett has to swoop in to save the assassins’ lives.

    • Theodore Roosevelt would have sent him a .338 Lapua Magnum through a M24, stuffed him, and displayed his ass in the Smithsonian. “Bully!“

      • Can you read a map? Check the aerial view, do you see how many buildings the bullets would have weave around? Fly over, under or thru to reach the White House? Which is itself very well protected from bullets!?

        Nothing happened at the White House and the police report said so.

        • Why. Is. This. News. The POTUS gets hustled out of a press briefing and the press gets locked in and combat ready secret service agents appear outside the press room.

          And you ask why this is news. Maroon. Do you at least get a little head ache when you reflect on your day to day dumbassery?

        • The correct headline would have been “Secret Service Overreacts Massively To a Non-Threat And Rushes Coward Trump To Hide In The Hallway”.

          But that headline wasn’t nearly as much fun and for most readers, greatly exceeds their minimal attention spans.

        • “Rushes Coward Trump To Hide In The Hallway”

          There goes your TDS flaring up again. Trump doesn’t choose when security comes to get him. I’m going to go out on a limb (/sarc) and say the security experts in the White House know a little more than enuf. I’m sure they have procedures in place for particular attacks within a specified radius of the White House grounds. Of course any violent crime/act within the vicinity will trigger high alert for security. Most people realize that goes without saying.

        • Hey stubby…It involved the Secret Service and where there is one perp there may be others. Are you so democRat lint licker stupid you cannot figure that out?

        • I don’t know. It looks like the secret service needs to run down to home depot and buy a better set of doors and maybe a better lock for the briefing room. That set of doors looks like they have seen better days.

        • That’s funny lol…. “enuf” is one of those urban “joggers”…. You wait for em to go runnin’ by, then you get in your truck and the chase is ON!….
          On a serious note, AG BARR says we have problems r with gorilla warfare…..I guess if that’s what he wants to call em, I’ll get behind that statement!

    • I’ll tell you why it’s news — and more specifically, why it’s *this* story instead of something different — and that’s because someone in the president’s team was smart enough to interrupt the press briefing.

      Otherwise, some nimrod journo gets a Twitter update during the press briefing and turns himself into the star of yet another “I am the news” drama, and then every Leftist news org in the country is yammering about how the president doesn’t know or care that his evil stormtroopers are murdering babies in the streets “mere blocks from the White House.”

      This way, the journalists aren’t in control of the narrative. And we get something roughly resembling the truth, even if you have to read 3/4 of the story to find where they buried it.

  3. No details released as of yet but it would be a safe assumption that the box score is,secret service 1 unAmerican scum bucket 0.

    • There have been some notable and embarrassing exceptions but yes, generally speaking, the Secret Service is very good at shootouts.

      Whatever happened at the scene, so far this reads as a big overreaction at the White House.

      • It was the call of the secret service to have the President moved. Part of their protocol for situations like this.

        I rather think that sticking to protocol is an over reaction than not sticking to a protocol that injures the principle. That is regardless of who the POTUS is. The Secret Service has a job and they take it seriously. I don’t fault them. They have to make a decision without our benefit of hindsight after the fact.

      • enuf…coming from a pos who calls the POTUS excrement and enjoys all the gun buying benefits off the backs of those who worked to get DJT elected POTUS you can gfy.

      • I imagine they would EXCEPTIONAL in a shootout. When we did production for a presidential event one time I saw in the back of one of those dark blue suburbans when it pulled up and everybody got suited up.. Mini Uzi’s, Supressed MP-5’s (they’re big fans of 9mm and 308).
        When I talked to them (we were there together all day) they were ALL business and moved like one machine. Extremely observant and slightly curious guys, completely situationally aware. Snipers and spotters on the roof tops on every building. One of them said to me one time “what are you looking at?” I said “all the guys on the rooftops, they got us surrounded like Custer”
        His response was “you haven’t seen what’s behind the glass”. My only response was “oh?”.
        I then said “merica!” and he laughed.

        • That’s how “Trunk Monkeys” got started. I love it. Won’t roll through a “protest” without one in the back of an excursion 😉

    • I dunno,
      Might’ve been a patriot looking to enlist in the S.S.; ya know, like Travis Bickle.
      “I’ve got my own gun,see?”.

  4. Imagine…Trump calmly accepts the Secret Service agent’s report, but remains on the platform to continue the press conference and – extending his open hand to the agent – says “Gimme your gun”.

    There would be “Cool Hand Trump” memes all over the Interwebs the next day. 🙂

    • Read and contemplate the awesomeness of the always relevant and never superfluous words of the peerless ‘I Haz A Question’.

      All Hail.

        • Yeah, but it’s *hilarious* watching him advertise what an incompetent fuckwit he is to the world at large… 😉

        • RF managed to stamp flat the worst of the trolls, and all of the vile racist crap, but the new owners seem to have no problem with leaving it up…

        • Fine by me. I wouldn’t be interested at all in watching your backside. Meanwhile, Trump would be far, far, far away and even more disinterested than me.

        • Shush, now. It’s true because all the People Who Hate Trump believe it, and their irrational opinions are VERY well documented.

        • You cannot be serious? Are you not familiar with his Vietnam War record? The Great Miraculous Vanishing Imaginary Retractable Bone Spurs?

        • enuf. Where did you serve? A lot of folks found ways to avoid service. Including running to Canada. I served and I don’t hold it against them.

          Look around you. Many more of the folks that you can see did not serve as opposed to those of us that did. Are they all cowards? Should only military vets hold elected office in the US?

        • @enuf

          Clinton, Obama, Bush 43…if you are going to damn a sitting President for not serving…then you have to damn these past Prezzies as well…or does your TDS blind you to their identical claims?

        • Oh, that. Heard about it and do not care. Nobody in their right mind wanted to get drafted into Vietnam, and everyone in their right mind who could avoid getting drafted, did.

        • “Nobody in their right mind wanted to get drafted into Vietnam, and everyone in their right mind who could avoid getting drafted, did.”

          I’m sure enuf thinks Muhammad Ali is a coward as well. enuf would have no problem getting into the boxing ring to face off with heavyweight pros. He’s a real tough guy behind his keyboard. I’m sure he’s a world champion in his own mind.

        • Enuf, I can show you THOUSANDS of people who flaked on the vietnam war that you probably actually like and had no idea. I don’t hold it against a single one. I used to, but just like the wars I fought in, Vietnam was a shit cause too. That said, the only ones that piss me off are ones like Muhammed Ali, who played the race card to get out of it. All the same, still don’t blame him for saying fuck the draft. At the very least, I wish he would have just said “nah, I’m a rich and successful boxer, fuck your war” instead of the “It’s a white man’s war” bullshit. Not cowardly at all to be smart. Some people can’t even figure a way out of Jury Duty.

        • Military service is one of those things that’s absolute proof of patriotic virtue when your guy has it and absolute proof of dastardly cowardice when the other guy doesn’t.

        • I don’t necessarily agree with Ali’s politics. I just figured enuf did. I mean he went out and bought a Dixie Chicks album solely due to their politics.

        • There is no comparison, Trump is a Craven coward.

          Cassius Clay, now known as Muhammad Ali, stood up and publicly objected to the war as a conscientious objector, an open and honorable position.

          Ali did not bribe any doctors, he did not claim to be physically disabled while at the same time excelling in elite sports at his school.

          It’s not the fact that Trump did not serve, it’s the fact that he is a liar who used a fake disability to avoid service while other, less wealthy individuals, had to go, fight and die in the jungles of Vietnam.

          And now, this coward wants to use Gettysburg for a political rally, with his political message of fear and hate to soil the sacred battlefield anointed with the blood of American patriots.

          He is a failed businessman and a sad, petty tyrant.

        • …and you want to elect an even sadder, more petty tyrant in Trump’s place…what does that say about you?

          Biden hid behind his “student deferments” and ultimately, his claim of asthma…He’s been a liar and scammer for a looong time.

        • What doctors got bribed, miner? Did he show up at his induction physical with his pet doctor? The only reason you call him out and not biden is because biden is your guy.

          And since enuf never responded about his service I can assume he’s also a coward, right? How about you? Did you serve?

      • One day he might have his own Air Force One-style adventure. If I were President I’d like to know how my bodyguards’ guns work. Trump has a NYC CCW. He probably has a revolver for that.

      • No, as a matter of fact, he is a gun person, as well as most of his family. Avid hunters and well briefed on firearms.

        • I agree among his family there are hunters, some Trump family are gun owners.

          Trump is anti-gun, a con artist and fake. His only interest in firearms and the Second Amendment was the $30,000,000 of NRA member’s money spent on his behalf for the 2016 election.

          Any NY/NYC pistol license held by him or his people is on account of him being a big shot and receiving special treatment above and beyond all the peasants in that shit hole town. He doesn’t actually touch guns except for photo ops, when they are handed to him as a prop.

        • “….Trump is anti-gun, a con artist and fake….”

          Says the guy whose name is linked to the Lincoln Project…..Talk about projection.

      • How special you are to know DJT personally. Usually it takes a while to determine cowardice so you must have spent a lot of time with him../bullshit

    • Do you recall Teddy Roosevelt carrying a firearm for his own protection?

      Delivered a 84 minute speech after being shot in the chest (with “just” a 38, slowed by the written copy of his speech.)

      It was a different time.

  5. So it happened a couple blocks away, not at the Whitehouse. And for all the shootzing I heard on TV the guy should look like Swiss Cheese.,,,,. What really happened. A guy was driving down the road in a Ford pickup equipped with a manual transmission and a stick shift. He forgot to push the choke all the way back in after he got the motor started, he was in third gear going down a hill and accidentally turned the motor off while reaching for the bottle opener key chain so’s he could toss down another beer before he made the next street light, when he turned the key back on the secret service heard the backfire and cut loose on him. We may hear a different version later on, but it will be a lie.

    • “he was in third gear going down a hill and accidentally turned the motor off while reaching for the bottle opener key chain so’s he could toss down another beer before he made the next street light,…”

      That was me 20 years back!

      Never got a DUI, deserved a few *thousand* of them.

      But no ‘mo… 🙂

      • I got that story from when I used to make my F250 backfire going through an under pass, evidently a car beside me thought I was shooting at them because a few blocks away I got pulled over and searched for a gunm. That backfire really echoed in that under pass.

        • reminds me of an old far side cartoon with a flock of geese flying silently, then honking wildly as they go through a tunnel and then silence again as they emerge.

          “just out of curiousity, mr. smith, we’re going to see if we can also cram this tennis ball in your mouth.”

      • It is a great movie, if somewhat historically inaccurate.

        It does show some nice visuals regarding why China dislikes the US, along with the UK and several other European nations.

        The UK, with much American assistance, intentionally hooked the Chinese masses on opium in order to control them and make a great profit. The boxer rebellion was actually We The People of China, attempting to throw off the yoke of foreign oppression.

        Foreign banks and corporations were the prime drivers of the imperial colonization of China, and they abused the people and drained the profit from the country with cold efficiency.

        Not to mention the use of Chinese slave labor to build the railroads in the western half of United States.

        It is small wonder the Chinese people regard America as a nation of foreign Devils.

        • No doubt the Chinese invasion and occupation of Tibet is a terrible crime.

          But that doesn’t somehow give the United States a pass for their participation in the oppression and looting of the Chinese people.

          You see, my judgments are based on the actions and behavior, not some tribal membership.

          People, and nations, should be judged on their actions and relationships with the people and nations around them.

          As a great human once said, “hate the sin, love the sinner”.

  6. The press pool noted that security had locked the doors to the press room, causing a bit of anxiety among the mainstream media types.

    Unless a foreign government sent a rip crew numbering more than 60 guys, I would not be worried in the slightest being locked in the Press Room of the White House.

      • I didn’t see any red on the guy’s shirt. LEO #1 got him dead center mass…perhaps a LTL weapon? I would imagine that 9mm or 5.7 would hurt the perp a bit more, but (from what can be discerned from all the LEOs walking in from off-frame) it seems as though LEO #1 fired even though the perp had his gun pointed down (brandishing, not aiming). The other LEOs were in the line of fire of LEO #1’s shot (Rule #4), so I’m assuming LTL?

        • Probably an FN303P. He probably got sent to the hospital to check for internal bleeding (and a mental health assessment). You’re not supposed to shoot people straight on with those things. Some protester chick in Boston a few years back got her skull cracked by an FN303 and died.

        • I know that, enuf [insert eye roll here].

          My main point above was the line-of-fire. LEO #1 appears to have plugged the perp at close range while his colleagues were right behind his target, which completely violates Rule Four. Now, if the perp had been raising and aiming his gun, then you hafta do what you hafta do. But if that imminent danger is not there, then you generally exercise more caution. If the LEOs there carry 9mm or 5.7, I’m sure they don’t want to risk a thru-and-thru with the bullet still traveling toward another person, especially one of their own.

        • Looks like the dude that got hit was wondering where the blood was too. Either way, it was a nice shot.

        • When I got hit, there was very little blood at first too. Very confusing. Burned, hurt, no blood. Stomach didn’t bleed right away but what scared me was my arm and leg lol, and those were just ric’s that stuck in. Stomach was through and through my belly. Got lucky. Good ol’ Virginia…

        • If we are going off the video displayed in comments, that’s not secret service, and from the gunfire I heard in TV it sounded automatiic.T he news reported secret service took him out, then we see cops in cop cars? Role the propaganda Miranda

        • “I would imagine that 9mm or 5.7 would hurt the perp a bit more,…”

          The SS carries the five-seven, if memory serves. Supposedly for how fast they can make follow-up shots…

        • Geoff PR,

          Supposedly for how fast they can make follow-up shots…

          I heard that the United States Secret Service carries FN Five-seveN because its muzzle velocity is high enough to punch through ballistic vests at close range.

        • @uncommon,

          I watched a YT vid in which a solid copper (LE only) bullet fired from an FN57 went through 1/8″ aluminum plate, a Level III vest, and still traveled several inches into the gelatin block. From a handgun(!)

          I’m getting the chance to try out an FN57 this weekend. 🙂

        • That was my thought. I have an older computer and sometimes the picture isn’t as clear as it should be.

      • Does look like a small caliber, .22 a good bet.

        Anybody stupid enough to walk among all those Secret Service guys with a gun drawn has to be mentally defective.

        • So secret service drive cop cars and dress like cops? Not very secret if you ask me, a secret agent should look like a possum, no that’s to good for them, a secret agent should look like a fish. You’d never guess that Walleye was a secret agent now would you

        • possum. Yes. The secret service have uniformed officers and marked cars. In addition Federal buildings have Federal Police Officers.

          DC is a mish mash of jurisdictions. The weather sucks there but there’s a lot to see.

    • While no surprise to any POTG, I would imagine it would shock more than a few people unfamiliar with firearms – especially handguns – that the perp was able to sit up after being hit center mass, and probably could have tried to fight on had he been so inclined.

  7. I think the real story is the edgy Secret Service folks. With all of the other DC Rumors it could just be that the Durham Report is about to be released.

    • Oh, I dunno. I suspect if Barr’s fake news pro-Trump investigation has some dirt to spill it will be closer to the election. Throw the mud pie too soon, the effect will fade away and be of less usefulness to his cause.

      • “fake news pro-Trump investigation”

        Is it okay in your world for the FBI to alter documents and lie to the court so they can get a warrant? That much and more was laid out by the Obama appointed Horowitz.

      • enuf…Since a democRat Party lint licker like you knows more than Barr et al gather up all your evidence and hop on your tricycle and pedal up to the White House and make a citizen’s arrest or stfu and gfy.

  8. Press corps = ablative armor
    Finally, a use for them. Let them soak up a few rounds while the bad guy tries to find Trump.

  9. I’ve trained alongside both Secret Service and local cops during qualifications. The locals couldn’t shoot. The Secret Service boys were real marksmen.

    • I just like their response to everything is basically a non fuck around approach. And their convoy tactics.

  10. Being a SS agent has to one of the worst jobs there is. They have to right every damn time! In this case, they did not know if the shooter was a distraction for a larger assault from some where else. Personally, I expect antifa and other nut cases to physically attack the WH more and more, especially after the election.

    • As long as they release high resolution images of dead ANTIFAs on the WH lawn, I’m good with it. Let them attack. The SS has better toys than those ANTIFA dweebs have.

    • ANTIFA et. al. have just announced a 50+ day “occupation” to begin Sept. 17 (?) outside The White House leading up to Election Day. Things are going to get dicey, I expect they’ll attempt and maybe succeed in toppling the fence, last time was just recon, and a test. The vermin are begging to be “put down”, they require casualities/fatalities in order to advance their false narrative.

      • They’ll succeed in getting their ass shot to shit. If they try to breech the WH grounds the Secret Service won’t play with them like the city PDs do. They will fuck them up…count. on. it.

      • Joseph & GS650G:

        Getting a few of their useful idiots shot is their whole intention. They desperately need “victims of the system”, they’ll swarm the Secret Service, snatch those bleeding abnd or lifeless bodies and parade them through the street like HAMASS does in Gaza though in this case it’ll be real bodies. They’ll do it, ALL TO MAKE President Trump look bad in order to win an election.

        I know what they are capable of having been born and spent 55 years of my 57 in the NY/NJ Metro Area I have been able to watch these Leftists and their tactics up close, so close in fact I’ve been assaulted. They are deranged from, the day I saw them protesting outside Richard Nixon’s Wall Street office in 1979 until Crown Heights, the RNC Convention, to the weekly Transportation Alternatives (Comunist/Anarchist) bike blockades of city streets, to OWS, numerous tuition protests/riots, Erc Garner etc. and now, they’ve gotten far, far, worse.

        They are rabid and their puppeteers require a human sacrifice, they, the street soldiers, will provide their bosses/financiers with some, likely the . mentally ill that they recruit from homeless shelters (their favorite).

      • An Antifa occupation around the White House, that sounds interesting.
        Do you have a source or citation that I could access in order to learn more about this?

        I did a Google search and I couldn’t find anything about an occupation of the White House but I did find this regarding antifa protests:

        “Fox News on Friday removed manipulated images that had appeared on its website as part of the outlet’s coverage of protests over the police killing of George Floyd, which has occasioned peaceful assemblies in cities across the country and, in Seattle, given rise to an unusual experiment in self-government.
        The misleading material ran alongside stories about a small expanse of city blocks in Seattle that activists have claimed as the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.”

        • “protests over the police killing of George Floyd, which has occasioned PEACEFUL assemblies in cities across the country”

          An article denouncing propaganda that’s full of….propaganda? Now that’s funny!

  11. That is one well worn door, don’t all doors matter?

    Not sure why people think they can just charge right on into the Whitehouse or a presidential area, the Secret Service don’t play games.

  12. Hey anti-Trump TTAG trolls, we’re taking attendance, sound off so we know which one of you is missing after getting a cap busted in your ass outside The White House this afternoon.

  13. Most likely not,
    Haz trouble with drinking 8 ounce glass of water;
    Man size gun with those diminutive hands?
    Mebbe if he two-handed a North American Arms .22 mag?

    • The above comment Was referring to the thought of POTUS requesting a firearm from one of his SS guards.
      I can see him going all LARPING Tactical, unless it involved shuffling down a ramp.


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