Taliban fighters hold their weapons as they stand atop a building at the Kart-e-Sakhi shrine in Kabul, Afghanistan. (AP Photo/Ahmad Halabisaz)
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By Lee Williams

Among the $80 billion worth of high-tech weaponry Joe Biden gifted to the Taliban after his inept and deadly Afghanistan withdraw were 176 artillery pieces, 64,363 belt-fed machine guns, 126,295 handguns and of course 358,530 select-fire assault weapons – real assault weapons.

Most of the assault rifles were equipped with high-end optics. Many had IR lasers, which aren’t much good without night-vision gear. However, Biden also left behind 16,035 sets of NVGs.

The small arms were accompanied by 23,132 armored vehicles, both tracked and wheeled, 8,000 cargo trucks, 42,000 pickups and SUVs, 109 helos and 65 fixed-wing aircraft, including four C-130s.

Of course, the highest price we paid for Biden’s Afghan retreat wasn’t in guns or gear. It was in the loss of 13 brave service members who were killed during the final days of the chaotic evacuation. Biden honored their sacrifice by fidgeting and checking his watch each time one of their caskets was carried past him on the tarmac of Dover AFB.

Biden dover air force base casket looks at his watch

Joe Biden created the largest and the most heavily armed terrorist army the world has ever seen. It’s only a matter of time before the Taliban projects the force he gave them beyond Afghanistan’s borders. They don’t appear to be in any hurry. Afghans have always played the long game with all things international.

Since the Afghan evac, the Biden-Harris administration has lurched and stumbled from one disaster to another, but they’re happy no one is looking back. We might notice their hypocrisy, which is off the charts. In fact, the Biden-Harris administration has redefined hypocrisy.

To be clear, after he armed foreign terrorists, Joe Biden now wants to disarm American citizens. He wants to ban homemade firearms, even though Americans have been making guns in their homes since before there was a United States of America.

Biden and his millennial handlers are worried more about Americans with 80% GLOCK-ish frames than they are blood-thirsty foreign terrorists with 100% M4s.

I’m sorry, but no one who supplied arms to terrorists is going to tell me what type of arms I may or may not own, and if I want to build one myself, so be it. It’s no one’s business but mine. Besides, Biden’s ban on homemade guns is based on data that ATF cannot verify, and statistics the Justice Department disavowed. It is an infringement, pure and simple, just the latest battle in Biden’s war on our gun rights – a war that’s raging.

Last week, Biden named Steve Dettelbach as his second choice to fill the vacant ATF directorship. Dettelbach is an anti-gun extremist who supports bans on private firearm sales, “assault weapons” and standard-capacity magazines.

biden dettelbach
President Joe Biden’s nominee to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Steve Dettelbach speaks during an event in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, Monday, April 11, 2022. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

My thoughts on Mr. Dettelbach are thus – if he’s such an accomplished gun-grabber, maybe Joe should send him to Kabul, where there are plenty of guns for him to grab, all bought and paid for with American taxpayer dollars.

Don’t think for a second Biden has pivoted solely to homemade guns. He reaffirmed his true intent last week during a press conference in the Rose Garden . . .

“We need Congress to pass universal background checks. Universal background checks. And I know it’s controversial, but I got it done once: Ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines,” Biden said.

He is right about that. Unconstitutional bans and infringements are certainly controversial…about as controversial as arming foreign terrorists who have already spilled American blood.


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    • jwm,

      Yes, it’s all the Evil Orange Man, and his dastardly MAGA followers.

      Bet most Americans would be HAPPY to see Trump back . . . along with $2 gasoline, adequate energy supplies, a functioning economy, and no 7.5% inflation.

      Was not a big Trump fan, but even a moron can easily see that the RESULTS of his administration were far better than anything Senile Joe could dream of. But, then, MinorIQ has always been a sub-moron.

      • I seem to remember $1.89 gas in Indiana a few years back. Mebbe less…dims are devils.

        • Yeah, Sniffy Joey is selling that $1.89 Trump cost gas from the National Oil Reserves on the international market to lower gas prices maybe maximum of $0.10-0.15/ gallon. Then, he will replenish the reserves with $4.50/gal gas from citizens’ pockets again. All the better to pursue the Debt Pillar of his Socialism of America Agenda.

        • I got gas for exactly $1.00/Gallon 2 years ago in Texas with 20 Cent/Gallon Kroger discount. Probably never see anything below $2.00 ever again due to imperial decline.

        • In Jan last year, I paid $1.99 in the outskirts of Southern Nevada.

          In Jan this year, I paid $2.99 at that same gas station when I passed through.

          Four weeks later in late Feb upon my next visit, it was $3.45.

          Four weeks later in late Mar upon my next visit, it was $4.70, and all surrounding stations along the street were at $4.95. 90 minutes later as I passed thru Baker (CA side of the border) the cheapest I saw was $6.65. It’s been hovering around $5.70 in my home town in SoCal.

        • Do you really believe Joe Biden controls oil import/exports?

          Here you can watch the Rothchilds chief NYC banker, the CEO of Exxon and Donald Trump doing the sword dance with the king of Saudi Arabia.


          Did you see Trump and his co-conspirators all held their hands on the glowing orb in Saudi Arabia and swore allegiance to Allah?


        • We were paying $2.20+ per liter (quarter gallon) until the federal government cut one of the many taxes on fuel. Now it is about $1.65 per liter.

          Federal election in late May.

        • Minor MINER49ER Horse pucky! You Lefties love to twist turn and down right reinterpret the facts to fit your own agenda.

          Sleepy Joe has done his level best to make us less than energy independent. He stopped new oil exploration and a host of other initiatives that Trump did to make us energy independent. Try denying that.

      • Jim Crow Gun Control joe and his ilk can go pound sand. Just like putin they need goons to do their dirty work.

        • They can always find traitors to the people glad to earn their bread riveting chains on the necks of their countrymen.

    • “Among the $80 billion worth of high-tech weaponry Joe Biden gifted to the Taliban after his inept and deadly Afghanistan withdrawal”

      Totally false disinformation, the $80 billion number is for the entirety of America’s 20 year involvement in Afghanistan, weapons provided initially by George W. Bush. And Trump negotiated the ‘great deal’ with the terrorist Taliban to leave those weapons there in the hands of the Afghani army.

      If it wasn’t for disinformation the conservatives would have no information at all.

      And the real problem is the 5000 convicted Taliban terrorist that Trump released from prison directly into the Afghan population as part of his ‘great deal’ with the Taliban terrorists. I’ll bet none of you even remember when Trump‘s initial plan was to meet with the Taliban terrorists at camp David, a plan he had to cancel because many actual American patriots objected to having the Islamic fundamentalist terrorists here on American soil. But it was no problem for Donald…
      (Does anybody remember what America did not negotiate with terrorists… )

      “Romney’s claim is correct. A February 2020 agreement between the Taliban and the Trump administration called for the release of 5,000 Taliban members who were in Afghan prisons. Afghanistan’s government has said that the 5,000 Taliban prisoners were released. A Congressional Research Service report said the release was completed in September 2020.”


      And I’m certainly sure the Taliban appreciates Donald Trump making sure they had the manpower reinforcements to force the Afghani government to collapse in just days.

      Go ahead with your FJB childlike ridicule, Donald Trump and the Taliban are laughing at you.

      • MajorStupidity,

        Can’t even respond to a comment on the correct thread, can you???

        I did post that IN ANOTHER THREAD, you freakin’ incompetent moron!!! Show me where that “comment” relates to the current thread/topic. Go on, I’ll wait.

        Now, to respond to the “substance” of your “comment” – No, that is NOT the totality of our expenditures during our insane “nation-building” exercise in Ashcanistan (which, I freely admit, was instigated by W – who is a Dimocrat in disguise). It MAY be an overestimate . . . by a few billion or so. At most. Umm . . . HE ARMED THE FREAKIN’ TALIBAN, WITH HIGH-TECH WEAPONRY, AT U.S. TAXPAYER EXPENSE, you effin’ moron!!!! If it was ONLY a billion? Too freakin’ much, you brainless wanker.

        The POINT is, you empty-headed moron, that your hero, Senile Joe Biden, COMPLETELY f***ed up the withdrawal from Afghanistan. Abandoned allies, abandoned AMERICAN CITIZENS, armed the Taliban, and made a fool of himself and us in the process. He was a clown BEFORE he became senile. Since his “election”, he’s been the biggest doddering nitwit of a disaster ever to “grace” the White House.

        And you’re too partisan and STUPID to insult. Go rejoin your circle jerk. You are of no value above the ground, you should be below it inspiring the cabbages.

        • “Abandoned allies, abandoned AMERICAN CITIZENS“

          How so? Trump announced a deal in February 20 20, vowing to have the troops out by May 1. Joe Biden extended that deadline by 90 days, giving all American citizens and allies ample opportunity to unass the AO.

          “Afghan conflict: US and Taliban sign deal to end 18-year war
          29 February 2020
          The US and the Taliban have signed an “agreement for bringing peace” to Afghanistan after more than 18 years of conflict.
          The US and Nato allies have agreed to withdraw all troops within 14 months if the militants uphold the deal.
          President Trump said it had been a “long and hard journey” in Afghanistan. “It’s time after all these years to bring our people back home,” he said”

          Sure, some civilian contractors stayed on for the big bucks, but unfortunately for them, their efforts to train the Afghani army fell far short of creating a robust fighting force.

          Plus, Donald Trump released 5000 convicted Taliban terrorists back into Afghanistan in September 2020, doing his part to provide critical manpower reinforcements to the Taliban military organization. Thanks, Trump!

          And to all you folks whining about equipment being left in Afghanistan, why didn’t Trump withdraw that equipment some at point between February 2020 and January 2021, he had 10 months to pull out anything he thought shouldn’t be left to the Taliban.

      • Minor MINER49ER on the Contrary. It was your Uncle Sleepy Joe who abandoned our allies who fought along side of us in Afghanistan. Those allies were promised to be evacuated and brought here. Sleepy reneged on that promise.
        You should be ashamed of yourself for supporting such action.

  1. Trudeau is going after legal firearms owners but doing dick about the bad guys – in fact he is in the process of passing legislation to reduce and in some cases eliminate penalties for firearms used in criminal activities. Meanwhile he’s demonizing firearms owner to the country.

    • Biden and Trudeau are enemies of the American and Canadian people respectively. Giving billions of dollars of weapons to the Taliban constitutes treason (providing aid and comfort to our enemies).

    • Possibly Canadian gun owners should steal each others guns. With stolen illegal guns, they would then be exempt from Trudeau’s control programs.

  2. There isn’t a chance in hell that Senile Joe gets ANY meaningful “gun control” legislation passed before November . . . and way less than that that he’ll get ANYTHING passed after that. I fully expect him to propagate more illegal, unconstitutional “executive orders” between now and November, and I am relatively certain that his butt-licking sycophants in the Federal bureaucracy will be only too happy to abuse citizens with them. Which will last only so long as Senile Joe remains in office.

    • Lamp, that’s the WHY behind the ATF, or as Senile Joey prefers….the AFT, law violating rules changes for the 2A. Buckle up. It’s gonna’ be an E-ticket ride.

    • Unfortunately it is hard to make the ATF stop doing what they like to do, regardless if who is in the White House or controls Congress They were chomping at the bit to go after pistol braces even while Trump was in office, and no modification or removal of the 41F rules for responsible parties went anywhere.

      I have seen the ATF waffle on their letters, but haven’t seen them unmaking a lot of rules, they rescinded the green tip and original pistol brace but those hadn’t been finalized or published. Outside of the supreme court ruling in our favor, would they just toss the 80% receiver rules and new pistol brace the next time a Republican becomes president? Gun control tends to be sticky once it is made official.

  3. They will NEVER stop. Change urban culture locally to be more pro-2A, and keep up the pressure on the R’s.

  4. “Biden honored their sacrifice by fidgeting and checking his watch each time one of their caskets was carried past him on the tarmac of Dover AFB.”

    Shameful. Disgusting. There are more Joe, more brave women and men who would give their lives to protect and defend the Constitution and stay on mission no matter the cost. Yet, even after they have proven their bravery and faithfulness to their oath, followed their orders to go in harms way, given all in the ultimate sacrifice, the only thing they get from you is checking your watch and fidget around counting the seconds until you can continue making a mockery of their sacrifice.

    • Every time that bastard looked at his watch I imagined taking a baseball bat to his head. What this clown did is unforgivable.

        • “What was wrong with that?”

          Trump somehow avoided going to any American military cemetery, anywhere in the world including the United States of America, to honor America’s military heroes.

          Did he even discuss the American heroes who have not returned from Vietnam, the MIA American soldiers?
          Did he even mention one word to the Vietnamese authorities about recovering the remains of these American heroes?

          No, he was too busy working out trade deals for the multinational billionaires he serves.

        • The same multinational billionaires you and joe burden serve? Or a different set? And when did you care about us vets?

      • MajorStupidity,

        Show us on the doll where the Evil Orange Man hurt you. Or just f*** right the hell off. But, either way, close thy diseased piehole, and quit emitting toxic gas and idiocy, you pusillanimous, prevaricating, partisan punk.

  5. His Royal Senescence has almost three more years to screw the country over until it bleeds, and he’d be thrilled to shamble over our dead bodies on his way to his authoritarian dream state.

    Surrender our guns? Sure. But we’d have to unload them first.

  6. The solution is fairly simple. When they come to your door to collect your stuff shoot them. There are a great many more of us than them and after a while it will be confirmed just how dangerous it is to mess with American Culture and law abiding American Citizens who are willing to fight for their freedoms. You notice none of these rule makers are the ones who go and collect your firearms because they are a bunch of cowards and leave it up to others to get killed in the process. In any event the only solution to this nonsense is to tell them to take a hike and force them to put it on the line to come and get them, molon labe.

    • You mean the ‘great deal’ Donald Trump negotiated with the Muslim terrorists of the Taliban, to leave all the weapons there in the hands of the Afghani army and to release 5000 convicted Taliban terrorists into the general population in Afghanistan?

      No need to impeach Trump again, he will soon have plenty of additional legal troubles and will be far too busy.

        • No, it was Bush the Lesser and Obama the Pretender who sent the vast majority of the gear to Afghanistan.

        • @An American
          The how’s and why’s of weapons being there has never been in question. The issue surrounds the American government relinquishing of control over them and doing so in such a cowardly way.

        • “The issue surrounds the American government relinquishing of control over them and doing so in such a cowardly way“

          How so specifically?

          Trump announced the ‘great deal’ with the terrorists in February 2020, agreeing to leave the weapons there.

          Trump himself relinquish control whenever he signed the agreement with the Taliban. And he had over 10 months to remove any weapons he didn’t want the Taliban to have.
          I imagine he was too busy arranging the release of the 5000 convicted Taliban terrorist from the prisons into the population of Afghanistan.

        • An American, Sending the “gear” to Afghanistan wasn’t the mistake. The mistake was electing a nitwit like Sleepy Joe and allowing his administration to screw up everything they have touched.

      • Minor MINER49ER Horse Pucky ! Donald Trump never “negotiated any such deal”. You leftists love to blame the other guy for what your Sleepy Joe has done. It was Sleepy Joe’s fiasco that he called an “evacuation” that left the weapons with the Taliban.

  7. Like most of America’s wars of rape, pillage and conquest there is enough blame to go around for everyone. Trump had 4 years to arrange an orderly withdrawal but could never make up his mind what he wanted to do and too often listened to his lying, incompetent war mongering Generals rather than do any real investigation of the debacle himself as he was more interested in spending the majority of his time on his golf course and then he dumped the problem in Biden’s lap who was too interested in getting out too fast.

    But that is water over the bridge. What Biden intends to do is pass a sane Universal Background Check law that every other civilized nation on earth has had for decades. Lets hope he tacks on a safe storage law as well as it will save on average the lives of 1,300 children a year as well as prevent 4,000 child crippling’s from loaded guns laying around the house by irresponsible, paranoid hill hack parents. Safe Storage would also prevent the majority of smash and grab break in thefts of firearms as well.

    I think Biden’s chance of passing more gun control is more likely than the Far Right paranoid fanatics think as most survey’s prove that Citizens are fed up with the almost daily mass murders by gangs and by psychopaths and of course by the Far Right wanting to take over the government by force and establish a one party Trump dictatorship. The clamp down on assault rifles is long, long overdue as well. Most civilized nations ban weapons of war or at the very least severely restrict them. They at least should be put on the NFA list.

    • I don’t have an assault rifle but if I did you’re more than welcome to try and take it!

      • A hard face bloody Marine would have no mtrouble at all and you’d be d shiting youself What the hell would you even NEED an assault rifle for in the first place. They have no other use than to KILL people. As far as I can see from this side of the pond there never has been any suggestion thatvbthe possession of fire arms in the USA will ever be banned -they are not even banned in the UK inspite of the rhetoric. Control is about ‘ just cause for possession’.
        In other words you really do need a very very good reason to own a firearm in the UK or indeed in most of the CIVILISED world and just wanting and gimmee, gimmee, gimmee is NOT sufficient ‘just cause I’m afraid. Haqving said that I can in fact see some ‘just cause’ for self defence in the USA due to the sheer number of gun crazy maniacs and the number of people who’s main ambition in life seems to be having bthe opportunity to shoot people without the bother of having the training or the disipline to do a proper job.
        The fact is though that even when the UK have pretty much unrestricted access to fire arms [ roughly speaking up tp the WW1] very few persons in the UK possessed them and the Police, except for a few in the ‘Special Branches raised to combat terrroism and emerging Anarchists were unarmed. When serious armed response was called for the Military were called usually called in.

        • Yeah, Albert the Subject, exactly the way our Founders cowered in terror from your Redcoats . . . except, no we didn’t. We kicked your bloody arses back to your pathetic island, where you sit in servitude to this very day. Enjoy being a subject, you useless Limey tw*t. We’ll elect to keep our liberty, that we won by kicking your useless Limey arses out of OUR country. Sucks to be a subject, dunnit Albert the Subject??

        • Albert Hall, Leftist. First of all what you are calling an “assault rifle” is not an “assault rifle” at all. The whole premise of your post is faulty to start.

    • dacian the Dunderhead The United States has not engaged in any wars that raped, pillaged, etc. You are a lying Leftist trying to justify your Uncle Joe Stalin, Uncle Adolf, and Uncle Mao among others. Your Uncle Sleepy Joe was the one that “organized” a fiasco that he called an evacuation.

    • The 2d Amendment is aimed specifically at protecting possession and carrying of weapons of war, not hunting, personal defense, target shooting and collections. NMO, US v Miller, 1937

    • Dacian,

      You really need to quit while you’re still at the Dipshit of the Month level. The 2A does not and never has existed to give Americans the right to rape, pillage, plunder, nor commit any other crimes. It does exist to triumph over those that commit crimes against us, make war against us, tyrannize us, and when necessary provide for our subsistence. And you know this.

      You also know that seditious Fairy Barry Soetoro is using snotball Bare Shelf Biden as a frontman/pawn to provide the US Democrat Communist Party absolute domination and control over Americans. Their goal is absolute subjugation of all Americans I.A.W. the global gun control mandates by the tyrannical club of the UN. The whole regime and their decrepit Manson-style followers should be in prison for treason, and/or awaiting their date with an executioner for the same.

      Yes Trump screwed our firearms ownership over a bit but that’s only because he’s a typical gun-ignorant New Yorker. Like most of them I’m sure he can’t drive worth a damn neither.

      All of you whiney snowflake unicorn-worshipping leftists and liberals need to start looking for another country to immigrate to and permanently reside in. None of you are capable of disarming the American population regardless of how many elections you fraudulize and steal and it’s obvious because of that you’re ALL going to be miserable your entire lives.

  8. Well don’t forget that the leftoids that occupy the government have long since declared that right wing extremist are the biggest danger to America.

    Of course the thing they DON’T tell you is that under the broad tern ‘right wing extremism’ is islamo-fascism terrorism. Which is so common on a global scale that it skews the statistics.

  9. People still really believe that the gun industry can’t be sued? That they’re treated differently than other industries? Not just the far left anti gun crowd, but the average American? Is that as worthwhile a lie as Biden claiming that the founding fathers banned cannon purchases?

    The truth is that in any industry, if a defect in product causes injury or death, you can and should be able to sue. If a product is misused in a criminal fashion, they shouldn’t and can’t be sued. It’s no more Glock’s fault if some gang banger shoots up his neighborhood than it is Ford’s fault if I run my car down a sidewalk until I hit someone.

      • Didn’t they make people sign away their rights to sue the drug companies when getting “the jab” ? Makes you really trust that $hit.
        Full disclosure nobody in my home got a jab.

  10. “After Arming Terrorists in Afghanistan, Biden Moves to Disarm Law-Abiding Americans”

    Why is this so hard to grasp? You gotta follow the logic: the Taliban doesn’t threaten anyone in the US; guns in the US make me afraid to go to the mall.

    The Declaration of Independence states that “the pursuit of happiness” is my right. My right to feel happy and safe outweighs anyone’s right to a firearm. If everyone is dead because of easy access to guns, the Second Amendment is useless.

    “The care of human life and happiness and not their destruction is the first and only legitimate object of good government.” –Thomas Jefferson to Maryland Republicans, 1809.

    I could go on, but sometimes it is difficult to get back out of this mindset.

    • Thomas Jefferson was a very wise man:

      “Jefferson rejected the notion of the Trinity and Jesus’ divinity. He rejected Biblical miracles, the resurrection, the atonement, and original sin (believing that God could not fault or condemn all humanity for the sins of others, a gross injustice).10 In neither the eighteenth century nor today would most people consider a person with those views a “Christian.”


      • And that is relevant to WHAT, exactly, MajorStupidity????

        Whether T. Jefferson was a Christian, a Deist, a Muslim, a Zoroastrian, a Hindu, or an atheist means . . . exactly diddly squat – which you MIGHT comprehend, if you had two actual, functioning brain cells in that yawning cavern of a cranial cavity atop your shoulders. That he was a transcendently brilliant political philosopher is why those of us who are conversant with US history honor him.

        F*** right the hell off, MajorStupidity, you brainless, uneducated punk. Your pathetic attempts at snark were boring many iterations ago – now they are simply annoying. You are too stupid to know how stupid you are. Ignorance can be cured; stupidity is a life sentence. YOU are stupid, and you can never BECOME educated, because . . . you are too stupid to learn.

  11. I wonder what’s it like to be the President and face every day knowing the world thinks I’m a senile idiot?
    Nah , he’s a narcissist.

    • Check out on YouTube the Saudi parody of Creepy Joe and Kameltoe. It shows how far relations have deteriorated. And in English too so we know who the intended audience is.

        • Surprised you are willing to expose the reaction of our ALLIES to the COMPLETE INCOMPETENCE of your beloved Senile Joe, MajorStupidity. That is uncommonly unpartisan of you. NOW do you begin to understand how COMPLETELY inept that senile husk of an incompetent politician (who was stupid BEFORE he became senile) truly is??? No?? Yeah, it would figure that a halfwit wanker such as yourself would fail to capture a clue, even after it was hammered into his empty skull with a giant cluebat.

  12. C’mon man…
    The US has been arming these countries since long before Biden came around.
    Pushing this narrative makes you look like a political shill just like the rest of them.
    Same shit, different toilet.

  13. Noriega.
    Bin Laden.
    passage of time

    We armed and trained them all calling them each an ally or at least the more “moderate” choice. Right now we’re all in on “moderate nazis” in Ukraine. No way that’ll backfire.

    • This. Not that it justifies Russia’s invasion but they aren’t exactly wrong either…

      And it’s very clear now that the US will NEVER learn from it’s stupid tactics of arming the opposing sides.

  14. You can hardly call people who just want an invading force out of their country terrorists. And even the Bush administration never made the claim that 9/11 was state-sponsored terrorism by the Taliban. All they were arguably guilty of was not turning over Bin Laden as quickly as the US wanted.

  15. I say it’s time we rose up and remove Joe McSniffy Schitz-His-Pants from Office along with 2/3rds+ of the DemoCommiecrats.

    That Demented Dipschitt can kiss my hairy white arse on Gun Control.

  16. Attempting to disarm the American people is an act of capital treason by anyone that attempts to do it. This includes Congress and the POTUS. It is a clear example of willfully “warring” upon a constitutional mandate that forbids government from infringing upon ‘… the right of the people to keep (own) and bear (carry, possess on one’s person) Arms,…’ There is NO language in the Second Amendment that permits government(s) of this republic to restrict that liberty in any manner. This includes any of the three branches of government which derive their power from the exact document that they’re “warring” upon (sounds like a breach of contract [compact] to me!). ALL gun control is therefore unconstitutional and an act of capital treason that is repugnant to the terms of that compact. Then they expect us to abide by the rules – they’re actually not laws because all valid “laws” must be “in pursuance thereof” the mandates of the constitution (re: Article VI) – yet they willfully violate, with impunity, each and every mandate that the Framers put in place to rein them/their power in.
    An all-powerful government is an enemy to a free people. This is an absolute truth that ALL quasi-free (we’re really not) Americans need to wake up to.

  17. “Among the $80 billion worth of high-tech weaponry Joe Biden gifted to the Taliban after his inept and deadly Afghanistan withdraw were 176 artillery pieces, 64,363 belt-fed machine guns, 126,295 handguns and of course 358,530 select-fire assault weapons – real assault weapons.

    Most of the assault rifles were equipped with high-end optics. Many had IR lasers, which aren’t much good without night-vision gear. However, Biden also left behind 16,035 sets of NVGs.”

    Lee Williams just did what ALL anti-gunners do and many pro-gunners do too. He conflated the made up term “Assault Weapon” with the real term “Assault Rifle”.

    He said “real assault weapons”. There’s no such thing as a “real assault weapon” since an Assault Weapon” is a completely made-up term.

    Words have meaning. Stop using the Anti’s words. Use proper terminology when you write about/talk about gun-related things.

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