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Justice Brett Kavanaugh Confirmed Senate 50-48
courtesy AP

Congratulations Justice Kavanaugh.

I had to follow a precedent. A precedent of the Supreme Court. I don’t get to pick and choose which Supreme Court precedents I get to follow. I follow them all.

And so in the Second Amendment context, the Supreme Court, in the Heller decision written by Justice Scalia, held that there was an individual right to keep and bear arms.



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  1. About time!
    Now RBG can just go back to sleep!
    Kagan all worked up about no swing vote on SCOTUS!
    Why doesn’t SHE become the “swing” vote?

    • what an idiot!…do they actually know how infantile they appear?…most reminiscent of a child having a tantrum….don’t think we’re dealing with adults here…

      • OCN! What adult would act like these supposed ‘grown ups’ do if they stepped back and observed themselves? Even once? Only permanently spoiled 5 year old brats and the lunatic fringe can be so odorous, and never even notice…

      • After this hearing I don’t know if I would totally count on him for that any more. If anything I could see this swinging him even further right than he would have been; Getting ran through the crucible changes a person, I could see him being disillusioned at the power government has now. Only time will tell though.

        • I don’t see him getting wined and dined like Kennedy, but I hardly expect this to make him take precedent’s dick out of his mouth.

    • “The reactions are the best part of this whole thing.”

      Take a look at this bombshell letter that Chuck Grassley just dropped on Diane Feinstien’s head.

      This ‘Christine Ford’ business is just getting started. The shit is gonna get REAL! :

      “Grassley is telling this group of feckless jackasses he has has them dead-to-rights. He has their texts/IM’s and knows this was all coordinated through Feinstein’s office. That’s why DiFi looked like she was crying while Chuck Schumer handled the press.”

      This is political *DYNAMITE* that is about to blow.

      • Monday morning Chuck Grassley needs to throw the old hag off of Judiciary with prejudice – COLLUSION duplicity, manipulation, lying to the committee.

      • Zerohedge is a Russian propaganda outfit. Maybe always has been, but certainly has been for a few years

        • Doesn’t change the points made in the article. And while we should be warry about Russophilic outlets, NYTimes and CNN are Sinophilic, repeatedly attacking Trump policies attempting to stop some of the more egregious nasty trade policies of China. NYT and CNN receive funding from China in the way of advertising.

          All the major gun control groups also get funding from overseas and foreigners

          Ultimately the question is what in that Zero hedge article do you disagree with and why?

        • I predict that LL will have zero interest in a substantial conversation. Reasons, logic, sanity, etc., none of these are parts of the 25 rules of disinformation. He is using number 5 here: “5. Sidetrack opponents with name calling and ridicule. This is also known as the primary attack the messenger ploy…”
          This is what the loony toons think a conversation is. They bad mouth, name call, delay, and trash, while we talk and they ignore our babble(logic is complete babble to a tard) and continue to swing bike locks and make signs out of baseball bats.
          I also predict it won’t be too much longer before their bats and chains meet Mr 9mm and Mr .357. I wonder who will win THAT encounter?

      • Nah, that’s Gorsuch on the right and Alito on the left.

        Kennedy is sitting to the left of Roberts, that would be a picture of the previous justices.

  2. And I was about to do a breaking news thing…haw haw! I see Sarah Palin is mulling over running against Murkowski😄😎😏

    • This will be forgotten by 2022 and Palin will have faded from the scene. She would have been better off if she declined the VP nomination.

    • “I see Sarah Palin is mulling over running against Murkowski”

      I’d love to see that!

      *One* Democrat Senator showed true class – One Republican Senator was walking his daughter down the isle today, so the female Democrat Senator withdrew her ‘Nay’ vote, not changing the outcome. (That was pre-ordained, anyways.)

      That was a classy move on her part, and I tip my hat to her. (And try to look up her skirt, but that’s just me… *snicker* 😉 )

      But that’s it – Just one Democrat with actual class (one more than usual)…

        • Yeah, don’t extend credit to the Dems that they don’t earn. Murkowski is a R, she was committed to voting No, and she changed her vote to “present” so it wouldn’t impact the fact that Daines couldn’t be there to vote Yes.

      • Call me cynical, but Murkowski using pairing merely gives her cover to be able to claim that she didn’t vote “NO”, when all is said and done.

        I hope Murkowski loses all of her cushy committee positions in the next Congress, and I hope she loses to Sarah Palin in 2022.

    • Palin’s ridiculous. She is a bad joke.

      Murkowski, as irritating as she is, voted to represent her state’s interests, her constituents (especially Native Americans) had serious problems with Kavanaugh.

      Same with Joe Manchin – he voted against his party’s wishes and voted for his constituents’ wishes.

      Wish they would all remember that their loyalty is not to their party, it’s to their voters.

      And I put the odds of Manchin switching parties soon at 75%. If the R’s somehow summon a Red Wave in November, I believe those odds go to 100%.

      • Manchin is a worm. He only voted yes because he didn’t have the deciding vote. If he was the 50th vote he would have voted present or no.

        I thing Murkowski was intimidated.

      • The Senate will very likely have a larger Republican majority in 2019.

        Heitkamp (ND) more or less already conceded her seat (and is down 10 points in the polls). McCaskill (MO) is going to lose. Donnelly (IN) is going to lose. All three voted against their States’ wishes, in deeply Trump-red states.

        Cruz (TX) will hold his seat. Tester (NV) is in a scrap, and may lose his seat (but who knows, because there are no recent polls). In the open seats (both currently R-held), Blackburn (TN) will hold, but Sinema (AZ) may flip McCain’s seat. If there is any kind of Red wave, we could see flips with Nelson (FL) and Rosendale (MT).

        At worst, Republicans will hold 52 seats, and could hold as many as 54-56.

        At this point, though, who knows. The polling has been incredibly sparse (which leads my cynical side to believe that Republicans are doing stronger than the media want people to know).

        • Lets see if 54-56 happens. It would certainly help with this sort of thing, I think the judicial appointments are probably the most important thing Trump is doing and is a long term hedge against future Obamaesque presidents or people who don’t value rights.

        • “The polling has been incredibly sparse…”

          Yeah, I’ve noticed that.

          What I haven’t gotten an answer on is, have they changed their polling models from the bad ones they had in 2016?

          Or are the likely Trump voters for all practical purposes, off-the-grid and un-pollable to the poll people? I guess we’ll find out in a month…

        • Tester is Montana. And though I didn’t vote for him I will apologize for my entire state for burdening our country with this spineless worm.

      • “Palin’s ridiculous. She is a bad joke.”

        Palin’s Alaskan popularity as Governor was OVER 80 percent.

        OVER 80 PERCENT is *no* joke…

      • Palin is plenty solid (gun rights, national security, economy, etc…). If the media went after Democrats like Gillibrand, Feinstein, Harris, etc…the way they did Palin, they all would look like a bad joke.

      • “Palin’s ridiculous. She is a bad joke.”

        Mrs. Palin did a great job as governor of Alaska. She only resigned become of 15 bogus ethics complaints, the last one by a Republican, and had to spend $500,000 defending herself. She was cleared of all wrong doing. Then she almost dragged McCain’s sorry @$$ across the victory line in spite of McCain sabotaging his own campaign.

      • She was right – The next SCOTUS gun control ruling could be definitive. For a while.

        Well, until a future Progressive SCOTUS overturns ‘Heller’, et. all like ‘Dred Scott’ was reversed. (I agree Dred Scott should have been reversed. But the Leftists will use that ‘moral outrage’ to overturn ‘Heller’. Count on it.)

        When semi-autos with detachable hi-cap magazines get ruled expressly constitutional in the future with the current 5-4 balance, the Leftists will use that as battle cry as to why they must be elected, to undo the ‘damage’ they will claim has been done. The ‘Rivers of Blood’, the dead kids, etc.

        Count on it…

        • The left-wing talking point du jour is that the Dems will take back the White House, House, and Senate in 2020, and then amend 28 USC 1 to add an additional two associate justices, which the newly elected Democrat president will fill with left-wing justices – basically, implementing the court-packing plan first conceived by the socialist bastard, FDR.

        • Well, the Democrats aren’t the only ones who could play the court-packing game. I look forward to the day when the Supreme Court has more members than the Senate, each one more spineless than the next.

        • Court cases very rarely get over turned. People need to realize that abortion is not going away, gay marriage is not going away, and Heller is not going away.

          Yes, some laws might change that will allow the states to regulate all those differently but by and large, all these huge landmark cases will never be in full reversed.

        • @PG2,wha is with your anti-vax nonsense? Everyone I know who is anti vax is very left wing and Pew Research shows left wingers are nearly twice as likely to be anti-vax.

          In fact the gun control lobby shares a lot of types of fallacious thinking used by anti-vax nuts. The head of Everytown in my state is a also an anti-vax nut.

        • @CC you’re either an auto bot troll or you repeated word for word a commonly used auto bot post. Pro science is not anti vax, and po science is not a left- right issue, nor is your your freedom to refuse pharmaceutical products. Take the phony left-right deflection elsewhere.

      • you need to go start your own anti-vaccination website, and stop spamming this website with irrelevent topics.

        • Not spamming, same people trying to disarm you and I will be calling for mandatory vaccines. Wake the F up.

      • Thomas Sowell evicerates the anti-vaccination position, noting that that the original study was flawed, the best statistics don’t show a correlation between measles vaccination and autism, and when using the ORIGINAL definition of autism, the rates of autism have stayed pretty constant.

        most autistic children are not diagnosed until about 3, although they may show some early signs startung at about 18 months,

        which is why “tens of thousands of mothers” see their child “descend” into autism about a year after some vaccinations,

        there, now go start your OWN website and stop spamming us with your irrelevent, irrational anti-vax bullshat.

        • I responded below to this post, but in case you missed it, these 3 links do not support any of your statements. Did you even read them? Looks like you want to look informed and bluff with links that contain keywords but don’t contain the data that support your opinion. Bottom line, there are huge holes in the vaccine safety science, so much so that it’s safe to say valid vaccine safety science doesn’t exist. The vaccine industry is shielded from liability by the Federal government for the damages it products can and do cause, does this instill confidence in you they are producing safe products?

      • pg2, you said, “Not spamming, same people trying to disarm you and I will be calling for mandatory vaccines. Wake the F up.”

        wtf are you talking about? there are plenty if anti-vaxxine, anti-gun libtards.

        i don’t see any thing that would indicate that the “same people” who want to take away guns are in favor of mandatory vaccines, there is a lot of crossover between those two topics. it’s IRRELEVANT to guns.

        • Its not quite irrelevant that the same billionaires that fund antifa, MDA, the hollyweird sect of retards, and etc., are also the same ones that own the controlling interests in all of big Pharma. So they want both your guns, AND your life. Mostly because what they really want is CONTROL OF YOU! They can get that by you working for them, OR they just use force after disarming you, OR they feed you enough Sodium Fluoride(and vaccines) to make you into another of their mindless puppets.
          Any which way you turn, they’ve “gotcha”! Unless you can manage to find enough balls to quit working for them, OFC. I see only two chances of that: “Slim”, and “None”.

        • AAron, not going to ad hominem you here, but there’s much wrong with post. You’re repeating lies, or just lying. The “original” study you mention has no data and makes no correlation about the MMR and autism. This is a false statement often repeated by people who really don’t any better. And by by the way, only ONE vaccine out of dozens given to children has been looked at for an association with autism. Not to mention there was alleged CDC fraud in the epidemiological studies of this ONE vaccine. The latest autism numbers are 1 in 36. And the definitions of autism have not changed, and in no way does the data support a near 3% of the population being autistic prior to the first case being diagnosed. It’s an intentional ploy to normalize the epidemic of brain damaged children. And if you don;t think the leftist-statistic attacks on our individual freedoms, gun rights being only one of those, is important, then sad for you.

      • pg2, this really isn’t a complex issue like climate change, in which the so-called scientific consensus is misleading. in the case of vaccines, the statistics are relatively straightforward and the benefits clearly outweigh the risks. anti-vaxxers are simply wrong and Andrew Wakefield is a fraud.

        we know for a fact that vaccines are less risky than the diseases they prevent. we also know that vaccines generate less than 5% of the revenue generated by “big pharma” and they are low profit margin medicines. so it’s kind of ridiculous to say that vaccines are beijg pushed by “big pharma” to make money. the needless, high-profit things that big pharma is always pushing are the patent-protected crap they advertise on TV that does the same thing that multiple older medicines do – THAT’S where they are scamming the public.

        feel free to post actual evidence of the lies you accuse me of.

        • Aaron, you’re attempting to use a straw man which doesn’t even exist. Wakefield’s case study had no autism data, and did not correlate autism wi5 MMR. the fact you keep trying to use it as a straw man tells me you are either repeating lies or flat out lying. If you make the claim the benefits of vaccines outweigh the risks, it’s your duty to support it, not mine to disprove it. And Science and consensus are 2very different things. The best scientists are those that broke from consensus and made ground braking discoveries. By the way, I’d love to see the citations for the Swedish, danish studies that involved large groups of subjects that allegedly compared vaccinated people to non vaccinated people. Here’s a fact Aaron, nearly all of our vacccine safety studies are epidemiological studies, none comparing vaccinated groups against non vaccinated very few trials we actually do have still compare vaccinated groups against each other, or vaccinated groups against groups given “placebos”that contain active vaccine ingredients. That’s tobacco science Aaron. Feel free to prove that statement wrong. I’ll wait.

        • “we know for a fact that vaccines are less risky than the diseases they prevent. we also know that vaccines……are low profit margin medicines”

          Both statements are your opinion and have no basis in fact. So you’re either repeating lies, or just lying. You do know there are over 200 vaccines in the pipeline…and with industry shielded from product liability by the government….how safe do you expect these products to be? Refrain from the attempted Wakefield straw-man, it makes you look like a troll.

  3. Yay. Now, I hope Brett and his family have dozens of armed bodyguards, they may need them. Did Ginsburg stroke out upon hearing the news?

    • Don said, “did the notorious RGB stroke out when she heard The Kav was confirmed?”

      well, how would anyone know the difference??

  4. And if you think this was bad, wait till the next seat (RBG?) is vacant.
    Let the Terror begin!
    I can hear the gnashing of teeth and tearing of clothes a 1000 miles away here in Missouri…

    • Maybe not. They will just claim that the court is illegitimate and ignore it, just like Bolton did to the International Criminal Court. Just like they currently do to the Constitution.

      • Ignore it like China did with the South China Sea territory ruling they ignored…

      • The ICJ is not a part of our government. Surrendering sovereignty to a foreign power would be treason. In any case, the DNC can try to declare the SCotUS illegitimate, that would be all the excuse we need to send in federal troops and clean house.

      • They will just claim that the court is illegitimate and ignore it, just like Bolton did to the International Criminal Court.

        ALSO saying the ICC has no jurisdiction over US, Americans, or US policy since the ICC was established in 1998:
        Bill Clinton (actively opposed establishment and refused to sign treaty establishing it) GW Bush, Barak Obama

        why do you make a policy and position shared by Obama, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, virally every Democrat on the Foreign Affairs committee about Bolton as if Bolton is extreme or some kind of outlier?

    • RGB’s seat has been vacant for years. Libs just keep reposing her like “weekend at bernies” so no one will notice….

    • I’ll have one for me – and then I’ll drink yours. Real beer that I bought cold in a grocery store by the way since the great state of Oklahoma finally moved into the modern age by doing away with 3.2% dishwater. I wonder what Justice Kavanaugh drinks? Let’s send him a barrel.

      • Yeah, but the liquor store next to my grocery store still has a better selection even post Oct. 1st.

      • I doubt that Justice Kavanaugh’s relationship with alcohol will ever be the same after this shit show.

        Hopefully this fetid mess will bring more independent and conservative voters out this year. It would be at least some consolation.

      • I didn’t know they changed that law but it makes OK look even better for retirement.

  5. It figures that Donny Bonespurs would crap Justice Drunken Rapist on this once great country.

  6. I expect a consolidation of our Second Amendment rights but I caution against over optimism. I foresee an overturning of any ban on specific classes of weapons based on Miller and Heller, not by direct appeal to the Second Amendment itself. I also think may issue will go. The States will be required to have some form of carry outside the home which could be satisfied by either open or concealed carry. Under such a ruling, the anti-gun States would be smart if they legalized open carry because few people would do it. I don’t think they are that smart. Beyond these two potential rulings I would not get my hopes up

      • Is that you Mrs. Taylor?

        That may be, but it will be proven correct like most of the things I post here.

      • Your opinion, ‘Sue’, is worth a cold fart.

        SUCK ON IT, SUSIE!!!

        • Do you have actual evidence that he talks to women like that, or are you talking out of your ass?

        • Now you sound just like your hero Brett Kavanaugh when he talks to a woman.

          All the evidence from hundreds of women who know and work with him says he is extremely respectful of women.

          On the other hand you have a committed partisan democrat making a statement from 35 years ago, utterly uncorroborated by a single witness, and where she cant remember where, when, who was there, and where she did NOT name Kavanaugh to her therapist and where she coached a friend (who it turns out witnessed NOTHING) for a lie detector test

          Democrats demanded an FBI investigation, they got one, and it supported Kavanaugh and this upsets you?

          compare this to your boss, Bloomberg, who has told women who work for him that they will not get promotions unless they were tighter skirts, “fuck me shoes” and get abortions if pregnant.

        • “Now you sound just like your hero Brett Kavanaugh when he talks to a woman.”

          Hmmm, I was thinking he sounded more like your probable hero when he said “Suck on it Monica”

      • Apparently, the Senate does and so does the SCotUS as of today. You lost cupcake, your feminazi witch hunt just guaranteed a GOP landslide in the midterms. Good job.

  7. The liberals are spreading heresy! They infiltrate the senate floor of this great republic and disrupt the orderly processes of the Imperium. They are fronts for the forces of chaos.


  8. Turns out a beer doesn’t disqualify you from the Supreme Court. My guess the new Supreme Court Justice has a house full of people drinking a beer. I intend to join the with a beer. AAAAH the sweet smell of Victory after a hard fought battle, better than Napalm in the morning.

  9. I don’t care for Kavanaugh, I think he’s a swampy Jeb Bush character. Better him than Merrick Garland, but I would rather have any other Judge from Trump’s list.

    However, what I CELEBRATE is that the leftist shrieking temper tantrum LOST. I love that the republic rejected the political tactics of shrieking, shaming, confronting, doxxing, and hounding. I don’t mind political protest, but these particular tactics needed to be roundly and dramatically rejected. To me that is the great victory o f the day.

    And Mitch McConnell and Chuck Grassley were stone cold gangstas.

  10. Marxist Democrats are in compatible with a Constitutional Republic. I want them defeated, punished, destroyed and removed from the Republic. After Trump won it has been a scorched earth policy, as they wish. Violence, intimidation, threats and bullying should no longer be tolerated in a Constitutional Republic. You are not entitled to take my Rights. They have made civil war inevitable, so be it.

    • It doesn’t have to be inevitable. They can all move to California and secede. I’d be happy to grant their wish.

      Vote early, and watch your polling places for busloads of illegals being shipped in.

      • And if they do so we could hope for the big one and they just call into the ocean without firing a shot.

      • If they try to secede, I’m a big fan of revoking their citizenship and sending in federal troops to clean house.

      • Dont be sending those assholes here, there is an entire continent full of like-minded morons across the Atlantic. Send them there.

  11. So, a guy who follows the law as written, and defers to precedent is scary?

    It’s like legislating to get what they want makes them afraid.

    • It’s all about abortion. The shrieking harpies believe that Kavanaugh will single-handedly overturn Roe v Wade, thereby denying them the legal imprimatur to murder unborn humans.

  12. Congrats Kavanagh.
    I haven’t had a beer since 1996.
    Might be time for a few……………..nah.
    But now maybe its the beginning of putting this country and maybe even the 2A back where it belongs.
    AS WRITTEN!!!!!!
    May all these screaming libitards and old women from Kalifornia give up. Retire and let some fresh blood into the senate.
    Republican blood, even if they are Kalifornians in.
    I can wait to see what spin “the man who has never met a camera he didn’t like” Schumer say next. That should be fun.
    Hopefully come November 9th midterms its going to be a blood bath with Dimwits not getting anything.

    OOOH and the DC District Court of Appeals getting a new Republican on the court to replace Mr K. And make Garlands head spin.

  13. The best news I have heard in a long time. Congratulations Judge Kavanaugh. I knew you would get there. As for the Dem’s dirty tactics, lies do not win you anything , the truth prevails in the end.

  14. I was working last night. On my lunch break, I sat down in front of one of the many cafeteria televisions. Fox News was on. I asked the woman sitting next to me what she thought of all this, referring to the Cavanaugh nomination hearings, which was being covered at the time. She went on for a couple of minutes about believing women and rape and male patriarchy, and evil Republicans. Then she asked me what I thought. I simply replied that I didn’t agree with anything she had said and … that I had figured her out before I had even sat down. She said oh yeah… what gave it away? I told her that the green and blue hair was a dead give away. She called me a couple of names and walked off.

    • Whatever it identifies as will be accusing you of harassment before its over with. Best start keeping a calendar of your whereabouts forever.

  15. We shall see what we shall see. The fit he threw during his Inquisition IMO was unprofessional. Who got him in? Ban the Bump Trump

    • The fit he threw?

      The man had been falsely, speciously accused of sexual assault, indecent exposure, and organizing parties in which he participated in serial drugging and gang-rapes. His wife and daughters were subjected to death threats.

      Anyone who would react otherwise is spineless, or an inhuman robot. His temperament was righteous and wholly justified, and increased my esteem of him.

    • he did not “throw a fit” at all. He was correctly dismissive of idiotic questions.

      If you are asked a serious question by a serious questioner with whom you disagree or are debating, you say: Thank you for the question…” an then answer it.

      If you are repeatedly asked an utterly specious question the correct response is indignance and anger. Even the polls showed his indigence increased his credibility among those in the middle, not decreased it.

    • it was specifically people in the McCarthy hearings who responded to McCarthy with anger that brought down McCarthy.

      Kavanaugh displaying anger at the Democrats channeling McCarthy, was calculated and smart. It worked and shut the demagoguing Democrats up 🙂

      It was someone angrily interrupting McCarthy and yelling at to McCarthy: “Have you no sense of decency?” that gutted McCarthy, and McCarthyism which the Democrats now use as their stock and trade.

  16. Sadly it was necessary for the GOP leadership to be treated just like GOP voters have been for the last several years.

    Now maybe they will finally understand what we have been going through. The Liberals and the Left don’t believe in one of the founding principles of the United States.

    That is you are innocent until proven guilty of a crime.

    • Well, they don’t believe YOU are innocent until proven guilty. But they believe Bill Clinton is, and Keith Ellison is, and Hillary Clinton is, and Jim Comey is, and Peter Strzok is, and Bruce Ohr is.

      • You forgot Teddy Kennedy.
        Cowardly murderer of Mary Jo Kopechne.
        Reelected to the senate FIVE times by the folks of Massashithole.

      • Tex Ted
        Why did you forget Clarence Thomas? Is it because he is the wrong color? Or the wrong political party? Or he is conservative?

        There is NO evidence against Kav. But the people you list have smoke all around them. They have admitted to things, criminal, they shouldn’t have done. Whether they will be prosecuted is another matter.

        You want admitted criminals in jail correct?

        • Not sure I’m following you. The Dems certainly didn’t think Clarence Thomas was innocent! Maybe you misunderstood me?

        • Making a joke about a pubic hair on a Coke Can is NOT a crime, even if he DID do so, regardless of what some retards think. I think he understood you perfectly, but maybe misjudged your amount of legal knowledge slightly. People can THINK whatever they like(and they do, including some real doozies, like the Earth is flat and the moon is made of cheese!), but guilty of a crime is something else again. That is supposed to require enough evidence that a crime was committed(Making a joke doesn’t qualify as a crime, no matter how distasteful it might be) to get 12 reasonable jurors to agree.
          But, it appears that we are now in an era where accusations have become evidence. I fail to see how that is possible, but with the idiots that are in charge, nothing surprises me any more.

  17. WINNING FEELS SOO GOOD , I have not had a beer in a long time , I think 1 to celebrate !! I hope the snowflakes sleep like crap tonight ,it is only fitting. Loosers.

    • I’d also like to add that I’m a closeted queer (in this way I’m like all Republicans) who carries guns to make me look like the man I’m not.

      • Your posts look like they were written by a 4th grader. Why not go to night school? You can keep your job at Burger King and take some night courses at the same time. It may help.

  18. As much of an absurd caricature the left has been the past two years I really hope they sincerely try to pull a Weekend at Bernie’s stunt when Ruth kicks it. I can just see Blumenthal and Schumer with ropes and pulleys encouraging each other to keep it up a few more months and then………. 2nd term!

  19. Okay, this was the proverbial cake for desert.

    Now if the Republicans hold the Senate after this November AND yet another Trump Constitutionalist replaces Ginsburg or Breyer on the U.S. Supreme Court, that would be icing on the cake with a cherry on top.

  20. Can we get paid sterilizations for those on welfare before Kavanaugh overturns Roe V. Wade? Nationwide economic disaster will happen if we don’t add that (and possibly other) reforms to welfare beforehand.

    • Ban abortions for white people. Subsidize it for everyone else.

      Win-win: Democrats get to discriminate against white people. Republicans get to reduce the Democratic voting electorate.

    • Roe won’t be overturned until a 6th Justice is on the Court. Roberts does not want a 5-4 decision. He will vote the other way if Kavenaugh votes to overturn.

      Andrew Cuomo is the only Democrat who understands gun control is dead and not Roe.

    • jesus, it’s like stupid people have no idea what causes pregnancy.

      just frikkin go on the pill. or swallow. it ain’t rocket science, you retarded puppy-mills!

  21. Mike Bloomberg just felt Kavanaugh walking across the grave of the invidiously racist Sullivan law…

  22. Maybe RBG will have a stroke or heart attack (or just retire) and open up another spot…that would be just awesome.
    Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to buy a suppressor without a tax stamp and 6 month plus wait… like in most other civilized countries where it is an over the counter same-day purchase?

  23. Hopefully Kagan and Sotomeyer will become so incensed about Kavenaugh’s confirmation that they stroke out or have a heart attack so that Trump can nominate two more SCOTUS justices.

  24. So Kavanaugh is unfit for SCOTUS because someone claimed he drank too much beer when he was 17 (who didn’t?), but RBG is a walking, talking, leftist goddess even though she admitted that she fell asleep at the SOTU because she was drunk on wine.

    • AT 65lbs soaking wet. It couldn’t have taken more then a thimbleful of wine to get a 100 year old biddy drunk and asleep.
      Next time she has wine and falls asleep. . She will claim she was raped by someone in the House during the SOTU.

    • My wife walked into the Library of Congress law library and everybody started groveling. She couldn’t figure out why until the chief came out at greeted her as Justice Ginsburg. My wife was rather pissed off to be mistakes for RBG.

    • RGB converted from Catholicism to Judaism because she would get raging drunk at communion and start brawls at church…and that’s how she became known as “the notorious RGB!”

  25. “Republicans, they used to just give up so easily. Now even Lindsay Graham has a spine…. it’s Trump… he just keeps winning…”

    • I’m just glad they ain’t rioting in Chicagoland…leftards are puzzy’s compared to the brother’s😄

  26. Soooo, does the 2nd A community know another anti gun justice still has to go for good decisions to come down and bad laws to be struck? Right now, there are 4 votes to hear cases we would like to be heard. Right now, we get the shaft cuz we need 5 votes. In practice, the scotus hasn’t done a damn think for the 2nd A. Heller was significant, but academic. There is no reason to think this will change. RBG needs to be replaced with another Gorsuch.

  27. It is clear why the Left wants to activist justices on the Supreme Court.

    It is not about preserving Roe v. Wade.

    It is about overturning District of Columbia v. Heller.

  28. I can hardly wait for the demise of RBG. The count will be 6-3 then. What will the dems do, what will they do?

    • Set off bombs and conduct political assassinations. Look to the late 60’s/early 70’s for guidance. History will repeat. Hell, they may turn to that level of violence sooner than we expect.

      A cornered wounded animal is the most dangerous. I wouldn’t let down my guard.

  29. The thing about putting your chip down like the dems did here on an FBI investigation is that you look stupid when you try and go back on it. We demand an investigation! Only an FBI investigation is sufficient for this! Why don’t you insist on an investigation of yourself, Judge?

    And then when the investigation comes back negative, suddenly it’s not good enough. Yeah… not gonna fly. Now they just have a judge that may end up being particularly hostile towards them.

  30. The latest desperate spin from the ultra left is that Kavanaugh looked to “angry” and answered two of the 250 questions “angrily.”

    The Democrats don’t know history or why the public found his angry answers compelling, honest and adding to his credibility.

    I suggest anyone curious go to youtube and search for: “Until this moment, Senator, I think I never really gauged your cruelty or your recklessness….Have you no decency Senator”?

    The Democrats are the modern McCarthyites, and people who were polite to McCarthy got steamrolled, whereas it was someone interrupting McCarthy, and exhibit impolite and very angry responses to McCarthy that successfully cut McCarthy down.

    Kavanaugh was BRILLIANT with his focused anger because it was exactly what an honest person would do when faced with repeated questions, which he had already answered and which had become nothing more than smears from the Democrat Senators.

  31. Celebrations all around but instead of buying yourself a beer, take that money and donate it to SAF. Now is the time to flood the SCOTUS with gun cases. Now is the time to get assault weapon bans, magazine bans, concealed carry bans, etc all over turned.

    I have no doubt in my mind that if Democrats every regain power (and they will) they will do all that is necessary to impeach Kavanaugh. We are on borrowed time and speed is key here if we want to restore our second amendment rights.

      • We only just won at the ballot box two years ago. No need to rush to the ammo box when we have made huge strides in those two years. Let this play out before you start making statements about killing your fellow American citizens.

  32. This is total millennial bragging, pardon my lack of self control.

    So no shit, there I was, overhead Afghanistan supporting a ground unit that had bedded down. Not a hint of activity anywhere, dead quiet. I did the time zone math and realized the senate vote had probably concluded. It would be at least another 12hrs before I was on the ground and back on WiFi to learn the result. I couldn’t stand it.

    As Ron White described, “satellites were linking up in outer space”…but literally so. A couple minutes later, we received word and the day got a whole lot better. US forces got a decent night’s sleep, and the sunrise over Pakistan was pretty damn beautiful knowing America just improved a little bit.

    Anywho, there’s my “I’ll never forget where I was when I heard” story.

    • jeezus, a millennial bragging about flying over OEF (or whatever we’re calling it these days). i’m getting old.

      well, thanks for your service. too bad you couldn’t drop a few nukes on the pakis while you were up there. that way you would advance them into the stone age!

  33. UNLESS the Communist/Socialist/Liberal Democrats (take your pick, but in reality they’re all the same) stack the Supreme Court as they threaten, the Millennials gun RIGHTS should be safe well into the future. That is assuming the Democrats don’t assassinate anymore of them like they did Anton Scalia. Now all they have to do is get Ruth Bader Ginsburg to retire and make it a “hat-trick”…

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