Police Report: IL State Rep Marty Moylan Caught Peeping Into Windows, Then Threatens To Beat Up Constituent Over Stance on NRA
Image Via North Cook News.
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On September 13th, Des Plaines, Illinois police responded to a call from a man who reported an altercation. What made the call newsworthy had to do with the suspect: Illinois State Rep. Marty Moylan (D – 55). The call, as reported by the North Cook Times, says that the three-term Illinois state representative began yelling profanities and making threats because the resident disagreed with the politician’s position on the NRA.

It all stemmed from an earlier visit Moylan had made to the man’s house, allegedly as part of door-to-door campaigning.  When nobody answered the door, the candidate reportedly began peering into the windows – sort of like a peeping tom or a burglar might do.

The resident recognized Moylan, his state representative, and as such, he did not want to talk with him. Why? Well, the resident doesn’t support Moylan’s position opposing the NRA or Moylan’s steadfast support for gun control.

Two weeks later in September, the two crossed paths again while the resident was walking his dog. On that day, the resident of the home asked Moylan not to return to his residence or peep into his windows.

Moylan apparently became enraged. Then, in the purest form of civil and polite discourse, Moylan began yelling threats and profanity at the man. The seemingly hot-tempered former sex toy and lingerie salesman his constituent that he (Moylan) had bigger guns. He also then threatened to use his fists to beat the man up. Classy stuff, right there.

Here’s an excerpt from The North Cook Times’ story:

Door-to-door Moylan campaign leads to police call and allegations

Police responded to a report of an altercation on Sept. 13 between District 55 State Rep. Martin J. Moylan (D-Des Plaines) and a neighbor that allegedly involved the politician’s stance on the NRA.

According to a Des Plaines Police Department report obtained by the North Cook News, dispatchers sent two officers to 1405 Oakwood Ave. on Sept. 13 in response to a call from Steve Bargiel.

Bargiel, who resides at 731 S. Third Ave., told officers that two weeks before the incident, Moylan came to his house and allegedly looked in his windows. On the date of the call to police, Bargiel said he was walking his dog and encountered Moylan, who lives nearby.

Bargiel told officers he refused to talk to Moylan because he disagrees with his stance on the NRA and told Moylan not to come back to his home on South Third Avenue.

…The responding officers told Moylan and Bargiel to avoid each other and to call police if further incidents occur.

Most politicians avoid shouting profanities and screaming at their constituents in public. Unfortunately, in some parts of the state of Illinois, politicians will wear an incident like this as a badge of honor. Time will tell us what residents of Des Plaines, Park Ridge, Elk Grove Village and the rest of Illinois’ 55th District think about Marty Moylan.

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  1. We are reaching a tipping point where these left-nuts revert to guerrilla warfare of the 60’s and 70’s. Carrying out Assassanation of political opponents and bombings.
    Triggers: Trumps re-election and justice Cav. on the S.C.

    • That is already happening. The attack on the Republican baseball team, and just in the last few days someone made an assassination attempt on Trump by sending him a letter stuffed with Ricin.

      • The constituent had better be on alert. Moylan will get the democrat party to supply some South Side goons to cap the citizen.

      • No, not ricin, just castor beans.Yes, ricin is made from castor beans, but the beans themselves need some processing before they become highly toxic ricin.

        • It may have been an assassination attempt anyway, only thwarted by the assassin’s bungling.

          A leftwing terrorist in 1969 by the name of Dwight Armstrong dropped ANFO explosive from a light plane on an ordnance factory. The explosive had no detonator; the fool thought the mere shock would detonate the explosive. Unfortunately, Mr. Armstrong learned from his mistake and his next bomb killed a physics researcher.

          The next time the would-be assassin might succeed.

  2. Just for a little general FYI, the Republican running against Moylan this year is apparently a POTG. Marilyn Smolenski is the owner/operator of Nickel and Lace, which specializes in “fashionable concealed carry options for women.”

  3. I’m sure that the Chicago Trib will blame the assaultive language on Trump and claim that it was Kavanaugh doing the peeping.

  4. How sweet it is to be “one of them”( gov employed) instead of “one of us”. Had it been one of us we’ would have been charged with terroristic threat, arrested, hauled off to jail, booked bonded awaiting trial. If all in this was true as reported, I wasn’t there.

  5. This is why he supports gun control. He wants to attack people without fear of them being able to defend themselves.

    Typical leftist.

  6. Seems to me that we need some common sense democrat control. No more then 10 per voting district sounds like a pretty good starting point.

  7. Opportunities lost… could have been an ass kicking or a defensive gun use.. I probably would have defaulted to the former but Your Mileage May Vary

  8. Dildo Marty the Magnificent… Democrat. Did he get involved selling sex toys because his wife needed them or because of opportunities provided to break his wedding vows?


  10. I don’t open the door for bible thumpers. If the Mormons or whoever show up, I let the dogs raise a ruckus and they leave. Most of my representatives are hardcore pro 2A. One I see at gun rights rally’s like march for our rights and such. It’s Matt Shea here in my district.

  11. And the police department did basically nothing because the perp was a “politician” and would rain down on the police department. Toss his butt into a jail and let that stick on his record as with the rest of the libturds and their “helpers”.

  12. Why wasn’t the Dem dumb ass arrested, It is illegal to shout profanity in a public place anywhere in any American city.

  13. Based on the dumd-ass comments above it’s a wonder this country still exists. I question why this site continues to run this divisive rhetoric, afterall not everyone that visits this site has a sub 70 IQ and will believe this tripe journalism.

    • Old news, reposted to many times. Let me know when something interesting happens, for instance an offended house holder beating the piss, or more, out of this dirt bag. Also, and more important, what might be the reaction of voters in that district?

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