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Hero911 Network™ (iOSAndroid Free) (

“This is a free app and is exclusively for active law enforcement officers from all jurisdictions and for retired officers who complete annual certification training to carry their weapon. The app requires applicants to submit their credentials and/or official government work email. Official police officers vet the activation requests and will approve or deny them within 24-48 hours. If the requests are approved, the Hero911 app will sit dormant on their phone and will only alert officers if they are in close proximity of a school shooting reported from the SchoolGuard system. If alerted, officers will use their department’s response protocol and training if in a position to respond to the active shooting emergency.” Alternatively . . . eliminate Bush the Elder’s Gun Free School Zones Act so Americans can exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms in schools. And encourage them to do so. [h/t Pascal]


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  1. I think the antis believe that it’s the uniform–not training– that makes one qualified to carry a gun. In their eyes, a teacher ( or any other civie) could go through all the training an LEO or soldier goes through, plus another 200 hours, but they’ll never have that badge or uniform that makes them “safe/qualified/proficient.”

    • Yep; the deification of all those in uniform with a badge is truly bizarre; I believe it comes from the immature childlike dependence that these people have towards the state; and just as a child looks at their parents as god like in their power and ability; so do the people that have never become a mature responsible adult and so they look to the state to be their surrogate parent with all of the same god like powers.

  2. They include the ATF? I thought they wanted to save lives, not trap everybody inside for 3 days, then shoot the place to peices. /endwacoreference

    • Mine, too. Imagine the disappointment of the kids on lockdown when HeroApp (may refer to the sandwich) draws nothing but a fat out-of-season-santa retired type with a .38Special revolver.

      • And when he gets mistakenly shot up because the next responder is a hard-charging operator. Only to find out it was a false alarm in the first place.

        With the over-reaction to “a man with a gun” or umbrella, or rolled up rug, or whatever, there are going to be a lot of off-duty and retired LEOs showing up with guns to false alarms.

        • Order of events:

          1) MWG call
          2) Plain clothes, retired cops on scene
          3) Over macho SWAT operators on scene
          3) Over macho SWAT operators see 20-30 men with guns running around………..

  3. That’s a great idea. Now more LEOs can show up after the shooting has begun and wait in the parking lot with all the other responders and listen to the shots being fired until the brass clears them to go in AFTER SWAT has arrived.

  4. Fascinating! This App simultaneously ignores the value of having good guns on-site, while highlighting the response-time deficiencies inherent in not having good guns on-site.

    • Maybe merge this app with the app that enables smartphone users to rat out anyone that they think has a gun. If the active shooter alarm goes off it automatically alerts any gun owner within a few blocks.

      A question though – if an officer is retired, how is it that they are able to carry within 1000 feet of a school, or enter school grounds with a firearm? Is this another one of those “Only Ones ™” privileges that the rest of us don’t have?

    • ^ My thought as well.
      Who knows who’s who.
      Just shoot everyone with a gun that’s not in uniform, we’ll get the right one eventually.

      • There are “blue on blue” shootings every so often where the victim is a plain clothes or off-duty officer.

        Personally, I think the standard is simple for everyone who responds to an active shooter situation whether or not a responder is a law enforcement officer. When you arrive on the scene of an active shooter situation, you can certainly run in if you want … most importantly you must observe any armed person before shooting them. An armed person on site could be an armed citizen (good Samaritan), an off-duty law enforcement officer, or a plain clothes cop. Similarly, seeing an armed person in uniform does not guarantee that that person is a “good guy with a gun”. Anders Breivik in Norway illustrated that — when he showed up in a police uniform to execute dozens of children at a camp. Always observe and judge from a person’s actions, not their clothing (uniform) or firearms in their possession, whether or not they are a criminal.

        Of course none of this would be necessary if lots of good citizens were armed because any spree killer would be incapacitated well before responders arrive on scene. (Most spree killers commit suicide at the first sign of armed resistance. Good citizens would gun down almost all the rest in short order.)

  5. So many things wrong with this. If there were an incident at my kids school, I would want someone who is already there and already armed to do something about it. I don’t care if that person is a cop, a teacher, or what.

    If five guys show up and go in, and then 2 more show up, how do the second two know not to shoot the first five?

    Besides, why is it only open to cops?

  6. Totally off topic, and could be deleted (didnt know where else to put it). But I noticed on the right that “The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence reads TTAG.” on the right. No link to the group, so i guess its a little harmless. I am glad to know they read TTAG, maybe they will learn something. Just, weird to see it there.

    On hero911: this is an app that lets you absolutely maximize your overtime in tight budgetary times.

    • That’s just what I was thinking. Make the app, then demand that responding cops who push the “I’m on it” button get pension or overtime credit. Just another scam.

      I have to say I’m fairly disgusted with the post-9/11 use of the word hero. A hero isn’t a soldier or a cop, but rather someone, perhaps a soldier or cop, who takes on extraordinary risk to his own life to save others or bring about victory.

  7. I was going comment on non-uniformed personnel responding to the scene with weapons drawn.

    But then, I just figured this would give cops a reason to keep all the HSLD, tacticool, Darth Vador gear in the back of the truck.

    So, odds are they will still be gearing up by the time is over, like everyone else.

  8. If they have stats of who signs up, they will know how many idiot and retired LEO’s of any source there are. Of course, any numbers will the absolute scientific MINIMUM number of idiots who are/were LEO’s.

  9. Well I see future law suits for not stopping the shootings. I also see abuse by school staff, and ignoring it by officers. Also if the police really believe seconds save lives then why are they all not supports of the second amendment, and armed staff at every chool? Not to mention collages. Because as we all know when seconds count the police are minutes away.

    • I hate to say it, but this could generate a whole bunch of school staff shootings when the overweight retired LEOs come chugging around a corner and encounter [GASP] a person…

  10. I am glad to see someone is trying new things. I hope it works out as anything that points out the fundamental problem is physics-

    distance and time,

    is good education for political decision makers. See the resource link for stats on average time from begin to end for shootings – 12 min, vs avg time for first responder = 16 min.

    Seconds count when the cops are minutes away.

    Realistically- how many cops are driving by, or sitting at home in their undies off-duty, who could get there faster than the guy in the patrol car with dispatcher call out to all units. The Feds arent usually housed in residential areas where schools are- the on-duty ones are in offices downtown, Same with Sheriffs and Marshals- closer to the courthouse/jail, or out and about doing what they do mostly anywhere other than the majority of schools in cities and suburbs is my guess.

    And having more cops who have not trained together, showing up in a rush, plainclothes, uniformed or not, is a recipe for blue on blue, is my guess.

    Maybe if these guys could make and franchise prefab “pop-up” drive-in coffee/donot shops on the school parking lot, that could be manned by hot single PTA moms….

    hey, I am half serious-

    Wouldn’t it be better for cops to have a reason to “coop” on campus- sit in the car, do paperwork, push the button on laptop set to share the printer in the front admin office if they need to print out paperwork, maybe do some kind of training/workout in the gym weight room, jog at the track, catch a few winks in a shady parking spot, whatever cops do while out patrolling, and waiting for other calls?

    Real cops help me out here- does this even make sense?

    Why not just spend some time training some school staff to CCW?
    If not teachers, how about the school monitors and principals?

    Why not run a staffing program to put to work some of the young men andwomen who wiil be looking for work as the military is drawn down?

    Local forces would have a chance to see how people work out, while giving some a REALLY good way to get back to normal life feeling good protecting kids, doing this in day for a few bucks, while studying at school for a new career.

    Why not use LEO trainers to train screened volunteer staff? Union rules? Are they afraid there will be reduced need for cops the more citizens are armed?

    Seems to me this actually results in more useful work for officers in that there will always be the need to provide proficiency training and review- guaranteed job security for at least one or more cops per X number of teachers/parents/grandparents volunteering.

    I’d be willing to bet theres LOTS of suburban dads who’d take some time off from work, to learn how to shoot properly, with a decent firearm, that could be school property- just checked in and out of the principals safe as the shift changes, if they could get the training and ammo and range time for free once in awhile,
    and get the benefit of spending time with their kids for some pre-agreed period of time over the course of the school year. Theres lots of retired folk who volunteer already for Senior Patrol, or do Neighborhood Watch, who could do same, with a bit of work on a watch schedule, just as many already serve as school crossing guards.

    What about earlier intervention for troubled kids- like Columbine, and Sandy Hook. The Secret Service link under resources made the observation that many times kids knew something was going down. Why hasn’t that been suggested?

    • “What about earlier intervention for troubled kids- like Columbine, and Sandy Hook?”
      Treatment BEFORE a violent incident? How radical!
      Then again, also ripe for abuse – a great way to get even with someone.

      • Treating someone before they commit a crime would be a violation of their rights.

        Better to just ban guns so that they can’t be used in a …….waitaminute……

  11. Yeah, how about you open this up so that the good guys can use it instead of those who violate (or violated, for the retired thugs) people’s rights for a living?

  12. This app could take SWATting to a whole new level.

    On the other hand it could just be PoliceSupply’s attempt to gain a more focused ad demographic.

  13. Knowing how most cops shoot, I’m gonna say no thanks. However, I get Amber Alerts, Blue Alerts, etc. already messaged to my phone. That happened once at 2 am when I needed to get up at 4 am. I was not happy.

  14. So, um, maybe I’m being a little naïve here….from the Gun-Free School Zones Act:

    “It shall be unlawful for any individual knowingly to possess a firearm that has moved in or that otherwise affects interstate or foreign commerce at a place that the individual knows, or has reasonable cause to believe, is a school zone.”

    I’m living in Ohio at the moment. That opening sentence says to me that if a gun is manufactured in Ohio and I buy it in Ohio then the act doesn’t apply…..

    Now I know Ohio has it’s own gun free zone laws, but on a strictly federal level am I reading that right?


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