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Today’s gun owners are an increasingly diverse segment of the population. Associations like the National African-American Gun Association, the LGBTQ+ group Armed Equality, and the Well-Armed Woman have seen record growth in the last year. In a time when many people are questioning the role of law enforcement in their daily lives, it makes sense for greater numbers of people to take personal responsibility for the safety of themselves, their families, and their homes.

Experts prize the AR-15 as the ideal home-defense tool. High-capacity magazines are a particular benefit to senior citizens or physically disadvantaged people who might struggle with handling a handgun or shotgun. The lightweight bullets have low recoil; compared to shotgun and pistol rounds, they are less likely to over-penetrate walls and barriers. Everything the home defender will need can be prepared and stored safely under lock and key until needed for an emergency (which is hopefully never).

Banning such weapons would make felons out of people who have committed no harm and simply wish to protect themselves. Greater regulation will disarm marginalized groups facing very real threats of violence.

We must be wary of politicians who know little about firearms yet promise fast-acting, feel-good legislation instead of working towards more meaningful solutions.

— Erik Nelson in 3 Reasons Why Banning ‘Assault Weapons’ Is a Terrible Idea

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  1. Sad when citizens need to provide reasons a firearm or magazine capacity is beneficial. The argument needs to be framed as the government has no say in what firearm or magazine capacity a free citizen chooses to own.

      • This is why we need to send our money to the Save American PAC and elect Donald J Trump president. With him as president we can win back the House and Senate! Do not send any donations to the RNC. If you see the RNC use his likeness then tell the Save America PAC and they will sue. The Save America PAC only has about 90 million dollars and needs more to run candidates that Donald J Trump wants elected instead of RINO Republicans like Liz Cheney, that race alone will cost millions to beat the Republicans in Wyoming!!! All good Republicans have pledged not to run if Donald J Trump runs, like Nikki Haley. If a Republican does run against him then they will lose like Ted Cruz and his wife. Send just $100.00 a week to the Save America PAC.!

      • Yeah, but don’t forget how awful mean tweets were, better to just surrender all our freedoms and sink back into the primordial ooze, amiright?

    • “WARNING: Democrats are attempting to pass a court-packing bill.”

      Not gonna happen. Shortly before she died, Justice Ginsburg said the court should stay at 9. A few days ago, Justice Breyer (a Leftist) currently serving, said don’t do it.

      That’s 50 percent of the Leftist wing saying don’t do it. Sane Democrats understand doing it will be mid-term election suicide…

    • I say do it!

      The States will ignore SCOTUS even more.

      It’s time everyone realized the system is broken and there is no fixing it.

      • 2024… The actual burning of the capital?

        Here’s hoping.

        Pelosi and her “street fighter” ways hopefully locked inside.

        Freedom and liberty through violent installation. It truly is the only way.

      • The system isn’t broken, it’s just a prairie that’s overdue for a fire. It’s only human nature that people in government will expand their power at every chance and from time to time governments need to be purged. Hence the 2nd Amendment.

    • BIG NEWS –

      Guess who is a co-sponsor on that SCOTUS expansion bill?

      C’mon, just guess…

      No other than “I’m concerned the island of Guam will tip over if additional US troops are stationed there” Hank Johnson.

      Yeah, *that* Hank Johnson!

      *snicker*… 😉

      • Oh my oh my.
        I just watched him earlier, on another subject. I’m sure he said ” I’ve said nothing coherent up to this point , but Mr Chairman my point should be heard.” a long pause between each word like his mind is trying to work around the physcotropics he’s on.

  2. They are not clueless………They are well intended on carrying out their Civilian Disarmament Agenda……….. Falsely calling them clueless belittles the threat they are to us……and it causes some of us to drop our guard…………

    I’m getting tired of what is too many people on our side assuming their is some way for us to reason with these psychopathic leftist anti-gunners.

    • That’s that pointy thing that goes up!

      C’mon man, you know the thing. It depends on what the definition of “IS” is. But then they have to pass the bill before they can read it.

      I wonder how many people buried their AR14’s in their back yards?

      They considered getting rid of Trump more important than dealing with a world wide virus at a time when it could have been more easily control here. Let’s just through open the borders and let all those COVID infected people in!

      How many elderly needlessly lost their lives directly due to forcing sick people to live with them?

      AR does not mean assault rifle!
      Just what is an assault weapon?

    • I’m sorry….let’s not forget..

      Making deals with known terrorist orgs.

      Trying to force everyone to accept child preditors alone with little kids in public restrooms.

      Just how am I supposed to view THEIR pride in post birth abortion?

      These people can’t even tell what their own gender is when they look at themselves naked in a mirror. It confuses them.

      They will lock you up for the act of protecting yourself so you can take the place of the killer they let out.

    • Many are clueless. Rep. Diana DeGette (D-Denver) thought that magazines were a disposable, single use item. Keep in mind that Congresscritters aren’t the ones writing the legislation they introduce. Staff members and lobbyists write the bills, and they generally know what they are trying to achieve. Then the Reps put their own names on it and pretend it’s their idea.

  3. As the author of the previous article noted, Joe would use his one wish to stick it to his political enemies rather than end violence. This is the type of person you’re up against. Joe and his ancient comrades have a very long history of NOT being problem solvers. They create problems for others while enriching themselves. More power and control is the endgame. “Moderate” Uncle Joe is ready to transform the Supreme Court so that it’s no longer a check and balance. This is the behavior of a tyrant. And the media yawns…

    • One point of disagreement: the media does not yawn. It stokes the fires, prepares the battle space, demoralizes the enemy, rallies the troops, and manufactures public opinion. If the media ever does seem to yawn, that’s because it’s important to them that the public doesn’t know something.

      None of this crap goes anywhere without the complete support of the media — in fact, I think the corporate/left media entertainment complex is the tail that wags the Democrat donkey. Most of the progressive agenda is so patently stupid and painfully ridiculous that nobody in his right mind would give it the time of day, so they need the media machine to make sure nobody ever is.

      And the media people know the politicians need them; if the media won’t run cover for it, then it just doesn’t go forward.

      • Correct, the media is very busy pushing the latest propaganda. By yawning I meant not calling out obvious authoritarian actions by the Dems. If the Republicans did the exact same thing with Trump in office, they would be working up another impeachment by now.

        • Yep, guaranteed. You can tell as much by their silence (the giant collective yawn whenever something happens that we really should know) as by anything they actually say.

    • The media is no longer an impartial observer. They are partisan participants and this is why “journalists” are targeted by all sides.

  4. Demonstrating a desire to run for office should be a capital offense.
    That way none of this shit would ever be a problem.

  5. The problem is, everybody who supports the 2A has a stake in this defeating this administrations agenda.
    They will try to intimidate, threaten & take your stuff one at a time. & they will eventually succeed after many people have been hurt, killed, or imprisoned.
    Look at how the B L M & ANTIFA do things , in mobs & the government runs from them. 2A supporters need to do the same. When they start their confiscation the people have to become a mass to stop them, weather it takes bloodshed is up to how stupid the authorities want to get .

    • “Look at how the B L M & ANTIFA do things…”

      Support for them has tanked to something like 40 percent, after their loot-n-burn fest last summer.

      If Chauvin gets acquitted, more cities will burn, and support will further drop.

      Sane people are waking up to that bullshit. Once more people besides the ‘woke’ get exposed to poison like forced Critical Race Theory ‘training’, that house of cards will begin to collapse…

      • Well, when we realize the common ground we all share with groups like them, hopefully the 2A crowd will get off their asses and stop playing nice too. War is hell. Cities get destroyed and rebuilt later. You won’t take the government without taking their strongholds.

      • BLM is here to stay forever after corporations opened their pocketbooks last year and gave them, what over 100 million? Why didn’t the wealthy corporations just pay that money as reparations directly to black people? Wouldn’t that have ended the fake “we’re being held back from slavery and Jim Crow” argument? That would’ve been nice.

        • ” corporations opened their pocketbooks last year and gave them, what over 100 million? ”

          Practically none of that money is finding its way down to the local organizations, which are just about in open revolt against the national organization. Plus the founding chick is on a shopping spree for million dollar homes in white neighborhoods. The whole thing is coming apart at the seams, but, alas, not soon enough to stop them from making this a very hot summer.

  6. Even Manchin is clueless about many things including 3D printed guns being “undetectable” and agreeing with everything Biden said the other day in his anti gun anti 2A tirade. But then in the same breath Manchin said he does not support either of the House anti gun bills. It is truly amazing the absolute BS politicians spew about guns. Manchin should know better or his constituents should educate him. God help us.

  7. They might be ignorant on firearms details, but their laws and the contradictions they lead to are on purpose and pure evil.
    Gun control is about control only, for they cannot rule over law-abiding citizens so we all must become criminal outlaws without any rights or means to fight back. Don’t comply, don’t be a defenseless victim of tyranny.


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