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The profusion of so-called pranks on YouTube continues apace. We’ve said it before, we’ll say again: many of these productions — designed to scare or antagonize unsuspecting civilians — are an excellent way to get shot. Contrary to Internet opinion, it hasn’t happened yet. But it will. And when it does we won’t say we told you so. Because you already know it.

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    • I think that prank is pre-youtube. I saw it on TV as long as 15 or 20 years ago, from Egypt I think. He gets an F for originality as well as sense.

  1. Win stupid prizes! I imagine most of these are done against a semi willing or at least someone they know. Pretty simple to stage.

  2. Those prank victims showed admirable restraint. In my old nabe, if that fool had tried to steal our balls, somebody would have removed his. Permanently.

  3. The video where the guy jumps out of a recycling bin for a scare gets a solid punch in the face. Comes to mind. Out cold.

  4. These pranks are almost always fake or staged so the likelihood of someone getting shot is slim bar complete amateurs who don’t realize that these kinds of things are fake.

  5. Almost all of these are staged.

    However since they’re staged in public, things could still go apocalyptically wrong. Also I bet there are plenty of amateur copycats who aren’t smart enough to fake it.

    Yeah, somebody’s gonna get shot.

    • Not saying the video isn’t fake, but the lack of holster doesn’t qualify as evidence.

      In college, I was once present in a gym where a gun got pulled over whether or not you can call kicked ball on the offense (seriously). The guy that pulled the gun had it in the waistband of his gym shorts, and had played 2 games before that. Had it in there for a couple of hours before pulling it out during the argument. I have no idea how it stayed in there while he played.

  6. Mexican carry, can’t tell if cocked and locked or not. The funny lump at the bottom of the magazine to me screams ‘pellet gun’. Probably staged.

    Either way, ugh.

  7. That’s a CO2 BB gun. You can see the nut on the bottom of the grip that you have to unscrew to put in the CO2 cartridge.

  8. How nice of him to offer his firearm in exchange for returning the basketball. He’s lucky the guy didn’t take him up on the offer.

  9. Killer Clown Got Almost Shot By A Gun – Prank Gone Wrong – Scary Prank 2014

    This comes to mind for me.

  10. I dont know if this is real or fake but i was witness to a kid getting shot on basketball court for trying to steal the ball. Happened early to mid 90s.

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