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Brady president Kris Brown isn't happy. Ever. (YouTube screen grab)
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As Ian Fleming opined, once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action. What we have here is now clearly enemy action aimed at restricting the right to keep and bear arms.

The gun control industry has been suspiciously quiet over the last few months as millions of Americans have crowded gun stores, many of them buying their first firearms. That’s not a particularly receptive audience for the standard Bloomberg/Brady/Giffords agitprop arguments such as only police and the military should have guns and homes with firearms are more likely to spontaneously combust.

Then Derek Chauvin kneeled on George Floyd’s neck for almost nine minutes and police violence became a national issue. A firearm wasn’t used in Floyd’s murder, but, never ones to let an opportunity go to waste, it’s now clear that the made members of the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex got on the horn to their compliant allies in the media and begain peddling their latest messaging brainstorm: we can’t expect better police conduct as long as Americans are allowed to own firearms.

First up with an incoherent take on the theme was Robert Gebelhof in the Washington Post. Then Derek Thompson at The Atlantic took a swing at making the case, including some rote regurgitation of discredited anti-gun talking points. Now it’s Fast Company’s Talib Visram’s turn at the plate. Note that like Thompson, Visram pushes the “gun show loophole” argument without making Thompson’s clumsy mistake of spouting that BS “40% of guns are sold without a background check” statistic.

Solving police violence, [Brady president Kris] Brown says, needs a holistic approach. It’s “an issue of violence that eclipses the role of the gun,” she says. “It’s going to take addressing systemic racism in our society in a meaningful way. It’s going to take enhancing and strengthening the gun laws in this country that fuel a belief, no matter who you are, that someone walking down the street may very likely have a gun.”

The organization has been taking a multipronged approach, using the channels of Congress, the courts, and communities by advocating for the passage of police reform bills, pressing for violence intervention funding in localities around the country, and working with community-based violence intervention groups like Washington, D.C.’s Alliance of Concerned Men. When people discuss defunding the police, she says, that means their tax dollars can be used to invest in communities in ways that better ensure everyone’s safety.

But strengthening loose gun laws should also be part of that work, and all the experts agree that the most relevant to address are ones that are helping to increase the ubiquity of “crime guns,” or firearms that enter the criminal marketplace through lax sales laws and bad tracing practices. There’s a “grossly negligent oversight of how guns are sold,” Brown says.

A lot of guns are sold through private, federally unlicensed dealers at gun shows, which is legally allowed because of what’s informally known as the “gun show loophole.” In many instances, these guns are sold in bulk. But laws have also made it difficult for the the ATF, the only agency permitted to trace guns through their custody chain, to track where the guns end up or if they’re used in crimes. A policy called the Tiahrt Amendment bars the agency from creating a public database. All these loopholes need to be closed to increase transparency, experts say, which could then dissipate the fear of illegal guns.

– Talib Visram in America’s gun violence epidemic is inextricably linked to police violence


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    • “Systemic” racism is a lie. There will ALWAYS be racism, so there will always be a reason for these fools to preach to their foolish brain dead followers about “systemic” racism. It’s just like climate change is now Climate CRISIS! See, there’s nothing to debate because it’s a crisis. I mean, it’s right there in the definition.

      • Never let an opportunity go to waste. Sleazy democRat Gun Control ratbassturds stooped to pull Gun Control out of their behinds even on 911. Their racist and genocide based Gun Control agenda took off before the perps were identified. Gun Control zealots are some very sick individuals dragging around an agenda that is rooted in racism and genocide.

        When is the Party of Lincoln going to man up and zero in on these Gun Control Zealots and call for Gun Control Zealots to Justify their Racist and Nazi Based Gun Control Agenda?

        The race baiting democRat Party is never, ever going to do one thing positive about race relations. The democRat Party is only concerned with rewriting history in order to cleanse their party history of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, lynching, the KKK, Eugenics, Gun Control and other race based atrocities. The democRat Party needs to be held liable for its actions in the same manner as the hypocrite democRat Party holds historic tobacco companies liable for cancer, a historic talcum powder company liable for cancer, historic churches liable for being silent about pedophile priests, etc. Truth be told…Discussing the welfare of Black Americans with a democRat is like discussing the welfare of Jews with a nazi.

        “Systematic Racism” What are two words concocted by a sneaky systematic moron hoping to sell a line of crap to fools.

        • “When is the Party of Lincoln going to man up and zero in on these Gun Control Zealots… ”

          You do realize Trump & Co have given us more gun control already than Obama did in 8 years don’t you? Or are you so stuck in your D vs R you can’t see what’s happening?

          Bumpstock ban, not by changing law but using beauracracy to change the definition that is spelled out in the 1934 Gun Control Act. Or, who said “I like the take the guns first, due process second”? Or who signed the fix NICS bill?

          Who was it that signed the 1986 bill to make it so no more fully automatics can be privately owned if they are manufactured after that date?

          Trump is the latest one, Reagan was the 1986 one. You see it’s not only the Democrats but also the Republicans. My advice is stop listening to Rush and Hannity thinking R is good, D is bad. They both have terrible records when it comes to 2A rights. WAKE up and realize both parties hate you having guns!

        • Yes, both D and R have bad records. In looking to the future, the R platform is decidedly brighter for 2A. Not perfect, but at least R hasn’t promised full-scale confiscation. Trump has done some really dumb things, but he’s still way better than Hillary would have been or Biden (and his immediate successor) would be on January 21.

        • One could argue that honest history could view Lincoln as someone society should have no party to. He viewed the Negro race as inferior. He consecrated an economic war against Americans- fully aware of where that path would end. He deceitfully appropriated the Emancipation Proclamation as a political/military weapon under the guise of “morality” that he didn’t personally profess. And finally, after allowing the pillage, rape, and destruction of roughly 30% of America, he promoted repatriation of Africans to their “home”- in Africa.

          Yet, we have a nineteen foot tall granite graven image of Lincoln seated on his throne right in the middle of this country’s epicenter of federal government power. Go figure.

        • Jay Dub and Peter Gunn, you are both correct. What it shows is just how little true history is being taught. Ronnie Raygun started his anti-gun laws with the Mulford Act — [The Mulford Act was a 1967 California bill that repealed a law allowing public carrying of loaded firearms. Named after Republican assemblyman Don Mulford, and signed into law by then governor of California, Ronald Reagan, the bill was crafted in response to members of the Black Panther Party who were lawfully conducting armed patrols of Oakland neighborhoods, in what would later be termed copwatching. ] — when he was governor of Commiefornia. Ronnie also was a staunch supporter of the NA Union and created NAFTA, which was later signed by GW Bush and enacted by Slick Willie.

          Additionally, people don’t understand that Lincoln only included the southern slaves in the Emancipation Proclamation, not those in the north — it was designed to disrupt the south’s economy by making it difficult to harvest their cotton. Lincoln is the epitome of a tyrannical government and the reason that we continue to have tyrants in elected office. We have been under “northern rule” ever since.

      • so there will always be a reason for these fools to preach to their foolish brain dead followers about “systemic” racism.

        The “systemic” racism argument had the final nail hammered into it’s coffin the day this country (or someone) elected a black man who is a racist, incompetent, pathological liar to a SECOND term as POTUS…. Systemic racism would not allow many of the mayors of major cities to be POC or put them in charge of some of the countries largest police departments..

      • The only systematic racism truly perpetrated these days is the gun control and Democrat claims that adherence to the gun culture is an insecurity complex suffered almost exclusively by white males. I have been reading those very statements made by the lunatic leftists/liberals since the late 1970(s). If such a statement(s) is not indicative of a racial bias and racist predisposition then I don’t know what is. Damn idiots.

    • How dum are you to think people don’t know that all this trouble is backed by democratic socialist communist atheists soros, obama, bloomberg, and others, we need to demand the federal government take these vile corrupt politicians, judges, and those hiding, behind the scenes, hoping they win, won’t happen, to many will fight your disgusting agenda

  1. Remember you don’t need a gun because:
    * Justin Volpe
    * Jon Burge
    * Alvin Weems
    * Derek Chauvin
    * Jonathan Aledda
    * Scot Peterson
    * Gerald Goines

    will protect you.

    • * Daniel Lovelace

      March 13, 2000: Kills Bradley Downing, age 19, by causing a high speed crash while disobeying orders to cease the high speed chase of a car thief thru city streets. Investigation reveals he also failed to turn on his siren. City pays out $2.3 million to settle Wrongful Death suit brought by Downing’s mother.

      Oct. 11, 2002: Murders Dawn Rae Nelson by running after and firing into her car as she attempts to leave the drive-thru window of a pharmacy after failing to falsify a refill on her prescription for a pain killer. Fires over her baby asleep in the back seat carrier, hitting her in the back. Fired by the Chandler PD, he survives two trials (mistrial caused by a PD detective who gave false statement) but the city refuses to reinstate him. City pays out unknown total amount in wrongful death to the husband of Nelson, but insurance covered $1.94 million.

      Lovelace now works as a prison guard.

      • Although true, this sounds suspiciously like the argument used to justify gun bans and confiscatory laws: no one should have guns because bad people use guns to do bad things, even though millions never cause harm to anyone. No one should have police, because some cops are bad and do bad things, even though the vast majority are good cops. Or more colloquially, one bad apple spoils the barrel. Fortunately, it ain’t so.

        Just as we try to rid ourselves of criminals by locking them up , but leave the rest alone, we should rid ourselves of bad cops and leave the rest alone.

  2. They are doubling down on gun confiscation. I don’t think people watching riots and looting on the news think disarming is the best solution but then again I’m not an elite educated expert like the gun grabbers are.

    • You can’t swoop in to save the day with “Opression for Safety” for the destabilization you created if people can defend themselves.

  3. Either she’s getting paid for this drivel or she needs to double- or triple-down on her anti-psychotic medications.

  4. Weird that no “crime guns” enter the criminal marketplace from theft, only from lax sales and poor tracing.

    • They see “legal ” gun owners as either potential criminals or outright criminals because guns. Not owning any makes you their kind of person worthy of some acceptance. Owning tools makes you a problem.

  5. Do you REALLY want to improve lives? It isn’t complicated at all. Raise people with good morals. Be good role models for your children. Teach them to be productive, and not to be criminals. Raise them as valued, loved human beings so they don’t grow up to self medicate with alcohol and drugs. Teach them how to properly interact with law enforcement. Teach them how the justice system really works. Fighting the police and resisting arrest don’t help (but it might get you a golden casket). We have plenty examples of this, and I’m not at all excusing bad police behavior or pricks that want to let perps know who is in charge.

    • People with good morals don’t need governmnet. Under no circumstances do career politicians want moral people. We’ve got to have a Constitutional convention to end career politicians. Kill the IRS, disband ALL 3 letter orgs that are outside of congressional purview and shrink the federal gov until the average joe wouldn’t even hear of what its doing on a normal day, because it needs to be so small that it has little to no influence over my daily life.

    • True that. The claim that Marxism is anti-gun is complete bullshit.

      Marx was solidly pro-gun in the hands of the common people, That included artillery. Karl Marx, Marxism and Marxists are evil for other reasons.

      • Marxists are strongly in favor of Marxists being armed. History has shown that once the revolution is over, they want to keep all the guns and will put those who think otherwise against a wall.

  6. As usual, these idiots have it backwards and upside down. There would be LESS police brutality if MORE people owned firearms. In fact, there would be less brutality in general.

    • leftist politcos KNOW this to be true. However, if there is peace and prosperity, the can’t scare people into buying their votes. The Democrat party is a terrorist org and needs to be burnt to the ground.

  7. There’s no reasoning with these people. When you realize that they are all willing to lie to cover up the source of who is actually burning these cities and the fact that the vast majority of police violence is either in DEMOCRAT cities or from unconsitutional federal organizations. Under no circumstances do these people want a prosperous and free America. They want a police state where you are not allowed to dissent. They are literally insane and can’t be allowed to enact their (clinton/soros) agenda.

  8. I’d just like to go on record in stating my opinion that the only ‘systemic racism’ that exists in this country is anti-white racism. It’s perfectly OK for universities to accept minorities at lower standards than whites. Same with business and governmental hiring. The only advantage whites have in this country is a greater statistical chance of being raised in a household with a father. If that’s the bar for ‘systemic racism’ then minorities have the power to eliminate it in a single generation. Just don’t have children out of wedlock. And while you’re at it, take your kids to church and instill some Judeo-Christian values in them. Problem solved.

    • I agree. But be careful. You’ve just marked yourself for a ten month stay in a beautiful re-education camp, including group showers, lice, and razorwire topped fences. Many of us will find we’ve won such a vacation.

      • Many of us have won rendition, enhanced interrogation (socialism is big on confession for all crimes, real and imaginary), and either gaining penance through labor or being herded into the showers for delousing.

  9. Brooks and Floyd were both searched by police officers and known to not have firearms.

    Brady spokesweasel, “you know, police violence won’t stop until you pass our gun laws.”

  10. This is almost certainly part of why white progressives have hijacked the BLM cause. I know a couple of BLW enthusiasts/members and told them right after GF that white progs were going to hijack their cause and they both got a little pensive and said they expected it too. Neither is anti-gun and both are tooled. I have made little headway in nurturing the seed I planted that our interests at the very least overlapping. These guys are so conditioned to distrust white people that I imagine that I am still mostly a curiosity to them.

  11. We are about to get a “Hate Crimes” bill passed here in Georgia and while it won’t say so it will be used as a mirror image of the old laws against carrying a gun. Instead of black people being the target like the old carry laws, it will be used exclusively against white people.

    You Trump Derangement Syndrome people can take solace in your conformity. Remember to shout: “Please sir, can I have another!”

  12. A lot of guns are sold through private, federally unlicensed dealers at gun shows, which is legally allowed because of what’s informally known as the “gun show loophole.” In many instances, these guns are sold in bulk.

    This is absolute bull. If a vendor is selling guns in bulk, any gun show is going to require they be licensed. It’s federal law.

    I mean, I suppose you could get away with bulk sales of flintlocks.

  13. ” It’s “an issue of violence that eclipses the role of the gun,” she says. “It’s going to take addressing systemic racism in our society in a meaningful way.”

    And we address the systemic racism of gun control laws themselves.

    Repeat after me – If I don’t need an ID to vote, I don’t need an ID to buy a gun… 🙂

  14. This is America? What happened to guilty before a jury of your piers? Every one assumes that a police officer is the be all end all of the justice system in my 45 years as a police officer only three times did I draw my weapon in anger thanks be to the great spirit I never had to use it. My chief one time said “look down on no man or look up to no man “ which if you think about it is as true then as it is now. In my 45. Years as a patrol officer I never heard anyone say “well today I’m going to shoot me a N or Hispanic “ not once….. if anyone thinks that way he or she should never take the oath of office. But that’s in my time. Now I guess it’s not really any different.

  15. Let’s see if I have this straight:

    Only police and the military should have guns and homes with firearms are more likely to spontaneously combust. A firearm wasn’t used in Floyd’s murder. Defunding the police means tax dollars can be used to invest in communities in better ways. Strengthening gun laws involves ending the ubiquity of “crime guns” and ending the “gun show loophole” and the Tiahrt Amendment. Visram pushes the “gun show loophole” argument.


    Police Violence is Due to Civilian Gun Ownership & we can’t expect better police conduct as long as Americans are allowed to own firearms.

    But THEN > also: “It’s going to take addressing systemic racism in our society in a meaningful way.”

    What? WTF >>> ???

    • I’m surprised she didn’t mention the legacy misogynistic patriarchy as the cause of problem. Magnified by those who are melanine impoverished.

      In plain English, old fat white men.

  16. “It’s going to take addressing systemic racism in our society in a meaningful way.”

    [So then addressing systemic racism as it applies to cops and police departments… If there is or was systemic racism there… Systemic racism is the new buzz phrase that’s the root of the problem about most things in society and the world, well according to Oprah anyway.]

    The systemic-racism charge makes it much more difficult to do the one thing most likely to alleviate whatever racism there is among officers, which is to hire more black cops. many police departments find it nearly impossible to hire minority officers. Successful prosecution of crime often depends upon the voluntary cooperation of neighborhood residents with police. But if the cops are “racists” and the system is, too, why should blacks in bad neighborhoods help, especially where one might risk retaliation?

    Many cops today will tell you that their work is becoming more difficult. Citizens are increasingly emboldened to lodge complaints of racially motivated misconduct, that are much easier to make than they are to refute. police supervisors and their political superiors are among the first to throw the street cop under the bus of public outrage, especially where alleged racism is in the mix.

    Where police officers are widely presumed to be racist, they will labor under a heavy burden as a witnesses or someone who makes a sworn statement wonder, can the police be trusted?

    In cases involving a black accused and white officer testifying, jurors who have accepted the police-are-racist narrative could easily be persuaded that the cop is lying, or fudging the truth, to get a conviction. Where such a defendant is acquitted, an injustice is done. Many drug and illegal firearms cases depend entirely upon police officer testimony. One or more jurors might think that the cops are framing the defendant, be he black, or another ethnic or racial background. Why not? After all, that is what cops do, isn’t it? But who loses when drugs and guns rule the streets? It is surely not the folks living in the suburbs.

    Branding all cops as racist has a tendency to become a self-fulfilling prophecy. The charge may tend to cause precincts to become more removed from the communities that they serve, which in turn makes cops in black communities become insensitive to the people they are sworn to protect. Studies confirm what common sense suggests: the best antidote to racism is exposure to different races and cultures.

  17. It seems to me that these people have forgotten the last hundred years of history.; Once upon a time, it was lawful for the police to use physical “persuasion” to get a confession, and by that I mean actual beatings. Then when beatings had to go away because of changes in the law, they started using rubber hoses because they left no mark. Anyone around here remember the 60’s? What about Kent state, and the Chicago Democratic national convention in Chicago in 1968? What about the violence against black protesters in the south prior to the Civil Rights Act?

    The lets look at the violent crime rates, which peaked in 1991 and have been trending south almost ever since.

    This country, despite its reputation, is significantly less violent and deadly than it was only 40 or 50 years ago. Meanwhile, gun ownership has gone up by hundreds of millions of firearms. The math doesn’t add up.

  18. Before 1968 all you need to do was put your name and address on a form at the store you bought the gun and show your DL to prove your were 18 or over for a rifle or shotgun and 21 or over for a handgun. You could even get rifles mailed right to your door.
    My Father bought me my first .22 rifle in 1967 from the local hardware store. A Stevens Arms Westpoint Model 121, no serial number, date code for made in 1966. Short, Long and Long Rifle ammo. Used it for pest and varmint control in our garden. A box of ammo was 50 cents for 50 rounds.
    I still have that rifle.

  19. I’m sure police violence is related to civilian gun ownership. Because so few civilians own guns, and even fewer learn how to use them in stressful situations, people tend to be overly dependent on police. Burdened with responding to every dangerous situation as if civilians will do nothing to stop violence, police walk around in a state of anxiety, never certain if they will benefit from public support or become the target of bricks and rocks if they find it necessary to use force in their public service.

  20. There is no “gun show loophole.”

    “A lot of guns are sold through private, federally unlicensed dealers at gun shows, which is legally allowed because of what’s informally known as the ‘gun show loophole.’ In many instances, these guns are sold in bulk.”

    The Washington Post Fact Checkers might want to fact check their editorial columnist. Guns cannot be “sold in bulk” by “federally unlicensed dealers.” If one tried to do so, an gun show would be a bad place to try such criminal activity because such shows are routinely policed by federal gun-law enforcement agents. A person who sells more than 10 firearms in a year without a federal firearms license is called a “felon.”

  21. Vic Nighthorse [Miner49er] says: June 23, 2020

    This is almost certainly part of why white progressives have hijacked the BLM cause. I know a couple of BLW enthusiasts/members and told them right after GF that white progs were going to hijack their cause

    __Antifa is alt-BLM, and BLM is alt-antifa. Both are Real-Fakes. Both are deep state tools of mayhem. Antifa make out to be black anti-fascists, but are white fascists. BLM are made out to be for black civil rights, but are black antifa.

    __According to the German security agency, far-left extremists have become more radical to the point that,”even the step of deliberately killing a political opponent no longer seems completely unthinkable.”

    __“Antideutsche Antifa Untergrund”, or Anti-German Antifa Underground, say assassins should work in teams of two with women of migrant backgrounds being the most preferable assassins, as the group claim they will be less likely to be scrutinized.

    __The authors then recommend that others distract the bodyguards of the AfD politicians while the two main assassins, “Slowly pull the weapon and fire the weapons from different positions. Double tap on the head of the target.”

    __For weapons, the authors call on Antifa extremists to travel to countries like the Czech Republic or Austria and find “Firearms made of a polymer composite. The Glock 20 10mm is ideal.”

    __As Antifa extremists are of, seed from, european origin, and are Soros or other radical financed, they could easily import the concept of killing a political opponent. Don’t forget 1968, but hopefully the CIA is up to speed on what Antifa is capable of.

  22. A lot of guns are sold through private, federally unlicensed dealers at gun shows,

    Fuck’s a “Federally UNLICENSED dealer”?? How do you get a federal UNlicense to sell guns?

    • Liberals lie, have never even been to a gun show much less tried to buy a gun there, and the mental midgets clap their hands and bark like trained seals

    blows this entire article away. We live fine, carry guns, punish criminals and spank kids

  24. Emilio Naranjo says: June 23, 2020 at 13:17

    I’m sure police violence is related to civilian gun ownership. Because so few civilians own guns,

    __LOL … In old Mexico you may be right amigo, but in USA many deez gringos da be armed to the teeth. Do not be so easily taken in by their friendly nature and demeanor.

    and even fewer learn how to use them in stressful situations, people tend to be overly dependent on police.

    __Maybe in old Mexico the amigos tend to be overly dependent on police. But here, just me, no real reason for me to ever call the police for help.

  25. Systemic Racism? Oh, like Biden’s “You Ain’t Black” comment or LBJ’s infamous “I’m Going To Have Those N*****s Voting Democrat For The Next 250 Years” comment. Yes, those are excellent examples of the Systemic Racism inherent in and pervading the leadership of the Democrat Party.
    Pick an Island somewhere and ship all of these worthless idiots there to have their Gun Free Utopia!

  26. Dummies spouting nonsense on TV and through Social Media, as if what they have to say is thoughtful and relevant within America’s Constitution and rule of law. Let’s go back and review…police are encountering STOOPID people. In retaliation, police do STOOPID things. Somehow the message never seems to get through. Most of these recent STOOPID shootings are not because STOOPID bad guys are doing STOOPID bad things with guns. Instead, STOOPID bad guys are just simply doing STOOPID things and then either fighting with the cops or attempting to disarm the cops. It only becomes newsworthy once STOOPID news reporters or STOOPID people using Social Media to post what happened, do so using STOOPID logic, blaming the cops for STOOPIDLY responding with gunfire. Or, perhaps, the cop DIDN’T even resort to gunfire but kneels down on the STOOPID bad guy’s neck for nearly 9 minutes until dead. STOOPID. STOOPID bad guys, and STOOPID cops just being STOOPID. All of this is followed up by STOOPID people commenting and saying STOOPID things like: let’s get even and burn down the fast food place, or loot the nearby Walmart and THEN burn it down, or let’s get even and take over a city (or a portion thereof) and present a list of demands and refuse cops, paramedics, and fire departments from coming in to help those inside the areas when they get hurt or victimized by bad guys behind all of the violence…it is OK, though, cuz cops are STOOPID. Isn’t all of this just STOOPID. No way to end STOOPID anymore. Gonna be a day of reckoning, coming soon, I’m afraid.

    • . No way to end STOOPID anymore

      I’m assuming you misspelled STUPID more than 20 times to make some sort of point??

  27. another socialist zero, can’t read (or won,t) does not beleave anything she doesn’t want to, refuses to listen anyone who doesn’t share her distorted and predigests values. If she doesn’t live there she should move there to be near the rest of her like.

  28. The violence wasn’t due to civilian gun ownership it was and is the repeated reluctance to prohibit those who should not have weapons from getting them. Their are numerous persons who file to purchase a weapon only to have the background check deny the purchase. When they filled out that form/application they swore to its accuracy and completeness so they probably lied about something are they ever charged and prosecuted -NO. Are the people who steal weapons and use them in crimes or resell them ever charged and prosecuted and sent away for ever -NO. But you hear a lot about New Gun Restrictive Legislation from your mayors, Governors, Congressmen, and others funding persons and organizations to influence Gun Legislation. But none of that proposed legislation hinders or punishes the criminal harshly or stops them from getting the gun they want. All of the proposed legislation hinders the rights and abilities of the law abiding citizen who just wishes to collect, hunt, target shoot or partake in competitions all of which is sanctioned and codified in the US Constitution, Amendment 2 and leaves no doubt about its intent and legality except for those who wish to stir up trouble and pit one against the other.

  29. I have always considered Liberalism a Moon Bat Crazy Mental Illness. This convoluted thinking that gun ownership causes police corruption and racism resoundingly proves it.

  30. Floyd was not “murdered”.

    Two simple medical truths:

    1) If you can talk, you can breathe.
    It takes many times more breath to talk than it does to survive. Floyd may have felt he couldn’t breathe, but by talking he demonstrated he could. Earlier he had said he was claustrophobic, he may have been having a panic attack, or cardiac ischemia, maybe due to the meth, or just stalling, etc., but he could breathe.

    2) You can’t choke off someone’s breath by putting pressure on the side of the neck. That’s not where you breathe. He was speaking, and had some head movement, so there wasn’t even that much pressure being applied.

    Combative Floyd required four officers to subdue him. He was being restrained, not choked, while waiting for EMS to show up and sedate him so he could be safely transferred.
    Note his two passengers were both apprehended and transferred without incident. Floyd instead, chose to fight.
    I’m sure all this will come out once the officers are allowed due process, but as we all know, it won’t matter.

  31. “Police Violence is Due to Civilian Gun Ownership”?

    I’d sooner suspect that police violence is a partial incentive for civilian gun ownership. Frankly, I sometimes can’t decide which worries me more: “Protestors” showing up on my front lawn or a SWAT team taking down my front door.

  32. As usual the white liberals want everyone disarmed except the armed guards who work at their office building.

  33. These dickheads hear a new word that sounds like it would make them sound so friggin’ smart if they began using it, too.

    So now, you can’t turn around without hearing some asshat talking about “systemic” racism. “Systemic” is the flavorful word of the month, and we’ll keep hearing it until we puke. And the thing is, most of the people using the word couldn’t give you a definition of it if you slapped them in the face with a dictionary.

    • Yeah, they’re ALL rocket scientists, just like the WHITE broad that wrote the best seller “White Fragility” that explains how ALL white people are racists AND only white people CAN be racist (remember she’s white) It also explains how IF you are offended by her book you are a racist, however if you are NOT offended YOU are also a racist… School districts and corporations are buying this slugs book by the case full, pretty sure it will be required in many liberal school districts this fall…

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