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Oh sure, Jorg calls it a Cap Gun Music Machine. And yes it plays music. But as the Slingshot Channel maestro rightly demonstrates (with a cap gun revolver), his homemade wheel of misfortune is perfect for blowing your brains out. Even though I have a [child] psychology degree, I have no idea why turning a wheel is an easier way to end your life than pulling a trigger. Still it’s all in good fun. Yes? [Click here to see the music video using Jorg’s Cap Gun Music Machine.]

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      • “Bald with a heavy accent?”


        Genetics says the bald part ain’t happening to me without a razor, but I most certainly can work on my ‘Evil Scientist’ belly-laugh…

        Like CoolHand mentions below, Jorg really is a kid at heart, and he makes his own amusement. As a little kid growing up, he would have been happy to play with a cardboard box and a piece of string.

        I’d *love* to see him turned loose in a Maker Space with some cutting-edge tech like Direct metal laser sintering (DMLS), CNC machine tools, and other bright folks with a twisted sense of humor…

    • “I didn’t know you had a child psychology degree.”

      You have to admit, that comes in handy when playing referee in the comment section, as in “All Ad Hominem flames will be deleted”, etc.

  1. Germany needs it’s creative Jorg’s right now. In garage workshops all across Germany they can create effective answers to the violent illegals coming in from the ME.

  2. That guy cracks me up.

    He’s so entertained by plywood and elastic bands.

    We need to introduce him to metal, machine tools, and explosives, STAT.

    Oh the videos we’d see . . .

  3. If one attached a semi auto with a drum magazine or belt fed, you could have an old fashioned rotary style machine gun. Hmmm…

  4. What a goofy guy. Although, I feel like pointing a gun, even a toy one. is pretty bad form. I would hate to see someone inspired by this device.


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