Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Merrick Garland
President Joe Biden gestures as he speaks about gun violence prevention in the Rose Garden at the White House. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)
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By Larry Keane

As an Irish Catholic, I’ve said my fair share of “Our Father” and “Hail Mary” prayers. I’ll confess, though, I never prayed the rosary that the Almighty would grant me a wish to sue an industry out of existence.

President Joe Biden, himself an Irish Catholic, though, is a different story. While others pray for strength, guidance or wisdom, the Theologian-in-Chief daydreams of repealing the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA).

President Biden told an audience he has visions of his prayers being answered to be able to bankrupt an entire Constitutionally protected industry, during the White House Rose Garden announcement on gun control.

Prefacing prayer with a big, fat lie is a strange way to attempt to claim the moral high ground.

“The only industry in America — a billion-dollar industry — that can’t be sued — has exempt from being sued — are gun manufacturers,” President Biden falsely claimed.

“But this is the only outfit that is exempt from being sued. If I get one thing on my list — the Lord came down and said, “Joe, you get one of these” — give me that one,” he continued. “Because I tell you what, there would be a ‘come to the Lord’ moment these folks would have real quickly.”

Joe Biden bows his head in prayer. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, File)

Interestingly, being granted that one wish is apparently more important to him than reducing the criminal and accidental misuse of firearms. That tells you a lot about his priorities.

President Biden knows his gun control agenda is not moving on Capitol Hill. The return of legally-baseless litigation to achieve his gun control agenda is why repealing the PLCAA is the one thing he most wants.

Dear God…

The firearm industry doesn’t have unique protections. Firearm manufacturers can be sued. It’s happened. This lie by the president was so far out there that even CNN – normally a liberal media apologist – said it deserved penance.

“Facts First: This is false,” CNN reported. “Gun manufacturers are not entirely exempt from being sued, nor are they only industry with some liability protections.”

The bipartisan law – PLCAA – was passed in response to a flood of lawsuits that were seeking to hold firearm companies liable for the criminal misuse of firearms by remote third parties. These lawsuits that began in the late 1990s were pursued by an unholy alliance of big city Democrat mayors, trial lawyers and the Brady Center.

The lawsuits’ real goal, however, was putting manufacturers and retailers out of business based on events for which they had no control or use litigation cost and the threat of bankrupting judgments to coerce the industry into court ordered settlements to impose gun control measures repeatedly rejected by Congress and the American public. Former Clinton Treasury Secretary Robert Reich famously coined this strategy “regulation through litigation.”

The PLCAA keeps activist lawyers from placing the blame on manufacturers and retailers for the criminal misuse of legal, non-defective firearms that are lawfully sold. According to ATF, firearms recovered by law enforcement in connection with crimes were on average originally lawfully sold a decade earlier.

Joe Biden
(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

President Biden knows all of this, but it doesn’t propel his antigun agenda. Instead of being truthful, he insists on repeating false statements and half-truths. He also knows that the firearm industry isn’t unique when it comes to certain protections. The pharmaceutical companies making the COVID-19 vaccines are shielded from lawsuits.

Vaccine makers are producing drugs protected by the 2005 Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act, which gives the Health and Human Services Secretary authority to provide legal protection to companies making or distributing the vaccines. That protection, like the PLCAA, doesn’t include “willful misconduct.”

Medical device manufacturers, the airline industries and even online service and content providers are protected from frivolous lawsuits when defamatory information posted is by others.

Mea Culpa

This isn’t anything new for President Biden. He told voters in South Carolina in July 2019 that gun manufacturers are “the enemy.” He peddled the same lies during the presidential campaign. It wasn’t new then, either. Hillary Clinton told the same lies in 2015 during her ill-fated presidential campaign. She was slapped with a “false” Truth-o-Meter label from Politifact then.

President Biden’s trouble with the truth might be more reflective of his realization that the political landscape that’s shifted. Bill Schneider wrote in The Hill that the political calculus is changing and the issue of gun ownership is still divisive. He noted, though, that protecting gun rights drives voters.

It’s more than that, though. Jennifer Carlson wrote in The Washington Post that the Number 1 myth about gun owners is they’re all conservative. That’s not true. She noted that one-in-five gun owners identify as liberal and cited NSSF’s data indicating 8.4 million people purchased a gun for the first time last year. Not every one of them is a Caucasian male. African-American, Hispanic-American and Asian-American purchases rose sharply.

These gun owners and the rest of the American public deserve to be treated with the dignity that they can handle the truth. President Biden feeding them lies about the law that keeps activist lawyers from suing gun makers is nothing more than not allowing lawsuits against Ford for the deaths caused by drunk driving.

If there are honest debates to be had, they must start with honest statements.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.



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  1. “Prefacing prayer with a big, fat lie is a strange way to attempt to claim the moral high ground.”

    Not to shit on anyone’s religion, but this is EXACTLY the sort of thing that a lot of ‘nice, good, honest, Christians’ do so I’m not at all surprised.

    • Not to call you a shithead, but this is EXACTLY the sort of thing that a lot of shitheads say, so I’m not at all surprised.

      • My point was simply that religious zealots are generally not the most honest or tolerant people around. The fact that Biden is praying to God and using that as a mask for doing bad things is hardly new, not for him or any of the other millions throughout history who have done the same.

        • They are only honest and repent when caught or fear they won’t be rewarded after death.

          Prayers are hopes for selfish desires.

        • “Prayers are hopes for selfish desires.”

          I agree that many people think that’s what prayer is for. The Lord’s Prayer is supposed to be an example of how to pray. Asking for forgiveness, your daily bread, and forgiving others rather than holding a grudge doesn’t seem selfish at all. Granted I don’t know much about Catholicism, but I have been to a New York Catholic wedding. They know how to party, that’s for sure. Talk about culture shock after years of Southern Baptist weddings…

    • Creepy Joe is following the Goebbels’ principle: Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth.

  2. “Everything the State says is a lie, and everything it has it has stolen.”

    ― Friedrich Nietzsche

  3. THAT TREASONOUS SON OF A BITCH!!!!!! May God strike him dead and consign his rotten soul to HELL for eternity.

    • That’ll be as effective as his prayer to the imaginary man in the sky. You think like a child.

      • RammerJ,

        If you are still thinking of God as a man (imaginary) in the sky, you are correct. He doesn’t exist.

        The universe is strange and only a minuscule bit of it is perceptible by us, even with all of our instruments.
        Matter tends toward stasis and energy tends toward entropy except when embuded with life. Life changes their trajectory, increasing and multiplying their complexity.
        Agree, that is not proof of anything, but it illustrates that we do not understand what makes life a different entity from matter and energy.

        So, some of us believe there is more than that which we sense and measure. Not a guy in the sky, but purpose and intelligence that we are too limited to comprehend.
        Just sayin….

        • I could probably get with that. Here’s an idea, let’s call it “nature”, and try to understand it instead of demanding it serve our selfish wants.


  5. A “Christian” let alone a Catholic doesn’t support murdering babies. Woe to those who call good evil & evil good…

      • Yeah, we all said that about Obama and they called W the anti-christ as well. It’s the same old tune. I don’t blame chinajoe. He’s only reading what they put on the PrompTer. If he was actually lucid and in charge he would have simply gone with Trump’s original date of 1 May. The 9/11 date is designed to deliberately insult the memory of the jihad attack.

        • Well, you do have a point, just what is the fabulous change from 1 May to 11 Sep supposed to be good for?

        • What’s it supposed to be good for? May 1st was Trump’s idea and Orange Man Bad! September 11th was Saint Joe’s idea so we can all breathe a sigh of relief since he believes in science or something…

  6. “If there are honest debates to be had, they must start with honest statements.”

    The problem is that they KNOW they cannot prevail with truth. They are crippled from the start, their only option is to LIE.

    One of our biggest problems is our failure to acknowledge that the gun-haters are not engaged in a good-faith effort to improve public policy. They are out to destroy, cleverly hiding behind the deception of good intent. Until we as a nation figure this out and change our response accordingly, we will never stop them.

    • Very well said. They’re able to do this because they know the media won’t hold them accountable. The reason they can’t win honest policy debates is because they’re only interested in wins for The Party, not wins for the American citizens.

  7. If Biden prays, I suspect it is to the Dark World, not to Heaven. He supports partial and post-birth abortion. His term in this current office is built upon fraud, extortion, bribery, and deceit. His proposed budget rapes and pillages the USA tax-payer to provide boondoggles and rewards for those who helped put him in office. Politicians, beauracrats, and lobbyists know to keep their wives and daughters far from him.

    When Biden prays, if Biden prays, there is nothing Holy about it.

    Harsh words, you say? Not really. I toned it down quite a bit.

    • His deity is Marx. His prophets are Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and “Brother number One” (aka Pol Pot). Trotsky is the apostate or heretic.

      Hell is “The Archipelago”.

  8. It’s laughable, the Democrat Party, The Atheist party, now wants people to pray??? After they forced churches to close and threatened Easter worshippers with arrest.

    They have never supported the 1st amendment.

  9. Oh my goodness, he thinks the Lord visits him in his dreams. – scary stuff-, what’s next, the dog down the street. ?

    An Irish catholic that condones abortion and visits with God in his dreams.
    theBiden is mentally ill people.

    • possum………. To whom would an individual like Biden pray too that lies, cheats, steals, promotes abortion, is a sexual pervert and worships money ? He says that the gun manufacturers are the only ones that can’t be sued, he forgot about the V A, the vaccine makers, judges and politicians and more……

  10. “Interestingly, being granted that one wish is apparently more important to him than reducing the criminal and accidental misuse of firearms. That tells you a lot about his priorities.”

    That says it all doesn’t it? It’s really about political power.

  11. Is/has there ever been a demtard “Catholic” that should not be excommunicated? What use are standards and doctrine if you turn a blind eye?

  12. Cardinal Burke has already stated the official position of the Catholic Church. Any person who supports abortion and was Catholic has incurred automatic excommunication. They may not be admitted to Holy Communion. If they totally repent and seek re-admittance they must be re-instated by direct action of the Bishop of their Diocese. Biden, Pelosi, et al, who refuse to repent will condemn themselves to hell.

    • Oh-kayyyyyy McGarnagle. It’s time for the shift nurse to give you your meds and put you to bed for the night.

    • Mike A. C.

      As a former Catholic Priest (yes, I know and believe the Sacrament is forever), I do not really care much for the governmental Church’s position on any topic. Howerver, I absolutely agree that the DemoCommies commitment to baby-killing in fully Satanic, deep-end evil. But watch…they are not going to stop at baby-killing; their end-game is world-wide population reduction, quickly. THAT is why they are promoting chaos and the breakdown of societal norms.

      This is NOT tin-foil hat madness. It is coming.

      BTW, you do not need the tin-foil on your head, you should place it in your underpants.

      (Wry smile).

      • Dude , along with the cardboard sign “The End Is Near” you gotta have the tin foil hat.
        It’s part of the ensemble.

      • Unless you can get pregnant, why should we care what you think?

        That paraphrases SCOTUS 1974, just by the way.

        • Those of us who do believe care for your immortal soul. You may not like it, resent it or deny it but the truth is there. Jesus died on the cross for YOU and rose again for YOU. I will continue to pray for you and the others on here who reject Him. May you find Him and peace.

    • He probably paid for a “papal indulgence” with the money from his son’s foundations.

  13. GOD doesn’t go back on HIS word, but Biden and his Klan DOES, one sure thing lies and cheating and money won’t get a person a seat AT GOD’S HOUSE, GOD gave the people of America THE RIGHTS TO FREEDOM, HE BLESSED THIS NATION, HE WATCHED OVER AMERICA GIVING THIS NATION THE POWER, TOO OVERCOME OUR ENEMIES TO REMAIN FREE , and that FREEDOM includes OUR RIGHTS TO carrier and bare firearms of OUR choosing, it’s the lawabidding citizen’s choice, NOT a corrupt government and a few selfish gun haters JUST because some people doesn’t like guns doesn’t give anyone the right to take from those that DO.

    • “Overcome our enemies to remain free”, enemies like the Souix ? The Europeans kinda fcked up that paradise. I guess all’s well that ends well, at least the Spaniards didn’t get it. The ones who beheaded “the people” if they didn’t worship the Christian god.
      No the whites were a little more subtle.
      Trade you a blanket * cough, cough* for that hill of yellow rock, what yah say Big Chief, rocks can’t keep you warm. We’ll even build you a Mission of Indoctrination for your starving kids. Here, have some whiskey, think it over. And if you say No get ready for war.
      God bless America.

  14. The left: “kooks asking the flying spaghetti monster for advice are ruining all our lives!”

    And: “doubting the vaccines will kill us all!*

    Also the left: “please spaghetti monster show us the way”

    And: “even after vaccination we must mask up and social distance forEVER! because they don’t work.”

    I really hate these people.

  15. being able to sue gun manufacturers will drive them all out of business if they are sued every time someone commits a homicide with one of their guns.

    • They want Kameltoe to have her maximum term, so Creepy Joe will fuddle his way through 2 years and a day and then he’ll either step down or have the 25th used on him. This way Kameltoe has the remainder of Joe’s term plus 2 terms of her own. If they 25th him now Kameltoe only gets the remainder of Joe’s current term plus one of her own.

  16. Keep these tyrannical acts going and they may get their “Come to the Lord” moment. What’s that old saying by Special Forces, “Kill them all, and let the Lord sort them out.” :0 🙂 🙂
    Believe that was the position 250 years ago. History always repeats itself…learn from it, re-live it,…or die by it. Sadly, Humans never seem to learn from it.

  17. So God tells beijing joe he gets one prayer answered does he ask for and end to hunger, a cure for cancer, world peace? Nope he wants to destroy a Constitutionally recognized right. Says alot about his true nature.

  18. The Christian bashing by some on this site is infantile and insulting. If some of you wish to believe all that is, was, or ever will be came about without an eternal Creator, be my guest. I like my chances far better. The gift is free. Now can we please get back to guns and corrupt politicians instead of sniping at POTG in good standing?

  19. Why not pray that people stop killing each other? If a law could prevent this, then murder being a crime would do the trick.


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