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Paperwork is rough enough the first time. Please don’t make poor Dumbledore/Gandalf do it twice.


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  1. This is why when the pro abortion crowd start whining about the right to privacy I point out it was their doing. They were good with all these invasions of privacy like the 4473 and background checks. They were fine with cameras everywhere.

    Until one of their ox’s got gored. Then listen at their wailing.

  2. At our local Academy Sports they hand you a Android tablet to fill out. It’s pretty efficient way to take all the information. I dislike having to fill out the 4473 now that it’s woke, especially #14. Actually I’ve always disliked the whole idea and I was buying before ’86’

    I mean this is supposed to be a serious form amiright? WTH is non-binary? I know what mentality ill people claim it means so that alone should be prima facia for “You R Nuts” no firearm for you. And Federal Agencies want me to take them seriously?! Get the eff outahere.

    • Sportsman’s Warehouse has those as well, and it works for the ammo sales bgc required in California too. That is, when they have any ammo to sell.

      • Been to 20 states except California over the past 3 years and ammo, although not cheap, can be now found everywhere and well stocked.

    • Regardless of what your opinion is on the mental health of individuals checking the non-binary box on a form, facts are those individuals are attacked from time to time simply for feeling the need to check that box. Perceived as soft targets. So I don’t think they should be denied a firearm for personal protection because no matter how messed up you think they are they don’t deserve to be beaten and dragged just for being the way they are. The more friendly firearms out there the better.

      • I’m not so quick to give the transgender community victim status. They are an extremely vocal minority that will happily cancel anyone. They are pushing for teenage girls to get their boobs cut off at taxpayer expense – which has the swell name of “gender-affirming care.” Free puberty blockers at public schools without parental consent? That’s their idea as well. And of course there’s the Lia Thomas style sports cheating.

        • My niece has a girl ( can we still say that?) at her school that identifies as a cat… no shit, this is now a real thing. All of the other students in that class have to listen to purring and meowing during classes without laughing at “it” , or guess who gets reprimanded. I worry for our future.

        • “gender-affirming care”

          And as usual with these people, everything is the opposite of what they say. No, it isn’t gender affirming. It’s literally gender denying.

      • It’s not my opinion. It’s either XX or XY. Sure there are some exceptions just as there are exceptions to everything but…That’s what we got XX or XY.
        Saying otherwise is enabling a mental illness and adding yours to the list.

        • Hey Pb, they are actually to be referred to as ” furries “, and in my granddaughters school district meowing back or hissing at them WILL get the violator a five day suspension. I told my granddaughter to BARK at them and identify as a Doberman if the principle calls her to the office… she won’t be visiting grampy for awhile !!
          I also agree this country has gone off the deep end.

    • “Non-binary” as well as “LGBTQRSTUV” and a dozen other forms of silliness all mean the same thing, which is on a sliding scale beginning at “queer as a three-dollar bill” and moving on to “FUBAR PLUS, run for cover!”, all including the admonition that turning your back is not advised.

    • Insurance rates are more dependent on not just your experience, but the experience of everyone else in your zip code and adjacent zips, plus that average cost of repairs. In other words, if you live where there are lots of accidents, the risk that you will get into an accident goes up even if it is not your fault. Rear-enders in heavy traffic are exceedingly common in cities. Inflation plays a role, but not as much as the other factors.

      • Years ago I sold all kinds of insurance. What you describe smacks of “redlining” which is more or less illegal. I’d switch insurance companies. And report the bastards!

      • As well as Cat Converter theft. I drive a 32 year old SUV. Cat Convertor theft is the only reason I have coverage on my vehicle. I am sure that a $5000 repair bill would have problems getting paid from the insurance, but a Cat Converter on a smooth running SUV with 150k miles on it?

      • “Insurance rates are more dependent on…everyone else in your zip code and adjacent zips”

        I got a homeowners claim for tornado damage. There were several tornadoes in the area. I received a letter from the insurance company that made it sound like they were raising everyone’s insurance rate due to the area wide damage. I talked to someone else with the same insurance. Nope, they didn’t raise their insurance. They just raised mine because I made a claim even though I had paid for years, and the claim wasn’t that big. I went elsewhere for coverage.

        Awaiting moderation. You’ve got to be kidding. I don’t feel like sorting through to figure out what triggered it.

        • Your rates always go up if you make a claim. That is a well known practice in the insurance industry. I am surprised that you were surprised. That’s why it is best to pay small claims out of pocket.

          We will now hear from all the insurance salesmen claiming that is not true.

    • “[fill in the blank] is going up 33%”

      I blame it on that 8% inflation which is actually much more than 8%. Oh, and we’re still in a recession, even though they’re pretending we aren’t. I remember hearing about stagflation. I heard it was miserable. Now the people that said we wouldn’t even have inflation (liars) are saying it’s going to be painful. They can say that now that they passed their reckless spending bill. They’re laughing at us and all of their sheep that enable them.

  3. Hilariously I’m watching The Rings of Power right now. With a supposed proto Gandalf who fell from the sky. Mediocre toker is all I got. I’ve never changed my mind buying a gat…

    • Yeah, I watched that today and am caught up on the episodes. I think they still have some ‘splainin to do to convince us Master Gandalf arrived from the sky in a hail of fire. Cold fire that somehow burns all vegetation in the area of impact, but not Harfoot flesh.

  4. I am buying something from Henry online. Gonna do the internet loophole that I have to have my purchase sent to my FFL and do the form and waiting period. My FFL is doing the digital forms now, last time wasn’t too bad, but this woke crap has got to end.

  5. I cant read so I always have someone else fill out the paperwork.
    I see these signs that have a circle and red line drawn through a Beretta? Someone in that store or courthouse doesn’t like Beretta’s

  6. My niece has a girl ( can we still say that?) at her school that identifies as a cat… no shit, this is now a real thing. All of the other students in that class have to listen to purring and meowing during classes without laughing at “it” , or guess who gets reprimanded. I worry for our future.

  7. Very well then.
    Big Brother is protecting me.
    My comment did not post.
    Moderated into the cloud.
    Where it will stay until the day it needs to rain.

  8. @Mark N.
    “Rear enders in heavy traffic are exceedingly common in cities”

    Not all these accidents have horrible outcomes. Mayor Pete got rear ended, but when the two guys went to court about it they dropped the suit…ended up having the judge marry them!


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