Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick
Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick, D-Ariz. (AP Photo/Matt York)
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It occurs to me that the best strategy for protecting gun rights in America is to “third rail” gun control. Make support for any more limits on the right to keep and bear arms electoral suicide. If you “touch” gun control, you can be assured of being zapped at the polls.

This was once the case…too long ago for most of us to remember. It could be made true again.

There is no logical reason for Democrats to advocate for gun control. It doesn’t create a great opportunity for spending taxpayer money except, of course, on prisons. Democrats should be much more interested in building a critical race theory indoctrination corps, thereby creating woke precinct captains throughout the nation.

Like all politicians, Democrat incumbents want to avoid viable challengers in their next primaries or general elections. And the Democrat leadership wants to avoid losing any races to the GOP. These are the only two things that really matter to them.

Rep. Steven Horsford
Rep. Steven Horsford, D-Nev. (House Television via AP)

All the People of the Gun have to do is to put resources in the places that impact these considerations. The path of least resistance is to knock Democrat incumbents out by supporting their Democrat challengers.

The key is to educate more voters in such a race, making gun gun control ineffective (or a liability). Let the challenger know that he can enjoy a new source of support if he will attack the incumbent on his futile gun control plank. Win or lose, doesn’t matter much. We will have taught Democrat incumbents that even their fellow Democrat challengers can ride the gun control rail to raise the incumbents’ cost of re-election. Permanently.

A Congressman must run for re-election every two years. You have to make a two-year investment in educating a targeted Dem about the danger of their gun control advocacy. Even if you fail to knock her out in one election, you’ll have a second opportunity just two years later. Continue the education process through the next two years and two years after that. You will have made her gun control support a constant thorn in her side. That will be a rail she won’t want to touch.

Rep. Conor Lamb
Rep. Conor Lamb, D-Pa. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, File)

Why should this Democrat incumbent continue to risk her seat by campaigning and voting for gun control? Isn’t she a supporter of so many other issues that are near and dear to her constituents’ hearts that they will surely forgive her for being “soft” on gun control?

We can teach her to mouth the gun control platitudes, lamenting that, tragically, gun control has become the third-rail of politics. If she is to continue to do the Lord’s good work for her constituents, she has to tread lightly — i.e., not at all — on the issue of restricting gun rights.

That is, when the roll call for votes on a gun control bill is scheduled, she will be home in her district conferring with constituents.

Granted, there is a lot of solidarity with the Democrat Party’s gun control platform. But after being attacked in the primaries, no Dem candidate is going to lose her own reelection race while the party failed — once again — to push a gun control bill through to becoming law. Party leaders can mouth the anti-gun agenda talking points without really being serious about whipping its members to be there when it comes time to cast a vote.

Once this message is widely spread and begins to sink in with Democrats, the squishy RINOs will see the handwriting on the wall, too. Why would they want to draw gun rights supporters’ attention to their primary campaigns? There is no up-side to it.

Sen. Jon Tester
Sen. Jon Tester, D-Mont., (Leigh Vogel/Pool via AP)

Senate races are harder to attack. Nevertheless, a Senator we’d like to target runs state-wide in a state with 1+ Congressional districts. We find one or two such districts with targetable incumbents and primary them.

Win or lose, we will have written our message on the walls of the Dem Senator’s office. We will have raised the cost of his next campaign and the likelihood of him losing two, four, or six years down the road.

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  1. While I appreciate this post, the 800lb gorilla in the room that this misses is that the Democrats commitment to gun control is driven by *donors*.

    • That is true. But politicians still have to pass muster with a relatively small core of committed voters in their primaries, and if they fail there, the megadonor connections do them no good.

      • So you believe the lie that the moral checker makes a difference.
        Voting turn out good, people believe.
        2% Voter turn out, uhh oh, we’ve got troubles.

    • AgingDisgracefully,

      Adding to your comment, this post also seems to miss the fact that Democrats in United States Congress are able to get 99% of their party members to vote with the party 100% of the time.

      How does the Democrat Party manage that? Simple: when Democrat Representatives vote against the Democrat Party, the Democrat Party “returns the favor” by pulling the Democrat Party’s support for that Representative at the next election — forcing that representative to go it alone without the substantial financial and logistical support of the Democrat Party. That represents a greater risk of losing re-election than voting in favor of gun-control.

      I am also sad to remind us of another factor: why should Democrat Representatives fear losing the next election when they are able to defraud the election with impunity?

      • “Democrat Representatives fear losing the next election when they are able to defraud the election with impunity?“

        Oh that’s a good one, you and Sydney and Rudy are hilarious.

        • shirley you’ll take time mag’s word for it?
          read the bloom article, shirl.
          but don’t believe the latest veritas clip. climate change.

        • Funny how, according to the current democrat regime, for the first time in history there was no election fraud in 2020.

      • Democrat new member orientation: “This is about getting wins FOR OUR PARTY.” Hmm…what about wins for American citizens?

    • I would say that donors cause the total lockstep, but are not the entirety of the problem.

      There also are citizen-disarmist and/or anti-BoR doctrinaires (e.g. Schumer; he’ll constantly agitate for it even if it risks other D’s losing their jobs), as well as those who simply imagine 2A to be “outdated” and thus prefer that it be diminished and ignored (e.g the SCOTUS leftists), and RINOs.

      • Schumer belongs to the donors. Its well known in the Beltway. Everything he does is downstream of that.

  2. We need to eliminate critical race theory and bloat as well, as well as a host of other problems within the Republican party. If we want a free world again we need to clean house.

    • “We need to eliminate critical race theory and bloat as well,…”

      ‘Critical Race Theory’ isn’t going to last long, as soon as the lawsuits with *massive* payouts start piling up.

      What lawsuits, you ask? Creating a hostile work environment lawsuits, along with a few others they haven’t thought up yet. ‘CRT’ will be something no sane company will want to have anything to do with when the legal vultures descend.

      Let’s give the all them rope they need to hang themselves… 😉

      • “i’m being told to treat my students differently based on their race.”
        47k tuition per year for that.

  3. This represents old thinking. Much has changed. Particularly since Trump was elected. This is not the same world it used to be. Logic does not work against the Democrats, Antifa, BLM, or any other emotionally driven leftist he’ll bent on taking control.

    All one has to do is look at big tech and what is going on in corporate America.

    • Creepy Joe is already targeting big tech over taxes. It would take long for socialist principles to clash with the pinnacles of capitalism.

      • “Creepy Joe is already targeting big tech over taxes.“

        Wait a minute, I thought all you conservatives hated big tech because they were biased against the conservative community?

        And now you are upset because President Biden wants fair taxation for Twitter, Amazon, Facebook, Google, etc.?

        • LOL fair taxation for the mega corporations that have aligned with the Democrat party. Wait, you really believe that don’t you?

    • You know, I actually found a true expression of the situation in your comment:

      “Particularly since Trump was elected. This is not the same world it used to be. Logic does not work“

      A very interesting display of the unconscious mind revealing an accurate grasp of the situation, this is known as ‘hidden speech’.

  4. “Why should this Democrat incumbent continue to risk her seat by campaigning and voting for gun control?”

    They aren’t advocating for ‘gun control’, they are advocating for *cough*, ‘gun safety’, *cough*. We let them seize control of the language…

  5. The people who own the Democrat Party will not let any members take a knee on gun control. Soros and the rest of that bunch will spend many millions to unseat any “blue dogs” who might otherwise have second thoughts about toeing the party line.

  6. “There is no logical reason for Democrats to advocate for gun control.”

    Sure there is…if you want to overthrow our Constitutional Republic, and replace it with some other tyrannical regime, then gun control (really, ultimate civil disarmament, since that is where they are clearly heading) is an absolute prerequisite.

    • They want to change the BORs. They are attacking the 2nd, they think they may get people to go along with it (for the children). If and when that happens they will go after the rest and they will have total Big Brother control.
      They are already going after the first by offering other ways to get news and history than from books. If you watch the History Channel, you can see how easy it is to edit and add in footage that was not in the original. I suspect that books on line will be next.
      This is how history changes.

      • Mr. Obama promised to fundamentally change America and to REWRITE history………Remember????

  7. Why should this Democrat incumbent continue to risk her seat by campaigning and voting for gun control?

    Why shouldn’t they? The party gets what it wants regardless of whether or not the candidate wins reelection and if they do lose it’s not like the Republican is going to overturn anything and thanks to that “demographic shift” that both is a “wild racist conspiracy theory” for the right and a simultaneously proudly boasted rallying cry for the left a Dem will eventually be right back in that seat.

  8. Golly gee whillikers, Mister, all we have to do is win the next time! Yet another article which assumes that our vote will be counted fairly. That indicates an inability to learn from past events. They managed to cheat their way out of the most lopsided loss in US history to turn this country into a budding dictatorship. That means THE LEFT NO LONGER NEEDS TO HAVE ANYBODY ACTUALLY VOTE FOR THEM.

    • The reason the Dems got away with the massive fraud is because they were assisted by the GOP. Both parties wanted Trump gone. If the GOP in all of the key states had rallied, filed lawsuits, demanded and agitated for legitimate recounts, demanded to see the evidence, publicised the evidence, demanded and ordered local Sherriffs and other law enforcement agencies to fully investigate and impound voting machines, the steal could not have happened. Instead, law enforcement in EVERY district stood down. Judges, even those appointed by Trump, stood down. All but a few state legislatures, even those that were Republican-controlled, stood down. The fraud was engineered by the uni-party, not just the Dems.

      Now that Trump is out-of-office, will the GOP continue to be complicit? If so, it will cease to exist.

    • “They managed to cheat their way out of the most lopsided loss in US history to turn this country into a budding dictatorship.”

      Fascinating, more unintentional truth speaking from a conservative.

      The American people showed up and voted in record numbers, sending Trump and the conservatives packing, even taking both Senate seats in Georgia as well as the presidency.

      And then when Trump and his pretty boys/oaf-creepers tried an insurrection and choked, the authorities are holding the insurrectionists accountable with federal criminal charges.

      I love it when a plan comes together…

      • There was never an insurrection. That’s a Democrat/media smear. Actually, they called it an armed insurrection. The Capitol riot also had nothing to do with white supremacy. Stop being dishonest. Do you ever dissent from the approved narrative? I’m beginning to think you’re a follower.


        You know, any more, whenever I see miner’s byline, or any of a few others, this Three Stooges rendition of Three Blind Mice always comes to mind. It provides a proper backdrop for their posts, I think.

  9. This is the thing……..journalists and 2nd Amendment activists need to connect the levels of gun crime in the U.S. directly to the democrat party…since it is their policies that create our levels of gun crime and gun murder….and their judges, prosecutors and politicians who keep releasing violent, repeat gun offenders, from jail and prison over and over again……we need to put that truth out there whenever they call for gun control. There is a direct link……the democrats create gun crime by releasing repeat offenders and by making war on the police…if you want to put them back on their heels and stop the offensive against the 2nd Amendment cold, go after the democrats on this….

  10. MarkPA,

    You are correct: we need to fight, continually. We need to make legislators uncomfortable, to make them worry about lawsuits, recalls, and about the growing independent and right-of-center media. We must continue to organize and fund groups like GOA and CCRKBA.

    We only lose when we stop fighting.

  11. To: Gun Loving Deplorables
    From: The Democrats

    Your successes in thwarting our gun control agenda are coming to an end. We are importing millions of compliant voters, who will do our bidding for a few crumbs. See how the demographic changes in California, Virginia, Georgia etc… continue to benefit us. You will soon be nothing more than rebel scum.

    The Democrats

    • As was stated, the Uni party. We have a 2 party system and both have been hijacked by the people that run the world’s largest corporations. These corporations pay very little tax to the US, but have control and protection using our military and (usually) US trained military contractors.
      We need a third and maybe a fourth party to vote to keep our politics corporate free.

  12. When the Constitution was amended to allow the direct election of Senators by the people, We the People lost control over the Senate. Corporate money is what puts Senators in office, the people’s vote is an aside.

  13. many gun buyers voted for these gun control commies. and they will keep voting for them . even while they say what they want to do. they think they will not be affected by gun control because they already have their gun. and they are really too stupid to educate. they really have to be a victim of gun control to see what we are talking about. you got some of them here leaving post. so how are we going to make this subject a ” third rail” when the enemy is in our own back yard.

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