Washington, D.C. mass shooting
(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)
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Crimes involving guns have surged in the last three months with cities across the country recording double digit increases in shootings and dead bodies over last year’s numbers. Many cities have surpassed their 2019 totals in July. Early this morning, police say multiple shooters opened fire on a “gathering” in the city’s Southeast section.

From the Washington Post:

The mass shooting occurred about 12:30 a.m. in the 3300 block of Dubois Place SE. Police said the crime scene extended for several blocks as victims scattered.

At least seven of the victims were taken to hospitals in critical condition, according to the D.C. fire department.

The shootings in Southeast came three weeks after nine people were shot in front of a restaurant on 14th Street in Columbia Heights in Northwest Washington. That shooting on the Sunday afternoon of July 19 left one of the victims dead. …

District authorities on Sunday were hard-pressed to recall another time when so many people were shot in a single incident. There have been several instances this year in which gunmen have opened fire on groups of people, including one last month in which 43 bullets were fired into a crowd in Northeast Washington, killing a popular school bus driver.

Reminder: the District is a gun controller’s dream with some of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation. That includes purchase permits, ownership permits, firearm registration, an “assault weapons” ban, magazine capacity limits, and a “red flag” law, among others.


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  1. If only Indiana had gun control as strict at DC then this wouldnt happen. Isnt that what Chicago tells us ?

    • But we do have Indiana to thank for providing a justification for all the red flag laws we see. So let’s thank “conservative” Indiana for that gift, shall we.

      • The IDIOT TROLLS are here.

        GETOUT and BINDER are the same dope smoking clown.

        Happens all the time on Disqus and other platforms.

      • It’s funny you blame Indiana for Chicago’s downfalls don’t blame Indiana for it Chicago is running their place like a shit hole and surprise it is turning into a big shit hole there government is running them into a ground until Chicago stands up and says we have a black on black crime problem and address it there will be killings in Chicago no matter if there are guns or not stop trying to blame all your crazy bullshit 😉

    • If we can save one violent felony from covid the releasing thousands of Pieces of Excrement from jail will be worth it. Do it for the felons

  2. Gee … Reduced police presence correlates with more crime. Who’d have thought?

    I haven’t heard one way or the other whether DC police were scaling back, but I would not be at all surprised.

    • Previously when seconds counted, the police were minutes away. Now the response is measured in hours if they bother turning up at all.

      • In many places they will still turn up quickly for significant calls like this. Response time is not the factor that is changing.

        The thing is… they are only showing up when called for things like this. They’re not out there being proactive. They aren’t intercepting the gangbangers on the way to the crime scene. They’re showing up and taking a report.

  3. gathering? in the age of COVID?
    more BoB gun violence that will be swept under the rug because it does not fit the BLM agenda

  4. Those Amish thugs again.

    What goes “Clop-clop-clop *bang*. Clop, clop, clop *bang*?”

    An Amish drive-by…

    • Ah, right wing ‘humor’. The most unintentionally funny stuff in all the land. You never disappoint, Goof.

        • Comments about Creepy Joe’s competency are even hitting the very pro Democrat media downunder. They are asking questions about who will be the VP because Joe’s term will be short. I think a year to 18 months at most before he either steps down for health reasons, dies, or is martyred.

      • It triggered you, widdle troll.

        Watching you rant and rave like the unbalanced twit you are never fails to put a big-assed smile on my face.

        If I’m pissing off a jerk-stain like you, I’m doing my job *right*… 😉

  5. Who here has told their GOP legislators to get this dealt with or you won’t vote for them?

    It’s time to put some fire to the feet of RINO politicians. Time to make them worry about your willingness to vote for inaction.

    • Law enforcement is a local matter, and D.C. is 90% democrat. Chaos is a trend in dem controlled cities that the Left refuses to acknowledge.

    • I don’t think there are any Republicans in dc at city level. But I get the idea. Nationwide it’s time for Trump and gop to get tough. Honestly I think they’d get more votes with clearing out these cities with real force.

      • “Nationwide it’s time for Trump and gop to get tough.”

        I’d much rather have the cities burn.

        • Personally hoping a dose of reality can shake up the typical voters in our various urban areas to reevaluate their typical choices. Some areas show promise most I fear will grant your wish.

        • Interdict and interrupt the supplies. Even the most hardcore vegan will become a “humanitarian” soon enough.

      • He tried that in Portland. The state and city squealed until the federal agents were pulled back. Now the rioters are trying to burn down police stations.

    • Gang members’ lives don’t matter to me. As to what color constitutes the vast majority of those members, I couldn’t say. I’m not on the admissions committee.

  6. Golly Chiraq level shooting…in a much smaller venue. Those damn politicians😏Speaking of Chiraq they had a “gun buyback” yeaterdaze in the Southside. Now they’re safe😃😀😎

    • Can I go to Chicago and offer $100 each for any guns people care to bring me? Why don’t these gun buyback programs, and the cops and politicians involved ever get charged for violating their own gun laws?

  7. The anti-gun democrats were quite happy to read this story this morning, I’m sure. You know, let no crisis go to waste…

  8. 450 million gats in the U.S., and once again, none of my 44 were involved.

    Still my fault, though.

  9. The Democrat left has released the animals from their cages.

    So…..of course there are higher crime rates…duh

    What is so hard to understand about this?

    • They won’t anger their base when they release violent offenders back into poor neighborhoods to commit other violent acts on poor people. The left is their base. This is what they want, what Soros paid for.

      In Democrat cities across America, the shootings increase, the murder rates soar, and street gangs are emboldened. Meanwhile, the angry white woke world, with their Black Lives Matter allies, continue to attack public monuments to Western culture. And police.


      • I don’t think the “liberals” are ever going to wake up.

        The boomer liberals I know are still emoting about George Floyd and how “white fragility” is causing all those black people to shoot each other and burn stuff, and they’d do the same if it all played out right in their front yard. For some of them, it actually is.

        Some of the centrist independents might be reachable — if they start trusting their own lying eyes instead of what the Washington Post (Democracy Dies in Darkness: We’re Making Sure of It) and CNN and the New York Times are selling.

    • It’s ironic. Release the felons because covid so they kill each other and bystanders out on the streets and the cause if death gets input as covid anyway.

      • Criminals know the criminal life has high risks including injury or death. The Chinese flu should be just another risk, even if in prison.

        Releasing prisoners because of a coronavirus risk seems like someone was scared of getting sued for negligence if an outbreak happened in a prison.

  10. All of the injured people ended up having covid..all of the dead had a severe case of covid, with superficial bullet wounds…The shooter was in a covid induced delirium…WEAR YOUR MASK PEOPLE!!

    • I saw nothing in these articles indicating this. Where did you read this?

      Assuming what you say is true, the answer is NOT to wear a mask. THE ANSWER is to NOT be there in the middle of this crap in the first place. Don’t show up to this kind of thing and you will never have to worry about getting sick from it.

    • Only the last line made any sense.

      Violence prone scumbags cause violence and crime and shootings and muggings and asaults with pointy sharp things and blunt objects and all that.

      Foolish people who think they are immune or the pandemic is bullshit or that their right to show their face is more important than the need to control a pandemic will all fail to wear the mask or keep their distance from other people.

      Wear the mask, stay away from other people best you can, wash hands frequently, simple stuff really.

      • “…Foolish people who think they are immune….”

        I think it’s highly probable that people with certain T-Cells, DNA, ect ae in fact immune or highly resistant.

        Now who these individuals are will be determined by science at some point in the future.

        Right now we don’t know enough.

        • Yeah, I can agree with that. Problem is that far more people have either a delusion of their own invincibility, or they simply deny the thing is real at all.

      • People who are in the life don’t GAF about murder and mayhem wouldn’t GAF If this were the Plague.

  11. The Dems\Left doesn’t acknowledge the chaos in their cities because it is exactly what they want. They’ve released the scum from prison because it furthers these goal of bringing down the nation. Dems are confident that they will be able to control the populace and maintain their elitism.

    • Another reason for the violence and the lockdowns is to get some of the liberals to leave and go to other states and infect the free states with their liberal politics and votes.

      • My wife and I have discussed something along those lines. We live in the Milwaukee area and we have noticed in our suburb that almost all newly sold housed are sporting Biden signs in the yard. Could there be a drive to move out of Milwaukee county since their vote is ‘wasted’ and the democrats have no threat to them really. Why not move to the suburbs where the democratic vote might be enough to swing some elections(House/local govt/State Assembly or Senate etc). Just something that we noticed and had discussed.

  12. The only Real problem here is that it didn’t occur in the House of Representatives Chamber during a open secession.

    • If it was SE DC (including Anacostia), then yes, it was a black gathering. Like the South Side of Chi-raq, like most of Baltimore, etc. etc.

  13. 33%. Not bad for DC gang bangers. I mean there’s room for improvement certainly but all in all, a good effort.

  14. “Crimes involving guns have surged in the last three months with cities across the country recording double digit increases in shootings and dead bodies over last year’s numbers. Many cities have surpassed their 2019 totals in July. ”

    You should probably mention that these cities with double digit increases are run by democrats who are actively conspiring to foment disorder and lawlessness.

  15. “….extended for several blocks as victims scattered..”

    Someone turned the lights on.

  16. I guess all of the data of where these shootings are taking place just goes to show you that democrats are violent and awful people. You could expound on this that a democrat president will lead to more violence in America. /not so sarcastic

    Actually it is their policies. They demonize and handicap police while electing permissive prosecutors and installing zero bail. During the virus they are letting criminals out of jails and prisons. Common sense would tell you this is a perfect storm. Democrats see this as progress as crime surges.

  17. If they would just abolish the police we wouldn’t have to hear about these things.

  18. I was tempted to comment that if President Obama had the bastard sons, they would look like the shooters. Then I noticed that one of the wounded is a DC police officer that was attending a massive party that flagrantly violated DC’s social distancing regulations. It also appears that multiple people at the party might have retuned fire. I’m now wondering if this might have been a cop on cop massacre.

    Now popping popcorn while I await further developments.

  19. If they would have restricted themselves to groups no larger than three as Bowser’s edict states, this wouldn’t have happened. So, did the cops fine everybody post-incident for failure to comply with Bowser’s edict on size of gatherings? I think its like a $1,000 fine.

    On second thought, who gives a crap its DC. Until they cross he Potomac, I could careless what happens in that cesspool. I wish we could demo the bridges going into DC, shutoff the power and air drop loads of weapons to everyone in DC with lots of ammo, sit up on the hill at the Iwo Jima memorial with binoculars, popcorn and a few cold ones and watch.

  20. My bottom line is that I cannot personally prevent any violence in DC, Chicago, Portland, or any other location populated/controlled/out of control by gang bangers or anarchists.

    If I am unable and the locals are unwilling, I say pass the popcorn.

  21. Shooting deaths don’t matter. The deceased will still vote Democrat in all the upcoming elections. His Mama will still get her Food Stamp allotment for him because the death will not be reported to DSS. So, while the person may be gone, his legacy lives on.

  22. If you look at crime maps of DC it’s shocking the difference between west side and east. Huge numbers of shootings and other felonies on the east with low levels in the northwest and west sides. It’s all about demographics, money, and policing.

  23. I think D.C. needs to defund the police department. It is obvious that their presence is causing all this violence. Oh yes and D.C. needs stricter gun laws. This has always worked. Look at Chicago. Mayor Lighthead are you listening?

    • Illinois has State preemption. Illinois may not be a gun owner friendly State but it is a long way from NY, NJ, DC, or California. A lot of Chicagoans have a carry permitl. Heyjackess identifies 14 DGUs by armed citizens. Given the ratios of deterred vs undeterred attacks that is between 140 and 200 DGUs. The number might even be higher as many Chicagoans might just shoot a not report it.

      This is supposed to be The Truth About Guns so it behooves us to not misrepresent firearms laws that govern Illinois including Chicago.

      • Yup. There are lots of stories about armed Chicago citizens defending themselves, either at home or when carrying. I wish people would stop pretending that it’s NYC.

        People being able to carry guns doesn’t stop crime anymore than gun control stops crime. They’re just not predictive factors.

        (but, on a human scale, it might stop a criminal!)

  24. These gangs are constantly fighting little wars among themselves. As Jeff Cooper once said “It might be in society’s best interest to keep them well supplied with ammunition.”
    The sad part of all of this, however, is their poor marksmanship and the toll it takes on bystanders.

    • Jeff Cooper also sagely noted that “if you get rid of guns, you’ll still have a crime problem. If you get rid of criminals, you’ll never have a Gun Problem.” Logical. But getting rid of criminals with longer sentences for violent crime apparently would hurt the income of many ward bosses. Also, criminals have families who sometimes vote, and who still love their darling boy who was “finally changing his life.” Politics.

  25. No matter what President does,Republicans are not going to win in Washington State,California and New York. Let the Democratic controlled cities wallow in the mess they have created and the worse it gets ,the more voters will leave the liberal ranks and join conservatives for all Independent thinking Americans ( Exclude those being paid by Soros, the Democratic machine and the Press) want Law & Order and a Peaceful existence.

  26. If you follow the link in the article it only says one dead. Not 7 And sounds like 20 hit by gunfire, one of the injured was determined not to have been shoot.

  27. Until proven otherwise I’m saying these shootings are the result of secret operators operating operationally to bend the U.S. Government towards more gunm restrictions. I’m still saying Paddock was one of them. Isn’t it funny that back in the 90’s the pro gunms said there had never been a major robbery involving an assault rifle, then presto change oh a bank gets robbed with assault rifles. It’s not Our government actually wanting more gunm restrictions, it’s forced by public opinion which is coerced by a Black Cell which has nothing to do with Our government. MoreMadMomsDemandDissarmement,, and all the rest are just tools

    • The ‘Marsupial One’ is sharper that he appears sometimes, I see.

      It’s odd how little concrete info has been released that murderer…

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