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You are undoubtedly aware of the goings-on in the Capitol during the week before the Biden inauguration. You probably saw the guy in the buffalo horn hat in the well of the House, that other guy stealing Pelosi’s lectern, and the guy with what appeared to be a hammer-and-sickle tattoo on his hand, among others.

Do you remember Zip Tie Guy?

Zip Tie Guy received his nickname because he was seen swiping some flex cuffs from the Capitol during the brief time protestors occupied the building. Why not Flex Cuff Guy? Probably because it doesn’t rhyme or slip off the tongue quite as well. Anyway, Zip Tie Guy was arrested and law enforcement dug through his house for evidence of…well, something.

Here’s some of what they found as reported by KFOR News:

FBI agents with the Joint Terrorism Task Force discovered 15 firearms, including assault rifles, a sniper rifle with a tripod, other rifles, shotguns and pistols and hundreds of rounds of ammunition in the home. They also located a drum-style magazine inside the residence.

Agents found most of the items [Eric Gavelek] Munchel was wearing the day of the riot, including the hat, patches, tactical gear and plastic white plastic handcuffs he was seen wearing in recordings captured during the violent mob.

But wait, there’s more:

Agents did not recover any cell phones during their search of the residence but learned that Munchel had provided a red iPhone to a friend for “safekeeping.” The phone was later seized for evidence.

In the phone recording of the riots, which Munchel had taped to his chest, he is heard telling someone in the crowd at the Capitol that he was “f***ing ready to f*** s*** up.”

The image of Zip Tie Guy’s guns released to the mainstream media by law enforcement. (Photo credit: Metro Nashville Police Department)

Now, a lot of you are likely giving one another the side-eye after reading about fifteen firearms – a number many mainstream media publications predictably referred to as an “arsenal” or a “stockpile.” The drum magazine apparently spices things up, too, and is especially scary.

The reality is you could have one Remington 870 and a collection of airsoft and NERF toys and the media is going to characterize you as some sort of crazed, dangerous doomsday insurrectionist prepper. That’s the nature of the world in which we now live.

Check out the image above of what was allegedly found in Munchel’s house and tell me what you think of those specific firearms as part of a so-called arsenal.

Here’s the thing…Zip Tie Guy was one of thousands who broke John Farnam’s rule warning against going to stupid places with stupid people and doing stupid things. Munchel took it a step further by entering the Capitol building after strapping his cell phone to his body to make sure that he captured every nanosecond of evidence, er, I mean action.

A lot of the arrests that have been made as a result of the Capitol protest/riot/not-a-Boogaloo have happened courtesy of the participants’ social media accounts. Many people there posted photos of themselves in their feeds in real time. Others recorded and photographed images that have since been used against them and others who were there that day.

I’d like to say be able to say that no one I know is that dense, but there were a couple guys on my feed who were doing exactly that. It makes me feel like I should pull out Nick Joseph’s line of “Oh no baby, what is you doin’?”

There’s a paragraph at the end of the KFOR piece that explains why the prosecution is likely to have their way with Zip Tie Guy being declared a flight risk:

The U.S. Attorney’s Office says Munchel has a record of failing to appear on at least one prior occasion in a state-court matter, and took steps in this case to evade detection by law enforcement. The document adds that when it became clear he was a suspect in the case, he deactivated his Facebook account; gave his cell phone to an associate; and left his residence and failed to show up for his job.

So many things could be said here, but the bottom line is this: don’t be Zip Tie Guy. Aside from the general rules against general conspicuous stupidity, we could also add that you really would be wise not to provide evidence of yourself doing said stupid things. And if – when – you’re caught, running away will only make matters worse.

I get it, a lot of people say they want a revolution, but is what happened at the capitol really the way to go about creating change? You decide.


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    • The report claims LE found “a sniper rifle with a tripod”?

      Um, all I see in the photo even closely fitting that description is a bolt action deer rifle with a standard folding bipod.

      Evilspeak from the Ministry of Truth, coming to a city near you.

      • I noticed the same thing. Counting is hard.
        I also noticed his bipod in mounted on the barrel, not the stock, so clearly his poor judgement started before January.

        • He also had “hundreds” of rounds of ammunition…..

          Too bad we didn’t prosecute rioters this aggressively over the summer. Lots of lives would have been saved and billions of dollars worth of property wouldn’t look like charcoal…..

      • Well, it was KFOR…

        Actually, it was WKRN-TV, Nashville, and KFOR just reprinted the story verbatium–which brings up the question, why use the story from a news outlet six hundred miles away?

      • Worse; it’s a Remington Walmart-special that was 2MOA at best, with an air soft bipod CLAMPED ONTO THE BARREL.

        That thing wouldn’t be capable of minute-of-man beyond about 50 yards, after “the sniper” deployed the bipod.


        If he’s the best Antifa has to offer, the Boogaloo is going to be a real bore.

  1. So you guys here at TTAG have completely dropped the whole “free Kyle” stuff after “Kyle” started hanging out with the white supremacist crowd and throwing up the “OK” sign?


        • Maybe I’ve been reading too much leftist news. I thought the only recently sainted person was Saint Greta Thunderberger. The little girl is going to save us all! How dare you canonize some privileged white male from flyover country?

    • Little red riding hood…I believe Kyle bonded out and what he does is no concern of yours. What should be of concern to a clown like you is the long, long racist history of the democRat Party. When you see KKK types keep it in mind they are just carrying on a democRat Party Family Tradition.

    • PB’s are NOT whote supreacists, dipstick!! Their national president is an afro-cuban guy. IF they were white supremacists I’d say they suck at it.

      And I for one see no problem with an OK sign (NOT racist) or with hanging out with PB’s having a brew.

      • “Their national president is an afro-cuban guy.“

        Self-loathing occurs in any ethnic group, after hundreds or thousands of years of negative propaganda by the ruling elites, people will believe anything.

        What I find even more interesting, is the fact that Little Ricky has been a federal informant for years.

        It seems the PB engaged in extensive planning and travel related to the January 6 insurrection, I believe the federal crime is ‘seditious conspiracy’.

        I predict the PB will have a new name in the joint, Pretty Boys.

        • Nothing in the proud boys charter says anything about being white or race in general. But I get it, researching on your own is hard, stomping for the media industrial complex is easier.

    • I have always thought that Rittenhouse is not all that different from George Zimmerman… but like Zimmerman, the fact that I think he’s a dolt doesn’t mean he acted illegally in defending himself.

      So, yes, free Kyle. Even if someone’s views are abhorrent to you, that doesn’t mean you have the right to form a lynch mob against them and then act the victim when you get blasted.

      And if we’re bringing character into this, shall we take a detour to examine the two bodies that got dropped by the guy who you think is evil because he throws up an “OK” symbol? Should we start with the convicted child molester or the domestic abuser? Both of whom are white, by the way. Strange, that.

      • Ugh. Sorry, no, I don’t put Zimmerman and Rittenhouse in even closely related leagues. Zimmerman was a fearful shit who failed to address some kid out in the street, under the streetlights – but found enough courage to go slinking into the darkness to stalk that kid with gun in hand. I find Zimmerman to be a detestable little twit. Rittenhouse could have been me, about 45 years ago. Always ready to help, and always just as ready for trouble. The only question about Rittenhouse, is just how legal is was for him to have his weapon – strawman purchase charges may yet screw him and his buddy over.

        • If the strawman purchase charges are justifiable, then, unfortunately for them- he and his buddy screwed themselves over.

          Be smarter.

        • If they try that crap he should join up with a gun group or two and take them to the SCOTUS, the entire list of government controls on firearms is clearly unconstitutional, let’s get it on.

        • Paul,

          I can see how well you followed the trial.

          I guess that there was something better on TV for you, ‘cause your conclusions have room for improvement.

    • I love that the OK thing still triggers leftists. Even when they know it’s a troll, they desperately need it to be a white-supremacist dog whistle.

      • I’ve never figured that out. But I don’t care. And I have and will give the “OK” sign to mean OK, having nothing to do with SJW re-definitions.

  2. It was a tattoo from a game called “Dishonored”, not a hammer-and-sickle.

    This was well-known literal at the same time as the “it’s hammer-and-sickle” lies were being spread.

    Amazing “journalism” here.

    > against going to stupid places with stupid people and doing stupid things.

    Yes, this was the problem. Not committing a violent anti-Constitutional uprising against literally the transfer of power. It was simply “stupid people doing stupid things”. Whoopsie! No harm no foul, right?

    For shame.

    • The only problem was that they stopped.

      Should have zip tied every fucking politician in that room and made them remember what it’s like to fear the people they govern. Then, they should have burned that fucking building down.

      You whiney soy boys call it whatever you want – insurrection, anti-constitution, terrorism…. blah blah blah.

      By far the most patriotic shit in America for a very long time. Too bad it ended. Enjoy the taste of leather.

        • Because the people they egged on from the safety of their keyboard failed to get the job done?

        • Egged on?

          You sad little virtue signaler. I’ve been a part of more “mostly peaceful” protests and “patriot groups” than you can even google or the lefties care to show you. The only keyboard warrior here is whiney little shit stains like you, doing nothing. Literally nothing.

  3. No need to risk life and limb. Simply hold the democRat Party liable for their despicable racist history. The hypocrite democRat Party had a cow over a few people crashing their party but you never hear a word about democRat Party race based atrocities and making the democRat Party pay. Their molehill at the Capitol gets attention while the mountains of democRat Party race based atrocities are ignored by the mitch mcconell types…pathetic.

  4. Since none of those firearms were at the Capitol, why were they seized? I see this all the time, something happens, they raid the bad guy’s house, and then they make a show of his “arsenal” even if none of it was ever used to commit a crime.

    • Hard to have an “insurrection” without gats ain’t it Mark?!? Even the Warsaw ghetto Jews were armed to the teeth. Another goofy exposition by TTAG…

      • fww,

        A small group of the Jews were armed for their erev Passover uprising. Until then, they were unarmed.

    • They did the same to the men who “plotted to kidnap a governor”. Then idiots all over, RINO’s and pansies on this forum called them leftists, anarchists, etc etc…

      Wake up. WE are “the bad guys”. Every single gun owner is a terrorist. Embrace it, and do patriotic shit.

  5. The horn hat and guy stealing the lectern were done on purpose, to recreate the old painting/drawing of the Visigoths sacking Rome.

      • Does that make you feel warm and fuzzy?

        I’m glad that your people who rioted in a mostly peaceful manner are free. 🤮

      • He’s actually mad at Trump for not pardoning him and is no longer a fan. I guess he will be Sloppy Joe’s follower from now on.

  6. The point of the theater being played out is to document the actions of white supremacist violent domestic terrorists. Congress is already using the term freely, and Pelosi is claiming all Republicrats are part of the cabal. All this is being used to justify allowing open, sanctioned surveillance of the public by every three-letter agency in government. You are one of these white supremacists violent domestic terrorists if you oppose anything government does or says. Even claiming the 2020 presidential election was stolen.

    • This.

      So amusing how people sit back and call this terrorism, when in reality, these people are tired of our government terrorizing it’s people through said methods of privacy invasion. Not only that, but we know about our governments involvement in the toppling of MANY governments worldwide through agencies like the CIA. South America, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc etc. Now they’ve done it at home and we are the “enemies”. Oppose or expose their corruption and you will be treated like a terrorist, and it starts by owning a gun, or supporting a party that opposes them.

      • “we know about our governments involvement in the toppling of MANY governments worldwide“

        I’m glad one of you right wingers finally publicly admitted the truth about this, now maybe you’ll understand why Iran rightfully considers us the great Satan.

        The joke going around Europe now is:
        “Because of Covid restrictions, this year the Americans decided to hold a coup in their own country.”

        • Hey dumbass, not everyone who disagrees with the crazy extreme left disease is a “right winger”, or anything else you can conjure up from your time on lefty Facebook page comment sections.

          As always, fuck off and die.

  7. So were any of the firearms illegal?
    I mean of course they are going to make it sound scary, but I am talking legality.
    Failure to appear. So he missed a court date on a speeding ticket?
    I guess if he was screaming that orange man was bad he would be let go without incident.
    I don’t condone violence or property damage, but let’s face it, they jai0edl a gay hair dresser who started the walk away movement and called him a terrorist because he happened to be reporting on the entrance to the capital than no one is safe. They will go out of their way to make examples, because they made the political class uncomfortable. It is just dandy if you do it to a conservative politician (Rand Paul) but not anyone else.
    Their pearl clutching self righteousness is rather pathetic.
    They won’t do the right thing and ask themselves why the people did this. They will extend the hefty boot of government and pray it doesn’t happen again.
    Let’s be clear it is the establishment against the people, not a right or left issue.

  8. Zip Tie Guy should be completely embarrassed at his pitifully meager “arsenal.” At least Sleazy Slow Joe would be proud that he has a double barrel shotgun to fire two blasts into the air. C’mon Man!!!! Gun up!!!!!

    • Yeah, and they reported he had “hundreds” of rounds of ammo. With 15 guns, that should have at least been “thousands”. Unless all were the same caliber.

  9. Interesting about his arsenal, all of it is legal and can be bought today on the internet. That sniper rifle looks like a hunting rifle. We all know only the military carries assault rifles. Gotta hype it up for the people who do not understand the laws.

    • Yep, and it is clamped to the barrel. Looks like a lot of low priced firearms. I am not impressed.

    • Hmmm…Ya know, I remember when terrorists didn’t *leave their guns at home* when “terrorizing” … ROFL Maybe he was going to whip/beat them to death with those extra large zip ties ? ROFL!

      Oh noes! Assault Zip Ties !

    • Ayup, go forth to fight for Moscow, Actually’s Civil War 2 and jeopardize your future while they remain safe at home, trying to sucker more dupes into the fight.🙄

    • Still trusting the plan? Yeah, that kraken is definitely coming. Any day now.

      At some point you need to realize… you’ve been had.

      • So says the RINO.

        You do nothing and blame others, while embracing the FUDD lifestyle. So sad. Hannibal, you are the problem, not men with zip ties.

        • Yes, trust the plan!
          Even now, secret special forces units are surrounding the White House, preparing a high risk apprehension of Joe Biden to bring him before the bar of Justice to answer for his infant cannibalism rituals.
          These are some of the same special forces units that confiscated the servers in Germany and Spain that were used to steal the election, their heroism and valor in the fight against the lizard-people guardians at the data center will be in the history books forever.

          Release the kraken!

          Jade Helm is REAL!!!

  10. LOL the zip tie guy isn’t a DT…if he was that Marlin lever gun would be a geniune JM Marlin 1895 45-70 Gov’t Cowboy model with hexagon bbl. . LOL What? A couple ARs. a lever gun ,a shotgun ? those are firearms most any ‘gun guy” would have these days.

    How come if one owns more than a BB gun, people jump to the conclusion “he’s a terrorist?”
    Damn this USED to be America.

    FWIW, the soldiers at the Capitol tells me that the Dems and Joe Biden are getting ready to do something against us, that they believe we would kill them over/for. Just my observation….
    But the ones that broke the barricade, and ran into Capitol bldg, for the most part, have been proven to be antifa, with previous arrests as same.
    And IMO it was a set up and they hoped a hundred or more TSers would follow suit. I’m glad they didn’;t.
    But to show that photo and claim “anyone who’d have *those weapons* are automatically to be considered Domestic Terrorists” is ludicris….but the dems will repeat 100 trillion times until the majority of uniniated about guns folks buy it hook line and sinker. I call psych ops.

      • The “insurrection” failed because it wasn’t an insurrection. If it had been, those weapons would have been at the Capitol, not in his bedroom.

        If antifa had been caught in large numbers as the instigators of the Capitol breach, the false flag operation would have failed as well. Antifa operatives played it well and most slipped away, hence, no proof. Perhaps the FBI isn’t interested in hunting down these “domestic terrorists”.

        Also, this probably can be easily explained:

        • Oh, this is hilarious, I checked your link out, tragic!

          You seriously are referencing a video on gab?

          Oh yeah, that’s solid!

          How do you know that’s not a lizard people plant, some of the “employees” from Comet pizza sent to destabilize the mostly peaceful protesters who just wanted to engage in “trial by combat”.

        • So, it’s a video proving what you cannot refute, and you result to criticizing where it came from? I’ll bet if that shit was on the Washington Post you would agree with it. Also, grow the fuck up basement dweller scum.

    • un huh. Let me show you my “I survived operation Jade Helm and all I got was this T-shirt” gear.

      It’s always the same with you guys. It’s always some massive conspiracy, some huge secret operation against you.

      Except it never happens. Because you don’t have The Truth ™ that has been held from everyone. We actually did land on the moon. There’s no secret cure for cancer. It’s just that, as the man said, “it’s a big club, and you’re not in it.”

      It’s just amazing that so many people got hoodwinked by a charter member of that club just because he pretended like he wasn’t.

  11. I get it, a lot of people say they want a revolution, but is what happened at the capitol really the way to go about creating change? You decide.

    The events at the capitol are absolutely creating change right now. After a year of nonstop rioting, burning down entire multistory buildings, car dealerships, blocking roads, assaulting people in the streets, and mass looting, people on the right are actually starting to feel a little upset about some “mostly peaceful” capitol hill protestors breaking some doors and windows. The FBI is determined to hunt down every single one of them. They have “insulted” the government with their antics (which that is what they are. They are 100% antics.) And selfies and photos of people laughing with Pelosi’s podium and so forth. Totally unacceptable. Now that the riots are effecting government officials – it’s time to label these people as bad, and hunt them down and prosecute them to the fullest extent. The whole year of protesting, over 50 dead, over a billion in damages? Not so much. The left is in full attack against the right. A good deal of it is fueled by this capitol hill protest – and now we can finally begin the separation of this country with Secession 2.0. Because it’s only going to get worse. Biden’s “unity and healing” is code for do what I say or else. And so – yes – it absolutely is making change happen. And it’s going to continue to grow, not abate.

    • FWIW, I figure that if the “revolution” starts…it’ll be Joe Biden that starts it. I believe the Dems and Joey are going to do something pretty soon that will too.

  12. There are right ways and wrong ways to go to war, or even just a small battle, with some hope of winning it. There’s been thousands of books on the subject going back at least 2 thousand years and written by people who were used to winning. Idiots like Mr. Zip Tie apparently can’t be bothered to read any of them, let alone get any formal training or experience. He deserves what ever he gets, if for no other reason than being an idiot.

    • ^If only more people were capable of grasping this wisdom.

      Definitive action is appropriate, judicious, and advocated ONLY when one is 100% demonstrably, incontestably positive that a criminal transgression has occurred.

      And after affirming said infringement/s, the action taken must be prudent, vigorous, and decisive. If something is worth going to war over, one only goes to war to win- affirmatively- the first time.

      January 6th was a pathetic display by ignorant, melodramatic fools. And their ill-advised actions created a drop in a bucket of animosity that is forthwith becoming a tidal wave that is threatening to bring the pain to everyone.

      Thankfully, there are legitimate patriots who will effectuate a solution to this current irrationality.

      • Legit patriots huh? What’s the plan then? Lol. Stop acting like you have one. You’ll wait 4 years and vote again.

        • One could argue that, like Trump, some people do not require adversaries- they merely need a platform with which to defeat themselves- by being… themselves.

      • “Thankfully, there are legitimate patriots who will effectuate a solution to this current irrationality.”

        Oh no, the next layer on the onion…

    • So, war is only acceptable when there is a “right” way going into it? Are you fucking dull? How many wars have been fought the right way? Name fucking one. You idiots just want someone to tell you the left has WMDs. Fuck outta here. Coward.

  13. There are several sites like this as well as thousands of self discriminating photos , video and such out there. And there are groups on the nerd ( Reddit and such) sites and others who are using image identifying software to ferret out identities. If you were there maskless with your face clearly visible and did anything illegal odds are they will be able to identify you. Chances are though unless you were a prominent protestor, maybe wore horns or set up a noose or stole a lectern nothing will come of it. If they tried to charge every single person that was there it would tie up courts for years.

    • If you click on the images you can view the video associated with it.
      My buddy is paranoid as all hell because he thinks he is in their somewhere.
      I helped him look but there is to much there and more keeps getting added.
      He went inside but swears that is all he did so she should be fine.
      To many did the same.

      Lectern thief’s wife is nice according to my daughter up in Manatee county. She has been to her before. Hopefully the media leaves her alone.

      • “Hopefully the media leaves her alone.”

        Fat chance, I hope she carries…

        • Wouldn’t you agree that we should follow the wisdom of your President Trump?

          “The other thing with the terrorists is you have to take out their families, when you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families. They care about their lives, don’t kid yourself. When they say they don’t care about their lives, you have to take out their families,”
          Donald Trump, 2015

        • Sure, because you lefties are part of the ones being taken out. Fuck em if they can’t take a joke.

  14. So what’s the crime? Tresspass? Stealing the cuffs? Seems like a lot of expense and pomp over the antics of a moron.

    Did he torch a building or beat somebody to death in the street?

    • Did he torch a building or beat somebody to death in the street?

      Nahh, those are no bail release crimes and IF you have the correct party affiliation and skin tone you might even get a “decline to prosecute”…

  15. I only count 13 firearms in the photo above. Propaganda medi…I mean, ‘news media’ adding a few extra or law enforcement helping themselves to some?

    Left to right:
    – Kriss Vector
    – Marlin? lever-action (the checkering doesn’t seem to match anything from Henry. Also note the gun is cocked…)
    – Joe Biden approved side-by-side
    – AK variant
    – 3 handguns: 2 1911’s. Not sure what the FDE-colored handgun in the middle is…?
    – Unknown gun leaned up against the bed.
    – Rossi-manufactured .22 lr.
    – Single-action revolver
    – AR variant
    – (Sniper Rifle) Remington model 770 with scope and a tripod? attached to the barrel. (Those rifles weren’t great & attaching a tripod? to the barrel isn’t going to help it shoot any better.)
    – AR variant

  16. So called “smart” phones are Satan’s tool to destroy civilization. If you need to carry one, remove all apps and needless crap. Personally, I carry an old style flip phone. Yeah, call me a Fudd, I don’t give a s*. The only reason I carry it is if I need to call my carry insurance in case I use my firearm in self-defense.

    That’s it.

    Otherwise it remains off and I don’t use the damn thing for much else.

    • BTW, don’t trust that a phone that is “OFF” is truly off and not pinging your location.
      It’s only a matter of SW what a phone can do while it’s screen is dark and APPEARS to be off.

      A phone manufacturer can define OFF as being in deep sleep and waking up every 2 minutes to ping it’s location (or whatever the federal government decided to intice the phone maker to do).

      Or maybe during sleep, every minute or so it logs it GPS location internally and makes that avalable on restart.

      • My cell phone never leaves the house, if it does go with me it’s in a tin box if I need to use it. Never use it close to my destination, then back in the box.
        Friend says “Your one paranoid possum.” I said at least my phone ain’t pinging with yours. Remember the App Ping Covid Tracer? ” They” been using that long before covid came around. Cell phones are the best easedropping device a government could have. You’ve got to ask yourself, “Why is it that if I can’t afford ,or do not have a cellphone the government has one for free? Grandma or welfares case never had a free government landline rotary did they.

  17. tell me what you think of those specific firearms as part of a so-called arsenal.

    Hmmmmm, looks like a part of the stuff in my Man Cave gun cabinet…. My biggest question is what exactly in THAT picture is illegal…. The guy lives in Nashville and to my knowledge there are no restrictions on magazine capacities OR the number of firearms you can own in Tenn…. I don’t see an M-60 or an RPG in fact the several hundred rounds appears to be a 420 round ammo can of 5.56, a couple boxes of TUL for the AK and some assorted handgun ammo.. Hell I keep more than that in my night stand… I do like the way they used their little “evidence” markers for paperwork, a handful of bullets and assorted extraneous stuff, question is, evidence of what?… Held without bail because he missed ONE court appearance over what? Murder? Rape? Arson? Assault?… No, can’t be any of those because that stuff is all eligible for “No bail” release… You really have to do something BAAADDDD to get remanded without bail… Like exercising your Constitutional Rights to assembly, protest and redress of grievances (while white) OR daring to disrupt her majesty Queen Nancy’s agenda..

    • No, can’t be any of those because that stuff is all eligible for “No bail” release

      Made a painful laugh on that one.

  18. Zippy is getting an early start on his 120-180 months sentence. As for the firearms he won’t be getting those back, forfeiture will handle that at sentencing also.

    There’s a price to pay for being criminally stupid.

    • As for the firearms he won’t be getting those back

      He’ll be a “convicted felon” which will make him ineligible to ever own a firearm again (but at least he’ll be able to vote)…

  19. Keeeping your incriminating clothes around?

    You want to feel sorry for the folks that got caught up in an overheated mob but that is REALLY over-the-top dumb.

    Giving the phone to a friend for safekeeping? You are asking a lot for a friend to participate in fed rap for something you did. I guess he didn’t have a lake to throw the hammered charred remaining pieces into?

    Dumb. dumb. dumb.

  20. What I have a hard time understanding is what braindead thought process makes you record a video of yourself allegedly committing a crime ad THEN posting it on Social bullshit AFTER gone to all the trouble of supposedly concealing your identity…

    • The reason the insurrectionist seemed unconcerned about documenting their attack is because they thought they would win and secure four more years for Donald Trump who would hold them harmless from any consequences for their actions.

      The plan was to disrupt the counting of the electoral college ballots and throw the election back to the various state legislatures where the Republicans held a plurality and would select electors for Trump’s second term.

      Unfortunately for the conspirators, quick thinking Senate floor staffers evacuated the state certified electoral college ballots before the mob entered the chambers.

      An unruly mob, whipped into a frenzy by skillful orators, can be an effective weapon. In this case however, security forces at the exterior entrances and Senate and House chambers were able to prevent their entrance long enough for legislators and Electoral College ballots to be evacuated safely.

  21. The people like zip tied guy who will most likely be sitting in prison have unfortunately been used.

    All these Republicans that pretend to be great patriots are full of crap. The first two years of Trump’s term they held the House and Senate. Did we get nationwide concealed carry reciprocity – nope. Did we get the hearing protection act so you don’t have to pay a $200 tax for a suppressor and wait 10 months to get it – nope.

    Here is the one issue that bothers me the most – illegal immigration. As long as US employers can hire illegals with a little chance of serious criminal prosecution and without having to use the Federal E-Verify system to validate whether or not a job candidate can legally work in the US, illegal aliens will continue to come here as criminal employers will continue to hire them.

    And the problem is not just people that come across our southern border, it is people who come here legally with work visas, student visas or family visit visas who then decide to overstay their visas, break the law and take a job from someone who is a citizen or legally qualified to work in the US.

    • “The first two years of Trump’s term they held the House and Senate.”

      One of Trump’s accomplishments was exposing the Republican Establishment. Paul Ryan told Trump they had plenty of time to work on immigration reform once they finished working on tax reform. Ryan got taxes done, then announced his retirement, and got the heck out of Dodge.

      I noticed a long time ago that Republicans that claim to be fiscally conservative are full of it. Now that I follow firearm news, I see that they are full of it in that regard as well. The Republican Establishment has completely different priorities than most of the people that vote them into office. It isn’t enough to vote R in the general election. Nothing will change without first supporting the proper candidate in the primary.

      • Legislature certainly deserves most of the blame, but where was 2nd Amendment champion Trump during those 2 years? Where was the pressure applied to get those laws passed? Where were the tweets calling them out for their inaction and telling supporters to demand that their representatives get on it?

        Compare the effort he put in there to his effort to get bump stocks banned.

        • Most presidents get one big accomplishment before losing one or both parts of the legislature after their first midterm. Clinton got the AWB, Bush probably did the most with minor tax reform and two wars, Obama got the ACA, Trump got minor tax reform and a bunch of grind on immigration reforms. I’d love to see a Republican administration do more, but unless they come in with over 60% approval and a near super majority, they’ll probably have to pick whether they want to tackle pro gun legislation or something else.

          BTW, I never thought Trump was pro gun. I still think he’s better than either Hillary or Biden on the issue.

      • Just for the record, in the early months of 2017 Trump expanded Obamas executive order on the Russian ban on semi-autos to include VEPRs. The loss of VEPRs is all on Trump, while at the same time not killing any of the currently running EO’s from past presidents both R and D. Killing some of those previous EO’s could have been done with a stroke of a pen.

        We got played pretty good.
        The final indignity will be when some 2A case finally makes it to what we think is a favorable Trump seeded SCOTUS and somehow I’m betting they will come up with a way to screw us.

  22. Wow!

    It looks as if the FBI raided… my pickup.

    That lever action rifle is really scary looking because it is in stainless steel. I wonder if any of these fucktards understand that a .45-70 has about quadruple the wounding capacity of a 5.56 mm.

    Zip Tie Guy should have included a neural whip in his arsenal. I would give good money to see Nutty Nancy Pelosi and Up Chuck Schumer hanging by their wrists senior getting probed with a neural whip just like the news reel scene in STARSHIP TROOPERS.

    • SS is a “fingerprint resistant finish”, so clearly something only of interest to criminals.😉

      • Maybe that explains my fetish for Smith and Wesson Third Generation pistols in stainless steel and/or aluminum.

  23. When a real, actual, shooting revolution starts, it will (to paraphrase the common adage) not be recorded…

  24. Doesn’t this prove that this guy didn’t think he was taking part in an insurrection? Wouldn’t he bring some firepower for that?

  25. Nothing like ending up the focus of a federal investigation because you decided to be the most tacticool guy in the room, including a holster and bodycam. You can’t make this stuff up. It’s like dealers that livestream as they rob people.

    “Agents did not recover any cell phones during their search of the residence but learned that Munchel had provided a red iPhone to a friend for “safekeeping.” The phone was later seized for evidence.”

    next time, lose it in a boating accident like everyone always says and you’ll be better off

  26. When one looks at all the stupid, you have to wonder how much of it is organic. I think a lot of people and organizations stand to benefit if populist and nationalist sentiment is derailed or misdirected. We already know social and legacy media work to manipulate public perception. We also know they want to undermine anything populist or nationalist. They have every incentive to amplify idiots that undermine their ideological opponents.

  27. Reminds me of the old bumper sticker,
    “They won’t come for your deer rifle, first they’ll call it a sniper rifle”

  28. Hundreds of rounds?
    That’s all the ammo he has? He doesn’t have enough ammo for the agents to share, Started prepping a little late zip tie guy.

    • Must be one of those Trump supporting white nationalist,racists, domestic terrorist..LOL
      Pelosi’s guard detail has that much on them everyday. What a joke.

    • “Hundreds of rounds?
      That’s all the ammo he has?”

      Nobody needs “hundreds of rounds” for guns they don’t need in the first place !

      – There is no need for people to hunt animals, any more !
      – There is no need for hunters to have hundreds of rounds unless they intend to just shoot everything that moves in the outdoors !
      – There is no need to have hundreds of rounds of ammunition unless you intend to kill alot of people at one time !
      – There is no need to have hundreds of rounds of ammunition unless you intend to insurrect the nation !
      – There is no need to have hundreds of rounds of ammunition lying around that children might try to eat !

      How am I doing?

  29. As many above have already mentioned, that “arsenal” looks a lot like . . . a small-to-modest collection of NORMAL firearms (I could question his choices, but firearm choice is inherently personal).

    There WAS no “sniper rifle” in there, there was a hunting rifle (with a really dumbass bipod mount). “Several hundred rounds” of ammunition??? Sounds like a quick range trip, to me.

    I tried convincing myself it was just because they were ignorant, but that “benefit of the doubt” position has gone away. They are intentionally and deliberately engaging in hyperbole, mischaracterization and drama-queening to “other” POTG.

    “Several hundred rounds”??? I can’t remember a trip to the range where I’ve burned less than 100 rounds, and 1,000 is not unusual. WTF?????

  30. Hunting rifles = sniper rifles (seriously though, who attaches a bipod to the barrel??? That’s like taping a laser cat toy to your gun to be all tactical)

    Shotguns = guns designed to kill and maim as many people as possible with each shot.

    Sorry fudds.

  31. Just more Kabuki Theatre from the Party of Dimwitocrats. I stopped paying any real attention on January 7th, 2021


  33. I was HIGHLY OFFENDED by the attack on the Capital, and, I could care less about your politics.

    That’s just not the way to change things. I hope the perps rot in jail.

  34. A bunch of boneheads storming The Capitol handed the country to The Socialist Democratic Party on a silver plate. Now any opposition will be called enemies of The State. Like gravy on mashed potatoes.

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