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It’s pretty revolting isn’t it? The independent press in a country founded on overthrowing the English monarchy treating a demi-royal like a demi-god. Truth be told, Pippa Middleton hung out with a louche Frenchmen who was loose with a gun. Not her fault, obviously. Her Royal Hotness (though not my cup of tea) “had no idea he was going to do that and told him to stop immediately. She did not find it funny,” a blue blood named Arthur de Soultrait said in a statement relayed by CNN. Jesus H. Christ, who cares how this affects her? Millions of Frenchmen are without their right to armed self-defense and some piece of merde brandishes a gun at a paparazzi and we’re supposed to care about any of them? As Ted Nugent might say, well, you can imagine what Ted Nugent might say. [Click here for Sebastian Ordelheide’s look at French gun laws.]

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  1. Robert, I don’t understand what are you upset about:

    1- That they did not arrest her?

    2- Frenchmen cannot bear arms to defend themselves?

    3- He is a Louche Frenchman, Ou meme un Louchard?

    4- Or that we as a community really don’t care about these blue blooded individuals?

    5- These are just inflammatory comments to get the folks cussing and hissing at the french government and british royalty?

    Please choose.

    • I think it’s about the notion that, if you are popular/famous/influential enough, you can get away with anything. Your regular French Jacques could get 5 years in the slammer for carrying and brandishing, and Monsieur seems to not even have been arrested. Also, poor Ms. Middleton is nothing but a regular citizen but apparently the British government intervened on her behalf to make it all “go away”. Disgusting.

    • If a commoner brandished like that on camera every human in the car would be in jail, any pets would be shot.

  2. I could have sworn that the French can have guns… I was under the impression that they had a Canada-style firearms policy…

    • Not many places in the EU allow for private gun ownership.

      That doesn’t mean the guns aren’t there, mind you.

    • Some guns are legal in France. There are about eight categories of guns with different levels of restrictions. Most/all have to be registered. Do an Internet search for French Gun Laws. One article I found commented that it is easy to find numerous WW2 guns from Mausers to BARs in France. The French government has tight restriction or bans on military caliber ammo. Other hunting calibers can be bought. I have heard pistols can be bought in France.

  3. All I know is Pippa’s pseudo-royal keister should NOT be blamed for this!!!! Based on the pictures from the wedding, I’m granting her backside a proper pardoning from any wrong-doing! There’s NO way an ass that lovely could do anything unpleasing!!

  4. I’m really not seeing the “hotness” thing, at least not in the face.

    In my opinion, the only thing we as Americans should show foreign royalty is indifference. All I could do was roll my eyes at people in this country swooning over the “royal wedding” recently, when in truth we should have been laughing at the ridiculous fealty and wealth still given to some worthless royal family.

    But, hey, that’s what happens as the US continues to become more and more comprised of sheep yearning to be ruled.

  5. ‘’Not many places in the EU allow for private gun ownership.’’

    That is rubbish. In all EU countries you can legally own firearms. The UK has the strictest regulations as you cannot own handguns and semi auto centre fire rifles (semi shotguns are OK.) But even in the UK you could own a .50BMG bolt action rifle. In other EU countries you can own just about anything
    In some EU countries you are not allowed to use firearms for home defence. For example in Finland a 15 year old could legally buy a silenced assault rifle, but could not use it for home defence purposes.
    The only thing that is truly unique about America is the right to concealed carry. In most EU countries you can however legally carry knives, defensive sprays etc.

    ‘’That doesn’t mean the guns aren’t there, mind you.’’ True in all EU countries (except the UK) it is very easy to get your hands non registered firearms.

    I was born and bred in the EU and have lived in several EU countries (I have since escaped). I never understood peoples fascination with royalty. To me they represent centuries of oppression and suffering. They have a lot more grip on EU politics than the EU wishes to admit. But if let out of the cage I have no doubt that we would see all the horrors of the past repeated all over again.

    It seems that these people get away with just about anything. If you and I were to do the same we would be locked up indefinitely. I have met many Americans that seem to think that royalty is cute. These so called Americans seem to forget that royalty means slavery and bondage and that it opposes everything that America is supposed to stand for.

    I hope that God will continue to bless your nation as a beacon of freedom to the rest of the world.

    • Good comments! Most Americans over the centuries migrated here to get away from countries ruled by royalty or the modern political authoritarian version of it. Royalty, often using the the foreign fear-threat tactic, invoking God, or claiming the entitlement of the kingdom launched centuries of war sacrificing and slaughtering millions. The hell with royalty.

    • But if let out of the cage I have no doubt that we would see all the horrors of the past repeated all over again.

      Very much so.
      Most of my family ancestors from Wales, Scottland, Ireland, and Germany were royally screwed over by these inbred animals.
      There was a bona fide reason one of my German Mercenary ancestors jumped sides and fought alongside George Washington.

    • Fred, you are so right! Admiration of affirmative action for descendents of tyrannical warlords who practiced nepotism is pathetic and revolting!

  6. Isn’t there a nice muslim boy who’s father owns a department store in London that can date Pippa instead of a cheese eating surrender monkey?

    • Surrender monkey? Interesting. In WW2, France suffered about 218,000 military casualties, which is a bit more than the US suffered in the ETO. France also suffered about 350,000 civilian deaths; the US had about 1700. The French military casualty rate was four times higher than ours, while our population was about three times higher than theirs. By any measure, more French blood was shed in Europe than American.

      In WW1, French soldiers took 1.4 million militray casualties. I don’t have all the numbers, but that many casualties might be more than the US suffered in Vietnam, Korea, WW2 and WW1 combined. To put it another way, France had more casualties in one battle — the Somme — than the US had in all of WW1.

      France surrendered in WW2 because she was poorly led and badly beaten on the battlefield, and had already lost almost an entire generation to war. I wonder if the land of the free and the home of the brave would hold up better if our army was wiped out and a war was raging in our living rooms.

      Something to think about, no?

      • Yeah, we’ve had the luxury of not having to fight a war on our own soil for a really long time.

      • Yeah, think about the fact that America (and Canada, India, Australia, etc.) took all those ETO casualties because they were liberating countries that were either unwilling or unable to defend themselves. In the case of France, they were also unable to run a competent foreign policy which might have prevented the war entirely – they chickened out when Hitler militarized/occupied the Rhineland, and it was an inevitable slide into war after that. Not to mention it was the French who were most in favor of harsh terms at Versailles, wanting to keep the Germans down instead of offering them a hand up, and then they were too weak or lazy to keep keeping the Germans down. After Germany and Italy, France bears the greatest culpability for the occurrence of WW II.

        To sum up, France lost a lot of poor troopies in wars it couldn’t win, though the case of WW I it actively courted the war. So they suck.

        • Actually, the Treaty of Versailles was very generous to the Germans. It wasn’t partitioned, as it was after WW2, but it should have been.

          The Treaty of Versailles was forced down the French throats by Woodrow Wilson. French Marshall Foch predicted that it wasn’t a peace treaty, it was “a twenty year armistice.” He was off by about a month.

          It’s amazing that you can say that France “chickened out” when Hitler reoccupied territory that was unarguably German. France lost almost a million and a half soldiers in WW1. It did not want a repeat of that war.

          Do you think that the US would take as many casualties and come back for more just twenty years later? Don’t make me laugh. I’m no Francophile, but I know history.

          • I never read that Wilson was the heavy in the Versailles Treaty as far as reparations went. Wilson did push the 14 points hard. It seemed Clemenceau was pushing to turn the clock back on Germany prior to 1870. Foch thought the treaty was too lenient.

      • Do your numbers include the Free French Forces? Many of them died liberating Europe & french colonies/areas of interest.

        Personally I think some of them shouldn’t be counted in the casualty numbers since plenty of them weren’t french men but rather just french colonial cannon fodder.

      • Occupied France was sort of a strange place in that a lot of the population was Vichy and actually was an enemy of the allies.
        Actually, mass scale American combat forces were initially fighting French troops in North Africa, rather than German forces.
        The French could go either way in WWII.

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