Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting Anti-Semitic
courtesy Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
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The Washington Post reports that the death toll from this morning’s attack on a Pittsburgh synagogue is eleven people dead with six injured.

“This is the most horrific crime scene I’ve seen in 22 years with the Federal Bureau of Investigation,” said Robert Allan Jones, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Pittsburgh field office. “Members of the Tree of Life synagogue conducting a peaceful service in their place of worship were brutally murdered by a gunman targeting them simply because of their faith.”

All 11 people killed were adults, Pittsburgh Public Safety Director Wendell Hissrich said. Six people were also wounded, four of them police officers responding to the gunfire, he said.

The shooter reportedly shouted anti-semitic slurs as he opened fire on the congregation. The police response seems to have been remarkably fast.

Jones said that Bowers entered the synagogue, gunned down 11 people and was leaving when he encountered responding officers. He fired at an officer who was wounded and then went back into the synagogue to hide, Jones said. More officers responded, and after an exchange of gunfire, Bowers was taken to a hospital with multiple gunshot wounds, authorities said.

The killer’s social media accounts were filled with anti-semitic posts and veiled threats against Jews and HIAS, the Hebrew Immigrant Assistance Society.

The account that appeared to belong to Bowers was rife with bigoted messaging. His biography on the site read “jews are the children of satan” and his background photo was a radar gun reading “1488,” a popular white supremacist symbol.

For weeks, “Robert Bowers” was enraged by the national Jewish group HIAS’s efforts to hold Shabbat services for refugees, according to the archives messages.

“HIAS likes to bring invaders in that kill our people,” the user wrote hours before the shooting. “I can’t sit by and watch my people get slaughtered. Screw your optics, I’m going in.”

Law enforcement officials indicated that the shooter could be charged with the murders as early as today.

“Justice in this case will be swift and it will be severe,” said Scott W. Brady, the U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania. Brady said Bowers could be charged sometime Saturday for what he called a “terrible and unspeakable act of hate.”

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    • Sounds like a psycho. Hated trumps, hated everyone in power, hated Jews. Sounds psychotic to me. Also, shooting a random church and small time church goers isn’t going to change the “Jew conspiracy” he was so concerned about. The people at the bottom aren’t the ones making his life difficult and bringing about statanic rule upon the world. /sarc

      So he’s also a complete retard too.

      • A Socialist Democrat HATING Jews and Trump!

        Say it ain’t so.

        He should have just sent a bunch of fake bombs like that other false flag idiot.

        “After a shooting spree they always try to take the guns away from those who didn’t do it…”
        William S. Burroughs

        • Unless you can be so far to the right that you are left, your argument holds as much water as when the Dems fire up their weather machine and attack a coastline with a hurricane.

        • National Socialist German Workers Party. Originally NSDAP, but ‘Nazi’ caught on and was popularized both inside and outside Germany. All of the Party leaders praised socialism publicly and privately, the official Party policy was socialism, socialist leaders outside Germany praised the Nazis (especially from the signing of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and ending abruptly with the German invasion of the Soviet Union).
          Hitler himself was a vegetarian with a keen interest in environmentalism.
          Nazis were Socialists and a party of the Left.

    • I usually hate you but you’re right here. I called this 6 months ago. I knew the left would pull out ALL stops to win the mid terms. First kavannaugh, then the “bombings”, now a “mass shooting”. None of them so far has given the democrats the edge they want in the polls. However this may finally tip the balance. If it doesn’t look for 3 more of these the week of the election. All these things have been orchestrated by the left. I honestly used to argue with this theory but it’s just gotten WAY to convenient on timing.

      • Wait… Aren’t you one of those guys who thinks like this Alt Right shooter? Don’t you tell me that I am a Liberal troll for calling out rhetoric that leads to violence and division in the country? Don’t you call people racist for pointing out this Alt Right BS that leads to murders like this?

        Yep. Blame the NRA. Don’t even consider blaming the people actually at fault for all this shit. Just continue to blame and attack our own side. Sounds an awful lot like what a subversive liberal troll would do.

        On accident you accurately label this guy as a Leftists. He is on the so called Alt Right, which is currently considered by the average person to be on the Republican side.

        Wow. Go figure. The very first comment is divisive, irrational, Trump derangement syndrome comment. Conservatives never got this insane during Obama’s term. Not even close. Liberals have serious mental issues

        You need to figure your shit out, dude. Put down the FOX news and Alex Jones.

        • One problem… the “alt-right” is neither “alt” nor “right”. They are white supremacist identitarians. Back in the early days, the “alt-right” was mostly just shitposters and anti-SJW trolls, but then the National Socialists showed up, and sane people left. Pretty much what happened with the “skeptic” community when it turned into the first united church of feminazism.

        • They guy wasn’t Alt Right, he was just a wack job and probably baited into it by the left. The Proud Boys just opened up a Jerusalem Chapter by the way…

        • @Huntmaster

          The Proud Boys no longer associate with the Alt Right crowd and told to stay away from them. However, that doesn’t stop the corporate propagandists from labeling them incorrectly or New York from charging them with a crime they didn’t commit when Antifa started a brawl after harassing them all day.

        • I like how I’ve enraged you to the point where you literally save what I’ve posted. That’s true, unaldulterated enragement rightment right there. You must be so angry. It’s almost beautiful. At this point I guess there’s really nothing for me left to say, and simply pat myself on the back.

      • Onslaught via immigration horde, similar to the EU: Check
        Phony attacks on the DNC via fake bombs: Check
        Attack on minorities via violence at black church and/or synagogue: Check
        Attack at a school before midterms, hopefully not, but I’ve had a bad feeling it might happen since Parkland.

      • The “alt right” is simply a media coined phrase, just like “mass shooting.” Im not going to take the time to explain it to you. Do some research.

        • I spent a long time listening to the Alt Right talk, I seen their protests and posts. I know all that is necessary as I got it straight from the horse’s mouth. I don’t listen to what a bunch of Democrats say because I am not dumb enough to waste my time on things like the Young Turks.

          Alt right is simply a term used to redefine leftists of the national socialists variety. They fool people on the right to join with them to protect America, so called Western culture and white people. I heard similar statements come directly out of their mouths.

          When the Alt Right tells you they are National Socialists, they are National Socialists. I don’t have to listen to the lying Democratic Socialists claim the Alt Right are on the Right.

        • So, you actually do know what I’m saying. So, why give the left the satisfaction of the term? My point is they’re not “right” as in conservative/republican/libertarian. As you know, they are a form of leftist. I’d call them Alt Left.

        • Socialists are Socialists. National, Democratic, Justice, Freedom, Lord’s, whatever
          Still Socialists, i.e. Big Government shoves shit down your throats and take your hard earned money to redistribute as they see fit, most going to their own pockets.

      • The conflation of alt-right with Nazis and white supremacists is simply a convenient rebranding undertaken by the media, leftists, and the establishment right. One thing all these groups can agree on is that they profit from the current power structure and will sandbag any group that poses a threat to their gravy-train.

    • FBI staged false flag!


      “FBI appears to be involved in staging or covering up active shooter and terror hoax events every six weeks”

      Entirely FBI staged ( Where no one actually got shot or hurt ) Farce!

      Well how “Convenient” ( sarcasm ) thje timing of this alleged “Shooting” was for the democrats!

      The democrats just happen to get two “Gift wrapped” terror events blamed on white male Trump supporters, just before the already rigged ( Where the democrats “Win: in a landslide ) mid-terms. where also “Rigged” exit polling, will say lyingly, “Gun control, climate change and medicare for all single payer, are the number one concerns for American voters”

  1. For the love of god use a better source org than the Washington Compost. They don’t deserve the clicks and ad impressions.

  2. If I was a Jew and knowing that folks like this and Anarchyst walk amongst us I would insist on being armed ever where I went. I would denounce kapo bloomberg and the other pro gun control Jews as traitors. Never again only has meaning if it has bite.

  3. Jeff Sessions says the death penalty is on the table for a hate crime…

    • Not multiple murders including a LEO, but because the victims were an arbitrary protected class. Wonderful.

      • A more apt punishment would be for him to serve life in a wing of the prison reserved for Jewish inmates, but that would probably involve a minimum security, white collar prison. DOH! Was that racially prejudice or what?!?

      • Why can’t it be both?

        Trump has the Jewish vote from conservative Orthodox Jews (mostly because of the embassy in Jerusalem and actually helping defend Israel from the surrounding Muslim states)… but he wants the independents. I’m not saying he is doing this for that alone. But if the end result is the same and he gets votes out of it, why wouldn’t he do that? It’s the smart play and I wouldn’t fault him for it .

        Why would you want a stupid president?

        • Why is it that you can never criticize anything Jewish without the instant super hateful OMG NAZI! people rushing in to their defense? There were far more groups than the Nazi’s who didn’t like the Jews long before the Nazi’s came about.

          Most homicides in the US are carried out in predominantly black neighborhoods.

          Most meth users are poor whites.

          Jews prefer ponzi schemes, insider trading, and money laundering.

          According to the ADL anything other than kissing Israels ass is antisemitic.

    • Federal death penalty, I gather PA doesn’t have one. And once again, jews apparently are prepared to staunchly defend their right to not defend themselves, and are convinced that means you and I must defend them. Bullshit. If you will not lift a finger to defend yourself, I will not, either, and I will resist paying a penny for your defense. Willfully, deliberately, defiantly defenseless does not earn my admiration, much less my assistance.

      • Pa has capital punishment and doesn’t use it. Been decades since they offer anyone.
        Mumia got to live out his days, they were tired of asking to do.him.

      • Larry……According to the news they had homeland security out there to advise them on security measures. So far we only get bits and pieces of news and do not know if all we hear is fact, but it seems like they didn’t even lock their doors when the service began. The most basic security measure is locking the door. Incredible if true. Also, I guess the social media people were too busy policing the conservatives that they missed his rants and didn’t delete him.

        • He was on Gab instead of Twitter. The corporate media is labeling Gab as the “alternative” version of Twitter, which is implying it’s an Alt Right Twitter and Twitter is for the good people who are on the Left. They say it’s a platform for White supremacists, Nationalists, Republicans, Evangelicals, etc. It’s supposed to be a free speech website for all people who get censored on corporate social media sites. The corporate propagandists don’t want such a place to take over Twitter’s position, therefore they make it seem like some Stormfront version of Twitter..

        • Ed, from what I’ve heard, they asked DHS to assist them with security, then were only interested in learning to run and hide, nobody even hints they were ready to actively stop an attacker, or interested in learning how. I don’t see this being much different that the jerk who murdered the church deacons in, what, NC? Just bent. It happens. And DHS is not necessary to obtain a nice 9mm to keep at the altar, just in case it happens today.

      • @Larry
        You’ve already spent an entire career doing it. 99.5% of Americans of any type won’t lift a finger for their own defense our to even substantially help you do it for them. You tellin me you can’t see that? I think you can.

      • There shouldn’t be laws for thoughts, what people label as a “hate crime.” That is the motive, not the crime.

        This guy committed an act of terrorism/murder. We know his motive, thus we know it’s first degree murder on every count.

        The corporate media is going to want to label the attack as a “hate crime” because Republicans are supposed to be the hateful ones and the media doesn’t want take any blame for inciting terrorism.

        • By your logic terrorism shouldn’t be a crime either. Terrorism is violence for political reasons while a hate crime is violence based on race/religion. Both increase the penalty of an already illegal act.

          We also already grade murder based on intent too. Motive and premeditation are integral to the difference between 1st and 2nd degree murder.

          Would you want someone to get the death penalty for an accidental homicide? Motive is the difference.

        • Nah, must disagree. A difference between deliberate or accidental is obvious. Once the crime is deliberate, motive should not matter at all. If you murder someone for profit, your penalty should be identical to your neighbor on the scaffold who murdered for race/religion. If you steal to buy drugs, your penalty should be the same as if you stole to fill your gas tank so you could get to work. What you are thinking should not make anything more or less illegaler.

  4. Look for an ASSault on our rights…more than usual. Reported the dirtbag had an evil black rifle and 3 handguns. Also all over SM is the Floriduh bomber was a known supporter of Odumbo and managed a stripclub previously. And after more than a YEAR we STILL don’t know chit about the Vegas mass shooter😖

    • The Mandalay Bay shooting was a cover up. You will not know much more than you already do. Don’t go looking for Alex Jones to investigate because he wants to blame Muslims for it.

      • I would bet a $1 the Mandalay Bay shooter was an FBI informant that they squeezed too hard.

        The FBI seems to have some type of direct or indirect relationship with many of the (recent) past mass shooters.

      • Paddock spending over a year buying weapon after weapon nearly weekly, with store owners and clerks distinctly remembering almost every transaction was a an FBI conspiracy? His multiple well documented and videoed and eye witness recounted reconnaissance trips over that same period of time is also an FBI conspiracy? Why? Please, go ahead?

        • First of all, a cover up doesn’t mean perpetrated by.

          Is it possible people in the U.S. government helped assassinate JFK? That is a possibility. Did people in the government make sure to mess up the investigation after the assassination? Yup. Same applies to 9/11. That doesn’t mean people in the U.S. government actually committed the act.

          Did people in the U.S. government help commit the Mandalay Bay shooting? It’s a possibility, but that doesn’t mean they did. We know they tried very hard to stop any evidence being released to the public and it required a lawsuit to get the little that is out there.

          The government likes to hide information from the people by claiming “national security.” You can never trust people that keep secrets, especially people who benefit greatly from that secrecy.

        • Ok, Ill bite, so the government didn’t do it, but theyre covering something about the specifics or circumstances of the crime up? What? Motive? MK Ultra mind control stuff?

        • “Paddock spending over a year buying weapon after weapon nearly weekly, with store owners and clerks distinctly remembering almost every transaction was a an FBI conspiracy? His multiple well documented and videoed and eye witness recounted reconnaissance trips over that same period of time is also an FBI conspiracy? Why? Please, go ahead?”

          anon, the FBI may or may not have covered up for the Mandalay perp.

          The FBI has covered up stuff before though. The Draw Muhammed terrorist attack was egged on by an Islamic FBI agent, which the agency tried to hide.

          The Sutherland Springs church massacre “was not motivated by racism or prejudice against religion, but by a dispute with Kelley’s mother-in-law” according to the FBI. Yet the perp of that massacre went inside and murdered people at blank point range who in no conceivable way looked like his mother-in-law, including toddlers, so it could not have a dispute with his mother-in-law because she was not even there at the church that day.
          The perp was a notorious anti-religious crank hated Christianity in particular. From the U.K.’s Daily Mail:

          “Nina Rose Nava, who went to school with the gunman, wrote on Facebook: ‘In (sic) in complete shock! I legit just deleted him off my fb cause I couldn’t stand his post.

          ‘He was always talking about how people who believe in God we’re stupid and trying to preach his atheism’

          Christopher Leo Longoria replied: ‘I removed him off FB for those same reasons! He was being super nagtive (sic) all the timd (sic).’

          Michael Goff added: ‘He was weird but never that damn weird, always posting his atheist sh** like Nina wrote, but damn he always posted pics of him and his baby – crazy.'”

          The perp’s Facebook page favorites(John Paul Watson took a screenshot) were Don Lemon from CNN, a couple of local stations, and over a dozen atheist organizations. But remember, the FBI said the perp was “not motivated…by prejudice against religion”.

          You can’t trust the FBI; they are liars and cover-up artists.

      • Ok, Ill bite, so the government didn’t do it, but theyre covering something about the specifics or circumstances of the crime up? What? Motive? MK Ultra mind control stuff?

        • I think they are just covering up their relationship to him (and in the process, public access the information that would indicate what motivated the shooter). I don’t think the FBI conspired to cause the shooting to happen.

          It’s just like the FBI agent that sat by and watched the terrorist attack in Garland, TX. Thankfully, TX cops don’t mess around.

  5. Mail bombs and a mass shooting 10 days before the mid terms

    Yeah we are going to see democrats elected in droves

    • Maybe the pot will slow Democrat voters down by then. You have to be outraged to get off your butt, but pot makes you relaxed and calm.

    • The hell they will. They’re not running on anything. Democrats are not the type of people who will actually get out and vote for a platform-less party out of spite and hate. They spew a lot of crap but most of their base will be sitting at home on Tuesday. We need to get out our vote and ensure the Red Wave does sweep through.

  6. Whether you are pro gun control or not just remember, these shootings are the fault of the gun, not the perps. We should feel sympathy for the perps as we don’t know their background. Were they traumatized as a child or come from a broken home? Regardless, its the gun’s fault. The inanimate object just started shooting.

      • Not just fathers but all white, heterosexual, Christian males – especially alpha males. I lost a prestigious job as a college professor solely for this.

    • You know what’s wrong with this and most other such shootings? The shooter is way too close to his targets, and his timing sucks. If he/they were halfway decent shots, they could easily stand off at 300 yds minimum and drop far more people. And probably get away long before the cops showed up. Shooters like this are not only idiots, they are amateurs.

      • Now here me out,… other than Paddock in Vegas who (effectively) had an automatic weapon with unlimited ammo and work space from an unusually elevated position , firing on a condensed crowd of thousands that were channelized and unable to flee and watching a loud concert so as to be unaware he was firing,…Can you recall a conflict or occurrence where even a professional military sniper or terrorist sniper firing on a crowd in the open (with something other than an automatic weapon) killed a dozen people in five minutes? Or how bout 26 people in 8 minutes like Sutherland springs TX? You think a gunny like yourself is more likely to put up those numbers from a 300m distance than 5m?

        • Yes. Everyone better hope that we never see a team (or several teams) of professionals, foreign or domestic, go to work in this country.

        • That’s an incredibly broad statement and not the one that you originally made and that I asked you to site evidence of to prove your theory. The highest causality attacks other than 9-11, 7-7 (England) and OKC (both involving huge amounts of explosives) involved up close use of automatic weapons fire, not long range (the aforementioned Paddock being the one exception due to extrodaniary circumstances). You sound like just another ex-military guy that claims to possess extraordinary and unrealistic abilities online.

  7. I’m no conspiracy theorist but the eleventh hour timing of all this stuff right before the midterms sure is convenient….

    • No, you see what you did right there? It’s called proposing a conspiracy theory. So you are, you are one, see how that works?

  8. “Justice in this case will be swift and it will be severe”
    I’ll bet it is, just like the muslum army major that shot up the Texas military base. He’ll spend years with the psyco Dr.’s & eventually ruled mentally unstable & will cost Millions, same ole song & dance.
    When a simple $1.00 .308 rd would solve the problem & we could watch it on TV during dinner hour.

  9. A person of color, immigrant, or non-Christian and this would be considered an act of terrorism – that along with the bombardier in Florida and any number of other crazy white guys seem to get a free pass and it is just called a hate crime.

    • I’m not really seeing the “terrorism” angle here. Hate crime, for sure, but there isn’t any kind of given political motive that I’ve heard of. Also, you say it like terrorism is somehow worse than a hate crime. I don’t see how there’s any kind of hierarchy that would make it worse for eleven people to die to a terroristic hate crime than to a non-terroristic one…

      • He didn’t want white people to be replaced with non white people. He didn’t like the immigration of non whites into America. He did not like the deals with the Saudis and Israelis. He was feeding off the Alt Right propaganda and spreading it. He hates Trump for working with Israel at the expense of the U.S. He essentially said in his posts that he was tired of waiting and had to purge.

        That’s very political. That makes it an act of terrorism.

        It wasn’t some social problem of bullies at school. It wasn’t a religious martyrdom against the infidel that bombed his country.

  10. Shame he didn’t try to take out Jared Kushner instead (nothing against Jared). He would have been dead before he got one shot off (I am assuming the Secret Service is up on their marksmanship).

  11. I have not read the story yet only the head line. Since most jews are socialist progressive in their political orientation, I will assume no one had a gun to defend themselves.

    The jews totally trust government. Unlike the black and white Christians who have learned a lesson at a terrible cost. Most jews think it can never happen to them. Even tho it already has. Most have forgotten the attack on the southern California synagogue from 12 years ago.

    Aaron Zelman is crying from heaven asking Will they ever learn?

    • Nice victim blaming. What about the black church in Charleston Dylan Roof shot up? Was that the congregations fault to? It’s illegal to carry in church in PA even if you have a CCW, not so in SC so aren’t they even more to blame? What about when you get your gun stolen out of your car and it gets used in a crime because you failed to take security precautions? Shouldn’t I blame you as well as the thief?

      • Stop being stupid. Telling people the truth is not victim blaming. Teaching your daughter not to walk around a shitty part of town at 2am is not victim blaming. Telling people to lock their doors is not victim blaming. It’s just fucking good sense. Guess what? The bad guys aren’t going to stop being bad. So the good guys need to get better at BEING good.

        In this case it means taking some damn responsibility and not meekly submitting to whatever force happens to be nearby. It’s something that applies to everyone, but it’s also something that Jews, more than most, should understand. In in some places they do- but in others, they’ve been able to become soft and complacent. As much as I dislike the analogy, there’s a price for being sheep when a wolf gets in. If you make a conscious decision that death is superior to violence, okay, but at least make the decision. And then don’t go supporting laws that have other people do the violence for you.

    • Oh yeah and the Sutherland Springs TX church shooting less than a year ago, 26 dead white people. Theyre fault to I guess huh? Clearly you watch the news, so do you have a problem with your memory or are you a knowing hypocrite? Or are you anti-semetic?

      • I know you’re hurting everyone is. But I suggest you read about the group Jews Can Shoot in Southern California or the Zelman Partisans website.

        It was in the early 1990s when Aaron zelman came on a Christian radio station station in Virginia, to discuss the racist history of gun control and how gun control was originally started to disarm black people in the United States. His talk was a real eye opener. I joined his JPFO group in 1993.

        He and Clayton Cramer started to open my eye’s back then.

        • You didn’t answer my question. How do perceived culturally specific traits of the victims have a bearing on this shooting and not in the other two examples I mentioned? All three examples involved people unprepared to face such a threat as are 99% of people 99% of the time. So what’s the distinction your trying to make?

  12. PayPal and other major organizations are already blacklisting/banning GAB, the social media platform that this shooter was using. Makes total sense…..if their goal was to push out potential competition.

    • Can’t have competition on the internet because it’s very easy to lose your market share on the whims of what’s cool tomorrow. If they lose users they can’t manipulate people like they do with radio, TV and newspapers. They need to keep these corporate controlled and government funded businesses relevant and commonly used for them to work their magic.

  13. False flag or not, this event or incident will be used as another excuse to destroy the u.s. Constitutional Bill of rights not just the 2nd amendment– all amendments that pertain to the people! Because everyone has to many rights—-right?

  14. Do the TTAG sovereign citizen wannabe have anything to criticize regarding the cops actions? Not fast enough, shoulda coulda woulda…

    • Oh!, Oh!, Oh!, Orchestrating the cover up, you forgot orchestrating the cover up dude. I’ll take combined local law enforcement and FBI deep state conspiracy’s and cover ups for 600 Alex.

  15. I am somehat incredulous about weapons used. Apparently the shootings of members of the synogogue were nearly all lethal while none of the police who were shot died. Body armor apparently made a profound difference. Even with survival plates on most vital areas, a 5.56mm can pentrate soft Kevlar to inflict lethal injuries. Soft ZKevlar stops almost all projectiles from shotguns. Could be an evil black shotgun was mistsken for an evil black rifle.

  16. Democrat Party Black ops at work! Pinkos now own the Democrats and they been agitating since VN war protests! Bombers, Draft dodgers, Bank robbers, Domestic terrorist’s, illigal’s Crimes, MS13, import radical Muslims! Democrats all own this perversion of America! Shame on Democrat Voters who can’t think for them selves!

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