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By Mark Oliva

The Biden administration continues to find ways to break faith with America’s veterans. Beyond the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan and the unanswered questions left after 13 U.S. service members were killed in a suicide bombing in the final stages of evacuations from Kabul, Afghanistan, White House officials are robbing veterans of the rights they fought to protect.

The Biden administration’s Department of Veterans Affairs has been quietly adding names of veterans who require financial supervision – or a fiduciary – to the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) database as prohibited individuals. This underhanded move might satisfy gun control supporters but is a blatant breach of trust with the very individuals who swore oaths – up to and including their lives – to defend the U.S. Constitution that protects the rights of Americans.

Bureaucrats at the Department of Veterans Affairs are using a little-known rule to skip any judicial proceedings and are doing this without fanfare. The decision to unilaterally wipe away civil liberties has been delegated to unaccountable government employees.

Congressional Action

This is a brazen abuse of bureaucratic authority that must end. American citizens’ Second Amendment rights are protected and can only be stripped for specific instances, including:

  • convicted in any court of a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year;
  • who is a fugitive from justice;
  • who is an unlawful user of or addicted to any controlled substance (as defined in section 102 of the Controlled Substances Act, codified at 21 U.S.C. § 802);
  • who has been adjudicated as a mental defective or has been committed to any mental institution;
  • who is an illegal alien;
  • who has been discharged from the Armed Forces under dishonorable conditions;
  • who has renounced his or her United States citizenship;
  • who is subject to a court order restraining the person from harassing, stalking, or threatening an intimate partner or child of the intimate partner; or
  • who has been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence.

Veterans, though, are facing a bureaucratic nightmare. Those veterans needing financial supervision are losing their Second Amendment rights without a court hearing. Several in Congress are fighting back.

VA Secretary Denis McDonough
Biden’s VA Secretary Denis McDonough ((Charles Dharapak/AP)

Chairman Mike Bost (R-Ill.) introduced H.R. 705, the Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act, earlier this year. That bill specifically bars the Department of Veterans Affairs from transmitting veterans’ names to FBI NICS solely for the reason that the veteran has been appointed a fiduciary to assist in managing their financial details.

The legislation was described in a July hearing as ensuring “… that veterans are afforded the same due process that every other American receives before any action is taken that would deprive them of one of the constitutional rights that they fought to protect.”

“For far too long the men and women who have fought to protect every Americans’ constitutional right to bear arms have wrongfully been discriminated against. This Congress, that ends,” said Chairman Bost when he introduced the legislation. “Today I am reintroducing the Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act, legislation to ensure that veterans are given the same due process rights as every other American. No VA bureaucrat should have the ability to instantly strip a veteran of their 2nd Amendment rights simply because they use a fiduciary to help them manage their benefits.”

Veterans Groups Support

That bill has the backing of both The American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), two predominant veterans groups.

“It is both sad and ironic that the veterans’ community, a community in which each and every member swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States – including the 2nd Amendment — requires advocacy to maintain their constitutional right to bear arms,” The American Legion posted to their website. “Unless deemed unfit to possess weapons by a judicial authority with the full benefit of due process, The American Legion believes that each veteran, regardless of disability, should maintain the right to possess a firearm.”

denied 4473 gun purchase social media check

The VFW, likewise, supports Chairman Bost’s bill, noting in Congressional testimony, “The VFW supports this proposal to protect veterans’ Second Amendment rights and to establish due process for veterans who have been assigned fiduciaries before referring them to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).”

The VFW went further to note that the abuse of FBI NICS to deny veterans their Second Amendment rights is unique among federal agencies. VFW officials noted that the Social Security Administration does not make the same determination of gun rights when bureaucrats there face the same issue as those who are not veterans. Social Security Administration officials told FBI NICS “that the inability to manage one’s finances does not always preclude someone from managing other aspects of their life.”

The VFW also noted that the submission of names to add to FBI NICS prohibited individuals is extraordinarily high among federal agencies. One Congressional Research Service summary noted that after Congress passed the 2007 NICS Improvement Act to assist states and federal agencies to submit disqualifying records to FBI NICS, states added 6,133,617 records through 2020, a massive 3750 percent increase. Federal agencies added 263,225 records in the same time period, with the Department of Veterans Affairs accounting for 258,225 of those, or 98 percent of all federal records added.

Time to End NICS Abuse

Congressman Chip Roy (R-Texas) introduced his own similar bill to protect against government bureaucrats from wiping out veterans’ Second Amendment rights. The Defending Veterans’ Second Amendments Rights Act. H.R. 5286, would prohibit the Department of Veterans Affairs from transferring veterans’ information to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) solely because they have received a disability rating for a mental illness.

“America’s heroes should never have to fear losing their God-given right to self-defense simply for seeking the care they have earned in the process of protecting our republic,” Rep. Roy said in a press release.

Allowing this abuse of the FBI NICS by government bureaucrats at the Department of Veterans Affairs is an affront to the service of veterans who fought to protect those rights for all Americans. Biden administration officials are relegating veterans to second-class citizens and their civil liberties to second-class rights.

Congress has much to do when the House of Representatives and Senate reconvene next month. Ending this abuse should be at the top of their list.


Mark Oliva is Managing Director of Public Affairs for NSSF, The Firearm Industry Trade Association. 

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  1. Maybe we should research the issue, just why would someone need a fiduciary payee?

    “Veterans with psychiatric disabilities who are found incompetent to manage their finances are assigned trustees to directly receive and disburse their disability funds.”

    “Veterans with psychiatric disabilities who are found incompetent to manage their finances“ but they are competent enough to be allowed the possession and carry of lethal weapons.

    “Psychiatric disabilities”?

    What could go wrong?

    • “The Biden administration’s Department of Veterans Affairs has been quietly adding names of veterans who require financial supervision – or a fiduciary – to the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) database as prohibited individuals.”

      Liar69er, you portray yourself as a law-and-order proponent, but when it comes right down to it, you’re in favor of the government denying Constitutional rights to certain of its citizens on a whim and without due process. You’re only in favor of “law and order” when it can be weaponized against those with whom you disagree.

    • Once again Miner49er ignores context.

      “Veterans with psychiatric disabilities who are found incompetent to manage their finances are assigned trustees to directly receive and disburse their disability funds.”

      The VA said they had psychiatric disabilities because they tried to avail them selves of the financial management program offered by the VA, not that they actually had ‘psychiatric disabilities’. Some people just needed help with managing their finances and the VA said because of that they had ‘psychiatric disabilities’ and thus were ‘incompetent’ in the context of managing finances.

      Now this is not to say that every person did not have some type of ‘psychiatric disability’ due to the trails and tribulations associated with military service or even some sort of ‘disease’ or injury. But these are men and woman that stood to, and were willing to lay down their lives if necessary, to protect our country, had a sense of duty and patriotism to apply to protect and defend the constitution and now they are being told “nope, constitution is not for you because you asked for help dealing with the effects of what the government put you through.” Many of them did not have the financial means or opportunity’s as those in the civilian world for, and their military service may have prohibited them from taking part in, the financial opportunities those in the civilian world may have (and there were prohibitions). At any rate, to need financial management help…but then be categorized as having ‘psychiatric disabilities’ for simply asking for help then having a constitutional right denied the veteran, that’s just wrong on so many levels and evil.

      Then to have people like you come along showing so much blatant disrespect with your false implication and obvious lack of knowledge on the subject … seriously, you need to have your sorry ass dragged out back and kicked.

      What could go wrong? Whats gone wrong is idiots like you who think they have a some sort of self-granted supremacy to decide who can and can not exercise constitutional rights.

      • The left wing anti-gun idiot that administered this program in the VA made up the data behind it, made up the justification for it. That came out in the house hearings so far.

        His justification was; because they asked for financial help and needed a fiduciary they must be financially incompetent and incompetence is a ‘psychiatric disability’ thus a mental health disorder. So were going to say they disqualify for exercising their second amendment rights due to mental health so lets code them in NICS.

        Not being good at managing money and needing help is neither incompetent or a ‘psychiatric disability’. Some people just need help, and it happens every day out here in the civilian non-veteran world.

        Say a person could not pay their mortgage due to financial difficulties and they got a fiduciary to manage their money better to avoid bankruptcy and losing their home. Would they be ‘psychiatric disability incompetent’ ? The VA says they are if they are a veteran and come to the VA to ask for that fiduciary help.

        • “The left wing anti-gun idiot that administered this program in the VA made up the data behind it, made up the justification for it. That came out in the house hearings so far.“

          Link to the data?

      • “Now this is not to say that every person did not have some type of ‘psychiatric disability’ “

        Then shouldn’t we check them out to ascertain if there were actual psychiatric disabilities before we authorize their purchase of lethal weapons?

        “His justification was; because they asked for financial help and needed a fiduciary they must be financially incompetent and incompetence is a ‘psychiatric disability’ “

        Do you have a link to support your assertion?

        You seem to be indicating that the only reason the VA would set up a designated payee is because the veteran had requested such a situation.

        I don’t think that is accurate as well, do you have a link to support your claim?

        I would hope that every veteran could exercise their rights under the constitution, but do you really think that if a person can’t handle a $1200 check each month responsibly, that they have no problem handling lethal weapons in public spaces around their fellow citizens?

    • There are a lot of psychiatric disabilities out there. Probably everyone (or close to everyone) has at least one thing about them that is at least a little bit “off.” Most of these problems don’t make their owners any more dangerous people (in fact, some may even make them less dangerous).

      We all know how this game works: Cast a vaguely defined net, get buy-in, and then “redefine” it so as to incorporate as many people as possible, leading to results that no one would have agreed to if honesty were used in the first place.

      • “Probably everyone (or close to everyone) has at least one thing about them that is at least a little bit “off.”

        That’s not what we’re talking about here, we are discussing individuals who’ve actually been examined by the medical professionals at the veterans administration and found to be incompetent of handling their affairs.

        • Does that make them dangerous to themselves or others? Why? Spell out the connection for me.

          If they are not dangerous to themselves or others, and they have committed no crimes, why should their rights and property be taken away? Why did the professionals let them out if the building?

    • There may be other reasons why someone other than the individual is a fiduciary. My daughter is a Certified Financial Planner. In addition she has a couple other advanced certifications and runs her own financial planning company. Except for monthly bill paying, most of which is on automatic paying from my bank, she handles all my financial activity. She, of course, tells me what she is going to do and explains it. However, I can attest that she put me in some investments that even after she very carefully and fully explained them, I really didn’t understand. Even after I read the prospectus, I didn’t understand how the investment worked. However, her judgment was correct and the investments paid off nicely and well above what I would have invested in. Now who is better able to make informed decisions about investing my meager retirement funds, me or my daughter? My financial education is from Forbes Magazine, Money magazine and the Kiplinger news letter, hardly providing a solid financial background. Her’s is from extensive courses and her certifications came from taking tests to demonstrate that she had at least memorized enough to pass the tests. There are lots of reasons why someone would be a fiduciary and the person is still perfectly competent. It’s just another gun grabbing scheme. Any excuse will do until the day comes when no excuse is necessary, just because we said so.

    • I just reviewed a list of what Tennessee considers a mental state that can lead to firearm confiscation. It includes such things as consulting a physician or pharmacist or mental health practitioner for such conditions as insomnia, male potency issues, obesity, anorexia, premenstrual syndrome, chronic headaches, fibromyalgia, postpartum depression, hypochondria — the list goes on to list 15 conditions for which one might consult a mental health practitioner that can result in having one red flagged. The practitioner has no leeway in the matter the law requires them to report treatment for such conditions to law authorities or suffer criminal prosecution themselves. That is in spite of HIPPA restrictions on such disclosures. I know that in CA, mental health practitioners and medical practitioners must report their patients to the thought police if they suspect that their patient may harm others. Many folks don’t realize that but if it were general knowledge, it certainly would inhibit a full discussion of one’s thought processes to one’s medical provider.

      • I don’t think the VA tracks the performance of the veterans investments and assigns them a fiduciary just because their Investment wasn’t performing well.

        “I know that in CA, mental health practitioners and medical practitioners must report their patients to the thought police if they suspect that their patient may harm others“

        And you have a problem with that?

        Do you think that if a medical professional suspects a patient may harm others that they should conceal that knowledge?


        I bet your opinion would change if it was your loved one who was attacked or killed by the patient.

  2. Just so everybody is clear, these are not veterans who have been found to be incompetent by any physician, judge, magistrate or anyone. That’s an entirely separate process from what the VA is using here. These are veterans who have voluntarily asked someone else to manage their money.
    For instance, I have some assets that are managed in a blind trust. I do this to avoid potential conflicts of interest. That means that I have appointed someone to have a fiduciary responsibility over these accounts. I don’t get any money from the VA or have anything to do with them, but if I did, this is the kind of thing they would be using against me. The more common practice is someone appoints an attorney or a financial planner with a fiduciary responsibility to manage their assets for them, very often so that those assets are more easily and clearly divided upon their death. These are the kinds of cases specifically the VA has been using against veterans.

  3. Congress has been far too lax in it’s duties all the way around. People like to bandy about the phrase “power of the purse” but it means absolutely nothing when those powers are given up. This entire nation is being put at risk as a result of Congressional failure to act. The ATF, FBI, and the Biden adm. just walk all over them and no one in DC seems to care enough to even notice. Not even those who get elected to that branch of government.

    We saw the same thing in the 2020 presidential election where state legislatures abdicated their power to judges and a mix of other non-elected personnel.

    • It wasn’t so much that they abdicated as it was the powers were usurped. SCOTUS escalated the assault on the legislatures with recent rulings on gerrymandering granting the courts the power to overrule the legislatures in virtually all matters relating to elections, including districting. This is a serious problem that few recognize as such. When a single politically appointed judge can override the decisions of hundreds of duly elected representatives, there is a real danger to the republic.

      • lol
        Such things are not legal. While state legislators just sit there and refuse to fight back, we start losing our country. Much heartache and death resulted from elected leaders refusing to fight back.

        The courts have no such power to overrule the US Constitution. No US president has the power to change that.

        • “The courts have no such power to overrule the US Constitution.”

          Well, they did in 2020 and they continue to do so. Always giving themselves more power. How is the State legislature to fight it?

        • @VNVet69
          I’ll bet many will fight Trump. There is atleast one state trying to take him off the ballet. How can they fight it? How does the state of California fight the 2nd Amendment? I mean, we ARE talking about the US Constitution.

        • @prndll
          It’s actually simple math, the judges keep usurping power and SCOTUS agrees. The left has more judges than the right so they always find in favor of the left. Trump will fight being removed from the ballot in most if not all leftist states. The judges in those states will agree with the left. The question then is, what will SCOTUS do? If they agree with the judges the battle is lost. Bottom line though, eventually the left wins as long as SCOTUS backs the judges who usurp the powers granted to the legislatures in the Constitution. We’re seeing a massive power grab by the left since Dobbs and Bruen and, quite frankly, Dobbs, although correctly decided, effectively ended the Republican party.

      • “When a single politically appointed judge can override the decisions of hundreds of duly elected representatives, there is a real danger to the republic”

        So you are against judges who rule against gun control laws passed by state legislatures?

        Or is that different?

    • “the 2020 presidential election where state legislatures abdicated their power“

      No reasonable reading of the constitution grants the state legislatures the power to set aside The People’s votes and select their own winners.

      Your conservative dominated Supreme Court has quite right kicked that bullshit idea to the curb.

  4. Wait. Firearms can be an excellent investment. My son was on a service call recently when he noticed a rifle leaning in the corner of the garage. It was a Smith Corona 1903A3. The owner said he would take $250 for it. John called me. I said, “Throw the money at him.” I was just offered $700 for it. I laughed and turned it down. Not many legal investments can more than double your money in a couple of weeks.

    • Yes, it’s easy to make money by taking advantage of people who don’t know what they have. You must really be hurting for cash to come here to brag about it.

      • I am of two thoughts on that situation. Perhaps the owner knew the value of the firearm in question but needed $250 in a hurry and knew exactly what he was doing. Sight unseen, the buyer was taking a chance that the firearm was in working condition and didn’t have any major defects. If he hasn’t had the firearm checked to see if it is serviceable, and I don’t mean just looking it over and dry firing it a couple of times, he may well have overpaid at $250 and the former owner is laughing to himself about getting rid of that dog that wouldn’t shoot straight for anything. And the seller set the price. It would be an entirely different scenario if the buyer, seeing the firearm, and carefully checking it out, found out that it was worth $700 and offered the seller $250, counting on the seller’s ignorance. Let me give you another example. An elderly lady come into my printing company and wanted a copy of a letter from her deceased husband’s former commanding officer, authorizing her deceased husband to bring back to the States a German Luger following WWII. She said that the gun dealer in her adjacent town to my company had offered her $300 for it including the letter of provenance. She wanted a copy as a keepsake but she knew nothing about firearms and was afraid to keep it. I suspected that the gun was in pristine condition because she said her husband had regularly cleaned it. Her husband had been a captain and I figured he probably had gotten his hands on a pristine specimen of firearm and had maintained it for 50 or more years. I told her I didn’t know what her gun was worth but I would give her twice what the miserable gun sho owner had offered her and if I found out it was worth more than what I was offering her, I would split the difference in half between what I paid her and what I was able to get for it. I suspected the gun shop owner was going to at least list it for $1,000 minimum. She said she had already promised it to him for $300 and was going to keep her promise. I made a not never to enter that shop again and mention the deal to any folks I knew who lived in the town and who were firearms owners. I think that is the kind of situation that merits scorn and derision. The gun shop owner had a chance to examine the gun. He knew its condition. He also, if he were in the business, had a good idea what the actual selling price was likely to be.
        Perhaps others may not see the difference between the gun shop owner and the individual who bought sight unseen, but I see a distinction. I think the gun shop owner is guilty of moral fraud if not actual fraud, especially if the gun happened to be an expensive collectible.

      • Tsay, no one took advantage of anyone. The seller named his price and was paid every penny. I suppose when you buy a car you offer more than the asking price. I was only trying to point out that firearms can be a good financial investment. If I needed the money I wouldn’t have bought the rifle to begin with, or would have sold it at a 100 percent plus profit. No, it’s fine sitting in a safe with two of its brothers.

    • Gadsden Flag,

      I am glad to see that you seem to be in good shape following the hurricane. How did it go for your property?

      • uncommon, thanks for asking. No property damage, just a little clean up. Lost power for a couple of hours, but not long enough to even start the generator. Friends and family further south and east were not as lucky.

    • “Not many legal investments can more than double your money in a couple of weeks”

      That wasn’t some wise financial move by a expert financial planner.

      That was taking advantage of someone who didn’t realize the value of their property.

      • I get it, MajorLiar,

        Because YOU are too stupid to pour p**s out of a boot, with the instructions printed on the heel, you feel like stupid people should, somehow, be protected from their own stupidity. If I were as dumb as you, I’d probably feel the same way. I, however, was blessed with the capacity for ratiocination, so I can take care of myself. If that’s your standard for ‘needing protection’, perhaps you should hire someone to vote for you, and establish your political values for you; as you are clearly incapable of that.

        Don’t worry, MajorLiar, none of us hold it against you that you are stupid; we just enjoy laughing at it. Toddle along, now, child, and go play bumper tag on the freeway.

    • “service call” where the guy is nosing around in the corners of the customers garages? Nice. Why you don’t let anyone know what you own or stock. Sonnie needs to be fired.

      • He’s an electrician. He had a recent customer that had more African game than the San Diego Zoo. The man not only invited John to take pics, he encouraged him. People are happy to see him. Most people don’t enjoy sitting in the dark.

  5. Do not hold your breath when Congress has its gutless wonders who do not have the intestinal fortitude to stand and Defend POTUS DJT…Same kind of silence when eddie munster was house leader and the same brand of Republicans who sat silent while Russian Collusion Propaganda was aired 24/7. Same kind of gutless wonders on this forum who cannot say…

    TRUMP 2024.

    • Would that include “Congressman Chip Roy (R-Texas) [who] introduced his own similar bill …?”

      He endorses Ron DeSantis for President.

    • If Trump had a snowball’s chance in hades of winning a national election, I’d be with you. We need to put up someone who can win and Trump fires up the left’s base. The hatred of him is almost palpable on the net. I hate to say it and I know he’s being railroaded but we must move on for the good of the nation. We either give him up or we get another 4 years of Bidum or some other DemonicRat and the entire nation goes down with/because of him.

        • Balls got nothing to with it, it’s not about guts and strength, it’s about facing facts and winning or denying reality and losing. We must win in 2024 if we want to save the country from the Marx-ist/social-ist left and we can’t do it with Trump nor can we do it on a platform that endorses banning abortion. Like it or not, those are the inconvenient truths of the moment.

        • My 1st response went to “moderation” so, until it gets released this is my response:
          Not hardly, winning an election has nothing to do with guts or strength. It’s about advancing a candidate that the public at large will elect. The inconvenient truth is that Trump is not the right person for this election cycle. It’s called reality in case you live elsewhere.

          P.S. I am at your disposal for any test of courage you might care to propose.

      • VNVet69: I agree with you. I am afraid that Trump is damaged goods at this point. I understand and appreciate his supporters hanging in there. A good number of my family and I am sure most of their friends are Trump haters. They almost have a fit at the mention of his name. I personally don’t understand the depths of their hatred. While many presidents fell into the category of the lesser of two evils as far as I was concerned, I never felt the personal animosity toward any president that they feel toward Trump. I try to point out his successes and it only drives them further into their raging animosity. I agree with them that Trump is an egomaniac who likes the limelight. Well, duhhhh! Show me a person willing to be president who isn’t an egomaniac and doesn’t love the limelight. They just manage to hide it better. I wondered why Barry Obammer wanted to be president if he felt so ashamed to be a U.S. citizen. I think he damaged the country deeply with his actions while in office but I don’t hate him with the raging ferocity that my relatives feel for Trump. It may be that his arrest and booking and mug shot and bail may have made more voters who have found themselves in that same circumstance feel an alignment with Trump that they didn’t feel in 2020 and will vote for him as opposed to a demokraut. I don’t know. We won’t know that until 2024 if he is the Republican nominee. I found Vivek WhoseLastNameICan’tSpell’s interview with C. Noir very interesting. I wonder when push comes to shove if he will back his words. Trump was the darling of the NRA but he still signed the bump stock silliness. We never did hear how many folks the LV shooter actually shot viz a viz how many were trampled to death or run down when dashing into Las Vegas Blvd. Don’t misunderstand that last comment. I don’t care if he only wounded one individual slightly, he still is as guilty of first degree murder in my book as if he had drilled every single victim of his shooting through the head. And if I were on a jury I would find him guilty of first degree murder no matter if his mommy beat him every night.

      • Well NAME HIM. Anyone that the Rep nominates will receive the full Trump treatment from the progs of the MSM. That the MSM says “_____can’t win” “you must nominate someone else” is BS.


        • We need to take advantage of Brandon running for a second term. If Trump is not the the republican party’s nominee, half of the left’s base will not be motivated to vote unless the candidate the republicans put up wants to ban abortions in less that 18 weeks. Looking at the current field, Haley committed political suicide by calling for raising the retirement age. DeSantis signed a bill setting Fla abortion law at 15 weeks, Christi is a RINO idiot, and Ramaswamy is somewhere out in left field. The others are just no shows with the possible exception of Tim Scott as an excellent VP choice. So where do we go to get the top person on the ticket? I would tap Kristi Noem or Glenn Youngkin. A Noem/Scott ticket would almost certainly win and a Youngkin/Scott ticket would have a very good chance in 2024 against Brandon despite the MSM hit jobs.

          Brandon’s running for a 2nd term is the error that opens the door for a republican win. Reason it out and you’ll know I am right. I’m not listening to the PROGS, I’m actually THINKING and applying thought to reality!

    • “stand and Defend POTUS DJT“

      It may be difficult for you to accept, but Donald Trump hasn’t been POTUS since January 2021.

      The hatred of him is almost palpable“

      You bet, every patriotic American I know hates traitors who have attempted to overthrow our government.

      • And Joey Obiden and is POS son will likely pay the price for their activities. Trump is NOT a traitor and neither at the Jan 6 people. Stop being the idiot parrot for the left.

        • “Trump is NOT a traitor and neither at the Jan 6 people“

          The seditious conspiracy convictions seem to indicate otherwise.

          Trumps fraudulent electors scheme was clearly an illegal attempt to overthrow the results of our election.

          The conspirators own emails to one another admit it was unlawful, and nothing but a technique to delay the orderly process of government in certifying the election.

          We’ll soon know more, the trials in Georgia will be televised…

      • MajorLiar,

        ” . . . every patriotic American I know . . . “. You mean, a statistical universe of zero???? You don’t KNOW any “patriotic Americans” you @$$clown. And calling the January 6 bozo riots an “insurrection” is laughable, even for an idiot like you. If questioning or challenging a slate of electors, or alleging that an election was “fortified” constitutes treason, you lying, Leftist/fascist moron, toddle on off and have a word with Hildebeast, and Jamie Raskin, and Tank Abrams, and Nancy Pelosi, and a bunch of your other Leftist/fascist fellow travelers, perhaps next time y’all have one of your combined Comintern/Hitlerjugend meetings.

        Go micturate up a cable, clown.

    • Absolutely correct, during the period of time Hunter Biden was a user of illegal drugs he was indeed disqualified to purchase a firearm.

      • And yet, SOMEHOW, that didn’t stop him, did it, MajorLiar? Perhaps it was that convenient (D) behind his father’s name? “Rights and privileges for me, and not for thee” has been the byword of your alleged “party” since it’s formation, and has only gotten worse over the years.

        Every “liberal” has a full-blown fascist hiding underneath, and you, and dacian the demented, and jsled prove it here all the time.

  6. I never understood how “financial responsibility” relates to the Second Amendment. I mean – congress isn’t financially responsible. Should we strip every congress critters of their rights? Seriously, look at how the national debt has grown in the past century, far outstripping inflation. Just look at the irresponsible boobs standing by while a wastrel president sends money by the truckload to Ukraine. Congress has no right to even talk about financial responsibility, nor do any of the lackeys who work for them.

    • Hasn’t Feinstein given complete control of her life over to a family member because she’s 120 years old and insane? Still legislating though.

  7. Some countries militaries get tired of the shit and build a chicken Coup.
    To Defend and Protect the Constitution.

    • Seeing the sycophants heading up our armed forces today, especially in the O-8 and above ranks, a military chicken coop would be far worse than Bumble Biden. Perhaps the only thing we can hope for is an big boom strike on DC while most of them are in town from an isolated Islamic sect who just happened to luck out buying a black market Russian nuke missile with a tramp steamer to launch from.

    • “build a chicken Coup“

      Excellent characterization, I would indeed call Trump, Eastman, Cheesebro, Giuliani, et al the very definition of a ‘Chicken Coup’.

  8. Just another sample of the disgusting treatment Veterans get. No wonder enlistment is down. We owe everything we have to those who served and gave their all. I’m trying to filter out the static to find the best ones to donate to. Any suggestions?

    • Maybe stay local. Are there any veterans’ homes in your area? Or a local organization that serves them? You could donate your time as well — many vets get few or no visitors.

      • “I’m trying to filter out the static to find the best ones to donate to. Any suggestions?“

        Well, I wouldn’t give it to any charity Donald Trump is involved with.

        “Trump Fined $2 Million Over Fishy Veterans Fundraiser
        By Benjamin Hart, staff editor at Intelligencer who joined New York in 2017
        A judge ordered President Trump to pay $2 million to a group of charities on Thursday, ruling that the president had broken the law by directing the proceeds from an event advertised as benefiting veterans to his presidential campaign instead.”

        • COOL STORY, BRO!!!!d

          Now do the Clinton Global Initiative, the Biden Family Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, and a few thousand other Leftist/fascist “charities” guilty of the same, or worse. Of course, Trump doesn’t have that convenient (D) behind his name, anymore, does he???

          Strange how that little (D) figures so prominently in determining what crimes are worthy of prosecution, innit??? If you weren’t a completely stupid, Leftist/fascist, propagandist @$$clown, you would literally be bereft of things to say.

    • I am so glad I served back in the Old Corps when it wasn’t verboten to speak harshly to a junior if they majorly screwed up. There is a whole long list of stuff that was regularly and openly said that would land one at least in for a session of thought correction if not outright discipline and discharge. I sure wouldn’t sign up today nor would I recommend the military to a young man seeking advice on career choices today.

      • That was the Bowdlerized version of my post above. The real post wouldn’t make it past even the skimpiest censor.

  9. The VA official who manages this unconstitutional move against veterans – a small portion of the house hearings on this matter…

    • I watched your five minute YouTube clip.

      At no point in the clip is there any discussion whatsoever of designated payees or fiduciary duties.

      Do you have anything to substantiate your posts that is actually on point?

  10. Your comment is awaiting moderation
    Liar69er has been up early today, polluting this thread with his lies and off-topic asides.

    Isolate him. Don’t respond to anything he posts. Yesterday was a nice, quiet day with much good discussion on the forum. Don’t let him screw it up.

    • It is a new month and Soros pays apparently his little buddies for their drivel by the post/word. They can’t get it from Moscow now.

  11. I seem to have kicked an ant bed with the story of my son’s garage find. Let me clear things up. He’s an electrician. He has to poke around in people’s homes to do his job. When he saw the A3 he recognized it for what it was immediately. He suggested the customer take inside as the humidity was not doing it any good. Customer replied he inherited the rifle, didn’t care about guns and would like to get rid of it. John asked how much? Customer named a price. Price was paid. John later said he could probably have negotiated for less. John spent two hours at his bench cleaning it up that night. Those who think the man was taken advantage of can get back to me the next time you pay more than the asking price for your next car.

    • I’m having difficulty reconciling a couple statements:

      “Gadsden Flag
      September 1, 2023 At 11:52
      He’s an electrician. He had a recent customer that had more African game than the San Diego Zoo.”


      “Customer replied he inherited the rifle, didn’t care about guns and would like to get rid of it.”

      • Gee, MajorLiar, since those two statements were totally separated in his comments, do you suppose just MAYBE his son, being an electrician, MIGHT just have more than one customer?????

        You are too stupid to insult, you clown.

  12. I am pleasantly surprised. I left the forum for several hours to attend to real life, after asking that everyone ignore Liar69er’s baiting. Very good job — Liar so far has posted 15 of the 68 total in the thread and has received only three responses, one of which was posted yesterday before I made my request.

    He’s well-known for his lying, half-truths, out-of-context statements and purposeful misquoting. He’s not here for a thoughtful discussion, only to antagonize and argue.

    If we can continue to isolate him, he might eventually leave to seek greener pastures that he can fertilize with his bullshit. Keep it up; keep the faith.

  13. Every day and in every way we see examples of Biden and his controllers and followers in the totalitarian Executive Branch Administrative agencies being deliberately used to undermine our constitutional rights by hook or by crook!! Remember that Biden made public comments that the Constitution along with the Bill of Rights are not absolute but merely suggestions. In that regard we see every executive branch head undertaking everything they can to deny those rights in relation to the 2nd Amendment, our 1st amendment and every Amendment and Constitutional provision pertaining to due process, the right to address our grievances with our government, our right to worship our God in the manner that we choose, and the right to be free from our government becoming our enemy!!!

    Right now this President along with his appointees to Executive Branch agencies have become an enemy of the people of this Country!! They conduct unwarranted searches of their perceived enemies. They wish to crush the practice of religion and instead worship at the alter of secularism by force if necessary. I belong to the massive group of American Citizens that fall under the purview of being an enemy of Biden and his followers because I believe in limited government which we do not have. We have an Executive Branch that desires/craves to be absolute in governance of the people of this Country.

    At this point in time take into account the arrogant comments made by Biden and Swalwell about fighting back against these people when they say things like we the government have nukes. What do you pions have? Or, that the pions think they can overthrow the government because they only have rifle and no F-16s. With that both a$$holes then smugly laughed!! Seems they forgot about the 20 years of peasants with AK47s and RPGs holding off the all powerful US Government while being bombed by every type of military jet we have along with our modern tanks and fighting vehicles. In the end we cut and ran from Afghanistan which resulted in an absolute debacle resulting in the deaths of 13 American service members! Biden denigrated these brave volunteers by repeatedly looking at his watch to see when he could cut and run from honoring those brave people!! This guy does not believe in an America that is the shining light on the hill and is doing everything he can to completely neuter our country by doing the bidding of the global elites (a group of which he so desperately wants to be a part of)!!

    It is clearly evident that the Executive Branch as it currently exists be burned to the ground and we start it over as the Founders intended it to be. Congress needs to be forced to do its job instead of continually empowering unelected administrative agencies to rule over us and impose their political will upon us without accountability because they are headed by a corrupt President who has used his son to sell this country down the river and in turn enrich himself. That is why he so arrogantly disregards the American people with the exception of his Marxist minions. Has he even taken the time to visit the victims of the horrible train derailment with its substantial pollution that the citizens will deal with for decades to come. Hell no because Ohio voted for Trump! When the country is neutered and ruled by a Dictatorial Executive America dies!!! It IS time to fight back! So what that we don’t have F-16s. We began this country using asymmetric warfare and can do it again and for however long it takes.
    Evil exists when good men (and women) remain silent!!

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