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Pakistani teachers tool-up (courtesy

“‘Pakistan is already an extremely violent and volatile country. It needs de-weaponization on a national scale. Instead of performing its constitutional duties, the government is encouraging people to deal with violence through violence. It only proves one thing: the state has failed,’ said Islamabad-based analyst Abdul Agha.” That’s one theory [via]. A theory which is failing to dissuade Pakistanis from tooling-up in the face of terrorists, including arming its teachers. Like this . . .

The authorities of Pakistan’s Bacha Khan University, which was attacked by Islamic militants on June 20, were initially reluctant to reopen the campus for security concerns. [ED: The year before, Islamists stormed an army-run school in the provincial capital Peshawar, killing over 140 students.]

The university, located in the country’s northwest, had lost more than 20 of its students and teachers in the assault, and the Taliban insurgents had threatened to target it again. According to the university administration, the government hadn’t offered much help to secure the campus, and that there hasn’t been a major breakthrough in capturing the attackers . . .

So when the Bacha Khan University reopened on Monday, February 15, management decided to take care security into its own hands. Just like in the aftermath of the Peshawar attacks, the university has now allowed its teachers to carry guns to protect both themselves and their students from any possible militant onslaught. Some pupils have even been seen holding weapons in the school across the province.

Here’s the kicker: “The government is encouraging schools to deal with their security issues.” In fact, the government is giving teachers a two-day training course and supplying them with firearms.

Could we ever see the day when American schools take a similar approach? We already have. Should terrorists/psychos attack our schools as they did in Peshawar or Chechnya, the practice would spread like wildfire. Meanwhile, Bush the Elder’s Gun Free School Zone Act.

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  1. Way to go .
    Practice and train and record .
    I would love to see the video of those cowardly , ape for brains , female fearing , towel head mooslem boys being decimated by a bunch of well armed momma bears .
    Well done .

  2. Moms Demand Guns…………it seems to me the women have more spine than the so called superior men in the country. Look at the hottie with the AK… 🙂

  3. amazing this 3rd world country gets it but all the pampered, sheltered politicians and simpletons in this, supposedly, educated country can’t figure it out.

  4. Someone needs to draw up a simple cartoon for Mr. Abdul Agha showing a taliban trainee running into the taliban camp saying “the government has called for a weapons turn in! They want to de-weaponize Pakistan!” Then a senior taliban turns to him and laughs his head off.

  5. The truth about all governments revealed. They are powerless to stop attacks because cost outweigh the value of protecting its citizens. The fallback position is authorizing using a gun to defend yourself from a homicidal religion. The hope is the clarity of logical extends to this hemisphere.

    • Doesn’t matter how much money might be thrown at this. It is a matter of responsibility. The government has no legitimate authority to provide security, and can only make the attempt by stealing the resources – which would inevitably be used more effectively and rationally by those from whom it is stolen.

      Individuals and their voluntary associations are responsible for their safety. And they are the only ones who can provide that safety effectively. And they are the only ones who can do so without theft, fraud or aggression.

    • I’m betting real. But that is an interesting set of weapons in that pic. Also, way to go on trigger discipline, Blue. Purple, you might want to step away from the muzzle a bit.

  6. “the government is encouraging people to deal with violence through violence”

    How else exactly does one otherwise deal with violence, by submission?

    It is the threat of returned violence that will itself, hopefully, prevent violence.

    Providing a means of protecting self does not equal violence, why is this point so often ignored?

    • That’s the central conundrum, isn’t it. The anti-violence people have bought into a false binary: Peace/Violence = Good/Evil.

      Truth is, violence isn’t inherently good or evil. It’s a social tool. And like any tool, it has no inherently good or evil qualities, only good or evil uses and good or evil users.

    • How else exactly does one otherwise deal with violence, by submission?

      That is exactly what gun-grabbers and, more importantly, the ruling class want. Since violent criminals want our submission as well, does that mean gun-grabbers, the ruling class, and violent criminals are partners? Yes, yes it does.

    • I’ve noticed that any place where full-auto AKs are readily available is also full of people who are rather lackadaisical about general gun handling safety practices.

  7. “How is it possible to teach students in a class… holding a gun in one hand and a pen in another?” Khan told AFP.

    holsters? anyone want to set up a gofundme to get them proper holsters? 😀

  8. They should just make their schools ‘Gun Free Zones’ with extra harsh criminal penalties. That will surely stop those ISIS baddies.

  9. I can just hear the principal of the school saying (in my imagined Pakistani version of a John Wayne accent):

    “Well, there, Mo-ham-ed, it looks like you just brought a de-cap-itatin’ knife to a gun fight. Say hi to the virgins for me!”

  10. ” “It is the responsibility of the government to provide security to educational institutions. But the authorities’ response to the threat has been very disappointing,” Kamran Khan, a student in Peshawar, told DW. . .
    The victims’ families say the perpetrators of the two massacres are still at large, and that the authorities have only taken half-hearted steps to eradicate terrorism. ”

    Soooo . . . you wish the authorities that they already consider half-hearted would take more control of their security . . . That is so fucking stupid it made my brain go temporarily numb. They already believe them to be either uninterested or incompetent. Why could you possibly want them in control of their safety? Nobody cares about them more than they do. Certainly not the << insert country here >> government. Wake the fuck up.

  11. The article fails to mention that security guards with guns ended up killing several of the terrorists, thereby preventing the 100+ casualty rate seen in the Peshawar attacks when no armed guards were present in appreciable numbers. 20 student killed in the second attack is bad enough, but those terrorists had intended to murder many more if they had the chance.

  12. Meanwhile, Bush the Elder’s Gun Free School Zone Act.

    Uh, no. That law was declared unconstitutional in United States v. Lopez. The law you’re complaining about is something we owe to Clinton the Older.

  13. These guys are taking over the world. Thank goodness.

    Doesn’t even much matter which faction of “them.” They’re all God fearing, armed to the teeth, have anywhere from very little to none at all patience for governments and silly man made laws, and crank out enough kids per woman to replenish an entire NATO’s worth of men under arms several times per generation.

    While “we”, the once and supposed bastion of freedom and limited government, wank on endlessly about nonsensical “studies”, that “we” are indoctrinated to believe “prove” that guns are dangerous. an needs to be “restricted.” And waste a few thousand man years on having a bunch of ambulance chasing leeches running around trying to pick over money belonging to Bill Cosby, instead of doing something worthwhile with their pathetic, useless, utterly expendable little lives.


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