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“A gun is as much a symbol of America as anything else. It was the French historian Jacques Barzun once wrote in his book ‘God’s Country and Mine’ that ‘whoever wants to know the heart and mind of America had better learn baseball.’ Not anymore. Whoever wants to understand America now had better learn about this country’s love of guns.” – Mike Lupica in Jeb wasn’t wrong – guns have become a sad symbol of America [at]

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  1. It’s not sad. Americans’ acceptance of guns shows everything from the values of marksmanship to the principles of individualism, which is the opposite of the collectivism preached by the modern left (including Mike Lupica).

    Also, Jeb WAS wrong.That photo didn’t gain him enough voters to reach the Presidency. (Not that our votes matter.)

    • I can see the irony in your name, however, can I ask why “gunsplain?”

      The connotation, as I understand it, was an attack on men by third wave feminist to further propagate the notion that males, by social construct, belittle and oppress famales with absolution.

      I’m just asking a question, not micro-aggressing you – I swear.

      • ROHC, I want to say that he said under the article about “Vague” magazine’s article about “gunsplaining” that he chose the nom de plume ironically for that very reason… but, of course, that is all hearsay and I should probably have kept my big… um, not mouth, fingers shut.

      • I grabbed the handle @Gunsplain on Twitter back in October 2015. I was “Gunsplaining” (helping people with gun questions) before the Moms Demand Illegal Mayors in Everytown tried to hijack it.

        I’m not having it.

  2. Awwwwwwwww. Someone has a frowny face. Too bad.

    This may surprise Mike, but in what he views as loserville aka flyover country, we don’t view New York City or London or Paris as the center of the universe. Since that is the case, we don’t subscribe to his view of being subservient to a ruling class elite who have no qualms about using force against us if they think they can get away with it.

  3. Always love Lupica’s talent for finding a quote that refers to sports so he can rationalize writing political op-eds even though nobody pays him for political opinions. He especially excels at doing that on his radio show.

    But his headline is ultimately only off by one word; it’s not a “sad” symbol. If guns are the thing that make other people sad about America, that’s on them; our gun culture is our inheritance of generations of our rugged individualism, frontier-expansion history, and willingness to solve problems with the application of force when other avenues have broken down, so I couldn’t be prouder of it.

    • I saw this quote. (paraphrased) “I love not the sword with it’s shiny edge, nor the sound of battle, nor the glittering armored warrior seeking glory in battle; I love what they defend”

  4. Guns are the symbol of every country, everywhere – they all have them – the only difference is in America the gov’t isn’t the only one wielding them.

    The anti’s don’t want true disarmament, they want disarmament for the commons.

    Gun ownership for the people is not the banner of sadness, it’s the banner of freedom.

    • And in this vein of thought….
      If the anti’s weren’t fighting so hard against our right to keep and bear arms, if they were to stop struggling against us, many of us wouldn’t feel so threatened and we might not arm up so heavily.
      Like so many things, that which they fight against is made stronger by their fight against it.
      Unintended consequences are quite a bear, eh?

      • Word. If CA wasn’t working so hard to ban guns, ammo, and AR-15s I wouldn’t have so many of them. The ownership of AR-15s exploded after the government told us we couldn’t have them.

    • This. I grew up in Italy which has super strict gun laws and the vast majority of people there condemn guns; I found Italy to be SUPER sad.

    • Rock on, RockOnHellChild! You hit the mark with that!

      It isn’t guns people have to understand about America, it’s human dignity: anyone denied the choice of effective means of self-defense is denied human dignity.

  5. ‘Murica.

    This is great, this is winning. This is a lefty throwing a fit over the one gun reality they actually embrace without over-exaggeration: they’re losing the fight, America loves guns.

  6. The real sad part is that these idiots don’t see the real problem. It’s the attitude of murderers. It likely comes from the culture in which they grow up. That’s a difficult problem to solve, so let’s just don’t talk about it. We’ll blame the instrument instead. It’s a whole lot easier and still makes it look like we’re doing something about it…because we want your votes care.

  7. It’s not the love of guns that defines America, it’s the love of self reliance and determination that guns help enable that defines America… or used to.

  8. What some find “sad” is the refusal of so many Americans to be pathetic, supine VICTIMS, cringing and begging for their lives, in thrall to the malignant LIE that, “You don’t need a gun, the police will ‘protect’ you!”

    I wonder how many of the women molested or raped in Germany on New Year’s Eve still believe in the LIE of police “protection” of individuals…

  9. “Whoever wants to understand America now had better learn about this country’s love of guns.”

    Wrong! This is how it should be stated: Whoever wants to understand America had better learn about this country’s love of freedom and its willingness to do what it takes to protect that freedom. That means having the tools to collectively stand up to tyranny, and you guessed it, that means that the citizenry need to possess firearms.

  10. So now one of the worst sports writers is writing about guns. One more reason to avoid anything written by Lupica.

  11. Words from a guy who’s entire trivial life is centered on watching someone else play children’s games. Pogue

  12. To progressives, hoplophobes, and the anointed class, the gun as a symbol of America would be sad. To the rest of us, it is a fitting symbol. By ensuring the right of the people to keep and bear arms, granted by God and protected by the Constitution, the founders gave we, the people, the means to protect ourselves from evil, whether that evil is propagated by sick individuals or a government run amok. How many other countries, when ratifying their version of the Constitution, trusted their people enough to give them the ability to so profoundly impact their government? That’s the issue, really. Progressives, communists, statists, fascists, monarchists, etc. cannot tolerate a population that has the right of self-determination and, therefore, MUST work to eliminate any and all threats to it’s their existence.
    So I will proudly claim the gun as one of the symbols of a great nation.

  13. Effete “intellectuals”, moral relativists that don’t believe that there is an absolute right or wrong. (Unless you disagree with them, then you’re wrong) That believe America is the most oppressive, racist and tyrannical nation on the face of this planet. That are more hateful, intolerant and bigoted towards law abiding gun owning Americans , than towards the “insurgents” ie (Islamic mass murderers of helpless american men, women and children).

    There is a sickness in the souls of progressive/statist dis-armists. Nihilistic, self-destructive, self-hating. They HATE the fact that we, the people that love life, freedom and America and are willing to defend that life, freedom and America with the best tools available, They look into the mirror of what we show they lack, and they hate us for it.

    They hate us for what they lack and they hate us for not bowing down their perceived “elite intellectual magnificence” and they will continue doing their best to force us to accept their “authoritae”, even if they will have to commit mass murder to do it.

    So of course they look with “sadness” at how Americans are so committed to sticking to their guns.

  14. I do not love my guns. They are nothing but tools to me and none have any sentimental value as none have been hand me downs. I am the first member of my family to own a firearm and I do so because it gives me a potential opportunity to protect myself and my loved ones when it counts – immediately. Not minutes later and after the fact. That is not protection, that is an investigation. The police have 2 roles to play, to prevent crime by their presence and to investigate crime after it happens. Sure, we may get lucky and an officer may be in the vicinity, but that is a highly unlikely scenario. So I know I must stand in the gap for my family and for myself. My guns are tools that give me a better shot of not just surviving, but prevailing should things go south. Nothing else I know of can do that. Not a knife, not a whistle, and not the Force.

  15. Americans love “Do it yourself!” and that includes defending ourselves from criminal predators and tyrannical government (though the former is much more common than the latter because most of us still regard assassinating politicians as counter to our own self-interest). Lupica and his like are just worms in the system who want someone else to do it for them and to impose their spinelessness on all of us.

  16. Other than showing weak sauce of Jeb’s vote pandering, the article shed no light on why America “loves guns”.

    I’ve used and trained with them and report no love lying prone on a 500 yard line, 98 degrees with 80% humidity, controlling breathing and muscles to send a bullet where it must go. No love carrying knowing I may have
    use to defend or end a life.

    Just another lame anti gun attempt to project a false narrative of love when the phrase is accepting burden of responsibility.

  17. Mike Lupica is such a douche bag that anything he says can be disregarded as the ramblings of a moron.

  18. I guess this day in age, to people like him anyway, a gun is a sad symbol. Throughout time though, weapons in general have been used as symbols, whether in family crests, heraldry or whatever, perhaps to illustrate one’s willingness to defend hearth, home and honor. More recently, they are used in flags. Guatemala, Haiti, Bolivia and Mozambique all feature firearms on their national flags- which is sad in that most of the common folks of those countries do not enjoy many of the freedoms that we do here. I think several of our states’ flags have some type of firearm or weapon on them. FWIW, I feel like those countries and states have them there as a reminder that freedom is not free, oppression and tyranny are never far away- The countries I listed were all subjects of some imperial power at some point and if my history is correct, all had to overthrow their colonial overlords. So if the gun has become a symbol of America, it is one of courage, stoicism and citizenry.

  19. …guns have become a sad symbol of America…

    More liberal gun hate. Criminals are ok. Guns are bad.

  20. Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush tweeted a photo — captioned, “America” — of a gun that has his name etched in the barrel.

    That’s not a barrel gentlemen – it’s a “slide.” I see you guys are continuing to reinforce the meme that you guys continue to report on things you know absolutely nothing about.

  21. It all boils down to this; Americans would rather fight to the death than die without a fight. Americans see a guy on a train with an AK; fight. Americans see their fans mowed down at a concert; fight. To the death, and with all our might.

    It is kind of unique to us, that we believe every monster can be killed. It might have something to do with defeating an empire, splitting the atom, walking on the moon, inventing the internet, sequencing the human genome, landing a giant rocket on it’s ass, etc., etc.,…

    • “landing a giant rocket on it’s ass,”

      Falcon 9 landed on it’s legs, not on it’s ass… 🙂

      (I got what you meant, I just couldn’t pas that one up)

  22. I’m so not feeling the need to be understood by the Frogs, the Left, or anybody else on the planet. I don’t care if you understand America or not. Liberty means being left undisturbed.

  23. Don’t know who Mike Lupica is and I’m sure he doesn’t know who I am. His opinion means nothing to me.

    It’s not about a “love of guns” it’s about a love of freedom and rights. Mike Lupica can KMA.

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