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PicsArt_02-08-03.06.11As I stood in my living room watching my football team win the Super Bowl, fielding texts and phone calls from loved ones that know my Denver Broncos addiction rivals that of my gun addiction, I knew that I’d be jumping a lot if the Broncos did anything even remotely great. After all, this isn’t my first rodeo.  I was a young teenager when the Broncos won Super Bowls 32 and 33 back to back, and I have never been a bandwagon fan. I also knew my outfit would need to show support for my team and conceal my gun. So I wore my vintage Ed McCaffery jersey circa 1998 with the UnderTech UnderCover concealed carry leggings and my Uggs . . .

There was a lot of jumping and dancing and yelling. In fact, my voice is still recovering. But I was able to carry in the leggings for the entire game. The gun was secure and the leggings allowed me the movement I needed when Denver made a great play. My jersey was loose and not printing, gun accessible, and the extra heavy waistband protected the trigger.

The moral of the story: when choosing your carry system (holster + gun) think about your day ahead and what you’ll be going through.

If you’re considering an ankle holster. for example, and you think you might be running to catch a bus or a child, run around with your gun attached and see if it remains comfortable, secure and accessible. Whether you’re driving, mountain climbing or diving into a ball pond you don’t want your gun to fall out. At the same time, you do want to be able efficiently remove your firearm if needed.

Some holsters offer adjustable retention. Some holsters (e.g., leather holsters) lose retention over time. Adjust the holster’s retention appropriately while ensuring that your gun is secure in your holster on a regular basis. Draw it moving (or sitting) as you will during your day. (Always do so using a safety-checked firearm, pointing your gun in a safe direction, with your finger off the trigger.)

It takes awareness, diligence and time to maintain the right balance between comfort, retention and ease of draw for concealed carry. But after a few weeks, it’ll be second nature.



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  1. Oh Sara, you don’t know how much I’d love to be able to jump around or be so active. 🙂 I have fallen down, so that is definitely in line with this topic. I use a leather “desk rider” holster, OC appendix, and it has a leather retention strap. So far, it’s never come loose when I don’t want it to. I’ve carried this holster for about five years now.

    Unless you’ve carried in leather for a good long time, you don’t really know… and it depends on the quality of the leather and construction of the holster as much as anything.

      • I’ve always thought so too, but her articles are pretty simple for the crowd…

        I read every one, but more and more I think to myself that they’re here more for the click bait of having a female with a pleasant looking waistline on the site than anything else…

        Anybody remember KJW?

        • Her articles target beginners; I’d link them to such people if it weren’t for the horrible mess the ads make of this site for anyone who isn’t running ad blocking software. Most of the people I know who are beginners with guns also are not technically savvy, so they’d come here, immediately close the site, then refuse to ever come here again, and probably form a very bad opinion of POTG as a whole, based on this bad experience.

          Honestly, I read TTAG every day (with ABP and Ghostery), but I don’t feel I can link any articles to anyone else, because I don’t want them to project their bad reaction to the site upon whatever article I link them to and/or POTG as a whole. I really wish that TTAG could find a way to fix this and still make the money they need.

    • Sara is writing to be generally informative and entertaining, but also to attract women as readers and inform them on aspects of gun ownership specific to women.

      If you find her style of writing distasteful it may just mean that you are NOT a woman. Move along.

  2. Weird timing and true story: buddy took a relatively-new-to-shooting friend and his wife shooting this past weekend, and being cold outside, the wife was doing jumping jacks on the range to keep warm. Plop! Out of her hoodie pocket comes her heater, clattering onto the range concrete. D’OH!! Thankfully it was a lesson that didn’t end in tragedy, but a lesson learned for sure.

  3. Don’t use a holster, pocket carry, right side with noting else in that blue jean pants made for cc. Have several pairs. Advantage of being a retired old fart senior citizen. Carry gun is Ruger LCR 9mm, loaded 5 rounds of HP, two loaded 5 round moon clips carried in smaller pocket below “carry” pocket. No one and I mean no one, suspects this kindly looking granny is packing. Never have, never will unless by very off chance of having to defend myself or loved ones. Sissies who do not carry, you are on your own, not risking life or limb to save your ass!

  4. Toss (see I found a spot to use it all ready) the NFL. They hate the 2A, they promote BLM, and race baiters.

  5. I was in a bar/restaurant, concealing under a light jacket. My “moving around” was limited to standing for the last few minutes, a few fist pumps and drumming on the table, so that was more than adequate, not that I’d have cared if I had flashed or printed.

  6. Is there such a thing as a retention ankle holster? If there is any chance you’ll need to run, or even just an animated walk like trying to catch an elevator or bus, that sidearm flying out could be a real issue. I think I’ve seen them with a strap that snaps around the tang, so I guess that’s secure.

    Something to keep in mind is that it’s probably very easy for a man to cross his legs and mistakenly reveal an ankle holster. That could be a problem at work, or possibly with the law. In Texas, anyway, open carry requires either a belt or shoulder holster.

    Although, that would probably fall under the inadvertent display statute, so you’d probably be ok with the law? Now, if you’re wearing shorts with an ankle holster…….well I don’t know what to tell you.

    • “If you’re wearing shorts and an ankle holster, then you’d better not make the mistake of being in Texas.”


      • I was going to argue, thinking Texas has open carry, but then remembered the belt or shoulder holsters only.

      • I’ve worn shorts (often just ranger panties) and an ankle holster many times, and always in Texas. But of course, I also have my cowboy boots on, which almost all proudly display the Battle Flag of Gonzales on them. So is that better, or much, much worse?

  7. My missus appreciates the point of view that sara brings….keep it up.
    She was completely anti gun when we first met, now not so much.
    Knowing that real women carry and connecting it with another mom makes weapons easier to live with and gives her a sense of strengh to draw from. Good role model!

  8. Sarah, the Broncos are going to repeat. What a great playoff run! Keep cheering for the Broncs and keep up your work. There’s a lot of keyboard commandos here that discovered guns around the year 2008. I take most comments with a healthy heap of salt. While I am glad they are for Liberty their general sense of entitlement and manners reminds me of your average Denver/Boulder leftist, annoying, spoiled and filled with there singular worldview.

  9. Oh, yes, I almost forgot (thanks Joseph Q for reminding me):

    Go Broncos!

    (Not too early to start on next year.)

  10. I dug out my vintage ’98 #7 Elway jersey for the occasion. Good thing it still had some luck left in it.

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